Fernando Alonso Funny Moments

matt beard
when this gets like 40,000 views i was here first! ;)
- "There is no need to push" - "I'm not pushing" xDDDDDD
This is the pilot that won 2 championships against Michael Scumacher with an inferior car.NEVER forget that.Just respect.
Termi 33
Who hates hamilton?
Luis Garcia
Now you take a look back and wonder, how teams like McLaren and Ferrari waste such amount of talent.
Mike Coppedge
Alonso is my favorite driver......one of the few that has a great personality. Not like Hamilton who's a F**king arrogant D**k!!!!!
Robin Spain
"Maybe you have a virus in your computer, don't charging anything" xDDD Alonso need a competitive car, please GOD!!! I hope 2017 will much better than 2016 :P Happy Christmas ;)
lon tis
I love your sense of humour xDDD
Piotr Jakubowski
Victory in Valencia in 2012 was one of the most BEAUTIFUL moment in his career. :') Hungary in 2014... He should win this race, but Scuderia Ferrari built totaly uncompetitive car. His 2nd place was very good. In my opinion THE BEST F1 driver ever, but he hasn't luck for teams and their eras.
Gotta love alonso! damn i whish he would get that merc seat!
Theodor Dinu
The "Maybe you have a virus in your computer" message should go down as one of the funniest lines ever said on F1 radio. Along with "Leave me alone" and "Felipe baby, stay cool".
Bharath Prabhu
such an amazing talent going to waste faaaak honda
Mario CN
Que Lastima ver un talento como Alonso desperdiciado
Adam Adiba
ambassador of peace. never heard of that one
matthias michel
Best formula one MEME ever ... GP2 engine !!!! GP2 ARHHHHH 😂😂😂
D Gumiel
Técnicamente es el mejor piloto de la parrilla pero siempre compite con un triciclo como coche
Stefan Tonchev
cuanto talento desaprovechado ... con coches mediocres ...
Dave Grohl is Spanish and drives a racing car!??! Just kidding ;) Love Alonso, aka Spanish Dave Grohl
Amrit Basavaraj
5:56 turn on subtitles. Thank me later !
Player Pro
Fernando is faster than you
Anonymous Caveman
such an awesome guy
Thomas Lucock
1:44 I just love the way Crofty goes 'Guess what he's found...!'
Chirag Costa
When the team are asking him to save fuel and the tires, you can tell he doesn't enjoy driving these new cars. Tbh neither do the fans enjoy watching.. We want a proper dog fight, with big lound engines and pure driving skill
Alonso 2018 in ferrari would be a dream coming true.
Sergio Difranco
3:21 Italian Engineer: "Emilton infrod is on ard" The Italian way Modda faka! hahaha
Johnny Herbert is a Hamilton fanboy to levels comparable to the ones you find in the YouTube comment section.
David Arias
Still the best
Codemasters copyrigth sound mother*ucker!
I didn't know, that Alonso is left handed! Then i noticed, that the video is mirrored.
Aria Tenna
I still don't understand why he laughed in Italy when told about Grosjean
Sonuc Saltunc - Veloce Alonso
the legend, All time favourite driver <3
Gabino Fernandez
para mi Alonso de lejos es el más completo.también pienso que ganó esos dos mundiales destronando a shumacher y bernie todd y brauwn con mucho mérito y aparte por sorpresa por que hacian lo posible para que no ganase....esta f1 es política y está amañado todo.esa es mi sensación.
R. H.
If Briatore was still at Renault with Alonso they would have won a lot of titles...
Julian V.
Drivers of this era may not be facing the lethality of pre 90s era car but they do have to put up with 'don't push' and 'wait its charging now'. Why?????
I'm a spaniard, so I love fernando, and it makes me sad that he's in such a shitty Civic powered car. I still remember when I was 8 years old and I watched my first season of F1 ever: 2004, and saw him win twice in that fantastic yellow and blue Renault. Then he went to Mercedes, where the team favored Lewis, from there he went to Ferrari, but ferrari was not able to compete wirh Mercedes that year, I even remember him going back to Renault, but they weren't doing too good either. And now he's in shitty Honda-McLaren, from which I would like to see him walk away to another team. I know his contract expires at the end of this year, and he doesn't currently have anything for the future. At least not there's Carlos Sainz Jr to root for, I hope he makes it into the Reb Bull team, I still don't understand why they moved Verstappen up to RBR from Toro Rosso instead of him, I don't think Verstappen is that good.
A ver si alguien le puede poner subtitulos en castellano ._.
David García
Love what Jhonny Herbert got there... he is a big mouth.
