Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains Why He Fired His Team, Recent Shooting & New Album

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THROWBACK to when we bet 6ix9ine he wouldn't top this list 👉🏽 https://ihr.fm/2RZfzar
He adjusted is glasses 134 times. I counted
The internet is really not as fun withouth him in it
Chris Green
He pretty much knew the FBI was coming for him. He just didn't know when.
Andrew Doan
The longer I listened to him talk, the more I started liking him.
George Jefferson
6ix9ine blows up and makes millions of dollars. Then invests it into the streets instead of a record label. Trying to give people a better life, out of the hood. Those criminals then take advantage of him and steal his money. He realizes he can't save criminals "Dirty N's his words", and fires all of them. Police then arrest him for racketeering "funding a criminal organization" and now he's facing life in prison.
Rap Rat Trapped
What’s funny is every rapper that hates this man... I promise they all watched this entire interview.
Louis S
Yoo this shit could’ve been 30minutes shorter without them pauses lol
Ghost Szn
Like to free 6ix9ine
Deborah Fox
6ix9ine: "I feel like Ariana Grande." I DIED😂
Bless his heart... I didn't even know who this kid was until I saw him on the last Breakfast Club interview. I'm from the Tupac era and pretty much stopped listening to rap in the 90s. This kid reminds me a great deal of Pac - not the rap style but the way he interacts, interviews and some of his philosophies. Hopefully his life isn't over. He's really just a kid who made some bad decisions, but once you're over 18 what you do can and WILL be held against you, though it's been proven that the rational side of the human brain isn't completely developed until the age of 25. Stay up, 69.
Tiger Versace
1:10:35 Tekashi goes for the hand shake CTG: Nah man you dug in your nose Tekashi: Nah but I cleaned it CTG: Ahhhhh fine *shakes hand* Tekashi: I lied
Ali Qacir
47:06 Tekashi: ' When i went to Chicago, my motives wasn't to go to people's hoods and make em feel bad '  Nibba at his right :'.. Yes it was ' Tekashi : 'Yea it was XD'
Casey Wilson
tekashi is doing 5-7 years and will be out more famous then he went in.. you heard it here first -casey wilson
lila geitz
I love how he pauses a few secs • and spits out something rational. His pattern of speech • style • rhetoric • whatever • he's interesting to listen to. Look most people would say they had six FBI cars outside his house. He instead says I got one • two • three • four • five • SIX fed cars outside my house. He's a naturally an intelligent gifted speaker. Trust me I couldn't sit thru an interview with all other new young rappers. They can rap • but can't intelligently weave a linear story. And this young man can! Naturally smart and gifted. But street smarts • obviously not.
free 69 man album is #1 like he said it would be... alot of rappers hate him because hes acomplished more in 18 months then they have in 10 years...
kiely 456
69 is an entertainer he's not a musical artist in my opinion, his songs are mediocre at best, he's become such a phenomenon because of the image, and his out spoken personality on camera and social media, the days when artists in the industry got big on pure talent alone is a thing of the past now, we live in a very visual world where mediocrity is celebrated, and the young cats are influenced heavily with social media, i'm not hating, 69 is just a product of that world star modern society we embrace in todays times, and he knows how to play that game well
1:01:11 Why 69 just ignored her like that😩
Xal Lax
Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that 69 pass Charlamagne a $100 and he just kept it 😂
36:20 | 2 Things im scared of (...)
Mz Helen
Born in 1975 & i'm totally feeling this kid. I don't think he's going to get life,BUT I do think he's going to get some time,& to be honest I think it'll save his life. He's definitely a rising star. He's intelligent & talented I just hope he spends his break time wisely,and come out using his experiences to drop a blazing ass album #oldheadnew69fan#freetekashi6ix9ine
"I'm affraid of two things: god and feds" - well then.
That's Mando
Tekashi, isn't as stupid as people make him up too be. he's actually a philosopher. listen to what he says, no hating just listen.
what the hell kind of laugh is this? 30:35 :S
Abigail Temple
6ix9ine got some beautiful teeth straight up
Shrimpchipz 11
This guy is definitely a brilliant idiot
who else here after the indictment???
Cyiance Produksions
Dont let this whole interview distract you from the fact that Charlemagne kept that $100 bill... 10:30
JLene Then
I use to dislike sixnine but wow he’s actually not that stoopid 😂 I feel bad that he’s in jail though
michelle b
Well dam he just impressed me ...completely not what I thought ,I'll admit it . Well spoken funny as HELL and stands for what he believes good for him . Respect
Slick q
48:47 he said it almost there 😂😂
this shit really about to rack up the most views on your channel over the next 32 years
oh yeah,yeah
without 6ix9ine the internet wont be the same...
YOOO, why does he take a minute break after every thing he says? It's like he uses internet explorer to speak, lmaoo.
Gianluca Emiliani
Charlamagne's laugh killed me 😂
Indy Ray
Tekashi is such a beautiful person, even when he acts cocky, (forgive me if I spelled his name wrong). Im sorry this happened to him. but hell bounce back with a team you can actually trust.
Toxic TV
I’m just tryna figure out how that water bottle isn’t empty
Aurie L
That dorky movement that he did at 7:08 cracks me up 😂😂😂
Bradley Stanley
Let Me At Least... Troll And Help ! 😂😂😂😂
Bonnie Riley
Is it just me or do he look like Chris Brown??
