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Unfaithful movie clips: />BUY THE MOVIE: FandangoNOW - />Google Play - />Amazon - />Fox Movies - />Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: /> CLIP DESCRIPTION: Ed (Richard Gere) confesses the murder of Paul to Connie (Diane Lane). FILM DESCRIPTION: Diane Lane is a wayward wife and Richard Gere is her suspicious husband in Adrian Lyne's Unfaithful. Connie (Lane) leaves her suburban home on an errand, venturing into Manhattan during a wicked windstorm. On a trash-strewn Soho street, she literally runs into Paul Martel (Olivier Martinez), a handsome young Frenchman carrying a huge stack of books. Connie has a bad scrape on her knee, and is unable to get a cab, so Paul invites her up to his apartment. Paul is quietly flirtatious as he gives Connie some ice and a bandage for her knee. Connie phones home and explains to her son, Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan), that she's running late. Before she leaves, Paul gives her a book of Persian poetry, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. She mentions the encounter in passing to Edward (Gere), her husband, but it's clear that she's obsessing about Paul, and soon she's back in the city, with a pretext for calling him up. Soon, they are lovers, and they grow bolder and bolder in their passion. Edward begins to suspect, and eventually gets a private investigator (Dominic Chianese of The Sopranos) to follow Connie. His worst fears confirmed, Edward decides to confront Paul, a decision that will come to haunt him. While the screenplay for Unfaithful is credited to Alvin Sargent (Ordinary People) and William Broyles Jr. (Cast Away), the inspiration for Lyne's film came from Claude Chabrol's acclaimed 1969 film La Femme Infidele. CREDITS: TM & © Fox (2002) Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation Cast: Richard Gere, Diane Lane Director: Adrian Lyne Producers: G. Mac Brown, Adrian Lyne, Lawrence Steven Meyers, Arnon Milchan, Pierre-Richard Muller, Bruce Devan Screenwriters: Claude Chabrol, Alvin Sargent, William Broyles Jr. WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: />ComingSoon: />Indie & Film Festivals: />Hero Central: />Extras: />Classic Trailers: />Pop-Up Trailers: />Movie News: />Movie Games: />Fandango: />Fandango FrontRunners: /> HIT US UP: Facebook: />Twitter: />Pinterest: />Tumblr:

Michael Tardi
I'm sorry but I was waiting for him to hit her with a snow globe. If that did happen, seriously people would probably be cheering in the theatres. What she put her husband and there kid through. Makes you really wonder if marriage is worth it, it's just too risky. You can be the perfect husband and they would still cheat on you. Same for women as well if the husband cheats on you.
Free mind
Who on earth cheats on Richard Gere!!!
Great acting. Diane Lane does a wonderful job as playing a very unlikeable, cheating spouse
I hated her too, Richard
lmao "did you hurt him". Sure did.
John Fernan
The cheating wife did not apologize to her husband coz she is deeply in love with her younger lover, as you can see she still mourning over the death of her younger lover and she is blinded by such love, she dont care about her husband anymore. This is the type of women attitude this movie want to show or encourage, Which is not really good...
gundriller man
Diane Lane's character did the most evil thing in movies about infidelity. Not only was she lying and cheating on her family, but she took a gift that her loving husband gave to her and gave to some French douchebag. He should have killed her that night. Would have served her right.
I like how the confrontation was done in the dark. Very well done. Performances were intense without being overly dramatic.
Blackwell Melinda What the hell is rong wjt
he should just kill her by now he's already going to prison
Tom Pen
Cant believe Richard Gere was snubbed. Great performance here
How could you cheat on richard gere? that guy was an american gigolo
Richie Daniel
Diane Lane deserved the Oscar Nomination for her performance in this movie but Richard Gere was also AMAZING and this scene proved that. This scene was the BEST SCENE in this spectacular movie.
It's a powerful film. I remember seeing this in theaters like was yesterday. Very well-acted and hard-hitting.
Henry Reinoso
I wanted to see him kill her
Just AGuy
Only mistake he made was not killing them both. If it was me they would both never be heard from again
Giuliano Demonte
Diane Lane is great in this movie. Her best performance. Oscar-worthy.
Lori Owens
U know I have heard people say oh the guy she cheated with he is hot. And he is cute...but I have to say Richard gere is my kinda guy. Plus couldn't stand the fact that she cheated the way she did. Especially on Richard. Don't get me wrong I like Diane lane. She is awesome. But this role I didn't prefer the way she did Richard. And when he had to hire that private investigator. Ugh. Just sad, especially for their son. Such a good movie❤️
Jarrell Smith
Juila Roberts would have never did this to Richard....Fck u Connie!!
Laura Leon
I was kind of hoping he would make sure that the blame would be put on her and that she would go to prison for his death. Almost like the movie Presumed Innocent with Harrison Ford where he was accused of murdering his lover but it turned out to be the wife.
