Final Approach episode 1 eng sub

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Spiral Matt
Don't all girls crash into boy's apartment and claim that she is your fiancé? I'll can having the same reaction Akane on 4:22 and 9:51. God help me plz? I didn't know this country is doom because of lack of childbirth? Going to jail if you don't obey the order?!
Moe Diaz
I know I've watched this show before, but this has got to be the worst basis for an anime I've ever seen. Who wouldn't freak out over having their life invaded by some stranger saying you're now engaged to them, and the governments is is on it so you have no choice.
Gerrit Valkering
you know, there is a better way to arrange something like that, just find a way to approach the guys if they want to ... get together with a pretty girl. bet not many would say no
I don't want to watch this it doesn't feel right
asurprised expression
I thought this is going to be an action or in a war its just I think it is
Now I get where they found the idea for Koi to Uso.
Nicholas Wilton
the age limit in japan is 12 but they cant marry till 18.also they cant work till they are 18 but many take part time jobs which is pretended not to be noticed
Władca Wymiaru
This anime is worth to watch? BTW - anime from 10+ years are so intense...
not in the mood for anime I'll be back
asurprised expression
but I choose my waifu if this really happened
RoyalKitty Cat
I would dp what Brian would do when he is criminalised by the crowd for posting a racist comment on Twitter.
lack of childbirths...... are you sure china
Burnt Toast 2 Electric Boogaloo
This show is wacky, just the way I like it.
Inztant Gaming
So this is before Koi to uso
Yves Fernelus
I love this anime is sow great buh
Brandon Garcia
Dude it would make you hate the person your with
Venom Razor
6:33 nice move :-D
vegito x
Whats the anime name
Mamamoisangmanok 12356
youtube recommended this 🤨
Dũng Nguyễn Đức
không có tiếng Việt a
Pile of Sticks
8:06 "so, shout out to me"
lakhan lal
amazing so enjoy..
xpert gamer
when he grabs her by the neck
hakz77 GAMING
old but sweet
Alfin Fahmi
: clv369c2
this...this just raises too many questions
after years searching i've found it! one of the first animes i've watched...