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Brian Gabriel
Damn natalie you still a crazy chick.
Newb The Novice Gamer
"You can juggle deez Nutz!"
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Natalie Portman can squirt on my face whenever.
Bro is it just me or 1:38 is lit AF! That beat goo hard
I can't count the number of times I've watched this.
I will wait for another 12 years to see her third rap skit. Please make it happen SNL😀
Matt Nichols
"Ok you bisshh" haha im dead
Sand People
*I can't wait till 12 years when the third one comes out*
Venatix_ 92
Who knew Mathilda from Leon would grow up to be so badass? Acting since she was 11, managed to stay grounded, graduated from Harvard, brilliant actress, has good character, she's a complete package! Love her so much, what an icon!
trying to be better
[Intro: Beck Bennett & Natalie Portman] We're here today with film star Natalie Portman. Now, Natalie, the last time you were here, I heard things got a little out of control. Yeah, well, I was going through a really weird time then. But... I've matured a lot. Why don't you fill us in on what it's like to be you? Okay, ya bish. I'm sorry, what? [Verse 1: Natalie Portman] Yeah, Portman, Portman, Portman, Portman, Portman, Portman Fucked your husband and his best friend just for sport, man You know it's clickbait, clickbait, clickbait Put a dildo on a switchblade, switchblade, switchblade (Woo!) Xannies dissolving in my Pinot My man dance, but he's not a ballerino Yeah, he twinkle his toes, but he give me good D, though Wrap a good burrito Tide Pods only fucking thing I snack on Black out and go motherfucking Black Swan Brain gone off that fucking Ayahuasca, boy Tell your tourist parents I'ma turn you into a foster boy! [Interlude: Beck Bennett & Natalie Portman] Wow, I gotta say it seems like you're almost exactly the same, but with current references. Untrue. I'm a mother now. It's really changed my perspective. And do you find it difficult juggling kids and a career? You can juggle these nuts. What? [Verse 2: Natalie Portman] I don't dance now, I make mommy moves When I gave birth, I didn't even push I was blazed out, smoking bomb kush And when my water broke, you know it drowned the doctor They say I'm sex-positive Hell yeah, I'm positive That you're going down while I'm bumping "My Prerogative" Tell me why Ha, I guess I'm showing my age Now bend over and spread them because you about to get fucked (Damn!) [Interlude: Beck Bennett & Natalie Portman] Fascinating stuff. Now I have to ask, Natalie, have you seen the new Star Wars movies? No Oh, well they're really good! They're much better than... Better than what? ...shit [Verse 3: Natalie Portman & (Alex Moffatt)] Say something 'bout the motherfucking prequels, bitch! (They were good!) Say something fucking nice about Jar-Jar Binks (He's tall?) Now kiss him right on his seventeen dicks (What?) While I sit dead on your face and take a shit [Bridge: Andy Samberg (as Carl the Viking) & Natalie Portman] Oh, Natalie... Yeah? Please come meet your baby He cries himself to sleep every night That little shit ain't mine! Oh, Natalie... What? It's been twelve long years Shut the fuck up! And I'm seven days sober, I swear on his life! You're a mess, Carl. [Interlude: Beck Bennett & Natalie Portman] Okay, well, that's all the time we have. Natalie, one last question—do you think those "Time's Up" pins have had the impact that you were hoping for? AH! How's that for impact? Well, actually — oh, no... No more questions.
Damn, Natalie. You a crazy chick.
I think she missed her calling
Kaitlyn Fajilan
Who else waited 12 long years to hear this sequel????
Asma Atamna
"Tell meh waaaaah", brilliant XD
mark L
You can juggle these nuts!
A Man
No more questions.
ravuth kuch
I don't dance now I make mommy move - Bodak yellow reference 😂
Natalie Portman is a literal goddess
Staleish Memes
All hail the Prequels and r/PrequelMemes
Ruby Roses
Omg when Andy Sanburg came on i am too happy.
SDG Danny
_My lord, is that legal?_
Atheist Always
Please stop.....😳😳
Christopher Mitchell
I now believe kylo Ren gots his attitudes from him his grandmother instead
Matheus Capello
*You can juggle these nuts* "What?" Im dead.
eshani mhatre
For some reason, I am obsessed with this. And I don't even like rap.
steven alvarez
The only sequel I've been waiting for.