Aimory Graham
I just listen to this whole thing I realize this kid is telling the truth.the thing is he put his self in a trap,where he’s around a lot a snakes.i pray him and his family stays safe
Bolurin Ojofeitimi
He need to move his mom asap
ruben ruiz
his body language reminds me of Donnie Azoff from The Wolf of Wall Street
The Beef Piston
Almost to 10 million😂
damion walker
I think this guy is funny I hope he figures things out before it's too late
Loco Pranks
To everyone I hope your dreams come true. My dream is to become a famous on YouTube
Black Film Guild
He ran with a bunch of people... And they all want to be fed... Once you stop feeding them they turn on you.
Tracey Stansell
Damn I am in WITHDRAWAL) LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL FROM 69 HELL I need thought I would say that
“I’m not post Malone” 🤣
hdfrtgewq vvfeecb
Listening to 6ix9ine for an hour is the best thing you can ever do on a boring day!!!💙💚💛💜 #Tekashi69
Kristina Rae
I lowkey respect 6ix9ine after this
Michael Grubb
This dude has two brain cells left and they are in a fierce battle to be the master cell. Once that happens, he won't be able to spell his own name.
Jaime Flores
Y’all close to the 10 million😂😂
Tacky Boss
Tekashi has 100 years in prison Every like equals 1 less year he’s in their for, let’s free him gamers!!
StoneG9ming 96
Almost at that 10 mill 🤙🤙💪💪
Armed Mecha Astronaut JM-83
Charlamane is a fraud not a god.
His last REAL interview 😪
Aye Slim
Dj Envy “I tried” is going to forever take me out now😂😂😂 Like if you know why😂
Everytime he raised his voice I heard that "Gummo" sound he had. Am I the only one..
Breanna Moore
He’s so animated when he talks 🥰
AJ Uchala
56:55 This hit me, he thought 3 years was a lot and now he’s doing time for 32 or up to life in prison
Mom The Ebayer
I love this dude confidence!! If only he wasn’t doing the immature, dangerous things he’s doing.
Darnell Darden
That “Dirty Booking Industry” is code for I’m tired of being extorted by 93 Bloods
O'neal Auguste
First time i saw this guy through my daugther..i thought who is this clown..., but every time i see him i like him more and more..I love this kid..he is funny a litte crazy..he is just him self..his looks stupid but he is not...and he believe in him self..
FunnyMan 775
69 I see wym bro life is a game and you only live once so there's no time for bullshit short words he's just trying to say be who you are.💯💯
Tim O'Brien
Amazing how Angela can ruin any moment so effortlessly. Impressive.
Wilmer Flores
30:36 when you hit your toe on the edge of the wall.
Wizdom Werks
57:00 got me kinda sad. I feel for this guy and wish he would have stopped what he was doing. I hope he doesnt get more than a couple years in prison. That shit is not a place for humans, it just mentally impacts at such a gigantic level. I hope he stays strong.
Patrick bodo
you and trippy red cool? yeah me and his girlfriend had a talk about him lmaoooooooooooo
P. Quinton
First of all...shout out to my probation officer😂😂😂😂
You can tell his ego got way over his head. Best of luck to him.
Gamma Crush
The better side of 69!
lmao hes wearing 2 watches
Is that what I look like when I'm going through my phone???
jose pagan
The hottest in NYC is 69 respected
Nickypoo 92
Ten minutes of 6ix9ine talking, the rest is him pausing between sentences 😂 😂
17:47 IM DEAD....LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Pray4ThaPlayers Grind 81
3weeks and his already tallying past 9 and a half million views for this interview.... (Go on son) 👌 That's a whole - whole lot faster and quicker then his last interview, Which he also smashed. (in the predicted timescale he said he would) All the best to the young man, God willingly, Hope things workout in his favour, If anything for his child's sake and he grows, mentally, emotionally, socially from all the madness, Chao's in his life right now.
Yes Thanks
Thanks @CTHAGOD for the mental health idea.
Marlon Brock
Yo he predicted 10 million views and he almost there. Sad that he got caught up in this mess. Keep ya head up Rainbro. Pray for him
Tekashi's Best Interview. I rather see him live then die
Claudia Rodrigues
I miss him! Social Media is the not same without him!! The more I watch him, the more I like him. He gave the Breaksfast Club their best interviews!!
I wanted to hate this kid but I can’t. He’s real af and I love his album dummy boy
D4 The kid
Charlamane laugh hard asf
Shout out to my PO lol
You can't interview this dude he interview's himself lol....
Rave Classics
ya'll need to hear Michael Da Vinci - 40oz 🔥🔥🔥
Quick Shxt
#freesixnine lets get the views to 10,000,000 so when he gets out he doesnt end up back in
Shanae Brock
Lmao Am I the only person confused on the promoter situation! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Sumbody Help me Out...???
Ron King
I had this playing and wasn't watching and I swear this dude sounds like John Leguiziamo
Cam Mims
Who else watching this in the bed right now
Alchemy Truth
you can tell alot about a person by the way they hold a conversation and the cadence they do that in. homie got drive and his energy shows that shxt. remind me of a young kanye.
Voruto Uzamaki
You know what it is(PAUSE AF) ..people die” I died 😂😂😂
48:03 IM DEAD😭
when you think the video has frozen but its just 6ix9ine thinking hard lol
MaCeo Millions
Never thought about it before now but his hair is knocking his glasses low... At 1st I just thought his glasses were too big for his face 😂😂😂
David Shoesmith
Muchdank brought me here
David Fitzpatrick
Dude is fire.
Danny-_- Boy24
No matter what he did he seems like a good and cool guy