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steven alvarez
The only sequel I've been waiting for.
1:38 Kylo Ren: "Grandma?!"
Haha, come here after watch wired autocomplete interview
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Natalie Portman can squirt on my face whenever.
Newb The Novice Gamer
"You can juggle deez Nutz!"
Damn, Natalie. You a crazy chick.
Sierra Stephens
"They're really good. They're much better than -" "Better than what?" "Shit"
I can't count the number of times I've watched this.
Christopher Mitchell
I now believe kylo Ren gots his attitudes from him his grandmother instead
ravuth kuch
I don't dance now I make mommy move - Bodak yellow reference 😂
Brian Gabriel
Damn natalie you still a crazy chick.
Alan Guillermo
I didn't wait 12 years for this. Because I didn't know the first one existed until seven minutes ago.
Natalie Portman is a literal goddess
C3 Studios
For those who forgot that they were in love with Natalie Portman.
Xtoriez Novel
This creeps me out. Maybe Natalie should have played Darth Vader.
I will wait for another 12 years to see her third rap skit. Please make it happen SNL😀
she looks stunning at almost 40, coolest mom ever, lucky kids ^^
Kaitlyn Fajilan
Who else waited 12 long years to hear this sequel????
eshani mhatre
For some reason, I am obsessed with this. And I don't even like rap.
Grace from Dogville
Better than Cardi B.
Joel Ashworth
It's amusing because these raps are a play on the fact that from a very young age Natalie Portman was noted for being very studious and bookish (went to Harvard after all). But that persona was put on show for the media because she was concerned of how she was sexualised in the media following her first film as a 13 year old in the Leon the Professional. So what is Portman like in person? Who knows? Who cares? She's hilarious! All power to her!
Asma Atamna
"Tell meh waaaaah", brilliant XD
Mariusz Kupa
This clip made me laugh so hard that I gave up my suicide plans... thank you
1:38 me every time some nerd talks shit about the prequels
Awesome! Love how she stood up for the Prequels!!!
dat calculation tho
Her kid is definitely the luckiest in the world for having such a cool mom...
Padme....a Star Wars story
Eve Messenger
"Better than what?" That face. Oh, Natalie is the baddest ass in town.
L Jared
Jar Jar turned sweet Natalie into a foul mouthed dark side user. Sith confirmed.
Damn Padmé's gone wild 😆
She has such a Nelly Furtado vibe when she's rapping whiCH MAKES NO SENSE
She sounds better than all the "Professional" rappers
Mon mon
Tell me whyyYYyyyYyyyyy 😂😂😂
"Okay you bisshh."
Shir Mey
1:21 I'm Dead 😂😂😂😂
When my water broke, You know I drowned the docterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
"damn natalie you a crazy chick"
Tylerr Vilbert
Natalie Portman: “You can juggle deez nutz” Me: Yes mistress.
You can juggle these nuts
Io sono il Senato!
Dollar Dude
Natalie, the world needs an album from you under the rap name "Port Man".
jeojang supremacist
tell me whYyYyYyYYyyYYyy
Be la
Natalie for president! 💁🏼😅
brado jacko
Except the new star war movies are somehow worse than hers...
‘An old friend has arisen from another world of the force’ -Yoda
nina capila
Lmao at that Star Wars bit! She really is such a queen! ❤️
Does anyone know the original song with the beat at the Star Wars part 1:38
Nadia Subri
She sounds a bit like Katie White off The Ting Tings: "They call me Natalie, They call me Portman, I act insane, that's not my name" 🎼😏
Jackson King
Dam Natalie! Who knew you had that in you?
Can’t wait for the 3.0
Josh Hodare
she is sexy af
Scott Klingensmith
better than Nicki Minaj and cardi b
lol....these skits shows the real undercurrent thoughts of most celebrities when they're coerced to do a B.S interview.....guess people just had enough....about damn time too.
First, I was thinking like f*c Natalie Portman, she thinks she's something.. I thought she was pulling that ''Empowered Woman'' bullshit. But then I continued to watch the video and listened to the music and let me tell you, Natalie is awesome! She just as easily makes fun of anything and anyone - including herself - while she is ''rapping'', and she doesn't seem to give f*uck about it. Crazy hot badass chick!
SDG Danny
_My lord, is that legal?_
Michael Stroman
Natalie Portman is so cute
MyNameIsAFruit rmn
Tell me whyhyyyyhyyyyy got me everytime 😂
Celluloid Queer
Natalie Portman is awesome
Meggo •
Is it bad that I visit this on a regular basis and know all the words??
Devin McEachern
I wish there's a uncensored version of Natalie Portman's second rap. I'd love to see it. Wouldn't you?
Maricor Villarojo
And here some people thought she's "dull"?
Andy got more cheers than she did lmao
Organik G
Omg .....that beat!!
Derk Ender
lmfaoooo epic. I want an album for natalie like this
Anonymous girl
She slays, she is a queen!
Siddharth Sharma
He's tall? 😂
she is so pretty
ni na
gooood she's so talented
Simon James
This was so good. Natalie killed it! This rap was straight fire and the Queen Amidala part was hilarious!
This is a masterpiece.
Artur Gaynullin
still better than drake, kanye and wayne combined
Lust For Life
Queen of rap
Bl4ck Ph03n1x
Whats funny is that she sounds better than most of these rappers now
Ditriyana Kriswidya Putri
This is why Thor broke up with you!
Kittens' Cats'Angels'GOD'S
First One Much Better , "trannycasinosthey" "wrote" this one for Her of course jealous gonna make Her look blah
Poetry for my ears
I prefer the first one
Chandler Sun
Best sequel ever
Who knows the vocal chain...?
Tylerr Vilbert
Definitely my proudest fap.
Rize Kamishiro
1:23 tell me whyyy xDxD I died laughing at that
Abernathy Cullham
Who left Harvard to save the rap game? ( ) Lil Pump (X) Natalie Portman
Oh Gosh
Tell me whyyyyyy!!!! Natalie P.. That chick is dope!!
SweetBerry ud Yufs Bri'Sheik
What the hell 😆😆😆 I really wish that beat was from an actual song. This was good n funny but the flow was too off to play as legit song on loop
Felix Ruben
Oh God I´ve seen this 6 times so far , three yesterday/ three today , I just love it¡ it´s insanely funny.
Jeri D
Samberg dressed like Thor even in the first rap. They predicted Jane foster.
Alena lias
*All this from a harvard graduate*
Roboman Robo
A little too, WAY over the top
Joshua Szeto
good thing MGK didn't talk smack about Portman. She would have smacked him back into the womb
Adrian Elsewhere
I can't stop watching this.
Thomas McGuigan
Wow!! Natalie Portman is still a great success who has lived beyond her potential ever since she was 11 years old. She’s not only a very talented actress but is also highly involved in law and global advancement in various ways. Well done Natalie. This is why you’re one of my favorite actresses to date.
She should be a rapper.
erica palmore
That little shit ain't mine! 😂😂
Attila Vidacs
Can someone explain to me the viking scene near the end with the kid?
Ichi Capeta
LOL. I don't even know what to say. Funny as f***
Monica Pyle
lol I still laugh at deez nuts jokes
henri crousteau
This was cringy and funny at the same time.
Better the second time around; not to dismiss the debut.
Alex Racer
Мне кажется или мальчик на 2:03 похож на Соболева?!?!?