Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun | Radhika Apte | Episode 1

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Marathi Casting Couch! Yes, a undercover web series with Marathi celebs... Check out our first episode feat. Radhika Apte. A Marathi web series Director: Sarang Sathaye Producer: Bharatiya Digital Party Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Aniket Gaikwad Editor: Joe John Sound: Ashish Shinde Music: Saket Kanetkar AD: Henny Gurnasinghani Follow us on :

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Ashutosh Jadhav
(02.24-02.26)घसरगुंडी खेळतोय का बोच्या तू काय करतोयस !!! जाम भारी ... असेच पंचेस येउदेत ....
Dipraj Jadhav Edits
9:25 sonali choti ka moti loollll 😊
darudi aahe ka be....
च्यायला आज मला कळले की ही Radhika Aapte महाराष्ट्रियन आहे.एवढे दिवस ही मला मराठी आड़नावाची बंगाली वाटत होती.
Harshal Wagle
Guys let me first commend you for the effort! Simply brilliant to see a Marathi web series! However, I didn't find the pilot appealing and rather confusing. Looking forward to your next one! All the best guys :)
Samil Somkuwar
Between two ferns rip off... but anyhow it is cool..
Ninad Joshi
This is one of the weirdest pilot I have ever seen! Not impressed but at all!I'm unable to understand the concept. Was it supposed to be comedy? Or just a mockery? I hope you guys come with something interesting in the next episode.
1st Ever marathi Web series with unique style. liked it. thumps up for this video :) All the best to u guys.
Sachin Chaudhari
Radhika apte sounds and appear like she must be chain smoker and drinker also
Amol Joshi
radhika apte cha awaz asa kasa.
Siddharth Bagewadi
Amey,Nipun You Both Are Rocking and Radhika Apte You are a Inspiration!
Ravi Yadav
fullll faltu, like top faltu. 👏
Chaii Time Masti
making pan taka naa ... 22 mins paiki je cut zhalay te pan !!!! ...
Abhijeet P
finally ..... Something new Finally ... Marathi Series ....... keep it up !
Sai Hule
Ek number ! Looking forward to it 😍
Akshay Gandhe
Hi guys, Very Much happy to see you over web series, great work, feel so high now, amey, nipun kaddakch, congo & all the best for upcoming episodes to Sathaye & Team :) :)
Manasi Thakur
nice episode luv it😍😍😍
Tushar Kadam
I hated Amey in Daily Soap but now i love him
Prashant Gawade
To understand this type of comedy one have to have elite level of sense of humor. I felt like I am witnessing a bit of "Central Perk" moments of F.R.I.E.N.D.S . You guys are brilliant and keep it up as sky high.
Chai sutta Chronicles
Kay chuttyapa ahe?????
sayed israr
very nice high humor ...may take time to gallop....keep it up...looking forward ..
Kunal Gautam
awesome !!! keep it up , go ahead .. support aahe amcha 👍👍
Sushant Kamble
Dhoom dhadaka ch English subtitle "crash boom bang" 😂 bharich
Indrani Majumder
kuch samajhme nehi aya..
vijay salunkhe
daily soap navti re ti :D mast vatle tighesudha..waiting for next episode :) thumbs up
ron shine
+Nipun Dharmadhikari : Please bring back Loose Control drama.. missing it badly! All the best for new feats.. Awesome !!
niket halve
great guys
Prasad Ghangale
Ekta kapoor timing vala joke
Harshad Fad
Hahahah Mastach ki!
Dhiraj Gulhane
Loved it....
Siddhesh Pangam
Ek dum Mast aahe yaacha making pan upload kara yaar
v çŕoxx
Marathi 😍
Shantanu Kajale
loved it
it's awesome, nice,fab yaar... waiting for 2 nd episode . All the best Amey, nipun and entire team.
Rupesh Sukale
Nahi me bus ne alo hoto!!LOL! what a amazing conversation yaar! Loved it! waiting for ep2...
Kaitan D'lima
coco vloging
kaaaamaaaaalllll, Nipun. "script Watts app" kar awadlay
Israar 4
I am A Maharashtrian, but i am not a Marathi language audience frankly speaking. One day i LUCKILY found the video series of Casting Nd Cauch and i m loving it..... I am really became a Fan of Marathi Films. These both guys are simply SUPARB. I will recommend to all of you to watch, subscribe and share
Sameer Manekar
amazing concept n execution... amey...awesome as always...(y) great work nipun..... excited for the second webisode...!!
Manorath Phalke
kadhi free astes tu??? 😂😂 Ani making pan baghayla avdel. All the best team.
Rahul Tipole
Ramdas Mirkute
marathi madhe pn smthng new...... white balance kel milala amhala... last punch ;-)
Kalpesh Badgujar
i really love this first episode of 'casting couch' guys.. marathit asa kaahi navin baghayla milnar yachi utsukta lagliye manat.. Amey as well uh r a superb actor i mn tuze play tuza vaktavya superb.. nw i m really inspire from uh.. and nipun bro kasala gorays tu toh white balance vaala dialogue hahaha.. good to see uhh guys.. please rlease the episodes of shows.. and congratz to uhh and your whole team..
Prathamesh Raje
Best part is at the end !! When Radhika Offers Nipun a Grape and he denies and says "Majha Lagn Zhalay" (I am Married) !! Good timing !!
