Cristiano Ronaldo surprises a kid on a Madrid's street 2015 [FULL VIDEO]

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Soumyadip Mondal
People don't give you value untill you are famous.... Fool People
Urfa Amber
The woman that Cristiano asked her number for she must be regretting not giving it to him😂😂
Blaze 25
Before: Ronaldo:"Can I have your number" Woman: "no" After: Woman:" Can I have your number" Ronaldo: "no"
Chandni Raj
Moral of the story If u see anyone playing football go play with him It can be messi next time
Delia Xd
1:22 Vs 3:30 😥😞😞😞😟😭sad
Dimi Markovic
And then the kids says I'm a Messi fan 🤣😂
Mthy Playz
ITS FAKE the ball is a paid actor
Asmar Ba7ri أسمر بحري
This is why people are interested in appearances. When he was dressed in ordinary clothes and presented his offer, many people did not pay attention to him. When he showed his truth, they gathered around him like a herd of sheep.
Well, its a social experiment half of the crowd passed him failed only that kid have gained my respect
tawfiq esmail
People look at face not skills
Allysia Woodstone
this is actually very very sad, he was pretending to be a homeless man, and he and the exact same skills and people think oh...just a normal homeless man with some amazing football skills (avoid avoid avoid) but finally when he reveals he is Cristiano Ronaldo everyone comes over and crowds never know there could really be homeless people with some amazing skills like that...but people think very little of them.
Nobody cared who he was until he took the mask off
People are so shallow. Couldn’t care less about the guy doing tricks in the street then as soon as they know who he is they’re all over him like flies on shit.
RazorPlayz HD
Lesson learned. Give your number to every guy on the street and hope one of them is Cristiano Ronaldo
Daniel Anderson
that's how most of the girls are nowadays..... sad reality... They want an ATM machine
Lee ludlow Art
Ronaldo is not just a rediculously brilliant footballer. He’s also a great human being. However when he was just a tramp no matter how brilliant he was no one was interested in him. Shows how shallow people are.
the viking
Being watched and know your watching mad skills...finding out the truth...the boy has class...playing in the square with a old man..priceless. 2 thumbs up for the boy!!
Omg, that was a cool video but sad how human nature is.
Geeky Stuff
What an amazing human being!
Subhranil Hazra
Plot twist : It was Tom Cruise
CR 7 ---> the Best ever 👍👍👍👍
ein wildes Apohorn
We live in a cruel world...
Rayhaan Rahman
This is one of my favorite vids on YouTube
sai prabhanjan Kumar
Moral : no matter how you go, girls won't give you their contact numbers !!!
matthew haines
And the girl said no to the phone number..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zamuxolo Deyi
Most pple love status without it u are no body to them. Trust God and your family because they love u unconditionally
MR Gamers
Mi sueño es 1 millón de suscriptores. 🔔 Espero que con un clic lo pierdas.
Mukesh Joshi
When people know you are something then people come 😥 Sad reality. Specially females.
S Mirza
Moral: people will not notice you until you become famous or you have some talent but children will always step up with a clean heart
Aime Cajas Soto
Que pro cristiano
electro man andres martinez torrez
JAJAJJAJAJAA esa chica seguro se arrepintió de no haberle dado su numero
Juan Carrillo
The goat my Child hood messy was born with the talent . But the goat cristiano ronaldo was born too become the best he work real hard for his talent .!! If I ever have a kid I wouldn’t show him Messi . I would show him the greatest player I ever witness ronaldo. Sometimes your not born with talent but hard work will get you were ever you feel you should be great example and the thing that you guys hate the more is that cristiano Ronaldo will be Remember as the best football player in the history of this sport in the next hundred years that are too come. THE GOAT CRISTIANO RONALDO!!!
Arsaat gaming
2019 like review
Natasha Armstrong
I bet u at 1:16 she would have given him her phone number if she knew it was Ronaldo
Ernando Cardoso
Nunca chegarar aos pes de messi e Ronaldinho
Itachi Uchiha
Si fuese Cristiano, mandaría a la mierda a toda esa gente que lo ignoró con ese look de indigente y sólo iría con esas personas que les siguió el juego en ese momento. Que sociedad de mierda, sólo xq tenía la barba larga y un perrito lo trataron de indigente que pedía monedas.
