Rone - Parade

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Henrique Baesa
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit brought me here!
That's a hell lot of jumps...!
Ivan Ivanov
Alberto Gámiz
Rone, you are the king! Greetings from Mexico ;)
cette musique 😍😍 pour quoi elle n'est pas connue
Joachim Lautun
How did you make floating the girl in the air ? Mysterious video, impression of freedom, the girl is sensible to the wild and what is around her, insignifiant objets like the dirty empty bottle (maybe she’s thirsty...) she crosses all the natural elements : earth (with its grass, moutains, rocks...) water (the sea, with its wave, and ancient objects like the old diving suit (which makes me think of Bioshock) she finds and wears... which transforms itself in a space suit to finish her travel into space... Sorry for mistakes ;)
This clip is like a sequel to Rone - Gravity which I am very fond of. At 1:26 there is a sign reading 'PN PRIVE' that made me immediately think about the French abbreviation 'PN' which stands for Pervers Narcissique, i.e. Pathological Narcissists. I take it this epic journey to space isn't just about light headed drugs but more deeply about a woman who, as soon as she garners enough courage to escape from a manipulator and go the opposite way, is progressively reconnecting with freedom, nature and colourful emotions. As she is slowly gaining back her sensitivity and her confidence, her gift magnifies. What a beautiful and hopeful tale
Juan Sanchez
The most beatifull video
khem game to sing S
0:26 me drowning at the pool
Whaaaa R.ONE Tes clips il claquent et tes musiques sont tous simplement génial *-*
Hilario Hidalgo
Great video!. Great music Rone!
Captain Spirit, excelent!!!!
Jrx Rccx
La meilleure chanson électro que je connaisse 👌🏻👍🏻😍
I’ll have what she’s having?! 😂
Elle est tellement jolie.
C'est les Calanques??
Cyril Lepinette
First !
Säwer Bonn
Le Feu Rouge
Il a changé Jean-Luc Mélenchon
cap spirit <3
Air France and Captain Spirit theme song 🤗
Benoît Gonzalez
It's the new Air France theme song, love it !
marius 02
Captain Spirit
vitor kenji
Muito bom. Parabéns. Cadê os BR.
cousin bio
Quelle merveille
Dontnod never wrong with song choosing
I can feel my legs killing me just thinking about this shoot! Poor actress :D
Raw Shark
similar to Eleanoora Rosenholm: Tammen varjossa
Keyser Söze
I thought i was going to hit the ground!
Ian Jones
How can this be a perfect song for both waking up and going to sleep? (Thank you, Dontnod, for showing me this song!)
Adam Haris
This song is so nostalgic
This music inspires me// amazing
Berger Pierre
the flickering mouse cursor really fucked with me. good job.
Кто здесь с AirFrance =D
Kiriti Kun
Lis 2 omgggg
Emmanuel Ravina
Came Here for Captain Spirit
Angelo Russo
Captain Spirit
soufiane yassini
Vegas Lost
MasikBon Origami & Crafts
Mary England
Did that take a long time to film
Belmont Black
Déconner A son paroxysme
Luiz Felipe Lima
Auracio music