Ryan Shnitman
This was unreasonably funny
Kevin M Abraham
idk there is sth very satisfying about watching serious actor/actress being funny af like this
2:33 has anyone noticed she puts him so far through the window he almost goes through the backdrop?
Natalie got flow!
When my water broke, You know I drowned the docterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Chris Grier
Shir Mey
1:21 I'm Dead 😂😂😂😂
C3 Studios
For those who forgot that they were in love with Natalie Portman.
Derk Ender
lmfaoooo epic. I want an album for natalie like this
RuVik TwoFace
Im sorry what? 😂😂😂
rav ernot
Her enunciation is amazing.
Damn Padmé's gone wild 😆
Dollar Dude
Natalie, the world needs an album from you under the rap name "Port Man".
Руслан Мустафаев
I want instrumental version of it :D
tbh i have no clue who she is but this song goes hard and i cant stop listening to it
Taylor Evans
Natalie Portman is awesome
Jacob Saffron
Gotta agree with Natalie here, with the exception of Rogue One the new Star Wars movies are trash compared to the prequels, Jar Jar Binks included.
Maliha Intikhab
brado jacko
Except the new star war movies are somehow worse than hers...
Communism Will Prevail
I am not sure what to do cringe or cry
Eric Song
Yesssssssss I was waiting for this
First, I was thinking like f*c Natalie Portman, she thinks she's something.. I thought she was pulling that ''Empowered Woman'' bullshit. But then I continued to watch the video and listened to the music and let me tell you, Natalie is awesome! She just as easily makes fun of anything and anyone - including herself - while she is ''rapping'', and she doesn't seem to give f*uck about it. Crazy hot badass chick!
dat calculation tho
Her kid is definitely the luckiest in the world for having such a cool mom...
Florencia Medina
1:01 mommy moves HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA
Adnan Hajizada
First one was better
Onyx Corvus
Why is this better than most music nowadays?
Jonathan Morales
1:57 Gorgeous
Chandler Sun
Best sequel ever
Who knows the vocal chain...?
Ichi Capeta
LOL. I don't even know what to say. Funny as f***
Be la
Natalie for president! 💁🏼😅
Roboman Robo
A little too, WAY over the top
nina capila
Lmao at that Star Wars bit! She really is such a queen! ❤️
Anonymous girl
She slays, she is a queen!
Adelaide Mcmillan
I guess I am the only who found this cringe-worthy?....okay...I'll let myself out now...
Organik G
Omg .....that beat!!
Devin McEachern
I wish there's a uncensored version of Natalie Portman's second rap. I'd love to see it. Wouldn't you?
Where is the uncesored version
Best rapper alive.
el jefe
Can’t wait for the 3.0
PORT MAN is coming...!
Josh Hodare
she is sexy af
Ditriyana Kriswidya Putri
This is why Thor broke up with you!
she looks stunning at almost 40, coolest mom ever, lucky kids ^^
Does anyone know the original song with the beat at the Star Wars part 1:38
*Woah wasn't expecting that!*
Joe Vernola
Victoria Garces
This is a really good beat
Guru Nicketan
"damn natalie you a crazy chick"
Assassin 16
Jiggle dez nuts
Andy got more cheers than she did lmao
Erwin Mestiola
This is much more greater than jake paul's its everyday bro
Mike Jones
Stil can't figure what's funny about this.
lol pretty good sequel
Gerald Person
I watch this 20 times a day. New found respect for Natalie Portman
Jon Stark
Smart and crazy 😍😍
dhruba intisher
Oh my lord...! LOL. I would buy the album...
Simon James
This was so good. Natalie killed it! This rap was straight fire and the Queen Amidala part was hilarious!
This is a masterpiece.
You can juggle these nuts
The first one is still way better
Peodophile supporter.
She should be a rapper.
You Tube
This was so cringe worthy
Natalie feat Cupcakke PLIXXXX
Requis Longlow
This is not funny I don't get it
Xtoriez Novel
This creeps me out. Maybe Natalie should have played Darth Vader.
Jerry Houston
Nice stunt double :)