Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun | Radhika Apte | Episode 1

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Marathi Casting Couch! Yes, a undercover web series with Marathi celebs... Check out our first episode feat. Radhika Apte. A Marathi web series Director: Sarang Sathaye Producer: Bharatiya Digital Party Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Aniket Gaikwad Editor: Joe John Sound: Ashish Shinde Music: Saket Kanetkar AD: Henny Gurnasinghani Follow us on :

Ashutosh Jadhav
(02.24-02.26)घसरगुंडी खेळतोय का बोच्या तू काय करतोयस !!! जाम भारी ... असेच पंचेस येउदेत ....
Dipraj Jadhav Edits
9:25 sonali choti ka moti loollll 😊
च्यायला आज मला कळले की ही Radhika Aapte महाराष्ट्रियन आहे.एवढे दिवस ही मला मराठी आड़नावाची बंगाली वाटत होती.
Manali Gaikwad
it's jz superb!! awesome!! keep going for more videos!!!
pranayy p
Feel this is scripted .. But its nice .. Somethi g diffrent so ppl will like it .. 👍
Snehal Wagh
Great start on series!
akshatta dahake
I swear I died laughing!! I am so glad I discovered you guys. Keep making more of these!
Pritam Vanne
1st Ever marathi Web series with unique style. liked it. thumps up for this video :) All the best to u guys.
Mast episode khup avdla looking forward for next episode. Nipun,Amey & Radhika you have done good job. Best Highlights ...1.ti Serial prime time pan navti 10:30 2 White Balance kartoy ha gora ahe na 3. Contemprary dance abhyas karyala gele hote..marathi mansani javch etar lokani ?? Javach.. 4. Ashya tikane theatre gele jite theatre pan nahit..:-) 5.Tu insult karun gheu nako swathach... 6.Toh Ekta Kapoor nahi controvarsy karta ...Radhika -mala joke kalala nahi 7.Tuzi 2 wheeler ahe ka ?karan maji gadi adkliy baher ..Amey -nahi me Bus ne aaloy :P
Prathamesh Raje
Best part is at the end !! When Radhika Offers Nipun a Grape and he denies and says "Majha Lagn Zhalay" (I am Married) !! Good timing !!
Sachin Chaudhari
Radhika apte sounds and appear like she must be chain smoker and drinker also
Harshal Wagle
Guys let me first commend you for the effort! Simply brilliant to see a Marathi web series! However, I didn't find the pilot appealing and rather confusing. Looking forward to your next one! All the best guys :)
yagnesh hari
don't know when was the last time i laughed watching a contemporary marathi humour. this had me splits. really awesome!
Ravi Yadav
fullll faltu, like top faltu. 👏
Saurabh jadhav
nice to see a marathi webshow.... its kinda cooolll...😉
Sukhada Chaudhary
So much fun! :) Here's to Radhika Apte for being such a good sport. Really enjoyed watching this, Amey and Nipun. Have not watched your TV shows but this is something cool!
darudi aahe ka be....
Chaii Time Masti
making pan taka naa ... 22 mins paiki je cut zhalay te pan !!!! ...
Bunty Sonawane
Marathi web series is awesome.
Raman Tandale
Ya i shared on fb n i want amey to luk @ reviews in i was 1st to like d video
rujuta karve
Superb episode!!
Dipali Deshmukh
just one word thanks yaar😊
Nitin Harale
Avinash Pukale
ek no...amey go ahead :)
sayed israr
very nice high humor ...may take time to gallop....keep it up...looking forward ..
Samil Somkuwar
Between two ferns rip off... but anyhow it is cool..
Manali Gaikwad
it's kind of cool mah bouy ;-)
Datta Maske
nice work guys.
Sai Hule
Ek number ! Looking forward to it 😍
Abhijeet P
finally ..... Something new Finally ... Marathi Series ....... keep it up !
Kanak Kavadi
This is really superb and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. Amey & Nipun have come up with this new concept of web chat show and I am sure everyone is going to love it as much as I have. Keep making guys! Y'all are doing a great job. Prem.
Tushar Kadam
I hated Amey in Daily Soap but now i love him
Suhas Diwakar Zele
हा हा हा ... धम्माल!! चॅनल सब्स्क्राईबले आहे. Keep it up guys :) :)
AbhiJiet Khare
Jabardast. Very Nice. Waiting for next.
*हिचा गु पण लिपस्टिक सारखा असेल*
Its Prashant
To understand this type of comedy one have to have elite level of sense of humor. I felt like I am witnessing a bit of "Central Perk" moments of F.R.I.E.N.D.S . You guys are brilliant and keep it up as sky high.
tushar warange
मी बसने आलो होतो..!! 😂😂😂😂 कडक..!!
harshad kulkarni
Wow! Bharii! Avadlay !
Akshay Gandhe
Hi guys, Very Much happy to see you over web series, great work, feel so high now, amey, nipun kaddakch, congo & all the best for upcoming episodes to Sathaye & Team :) :)
omkar deshmukh
Superb! Keep it up, eagerly waiting for next one :)
Mithilesh Bhoir
jamlay...superb work !!
Amogh Kulkarni
Hahah unexpected impromptu punches take the shows to another level. "Nahi, maza lagna zalay" "Umm.. Mi bus na aloy" :'D :'D Hilarious! Looking forward to the next one!
A Joshi
radhika apte cha awaz asa kasa.
Indrani Majumder
kuch samajhme nehi aya..
manu parte
manasi joshi
good work
amit singh
manohar patil
Gr8 ....
