Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO]

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Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO] Facebook: />Twitter: />----------------------------------------­­-------------------------- ♫ Music: Soon! ----------------------------------------­­--------------------------

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Soumyadip Mondal
People don't give you value untill you are famous.... Fool People
janet lovely
I'm pretty sure she killed herself when she went home 1:19
Anantha Krishnan Radhakrishnan
That girl is unlucky to get Ronaldo number
Arfuns Gaming
That girl must've felt so sad for not giving her number...
Homeless dude with amazing skills Only 3 people Cristiano Ronaldo Whole street
Natasha Armstrong
I bet u at 1:16 she would have given him her phone number if she knew it was Ronaldo
ctg finesse
Plot twist// the kid takes his mask off and he is Messi
Nina k
And if the Child like Messi More?
Cheeze Pizza
So many self-righteous people in this comments section. Seriously, if you saw a bum playing soccer on the street (assuming it really was a hobo) you wouldn't bat an eye at him. But what do you think would happen if one of the world's top footballers and arguably the most popular athlete in the world appeared on the street? You think you're just going to ignore him because you believe only fools flock to famous people? Of course not! Every single person in this comment section would have their phones out trying to catch a glimpse of him. So sit down, enjoy the show, and stop trying to sound like such compassionate humble people. Also RIP 1:17
Maryam Mohamed
People respect the money and not the person:-( sad fact of life!
Geeky Stuff
What an amazing human being!
The Monarch
I am a huge fan of ronaldo.... I wish that I would be that lucky child..
Augustine Owusu Amakye
Nice trick Ronaldo and the little kid did well to win the Ball
Sudha Ratnakar
People don't think of skills ,,they think on the people
Kurt Cobain
He looks sexy with a beard
RazorPlayz HD
Lesson learned. Give your number to every guy on the street and hope one of them is Cristiano Ronaldo
Idoroblox gaming69
Takes off his mustache,5 seconds later the hole place is around him
khalid khan
At 1:18 the girl is gonna cry that why did I give him my number lol
Kurt Cobain
This is the best reccomendation I've ever had
Harshavardhan D.
Moral : People won't find you until you become famous.😢
Ali T.
The girl that Ronaldo asked her number just killed herself after watching this video😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jessica Lind
Jeder Mensch ist besonders man muss ihn nur erkennen !
Eve the flower?
I wonder how hot he was under those clothes omg.....
Nishal Pawar
The best of cr7 💓💕 💎 people run behind success 🏅🏆🎖💪💪 not humanity ......😟😟
crazzy art
S Mirza
Moral: people will not notice you until you become famous or you have some talent but children will always step up with a clean heart
bikrant gorkhali
There is no value of the skills the value is of only famous face
Daisy Osorio
Never jude a book by its cover
Deepak Pawar
2:56 goosebump moment..💓
MR. Junior
1:17 she's definitely regretting😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
sai prabhanjan Kumar
Moral : no matter how you go, girls won't give you their contact numbers !!!
cr7 zombie
Ronaldo is best
Somen Biswas
Ronaldo is a very kindhearted guy
What would be the condition of that girl after she got to know that she just refused to give her number to CR7!
Dean Shop
Christion Ronaldo is so cute
Sai Kiran
Legends says , that girl is now giving her number everyone who asked her.
Aaron Goh
1:16 if she saw this video she would have raged like mad
meenakshi mann
What a Man .. superb... feel proud Ronaldo .. ❤️
Vicky Jain
I wish that the girl don't see this video As she will kill herself😂😂😂🤣
Sachin Sharma
Isliye kehta hu jo mil jaye uske saath khelna start kar do😂😂😂😂😂
Eric Cabrales
that girl probably watched this vid and was crying that she didnt give him her number
I guess we can all forget the time he pushed a young fan for taking a selfie in front of him in LA?