Mohit Mahashabde
& here WE go, We the Maharashtrians, it's cool to watch the first ever Marathi web series. It's a joyful moment to watch such a nice, sutle, straight creativity. You all actually applied Guerrilla style with 5Ds. More of it's a independent type of series. Script wise it's on the top brilliance. Most imp thing to mention here is you all have maintaied a perfect balance of all type of humor, not too filthy & not too sajuk tupatla... Happy to comment you like this...I'm also too too much interested in "Direction "
Sujay Karbhari
That was really something... Balnatya😋😋😋😋😋
Kashin Shetty
Wow !!! Died laughing !!! Great fun this is !!! :-D
Tejas Sonawane
you guys are all tym classic
Poonam Wagh
amey bhari ha... "me bus ne aloy...." pan tu ata car ghetli gudhi padva la.. so parat bolta nahi yenar :-p
nitin bhaleraon
आयला, कसले भन्नाट आहात रे तुम्ही....सुपर्ब....
sonali choti ka moti? are kay he...khup bhari..unique concept. marathi web series,3D chya aadhi tushar kapoor
Shreyas Jeurkar
Hey khup mast bhag hota. But it's too much informal. Jsa ki behind the scenes bghtoy asa vatt. Jr thoda background music kiva thoda formal krta aala Tr it will be more fantastic. & All The Best for further journey 🎉🎉🎉
Rahul Bobhate
Mi bus ne aalo. Hahaha.
Amey you are a really good actor and great at improv. I hope you get better projects than Dil Dosti Duniyadari which I think is a waste of your talent. Great series btw, Kinda like between two ferns.
Tejas Sontakke
Really superb. Keep it Up. Unique Representation. Kaaadaaak...
shree ayare
I see dis 5 time in 5 days Amazing
chakshuta nimbkar
njoyed 1st marathi webshow.....☺☺😀 Amey Wagh and Nipun Dharmadhikari 😀😀😘😘 luv dis one n exited for second one....☺☺
Satej Nazare
+Sarang Sathaye and Team Good attempt, Now we, can see the uncommon behind the scene @Marathi Casting Couch. good concept for any web series. Waiting for Next episodes.
Sameer silva
good job! लास्ट पंच मस्त होता. मी बस ने आलोय👍
akshatta dahake
I swear I died laughing!! I am so glad I discovered you guys. Keep making more of these!
Rohit Patil
This was hilarious!!!
Preshit Kulkarni
no sense of humor, lusty looks are not funny at all. cheap stuff. waste of time. 300k views just to see RA.
अमित पाटील
एक नंबर. you got one more subscriber. :) waiting for more. All the best guys.
Raman Tandale
Awesomeee guys amey & nipun 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻टेपऱ्या बंद !!
yagnesh hari
don't know when was the last time i laughed watching a contemporary marathi humour. this had me splits. really awesome!
Hrishikesh Gaikar
This was AMEYzing!!!!!! luv u kaivalya.... Pls do episode with Pushkaraj aka Aashu i am his big fan.
Srushti Kulkarni
the first marathi webshow is full on hit yaar!!! the first try is going to be a big success!!! and you are right amey sir you have a big fan following!! and nipun sir is also great!! keep doing!! 👍👌👏🎉🎊
Atman Kulkarni
अप्रतिम.. (y) "निपुण: नाही, माझं लग्न झालंय" (at the end) was the best moment!! Eagerly waiting for next episode. :D
Sagar Hippargekar
enjoyed a lot. .."Sonali choti ka Mothi", "two wheeler kaadhtos ka?" was a supremely fantastic. . . .
Ajinkya Apte
Excellent :D
Bunty Sonawane
Marathi web series is awesome.
saurabh ghodke
#Rajni sir..baki pakaaw..
Jitenderr Singh
Very nice ... One Shud b proud of their native language ...
Fahmida Sultana
what a thinking.....!!!! one of the best short film ever....!!!! ✌✌✌
Sham sang
I like her eyes
Scorer Scored
Radhika Apte looks so beautiful and seductive. She's a true BROWN BEAUTY.
V Dj
I don't want to watch kodi nerd man.
Probir Dutta
Bekar rand hai ye radhika
punshul-the winner punshul
Yaar hindi me bol lo
Abhinav Taparia
Bull shit. .. not appealing at all worst video webseries pilot ever seen
Radhika Bhatara
Radhika looks yuck
Debanjan Nag
first 4 mins n I died laughing !!
Sumedh Joshi
Nipun: Maajha lagna jhaala aahe 😂
Ratnesh Jain
Over rated actress...
Mahesh Mahatekar
Aai zhavade. Doghancha gandi varti latha ghatiya pahizeet. Bhikchoot saale.
Ganesh Avtade
nice job.....
mayur salunke
overacting amey
Kasli ghaanerdi diste te bc.......ssshheeeeee
IDIOTS, who speaks with women actors like that. SO IRRITATING!!
Akshay Yelve
shevti radhika nipun la draksha almost bharvat aste and nipun ring dakhavto 10:20 ......jaam bhari....😂😂😂😂😂
pramod kulkarni
total scripted ...yoak ... 😪
shinde soma
khupach chaan amey an nipun
saurabh gupta
is Randi ki....
Zeeshan M. Raje
Manus kai karu shakto share karu shakto .... LOL
Amey Jadiye
"nahi maza lagna zalay" 10:20 😂😂😂
Ashish Dhone
bold scen krayla snag tila
Amar Deshmukh
kharach khup mast
Oh God, please save Marathi Drama Culture now..!! All the regional industries have also started following the footprints of Bollywood which is becoming WESTERN itself so Shamelessly..!!
Pratik Patil