Silent Hill Downpour. History of the series.

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First of all, guys, thank you for watching! A lot of people noticed some mistakes in my scripts and offered their help. I really appreciate that and I've recently found a person who will be able to check these. Starting from the following video, I hope, everything is going to be better. Also, this series is coming to it's end and people ask me about the next series/game/movie I'll take. That's kinda secret right now, but I'll let you know pretty soon :) I've added my twitter account, you can always subscribe if you want to. I won't be tweeting several times a day, but sometimes I'll be posting some important information and it's an easy way for you to contact me and me to contact you :)
Out of all the Western-made Silent Hills, Downpour is the best of the bunch. It comes the closest in terms of psychological scares and impact.
Grim Reality
This one is so underrated
I really, really like this game. It had such good atmosphere. Some truly scary or eerie parts.
I literally had to pause the video just to make this one little comment..... "Konami knows best, I guess?" *Looks at cancelled Silent Hills game, then looks at MGS zombie edition, and finally at the SH and MGS pachinko machines.* Hmmmmm.......
Courtney Sibley
I honestly loved this Silent Hill. I don't know why so many people dislike it so much. It's different, sure. It's still good though. Just my opinion though. Haha.
Good shit, watched your entire series. Excellent content.
leonardo avila rivera
Do the fatalframe saga
Jon Murphy
I actually really enjoyed Downpour, especially all the side quests and the free roam
Accelerator level6
this game wasnt as scary as the other silent hill games, that i have to agree, but it certainly was similar to silent hill 2 in some ways, which actually made this game a lot better than the previous installments in the series such as origins and homecoming. Had it not suffered the horrible framerate issues and save related problems , this game wouldve been a 8/10 rated game atleast. i sometimes think people just ignore the gameplay and plot of this game and just say its bad cuz of its technical flaws . and thats kinda sad, honestly i really enjoed this game, and the additions of so many side quests made it eve more fun
Jay Dowg
The thing that helped kill this game was the terrible framerate stuttering. Pre patch it was like a slideshow.
Downpour was fun for open map it's really not a bad game story its short. I enjoyed goof off more than the other games, I remembered giving names to the each weapon. The main one are Steve and Bruce, Steve was the axe. Bruce was the pickaxe he was very funny. 😂 Good times... I playing with my friend.
Just finished watching the series and I see Downpour in the sidebar. WHAT TIMING.
Dominus Satanas
Why does the protagonist look sort of like Todd Howard?
Quincy Loomans
Wow, right on time. Finished watching all the other videos about the silent hill series just the other day. Sweet, thanks!
why is it the last one which seems to pay the most homage to the first 2 games in the series? This has a parallel to Pyramid Head without being lazy and just using Pyramid head and like Silent Hill 2 it feels relevant to the character you play. Also like Silent Hill 2 it doesn't focus on the cult so much as the idea that Silent Hill creates your own personal hell. Yet still it has the recurring character of a female police officer as in Silent Hill 1.It also borrows elements from Silent Hill 4: the Room in its ability to use melee weapons as tools for manipulating your environment. It borrows the themes of guilt from Silent Hill 2 and revenge from Silent Hill 3. To be fair the early Silent Hill games weren't about bosses so much as surviving the world. So in this way it feels closer to the early games than it does to the later games. That "should" be a good thing. I mean even Origins tried to tie into the "greater narrative" while telling its own story. I don't really know what I can say about Homecoming as it pertains to Downpour and Shattered Memories is best not mentioned at all. Not a bad addition to the series and yet like all of the games after Silent Hill 3 it fails to really stand out.
adam kinkead
It a weird entry in the series but honestly I love it I'm probably the only weirdo out there who does lol
In the best ending it is also explained that Murphy couldn't kill Napier. He attacked him, but when it came to the part that cuts out in the intro, he couldn't do it. Sewell had to finish him off. After watching I looked up something about Daniel Licht and found out he died last month of cancer. Sad to lose someone so talented who was also respectful enough to understand that the music of Silent Hill was just as important in the game as the visual atmosphere, monsters, and story. Having a long history composing for horror movies didn't hurt either.
Honestly this game was not very fun.
Honestly, I feel that this game would have done better if wasn't a Silent Hill game. I mean if it was it's own original idea instead of these mixed ideas of hodgepodge baby hill poop. it's really sad because Murphy is somewhat charismatic character but came off as an idiot. 13:41 TLDR If i had the opportunity to fix this game, i would've kept the prison theme, remove silent hill and have Murphy in the woods killing monsters until he relized that he was fucked in the head.