No One Care About Ronaldo's Dog
Mirthe Demey
That dog poor dog hè just stay there and wait so poor btw 2018?
ctg finesse
Plot twist// the kid takes his mask off and he is Messi
Имя Фамилия
1:18 Если бы она в тот момент знала бы ее номер спрашивает Роналду, то дала бы сразу номер, и не только)
pro man name lawin hersh
Pireva RonaldoFan
Ronaldo is more respectful than Messi!
Sky 201
Sadly, young ladies focus on cash only Sadly, some of them haven't food for their life Sadly, there're war nowadays and kills a lot *Sadly, when he took over his mask, I dunno who's him*
Abhinam Shrestha
I am just thinking what if Nicolas was a Messi fan and hated christiano
Big Baby Tape
Кто русский?
Домашние рецепты из Сибири
Бездомный, а одет как с домом)
Домашние рецепты из Сибири
Малой даже и не понял сначала)
Near Harvy
That is the exact time you can embarrass him. I will just mockering him around with my skill! He is not Aoi Singo (football street performance player) in Itally ... btw!
Ali T.
The girl that Ronaldo asked her number just killed herself after watching this video😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Дима Буданов
Кто русский лайк
belal tabish
Dog- Cris. could you please define my role here.
Aria Plays
can you put an ad in a 4 min video?
Alejandro Mejia
No quiero el autógrafo quiero el balón de futbol
Seymur Heydarov
Nobody gave attention to him as a simple man, but after he was known everybody came around and took pictures, we shouldn't respect humans for reputation, we should respect humanity. I want congratulate that kid, children always value the world as it is 👍
Como amo a ese tipo
Suga Kookies With Jam
Well you never know who you might run into on your daily walk
He was out there for an hour, good guy
Utkir Ochilov
Hello uzbekistan
Arfuns Gaming
That girl must've felt so sad for not giving her number...
Dave Bates
Top guy 👍
Mr. Wig.
Que orgulho em ser Português..
RoTaYz_ Florian
Sai Kiran
Legends says , that girl is now giving her number everyone who asked her.
Moral: give your no. when a bearded man ask you. Wait. What.....
Suddenly the whole environment changes
Is that jesus?
Raja Husen
""My fvrt Cristiano Ronaldo""😘😘 ''''Hit like for Cristiano fans ,,,😍😍
Alpha Gaming
BREAKING NEWS : That girl committed suicide after watching this video....
200 subscriber without video
*Social experiment*
tomé alex
Cristianooooooo !!!🇵🇹🇵🇹💪💪
Hien Cao
Tony Star
what a lucky kid
Faraz Ahmad
it shows. we don't respect talent. we respect appearance. ;-)
Oscar& Company
Wooow 👍❤
SK Playz Official
Hit like to prove your love for RONALDO❤💖 👇
Jose Luis Diaz
Ridículo 😎
Christopher Garcia
Lol lit
Emily Goh V
Ha. Out of no where people just start coming in with cameras. 😂 Lol, I just laughed so loud, there's a whole gang of people. Just because of Cristiano Ronaldo. 😂
This why i dont wanna be famous all yall fake
Ronaldo you should say this and then you will be completed: "I testify that there is no god but Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah
the kid's reaction is excellent, even if he sees a superstar he still shows politeness and education, glad he got the ball.
Emile Brinkmeier
I love RONALDO !!! 😁😀😆
Cyanna Miranda
This is just sad. Everyone only likes him when they see who he really is. And when he had that stuff on everyone thought he was weird.
Android User
Messi 😉💪💪💪💪👍👍👍 From Pakistan
Footage of Ronaldo being nice [circa 2015, colorized]
Target Bleach
I wouldve noticed right away that it was cristiano from that smile
Eline Bruins
That boy wasn’t even his fan for sure 😂
People look outer but not inner beauty.
Dan Lee
*The beard was a paid actor... Fake news!*
Bat Vigilante
Lol trash. Not even impressive
The girl of the phone number is going to cry forever
Jr Ardos
People that don't like poor,non famous,not rich, people are gold digger!!!
Cristiano Ronaldo
Sajjad Ahmad
you can understand what is '''Fame''
Just shows how the world works. You might have amazing skills, but if you aren't famous, you're still a nobody.
Amelie Todd
This is such a sad video 😢 when he’s just trying to make money for him and his dog on the street no body cares but when he stops trying and just reveals he’s famous suddenly everybody cares. Really, really horrible :(
hororo Chan
I like his dog
Yo y punto seguimos
Que gente mas hija de puta hipócritas, al indigente lo igoran aun jugando y cuando ven la cara del futbolista 💩💩💩💩💩💩