Alonso And Hamilton's Epic Battle | 2013 Canadian Grand Prix

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Onboard with Fernando Alonso as he stalks former team mate Lewis Hamilton in Montreal in 2013... and a special game of cat and mouse at the 49s mark... For more F1® videos, visit /> Like F1® on Facebook: /> Follow F1® on Twitter: /> Follow F1® on Instagram:

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00:47 HAM tried to trick Nando but he was having none of it, so much awareness while racing
PC Gaming & Sports
just put him in Mercedes..
Dany Derigon
Both brake just before the DRS detection to have it in the straight line XD
Axel Hogdal
Cheeky nando slowing down before the drs line EDIT: it was pretty cheeky from Lewis aswell
SGT EpicSpeed
0:49 That deliberate slowing down for the DRS Detection point...
0:49 That moment, when they both slowed down to have the DRS for the back straight, was brilliant!
Ichigo Kurosaki
Back when Alonso could race against Hamilton, Vettel or Räikönnen. Poor Alonso.
Hendro Santoso
2017 Canadian Grand Prix: Alonso EPIC HONDA ROAST radio
Fak Yu
The only battle Alonso will have this year, is between him and his engine.
The best two current F1 drivers!
F1 killing the youtube game One of those dislikes has to be Bernie
0:47 - After you - No after you. - No, please, after you - I insist, after you.
Didier Prinzen
lucky for him he is in a ferrari, no engine failure...
This camera is from 2013 but the footage looks like taken from the late 00s.
Absolute Legend
alonsos reaction at the DRS detection point was brilliant. Lewis clearly didn't count with that.
The bear in the big blue house
This is proof that if Alonso had an adequate team that could provide a good engine - he would have at least 3 chamionships
I'm pretty happy with Seb and Kimi but I miss this man in red
husq varna
Alonso style.
Wouter Bisseling
Alonso > Hamilton
Alonso > Hamilton
Christian Martinez
Iskandar Tandiono
With equal engines, I'm pretty sure that Fernando will win again!
Imad Zoubiri
Why alonso U should stay in ferrari 😒
Ajit Rajendran
there is the infamous Hamilton understeer...
Brendon Leigh
well would you look at that. a f1 car that can overtake. we should study this car Because not many cars overtake these days...
Stef van der Meer
When his car didn't break down...
lol epic battle. DRS stole a potentially epic battle from us.
Last year F1 was real F1...
MystiK MaK
Another boring DRS overtake, its funny that people only complain about DRS when lewis overtakes somone with it but nobody talks about it when he gets overtaken. 🙄
0:48 Only gods can try this and only gods can react like that.
Uzair Syed
The two best F1 drivers on the current grid. Miss these battles.
Alonso > Hamilton
Giovanni Santorsola
love the switchback at the hairpin. love that move by alonso
next video = Alonso Epic Failure | Many Grand Prix
Jan Blättler
I was there
RS28 Sarmat
Alonso is the greatest! and Loser Hamilton? is just a Loser...
Mclaren - Renault 2018 Make Alonso Great Again #MAGA
Obito Uchiha
Rakesh Karel
This is just a simple prove why Alonso is a better driver than Hamilton
Chasis In The Middle
Unbelievable, braking in the DRS line. Very clever!
Mrthe Muppetfan
If Alonso didn't left Ferrari...
Shravan Pammi
Is this epic??
Am I right in thinking that these two had a battle of wits at the DRS detection line at other races too?
If that were Rosberg instead of Hamilton, he'd have crashed into Alonso rather than let him just pass.
Jose del Moral
Magic! 🏎💨
dead moose meat
Sorry for the newbie question, but at 0:49 why did Lewis slow down before a DRS zone when he was ahead? Was it so he can get behind Fernando and use his slipstream and plus the DRS to slingshot past him so he can get a bigger gap between them? Or any other reason? Thanks.
Oh, there was Hamiltons "understeer" again
Ham always pushing drivers
Imad Zoubiri
Why alonso U should stay in ferrari 😒
unfortunately that might the last time alonso overtaking hamilton
alonso is the best driver oft the world !!! Scuderia ferrari please take alonso 2018 back he will fight for the Wm !!