Gr8 One
dude greeting from egypt , i just spent 5 hours watching your silent hill videos .. love it please do every creepy game like portal 1,2 maybe FEAR
Charza Kwinn
Silent Hill Downpour was grossly underrated. In my opinion it was never even given a fair chance by much of the so called Silent Hill community let alone gamers who weren't hard core fans to begin with. I've been a Silent Hill player since the first one came out in 1999, and to this day Silent Hill 2 is still my favourite instalment within the series. Silent Hill 2 was able to just suck me in, and get me hooked. I was really invested into the weirdness of it all. Team Silent in my opinion has never been able to recreate what they did in Silent Hill 2, and even though I liked Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill the Room both never came close to the amazingly disturbing atmosphere of the second game. When Team Silent disbanded in 2005, other developers were given a go with this series and in my opinion Vatra games actually did the best job of them all. Although Downpour didn't move the series forward in terms of graphical quality, it certainly wasn't garbage or bad looking and it still was very decent overall. It had some well made environments, and many of the character models looked great. Alas some of the technical shortcomings of the Unreal 3 Engine sometimes showed ugly faces, but overall Vatra did a very good job. Many of the locations were very atmospheric, and there was always this sense of desolation and moody dread. In terms of storytelling and character development this game is in my opinion the second best in the series. Silent Hill 2 only scores better because it introduced us to most of the tropes we've come to know and love, otherwise this game would have hands down won in that department. Yet for many people this game isn't Silent Hill because it wasn't made by Team Silent.... And that's a shame because they truly miss out. I will never forget some of the amazing sections this game had to offer, and the Devils pit in my opinion is a textbook example of excellently written psychological horror executed in a very good way. Another highlight is the entire St Maria Monastery section. This game had a lot to offer, and I felt truly invested in the story it had to tell.
Umukzus Gelos
Personally I liked Silent Hill Downpour and the Boogeyman...
I enjoy the fact that the boogeyman is just some dude in an s10 gas mask and a hazmat suit.
How come nobody touches on the voice acting? This game is like the only one (other than shattered memories, but that's another canon) that actually does voice acting right. The voice acting in ALL the other ones are CRINGY at best and BORDERLINE BAD at worst. Also Murphy's screams are akin to the screams of a real person going through that shit.
dead fox
sad we already knows that silent hill game is dying...
A greatly underrated game doomed to be hated because none of the original team had anything to do with it and newbies at the helm just to make it worse. It was an honest attempt at a SH game that is probably the best of the series since 4 and at least did more right than wrong. Had it not been rushed and full of bugs, despised by fans and sold so poorly, it might have been the first of many sequels headed in the right direction, but that's a moot point now that even P.T. Was canned by Konami out of spite, the idea that we will ever see a good SH game again is a pipe dream but at least we have the memories.
BIO out
The last and final main Silent Hill Game that alas went out with a wimper but was soooo worth the bang! This is my favorite HD 3D Silent Hill ever and will always remain the best Ending to series. I love you Downpour *wipes tears* I'll never forget you.
Certified Scott
As much as I like this game, it needed more time in development. So much potential to have been a classic installment with some refinements. Unlikely we'll ever see a remaster either.
Malekinator 2
Let me clarify a few things about Downpour: 1. VATRA was a new studio, but the developers were all skilled developers with 10+ years of experience coming mostly from IS. Certainly not "noobies". 2. There were 2 main reasons why Konami gave SH to this studio. First, SH was already dying and Konami wanted to try something new. And second, they had VERY limited budget and VATRA was the only studio willing to do it with such a budget. 3. Yes the game wasn't good even though Konami had 90% control over everything that was created or added to the game. Development was a constant clash between Konami nad VATRA. Konami had their own game designers dictating the direction of the game. 4. To release this game with such a low budget, VATRA developers had to undergo more than a YEAR of constant crunch with working hours exceeding 60 hours a week.
Man i just watched your hole videos about silent hill and i would love to see this on another game ahem *resident evil* your voice script are amazing bro keep up the great work ♡
Rob Lenton Lenton
I played a bit of Downpour. The presentation looked nice as well as the graphics and layout of Silent Hill. The gameplay was poor as well as the combat and the monsters were in very poor taste, wasnt scary and lacked meaning. I wasnt happy and sold the game
Assassin's creed series history or MGS or maybe RE ? I know their history but I want to see you do it .
-Hopeless situation Warrior-
"i like this game"
Aidan Sullivan
Omg yesssss I've been waiting for so loong :D !
John Anthony Brizuela
Thank you I love this game
Kat Mistress of the Dark
Make the P.T video next! :D
Robert E. O. Speedwagon
The Bogeyman bossfight was such a goddamn shame. Seriously? Three headshots and press "x" to win on HARD difficulty? The first monster encounter on EASY was harder than that, man.
Carlos Alexie
I liked this game despite its flaws. This is my 2nd favorite SH game right after 3.
