Kris Kristofferson - The Winner (Shel Silverstein tribute, 2010)

Kris' amazing contribution to this tribute album dedicated to Shel Silverstein. Think he's chosen the right song ;-) 16 songs of this brilliant songwriter by various artists. /> />only mp3 downloads available with the German Amazon /> Kris about Shel Silverstein in an interview in 2006: „...Shel was a friend of mine from the start - he just hung out with scruffy songwriters - me and my friends. All the establishment in Nashville were breaking their necks to get him to do things they were into. He was writing for Bobby Bare, Dr. Hook and many others. He was still a cartoonist for Playboy then." Well, young Kris for the intro verses, some newer pics for the final ones and some scenes for the story between... Hope you'll enjoy the song and the vid... The scenes are from the movies The last days of Frank and Jesse James (1986) Trouble in mind (1985) Wooly boys (2001) A star is born (1976) and a tiny one from Pat Garret and Billy the kid (1973) - all available on DVD... The Winner by Shel Silverstein (the original song had 20 verses, but I don't have enough characters for the info box here to add the ones that Kris left out...) The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand looked like a drunk old fool, And I knew that if I hit him right, I could knock him off that stool. But everybody said, "Watch out -- that's Tiger Man McCool. He's had a whole lot of fights, and he always come out the winner." But I'd had myself about five too many, and I walked up tall and proud, I faced his back and I faced the fact he'd never stooped or bowed. I said, "Tiger Man, you're a pussycat," and a hush fell on the crowd, I said, "Let's you and me go outside and see who's the winner" Well, he gripped the bar with one big hairy hand and he braced against the wall, He slowly looked up from his beer -- my God, that man was tall! He said, "Boy, I see you're a scrapper, so just before you fall, I'm gonna tell you a little what it means to be a winner." He said, "You see these bright white smilin' teeth, you know they ain't my own. Mine rolled away like Chiclets down a street in San Antone. But I left that person cursin', nursin' seven broken bones. And he only broke three of mine, so I'm the winner." He said, "Behind this grin, I got a steel pin that holds my jaw in place. A trophy of my most successful motorcycle race. And every mornin' when I wake and touch this scar across my face, It reminds me of all I got by bein' a winner. Now this broken back was the dyin' act of handsome Harry Clay That sticky Cincinnatti night I stole his wife away. But that woman, she gets uglier and meaner every day. But I got her, boy, and that makes me the winner (?) I got arthritic elbows, boy, I got dislocated knees, From pickin' fights with thunderstorms and chargin' into trees. And my nose been broke so often I might lose it if I sneeze. And, son, you say you still wanna be a winner? You gotta speak loud when you challenge me, son, 'cause it's hard for me to hear With this twisted neck and these migraine pains and this cauliflower ear. And if it weren't for this glass eye of mine, I'd shed a happy tear To think of all you'll get by bein' a winner. Now, as I kick in your family jewels, you'll see my left leg drags, And this jacket's kinda padded up where my right shoulder sags, There's a special part of me I keep in this brown paper bag, And I'll show it to you -- if you want to see all of the winner. Now, you remind me a lot of my younger days with your knuckles clenchin' white. But, boy, I'm gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night. And if there's somethin' that you gotta prove by winnin' some silly fight, OK, I quit, I lose, son, you're the winner." So I stumbled from that barroom not so tall and not so proud, Behind me I could hear the hoots of laughter from the crowd. But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth are still in my mouth. And y'know...I guess that makes me...the winner.

When I was a kid, we used to love his(Shel Silverstein) books "A Light in the Attic", and "Where the Sidewalk Ends". Back then I had no idea this man's influence on popular music in the 60's and 70's. Kris is also another under rated song writer who had a large influence, especially in country music. Good stuff man:-)
Kris is realy really good in this, as a diehard Bobby Bare fan....
Arthur Smith
u just can't find great music like this anymore
IRISH ROVER AND THE CREW ® By Irish Rover - Rover MacChroi, The No.1 Anti-System Irish Punk Singer
I keep coming back to this great song ! In this rotten world I was never 'the winner' either.
Ilene Armstrong
if I didn't know better I'd say he wrote that song, good job Kris you sing it like you own it. and when he sings his songs nobody does them better
James Greene
pure class Living legend Kris
Ilene Armstrong
what do you mean what happened to his voice ,he is still out there singing and doing it well he is 80 FFS don't you know .Love his mind and his will to keep going
Great songs about Tigerman the winner. So mote it be!
vitor Ferreira
They should live forever.
kris k will someday be aprisated as one of thje best  of allllll time    a real poet
Tim Myles
Wonderful song.... ALWAYS LOVE Kris's voice.
anita espedal
Omg he was hot, and thos eyes i could drown in them.❤ This song is perfect for Kris and his vois, he pict out the right song for his vois.
