Runaway (Explicit)

Lewis Minns
This song is underrated
Aaliyah macken
this song is really underrated
Simon Taylor
Shit person but this song is a banger
Kosuke Ueki
I'm sensitive
This chorus goes out to all my fake friends, I have no friends, just people who only have their own best interest at heart. A toast!🍻
Going through a break up, litro any playlist like this out there?
Сергей Андреевич
Kanye you re genious 😍😍😍
Deniz Aydin
This track is dope!!!!
Why am I only just finding the explicit version
Luiz Philipe
Renuway a love this Song
Greg Navarro
So Amazing
nathan crosby
Marley Micks
Lets have a toast that this song exist 🍻
Slavery, for 400 years, that sounds like a choice!
rib's sauce
the only reason i like this song is because its from my childhood. other than that, it sounds nice but the lyrics are meh.
b l o n d
Fuckin' choooon
Damita Gibson
Lovethis song xx
Bradley Moss
You can tell it's old they don't make rap music like this anymore this is pure Art
Teokura Norman
only comment aayyyy!
kanyes yelling truth in this likeeeee
Andreas Thüne
I remember this song from when I was so so young