DJ Yoda
Yea and thanks to Honda for wasting his time and talent, hes old now and will leave his carrier with his 2 championships because he had so much unluck with his teams. Sad that its happen so
3/4 de video son de otro xD
Bendegúz Kaprinyák
4:19 Czollner hangja bevillan :D
Dat accent tho!
Jakub Kozubek
This video is too short. ITS A YOKE
MajicGecko PMPL
Its unreal to think that Fernando drove for teams like Ferrari and McLaren all this years and his WDCs are with Renault.
Rock & Rollin' Nolan
This video is a fraud. At 1:12 it clearly says that the driver that is speaking is Osnla Odnanref. I was promised funny Alonso moments, not funny Odnanref moments! Pffft.
The entire video is mirrored
Ivan Ivanov
Great driver but with bad luck
Flying E
The free Pirate
When he drove the poor guy the mclarens only bad things to say .... from a mclaren fan
Ross Freeman
Great video you wonk
Player Pro
Baby you have a virus on your computer kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
everyone of his victories has been in the 2nd best car...no other driver will match him..Nigel Roebuck rightly calls him greatest driver of the century..he commands the respect which Senna had in the paddock
Luke Daniels
This video reminds me what a bell end Johnny Herbert is.
5:11 Nobody at that point knew he will be driving for Honda.
caliber ninja
Abbe Busoni
Good idea to mirror image
Nicolas Fritsch
1:12 WTF :D
Marcos Egea
First scene is a THUG LIFE LOL
Michael Zamora
acter Heli
I agree that hamilton is a p*ssy with respect to Alonso, but both of 'em have proved arrogant...just see Ferrari v Alonso case...
eric t
This should be played at their rookie symposium so they know how to ruin their career. Lots of people are convinced politics kept him down, but that chip on his shoulder, and that mouth is what kept him on the slower teams, not favoritism to Hamilton. If he wasn't so incredibly talented, he'd of been out of F1 long ago.
Youtube Videowatcher
4:19 nál benne maradt Gyula
2:26 would like to see you Croft handling the camera stupid SoB you cannot even commentate properly 😂🤣😂
Fernando Alonso
that's why love fernando.. he's so kind and not serious with everything
El Calvo De Brazzers
Con el coche que llevaba Vettel en red Bull, este chico llevaría unos 5 campeonatos del mundo
Tau Ceti
the best driver of recent times thrown away by teams in decline, is a super talent ..
6:24 he said" Who is this cat erham?
Half of the video is in mirror wtf Irritating
The Legend 30
1:22 Cheeky Massa
Alonso, Best driver ever
i m sad for fernand double champion vs michaël + ferrari politics and then....poor cars but good money!
Hungary 14 its Valencia 12
Mc claren today is like liverpool FC ... cute shirts, cute players but no results .....
Nate Lecarde
Undertaker kane
GP2 Engine...GP2 Engine ! LOL....WEll said...Apt as F !
Matt F
Kimi Team Radio: If he cannot see the cars coming he should stick to the driving stuff
Dylan gittinger
That radio at Abu Dhabi 2010 ... I was so sad for him ...
Steven Williams
overpaid baby, and this makes a man, he is an overpaid moaner,,,,, he is a loser nobody remembers
2:19 Playing f1 2016 Codemasters
Dr. Asimov
yeah lol
Osnola Odnanref......1:12
Why didn't he like that first commentator?
Dennis Kretschmar
"when you finally think you are alone and can concentrate, theres a spotter who tells you how to drive "outside, outside" :D
Menton Schekulin
4:19 Czolner Gyula: húha
Broken Refrigerator
Alonso, Riccardo, Raikkonen, Vettel Best F1 personalities around at the moment
navarro suarez
Jajaja Deja vú in Interlagos
Rubén Floppy
"Fernando is faster than you" I think that is the best shit what was happened to fernando.
Jon Mar
maybe you have a virus in your computer cuz I'm not charging anything! XD XD XD
Italian announcer who speaks english is very..... I instantly understood he is an Italian with his special accent.
The Bast
some of them are not even funny
Thomas Nadeau
Alonso is so damn funny
Zoltán Tóth
4:19-nél az Collner Gyuszi volt :) :)
Bob Boberson
Most of this doesn't sound very funny to me.
GP2 Engine bfff... and no more message... the engineer said understood where the funniest Radio messages.
Sol Bambi
A piece of F1 will be lost when this legend retires
AxemaN Racing
funniest about this clip is that his name is written wrong in the thumbnail
What funny moments? The rest are SAD
So what language is backwards English.
Estefano Balarin
como se llama el sonido que sale al inicio del video ?