Liesbeth Koffeman
Oh when he isen't famous he's stuppid but when its Ronaldo than everybody want something from him Oh by the way that boy is so nice 😊☺️
Vicky Jain
That kid is so Lucky
Beach Vibes
Ha ha nice one Ronaldo! You are so cool! 😂😂😂
Seymur Heydarov
Nobody gave attention to him as a simple man, but after he was known everybody came around and took pictures, we shouldn't respect humans for reputation, we should respect humanity. I want congratulate that kid, children always value the world as it is 👍
Mo Mo
Iam not happy ronaldo left from real madrid he was my favorite
Maria Clara Dos Reis Lima
Ninguém quis jogar com ele porque era estranho, o menino não ligou para isso e teve uma grande surpresa!
Guy Malaise
Cr7 for live ❤
Pablo Pilligua Holguin
Soy el unico que es del Juventus?
the kid's reaction is excellent, even if he sees a superstar he still shows politeness and education, glad he got the ball.
Virendra Kumar
Must hote hai humanbeings
Swedish Comedian
That was a bad idé
Andreas Höflechner
Wie süß der Junge ist
Claiton Sandro
Brasil? Eu acho isso muito errado enquanto eles estavam vendo so uma pessoa que pareci um mendingo so.filmavam de longe e comentavam ai quando esse craque , essa estrela tira essa mascara de barba o oculos todos vao encima pedir foto altografo aaaaaaaah vai te catar :-P
The girl of the phone number is going to cry forever
Luke Skywalker
lokenath teleservices
That kid is so lucky! Good fr u kid!😊
Saamiyah Peerbocus
The girl who ronaldo had asked her number...she said no but if she know that he is ronaldo she would definitely give her number..... fool people
Uday Kona
That shout at 3:04 👌👌👌
Abhinam Shrestha
I am just thinking what if Nicolas was a Messi fan and hated christiano
Little did she know it was Ronaldo asking for the number
ste men
Nadie español LPM :'V
Bytheway BRAVO!!!!😄😄😄😘Cristiano Ronaldo😍
Mike Anderson
Legend says that from that day....the girl have been giving her number to everyone to make sure he gets ronaldo again
حمزة طفران
Iets fake peopel 😉😉
Zainab Alasadi
Lucky 😭
zero views
Great person👌👍 Fans @ india
Brotato Lifestyle
What happened with the dog?
Plot Twist: The kid is a huge fan of Messi!!
Sam Muel
suroboyo ndi iki
Steven axel
Beautiful moment
asjath mohammed
nice dronoldo
Анастия Радченко
Кто русский , лайк...
Faraz Ahmad
it shows. we don't respect talent. we respect appearance. ;-)
Prasenjit Mishra
Suddenly everybody came... lol
Mike Oneill
People don't think your crazy they think your homosexual 🐸
NeXer Gamer
Yeah CR7 is the best
Just shows how the world works. You might have amazing skills, but if you aren't famous, you're still a nobody.
Anjum Anjum
So Nice
Tasfin Ayman
Still Messi is better than Ronaldo
When he is looking common man no one do response but their talent is same as Ronaldo but when he reveal that he is Ronaldo so their so much public 😒😒😞 public dont respect talent!!
That woman regrets it that she didn't gave her number to him
Apex Ben
When a girl JUST said no to Ronaldo
kiramat khan pti
Hhhhhhhh amazing
Banana Daily
Harshit vines
Ronaldo kon si country ka ha
kashan kahloonkashan kahloon kashan kahloon
Edmunds Life
I once worked with a man who had a number 1 hit in the 80's. I didn't even know but I suspected because he had a huge passion for music production. The other work colleague treated him differently. Never judge a book by it's cover.
Umer Fattani
Great video
Juanfe :v Colombia
1:19 esa tipa se va a suicidar cuando sepa la verdad :v
MK Gaming - Minecraft, ROBLOX & More!
My name is Nicolas... But I don't like football.
Ang Zhi Ying
This is pretty sad if u think about it People is only amazed at people who is famous other than a normal person with good skills too
1:17 That Girl Received Her Biggest L Of 2015 Because He Didn't Know It Was Ronaldo XD
Shiji Suresh
so lucky
Israel jesus Melo videla
La mujer que no le dio el número ,se va arrepentir toda su vida
life hacker
Narges Hatami
Arda Kisakol
If the girl who didn't gave him her number sees this video... Im sorry 4 u