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theres just something sexy about her
What happened to the cute, talkative, friendly blonde? Bring her back.
man she looks pissed lol
Steven A.
*yawn* i'll just keep shaving my own hair and save the $$$ and meaningless small talk lol. i paid $65 for my clippers in 2010 and they're still good 7 yrs later. just thinking about all the money i've saved and the meaningless conversation i've missed makes me smile :D
what happened to the other girl
Ian Farquhar
OMG she's a cutie and hottie. I would love to ask her out but too bad I don't live in your state. I love her "features" if u know what I mean.
Diamond Dog
going for a haircut anywhere is like going to Small Talk City ... much haircuts, many small talks happen there
Stephanie Davis
LOL she seems intimidated.
Dakota DellaFera
This is Austin, Texas. She said sixth street & their are long horns everywhere. ....and then she said Austin...LOL!
bob tony
that chick was aggressive, see why you stopped going here, lul
Matt C
Spanish and Puerto Rican guys are the only people ill let cut my hair. A man deserves a good barber not a hairdresser.
Natalie P
Why does she seem so mad
Nathalie Sardjoe
When is your next haircut? I Like your video when you get a haircut !
Michel Seignette de Kérobert
Very nice healthy hair. Any style looks great on you but change is always fun.
Johnny Biggunz
I wanna go there and get my cut by that big girl in the background😂😂😃😃😍😍
sbba xxx
Talking too much
ASMR before it was big?
Austin Feinberg
It's fun to get a haircut at Sport Clips Haircuts because we can watch television while taking our haircut.
She doesn't look 33. More like 27. To young for 33.
A Person
Wow! I love your haircut videos! Great the way you let it long first then cut short! I guess you like to see the transformation. Is there a video of you Brave the Shave?
Dimitris Asvestas
nice girl....
Notice you like the women doing your hair
Kobe Twitty
She did a good job tos221
Flat screen TVs fat girls in 1970s running shorts I love sports clips
tony tibay
The guy is look like a vampire
Marc Heiligenberg
which town is this salon located ??
what length is the top?
E. C.
You had such beautiful, straight, shiny, sexy, longish hair. I think you should have kept it intact. The haircut just butchered it, sorry to say!
People's choice Conversation
Good looking hair style
the gaming Viking
Is it mean or at 25:05 he looks like Ninja the fornite player
Christian Rode
Cool videos of Ehrlich why e does not make yours awaits to Strubbeliger that for you also well would stand
Every time I get a hot chick cutting my hair at Sports clips , I always ask them out 75 percent of the time I score with them they give me the real mvp treatment behind closed doors.bada Bing bada boom.
Ankit Dutta
the boy luks like shroud
397 Coney
She needs some social skillz 😂
Hook 'em horns! Go Longhorns!
A very professional stylist at all levels. I would hire her for my shop.
Claudinei Barber
A Person
You could go even shorter! Do you have the video of when you shaved it for charity? It would be awesome!
Três Dezesseis
Nossa, que cara de sapequinha ela tem... :)
wish you'd go back to the blond who used the "OSTER" clippers......
Mimi break
Ow bad hair cut!
gregori perelman
billie jean is not my lover
This is the worst video I have ever seen.
Peter Corban