Sameer silva
good job! लास्ट पंच मस्त होता. मी बस ने आलोय👍
Siddharth Bagewadi
Amey,Nipun You Both Are Rocking and Radhika Apte You are a Inspiration!
Kunal Gautam
awesome !!! keep it up , go ahead .. support aahe amcha 👍👍
Shrini Wagh
Too good! 👌
Abh Ghu
Heroines are so high headed n boastful ...
Zakaas show! maja aali. Expecting a lot of fresh content from you guys. Keep it up and thanks a ton :)
sonali choti ka moti? are kay he...khup bhari..unique concept. marathi web series,3D chya aadhi tushar kapoor
Manasi Thakur
nice episode luv it😍😍😍
Yogesh Kekane
जाम भारी,
Poonam Dumbre
bhannattt...chabuk.. apratim...first marathi webseries...totally luved it and nipun tu khallas re amey la ;)
Srushti Kulkarni
the first marathi webshow is full on hit yaar!!! the first try is going to be a big success!!! and you are right amey sir you have a big fan following!! and nipun sir is also great!! keep doing!! 👍👌👏🎉🎊
Amey you are a really good actor and great at improv. I hope you get better projects than Dil Dosti Duniyadari which I think is a waste of your talent. Great series btw, Kinda like between two ferns.
Shreyas Jeurkar
Hey khup mast bhag hota. But it's too much informal. Jsa ki behind the scenes bghtoy asa vatt. Jr thoda background music kiva thoda formal krta aala Tr it will be more fantastic. & All The Best for further journey 🎉🎉🎉
Atman Kulkarni
अप्रतिम.. (y) "निपुण: नाही, माझं लग्न झालंय" (at the end) was the best moment!! Eagerly waiting for next episode. :D
Sagar Hippargekar
enjoyed a lot. .."Sonali choti ka Mothi", "two wheeler kaadhtos ka?" was a supremely fantastic. . . .
Poonam Wagh
amey bhari ha... "me bus ne aloy...." pan tu ata car ghetli gudhi padva la.. so parat bolta nahi yenar :-p
baba rancho
for the 1st marathi web show its amazing start keep it up and ameya kel nahire dila tumchya hathat like kelayach n nakkich share hi karen #keepupthegoodwork
Hrishikesh Gaikar
This was AMEYzing!!!!!! luv u kaivalya.... Pls do episode with Pushkaraj aka Aashu i am his big fan.
Kalpesh Badgujar
i really love this first episode of 'casting couch' guys.. marathit asa kaahi navin baghayla milnar yachi utsukta lagliye manat.. Amey as well uh r a superb actor i mn tuze play tuza vaktavya superb.. nw i m really inspire from uh.. and nipun bro kasala gorays tu toh white balance vaala dialogue hahaha.. good to see uhh guys.. please rlease the episodes of shows.. and congratz to uhh and your whole team..
Aakash Patil
हा जोक होता का?? 🏻👍🏻👌
Kashin Shetty
Wow !!! Died laughing !!! Great fun this is !!! :-D
Manali Gaikwad
it's jz superb!! awesome!! keep going for more videos!!!
Ameya Kunte
Good one ...refreshing to watch such a video in Marathi !
Tejas Sontakke
Really superb. Keep it Up. Unique Representation. Kaaadaaak...
Sushant Kamble
Dhoom dhadaka ch English subtitle "crash boom bang" 😂 bharich
अमित पाटील
एक नंबर. you got one more subscriber. :) waiting for more. All the best guys.
Fahmida Sultana
what a thinking.....!!!! one of the best short film ever....!!!! ✌✌✌
Vikas Awale
Eagerly waiting for next episode.....😁😍
Antara Shinde
yaay !! enjoed 1st marathi webshow !! woohoo...Amey Wagh and Nipun Dharmadhikari...just loved this epi. n really excited for upcumingsss...
shree ayare
I see dis 5 time in 5 days Amazing
Rahul Bobhate
Mi bus ne aalo. Hahaha.
ron shine
+Nipun Dharmadhikari : Please bring back Loose Control drama.. missing it badly! All the best for new feats.. Awesome !!
Sujay Karbhari
That was really something... Balnatya😋😋😋😋😋
Sameer Manekar
amazing concept n execution... amey...awesome as always...(y) great work nipun..... excited for the second webisode...!!
Rohit Patil
This was hilarious!!!
Rupesh Sukale
Nahi me bus ne alo hoto!!LOL! what a amazing conversation yaar! Loved it! waiting for ep2...
prafull deshmukh
guys....awesome series...keep it up....havent seen such thing in marathi before...
v çŕoxx
Marathi 😍
vijay salunkhe
daily soap navti re ti :D mast vatle tighesudha..waiting for next episode :) thumbs up
abhishek Patil
Bhari rav.... majja aali.. all the best gys. . ( don't forget my name ) bcoz motha fan honar aahe me tumcha aata... :)
ashish chavan
This shows that it's all about the quality and not the quantity! Stupendous!👌✋👏😂
Ajinkya Apte
Excellent :D
palash hase
10.30 la...Prime time pn.. Waaa kadak expressions. Awadlay...!!
Manorath Phalke
kadhi free astes tu??? 😂😂 Ani making pan baghayla avdel. All the best team.
Rahul Dhote
mast episode... khup avadla... waiting for new 1
Abi Varghese
Smart & Subtle comedy at its best. Keep Going! Great work!!!!
shraddha channe
it's nice to see u again Amey, great job, 👍👍 all the best😄😄😘😘
it's awesome, nice,fab yaar... waiting for 2 nd episode . All the best Amey, nipun and entire team.
Prasad Ghangale
Ekta kapoor timing vala joke
Pranali Nimbalkar
amazing yaar