AC/DC - Highway To Hell (Live Landover, 1981) [Re-mastered]

This is a re-mastered version of my first video, and I think that this version is awesome. Improved audio and image quality. Angus Young: Lead Guitar Malcolm Young: Rhythm Guitar Brian Johnson: Vocals Cliff Williams: Bass Phill Rudd: Drums

Dr m
Total killer with Phil on the sticks
Minino GChido
R.I.P Bon scott: original voice of AC DC
Leandro Machado
The coolest T-shirt in Rock’n’Roll history... Brian Johnson and Duff MacKagan proudly were ‘em Eagle wide open wings classic Harley-Davidson most legendary logo
leonardo sampaio
a little bit to fast but awesome as allways
Arkham Knight
the original voice of Ac / Dc is not bon scott, he was the second voice. In 1973 when the band was founded the vocalist was not bon scott but Dave Evans until the middle of 1974 and then the second voice came that is Scott. Ac / Dc with their first vocalist recorded 2 singles: Can I Sit Next To You Girl (1973) and Rockin 'in the Parlor (1974). Now that the original voice is not Bon Scott, but Dave Evans.
Austin Bossmaster
Angus is rockin it!
wounded_ knees
Landover, MD? the Cap' Center?
Legendary voice
Dr m
Management should clean footage of this concert and release it
David Hull
His voice was prime then at 68 he's lost it to father time .
Marcelo Teodorovich
mis redpetos a acdc
Marcelo Teodorovich
sin palabras
Austin Kirchner
Top 2 prime rock voices. Brian and Axl
dem drums tho!
Andrew Martin
too fast/too much coke and rudd's drums sound horrible, almost like electronic drums. Yikes.
How you remaster the songs?