Rick Wold
Best man ever tell them to kick rocks Love you
onthe downside
They don't make good music like this anymore.
Bill King
I never knew Kris covered this song I Love it
Ilene Armstrong
Wow those eyes
Joe Jr west ham United
lov this version , Bobby bare nailed it , well written shel
Alan Hanbridge
I've only heard Bobby Bare sing this. I love both versions.
Thank you for your brilliant video, you just made every clip fit the words perfectly. Kris is magic and every time he performs he's definitely "The Winner".
Glad to hear Kris is still alive :-)
Brad Black
tiger man
Homegal 43
Love the song & all the clips - thanks!
Gail Niemczura
please send me instructions on how to download all Kris KRISTOPHERSON's videor..I have totally loved him since I saw him appear on the huge real movie screen in 1976 or 77 in greatest movie ever "A Star IS Born" with Ms. Barbra Streisand went for the newest Barbra movie came home with KRISTOPHERSON stuck in my heart..39 years ago..he is still there some days I know for sure he is keeping me alive...glpn
Rosemary Byrd
Chris is always winner
Věra Peřinová
Yes, you're a winner....
Jacob Smith
Never heard this before. Great
sammy martin
I can vouch about the teeth
Michelle Lee
I watched you when I was 7 years old. And I was taken then, I am taken now.  I am 46. You are hot, and soo worldly worthy. Omg. love u Kris.
jo luttringer
Many thanks for this nice Shel Song by Kris. Best wishes from France. Jo Luttringer
Huier Zou
Kris is touring Australia in march /April 2014
Joe LeMier
who's gonna fill their shoes? country music today is nothing like it was then.
Dolly Price
Only one Kris. Perfection.
Bruce Simpson
Interesting, love Precious Memories but it has been pulled for some reason. Disappointed. I heard it on PBS the other nite.Very moving. Chris, Chet and Emmylou.
M Waters
if you've never heard Freakin at the Freakers Ball Album by Shel Silverstein you are truly missing out!
Lee YS
Bobby Bare has an excellent live hit version of this song!
Bam Dogwood
so what are the words of this song all about then?.
Jay Scroggins
tigers a crow
Seany Chap
whats the film @2:56 ?
rezam elos utnapishtim siete
tiene la voz un poco que suena a johnny cash....gran cantante kris kristofferson
BenJamn Campbell
Can you please remove the videos from your YouTube that do not play because of copyright issues? Thank you.
Mushroom Tip
what happened kris' voice. smoking
Nilza Rodrigues
Quanto mais vejo o trabalho desse artista, mais me apaixono...
@A.S: no, you can't
Gail Niemczura
Riina Usanoff
Hahaa;)) <3
Jason Lee
cool dude.
Micki Hecht
Love Kris and REALLY miss my Old Friend, Shel! Shel, your wisdom and guidance was invaluable in helping me live my life!
Bobby Bares version is much better ....
Denton Scott
sometimes you are long way better simply by not playing at all. 
I always felt the same as you about Kris, not a great singer but fantastic songwriter, I saw him about a year or so ago, in person on stage with just his guitar, and I was really impressed, he did a great show....
I love this song by Bobby Bare, Kris does a great job on it as well.
Sissie Abrams
Look into Kris eyes who can help but fall into love U All should hear him sing Why Me Lord I was 12 heard him in person all I can say is Beautiful & Wow check it out
Sissie Abrams
Kris I met U when I was only 12 U was so cute then I had my 1st crush U told me so many jokes I'll be 53 in July I still got the crush on U I loved U dancin' with Dolly in Joyful Noise just wish U had a bigger part U still got it baby Love Sissie Latonia Ky
Renny Shelton
Nobody tells a story like Kris.
Generally speaking, no one does Shel Silverstein better than Bobby Bare ... but IMO this is an exception. Like all good songs (OK, like most) "The Winner" makes a significant point, and when KK sings it, the words rise above the merely comic.
Thank you for watching :-)
loopy lally
love love love this song , for all the hard lads out there.
Great song and a great video you've made thanks for posting it. Kris IS the real deal, anything from hippy to badass vampire killer & Shel was an amazing writer & poet.
loopy lally
Thats the story of my life
yeah, I agree with you on his voice :-) And thank you...
Jonathan Stewart
This song is taylor made for Kris.
@ugafinch Thanks!
Art Vandelay
Such a great song. Everyone check out the cover of this on my channel.