Robin of Sherwood - Robin vs. Nasir

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From series 1, episode 2.

To my knowledge, this series is the origin for the concept of Robin having an Arabic/black person on his team.
Celestia Femina
No. This is the moment where he turned good. The spell that Baron de Belleme had on him was broken by Belleme's death. This was Nazir's way of indicating he was a fighter worthy of joining Robin's band.
Celestia Femina
AWESOME stuff.
Sapphire .Seahorse
Oh dear god hes sexy..the dark eyes, the black leather,the skills...*wipes drool from chin* Sexiest Saracen ever lol
@MatchAngler457 Nah, he turned Good ;)
Lord Commander Joer Mormont
Haha saracens were awesome
Rhine Horn
This is just damn awesome.
Good god. Check that perscription! Have you seen him? He's a whale with no hair. We all lose our looks but for heaven's sake, remove the blinkers. He's not all that.
He had a good coach. Terry Walsh. Mark only knows what he knows from learning from masters like Walsh & Dent. God, are you guys his Fan Club or something? The cheese is unbelievable. He shouldn't drop the soap with you guys around.
You're entitled to your opinion, but it's completely wrong! How can you write off all the talented actors here? Nasir was an innovation but let's not get silly! He wasn't in the original ballads for 900 yrs. It was a perfectly good story then. Apart from fighting, he really didn't do much in the series. He had the easiest time of it. A page of lines through the entire show! Mark got the part through some luck. Not to decry Nasir, he kicked ass, but the series *would* work without him.
Runs WithWeasels
This is the first I've ever seen of Robin of Sherwood. I need to see the whole series. Seriously. Just for Mark Ryan. Dear heavens, he is totally awesome.
Movie quality stuff right there. Awesome.
Actually, I'd prefer it with music. It would look much more heroic with good fighting music.
oww... thanks for the video.. recalls my school days..!!!
good serie and i noticed as well that they kill alot but never spill blood.
Louise Vallière
I love the lack of music in this battle. Adds that touch of realism woefully lacking elsewhere
Alex Moreau
Mark (Nasir) is actually a swordmaster and choreographed the fights in King Arthur (2002)
nasir was my fav character :)