00:50 Slowing down to get DRS... Pathetic, simply pathetic. And this is not the only case of this happening. They must get rid of DRS. F1 is about outbreaking another car on turn-in for a corner, not before a line on the track that gives you a free pass.
Alonso is currently the best driver of F1, and his car one of the worst ...
Kleber Mazeto Ferreira
Good times ago when the ferrari engine has power to overtake mercedes
When Alonso had GP1 engine
vaishak tr
back when Hamilton had to really work for his victory
Kaiserlos T
Avanti Fer, avanti!!!!!!!!!!
Lukas Haselbauer
I love the V8s
Michael Dealvarado
you guys will always be my friends forever
At 1:15, I think Alonso feints the overtake to make Lewis brake late. But then Alonso starts breaking early and Lewis breaks late to protect that he thinks will be a passing attempt. Alonso is thus able to exit the two corners with more speed and eventually easily passes Lewis. At least that's what I think happened!
Saif Ahmed
Alonso vs Anyone is a head to head race. Alonso will win always. He is a Legend !!!
Gheorghe Onu
Master Alonso!!!
Awesome drive Fernando.....
DJ Rex
Fernando Alonso The Best!!
mehmethan yaman
Now, Alonso is having an epic battle with his honda engine.
Won't happen this year xD
RS28 Sarmat
Senna is the king! the king of mistakes! Alonso is better than Senna
0:50 can't outsmart a wise old fox 😃
Feralo 14
This V8 make me crazy 😈 What was the Formula 1 with V10 or V12 engine ? Surely wonderful.😇
Feralo 14
F1 engine. F1 engine.... Harggggggg
Jonathan King
can u imagine the literal split second it took for alonso to recognize that lewis slowed just before the drs detection point..its amazing how they are able to digest information like that while racing at top speed basically wheel to wheel..
When a F1 sound like a car not like a vacuum cleaner
Alvaro Martinez
0:55 just look at how Lewis does to Alonso the same than Rosberg did to him in Austria, differece is that Alonso actually knows the position on track and knos what to do instead of just turn and cry that he hit him
Juancho sanz
back Alonso please...
Kris A
Alonso > Hamilton.
Rossi the Bossi
Hamilton realises hes messed up the chicane so trys to be very sneaky and get the DRS, but Alonso is far too clever and his reactions are far too good to fall for Hamiltons cheap dirty tricks.
Mr Smith
And now Ferrari are dominant. He could of been in a car that is going to lap him this weekend.
Still I Rise4485
Please show Hamilton's double overtake on Alonso and Buemi 2012
Javichu VOX // Mi ideología se llama España
Grande nuestro español
NukeCrafter _
This sound <3
I dont want to watch that, I want to watch how Stroll is making history
Ender Gamer
Meanwhile.....Vettel was still dominating the race and back then I hate Vettel but now....I still hate Red Bull Vettel...I only like Ferrari Vettel
Feta Cheezz
why you tease us with real sounding engines???
That sound man,,,
Carlitox b
I love this channel 😭😭
LoL Two clever drivers, trying to 1up each other. Great stuff xD
Floppy Bird
0:48 - what happened at 0:50? Alonso hit the breaks for no reason? :-D 1:12 - lack of top speed can hurt your feelings
The IQ of this battle was over 9000. Both drivers were incredible.
M Wadud
And then the following year onwards Hamilton never had to defend again, and Alonso never got to attack again. Here's to hoping Alonso makes life difficult for Hamilton again
arris 77 77
aprende a ser un poko mas humilde Hamiltonzucho aloooooooonso
Missing the sounds :,(
Plot twist: One of them crashes at the wall of champions
Alo alo alo...
antonis kalogeropoulos
oh these two..
Hach.. ich liebe das ewige Motorgeheule ..
Master Class
Borne Stellar
GP2 video! You have to leave a da quality! /s <3
Saptarshi B.
Alonso while seeing this: Waiting for the engine failure. After seeing: Oh wait this is 2013