Curtis Haskett
This is why MGTOW is key
he should have killed her not him lol in this movie
Richard Gere and Diane Lane have a Great acting chemistry. Despite the near downfalls of their careers, they are still great actors in my book.
December November
Damn how you gonna cheat on Richard Gere.
Lori Owens
Richard gere is awesome in this movie❤️
The Last Outlaw
put her in kimura lock and break arm
John Fernan
The wife is dumb like the movie maker who made her do it...
Mary Thompson
This was a great movie....
ninung ninung
richard gere 👍👍👍
Fleurette M Van Gulden
Enjoyed it all the way. That was one of the points of this seductive film. Saw her as a bee caught in a honey jar. She is caught up before she knows it. Intrigued and overwhelmed by the mystery and challenge to sensual discovery. If Bridges of Madison County were to have a sequel this could have been it. She "ain't misbehaving" thank God HenryV111 is long gone. Many enjoyed her arousal on The train to Long Island. Its entertainment.
Wright Wright
such a beautiful,family destroyed by her lust, which should have been directed towards her husband.there was no heart felt apology from her
richard riccio
When Edward freaks out here he sounds like The character from officer and a Gentlemen when the DI tells him to quit and says he has no place to go.
LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leon Rifki White
"i wanted to KILL YOU!!!!!!"
Great acting by Gere
Jose Carlo Ibabao
no secret is safe
Great script and oscar winning performance from Gere
Super Awesome Space Paladin
He should've killed her too
Rae Cabrera
If unfaithful by Rihanna was recorded in 2002, I think that would've been the end credits song to this movie
Spencer Edwards
She's a Wonderful actress but I hated her in this movie. Threw years of marriage & memories away for a lousy fling. Karma delivered Swift justice in the shape of a snow dome now she must face the Fire!
Lori Owens
dude! I understand him having her followed well cause that dude she wouldn't keep her mitts off of! lol well he didn't have oblige either! lol what gets me is when she questioned him...what did u do? lol he turned around....NO!.....WHAT DID U DO? I LOVE IT! GET DOWN MR. GERE! 💗
Tomeka Barnes
Simply wow, it's like his acting was so incredibly dynamic it actually messed her up and she couldn't deliver her response right. LoL
Luis Martinez
Best scene ever
Jack Traven
It's a movie that wants to open the eyes of people who in many cases mistaken the two notions. Connie knows Paul a young, refined, cult, but what he feels for him is no love at all. Love remains to be for the other, with whom she is been married for 11 years her husband Edward. For Paul, it's just passion, not quite noble. The film leaves the conviction that a great love always justifies all sacrifices, raising people; a passion makes them burn in vain, and then deeply regrets what has happened. Love does not mean the regret of any moment of loneliness, passion is left with only a sense of humility and disgust , that's exactly the case of Connie, who even knowing that Edward killed Paul ,she want to forget the betrayal and put everything behind
will hill
Excellent ending!!!
Best ntr ever
Men have affairs all the time but when women do it is apparently the worst thing in the world and people are re screaming for her to be killed. Such a pernicious double standard.
Damone Boyd
Should kill her too
Theresa T
Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest
Theresa T
I've always loved Richard Gear but how could any woman resist a Hot Young French Man. Yummy
Drew Jackson
nobody deserves to be cheated on. if you don't want to be in a relationship with someone then just end it and move on.
If you never knew that either your wife or husband is cheating on you behind your back then what is the point of being married?
Lori Owens
What Edward does with her is what I want to do with someone. Lol
mdnor matnor
We all humans male&female and God give heart to feel love,your heart will be change at anytime, your are married or not,This is not just dramahappened in the reality lifeUp to your if you want faithful or unfaithfulYou can betrayed you love,but someday you'll be regret.
Jose Valdex
Does anybody else picture Michael Phifer playing the lead role here?
He is sniveling, she is strong and unaffected. Richard Gere is a true girly man.
Burn her :]
hazel goodshepherd
Why did everyone keep saying she was so beautiful in this film? She looked like a total hagster to me.
Jobs mine
A lot of people don’t know this but as a man , the wife had cause to cheat. Gere didn’t pay attention to her , made her feel loved. Women need to feel loved. She missed the sex and love by her husband.
Adultery should be punished by law. It’s something that might cause the party that’s getting cheated to mentally collapse, fall into depression, or even commit suicide. And even if the suffering party gets through, a mental scar or “heart demon” remains, changing that persons forever.
Lori Owens
very good movie💗
This movie is so wrong ! The guy paid for her for been slut . He didn’t push her or what ever .
Mein Fuhrer
love this movie it proves women are whores and why i became a PI
Jose Coby Cobian
Martha Kent was a slut!!!! #DCcomics
I own A fat cat
u cheated on richard gere ?! fck