Ricko chett
Keep it up dude you do a great job of explaining things. Your voice is clear, concise and you do a great job of keeping me interested in your videos
Philip Marsh
I loved what they did with the streets of Silent Hil. I thought it looked good and kinda reminded me of Silent hill one. But the story and gameplay was one of the worse, second only to shattered memories
This game makes no sense, its bad. If you dont believe me, watch The real silent hill experience by TwinPerfect, they go trough each game and explain them also, its a 2 hour video dissecting the game so if you have time i recommend it. Either way great video man.
Faviel López-Romero
I just found your channel today. How lucky to get the latest video on the series just a few minutes ago :D
Game is COMPLETE trash
You're doing amazing job, I don't even ask how much time you spend to do each episode. Thank you for what you doing.
The soundtrack of this game was amazing!
Patiance Sloan
The plot and events are so difficult to piece together, I feel like this game was really just a bunch of delusional episodes inside the mind of a schizophrenic. Perhaps our main character went insane after his son was killed and his wife left him, and that insanity drove him to his prison cell.
Nomadic Platypus
The game would've been better had Vatra spent longer developing the script. They created this amazing backstory for Murphy - one of the best, in my opinion - but the game's present narrative meanders and feels really disjointed. More elements should've weaved into or reflected Murphy's backstory.
I was waiting for this! I'm sad it's ending though
Ahmed Raad
This game is a freaking mess if he doesn't kill the cop or the criminal or ann why in the hell he is in silent hill in the first place just stupid
Why you didn't point on that you're just translate this video? Please write that in description or just return logo of in top-right corner
Daryl Atkinson
If you ever want to review the spinoffs, definitely try to emulate the Silent Hill Orphan games, they're short but good
Guy Savage
my fav is sh3 but this one isnt the worse
I recently bought this game along with the HD Collection (My Ps2 is broken so I can't play the originals) and some other games at Game Stop. Decided to play it a few days ago when it started raining. That was the first Silent Hill game for and I had fun for the most part. Fighting these Bat Monsters in the caves was kinda frustrating but the rest was fine. I'll probably wait untill October and finish SH 2 & 3 before continueing tho.
Mitzos SirReal
i am sooooo glad i discovered ur channel yesterday, so i can watch all SH videos one after another ^^ THANK U!!! great content, love what u did here... really epic... SUBBED (PS: it would be awesome if u could make a video about the sad story of PT... so sad...) FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK KONAMI
Matthew B.
Five years ago. It's been that long.
dude I'm loving your work man. Please do more history of the series from more horror games like fatal frame, alone in the dark
Saint Jiub The Eradicator
*Good video, shit game.*
Vincent Staples
Please do Silent Hills!!! I know that Silent Hills was an unfinished game but could you make a video about that one too?
"Konami knows best."
Thank you for finishing the series and doing Downpour! One of my favorites SHs behind SH2 :)
Once I saw the birthday ending, I at least warmed up to this game... it just seems like it was too much for a small developer and Konami probably didn't give them proper funding either. It definitely had interesting ideas, and could have been really good if handled in a different way with proper funding.... but alas Konami seems like they just want Silent Hill to die... they have for years.
Jonathan Thorne
the screamers killed this game for me. I played it thru, and I'd wished they made the next sh game but if hope for more monster variety. it certainly says something that for such a small company they stuck to be original and didn't try and mimic silent hill 2 and 3 success. nice try.
Downpour was better than that overrated SH2.
Commander Von Pussy Hagen
*Downpour is the biggest PILE OF SHIT* out of all the games following Silent Hill 4. The only thing worse was Book of Memories, but we don't talk about that game now do we? lol
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Im so glad I subscribed to you, I love this stuff.
What about Silent Hills PT?
Did you get contracted or something?
Lycan Entertainment
Grand gaming channel I have to tell you 2 things 1 did you like this game or not 2 you are way better than twin perfect downpours review
Will Kallao
This is the strongest post-Team Silent game in my opinion. While I think the story is a bit murky and the conclusion is an absolute disaster with nothing being concrete, it provided a really great set of environments for the player to explore, and the motif of water is really interesting! The monsters (minus the Doll ) are pretty bland and to human in nature, but I love the Otherworld being completely independent from the Fog World. I wish we got to swap between Murphy and Anne though. The UV light is a really neat addition too! It's not amazing by any means, but it is stronger than Origins (which I find to be nothing but a copy + paste of the other Silent Hills), and Homecoming (which has such an absurd story, but really great environments) and Shattered Memories, which I just find very boring.
Great vid :) I've never even heard of this one. As an autism mum though that side quest about the autistic daughter had me shocked lol It's a tough job.
James Farr
These are awesome. Really enjoying them.
So, what's next? Are you going to another Horror game? Resident Evil, perhaps? Or maybe you want to do single, one-off movies. Eternal Darkness only has one entry, that would be interesting.
ika s bramantya
Imo, the main cause of poor sales of silent hill is, theres no more interesting story to tell about.... I mean, after sh 3, the story going too far from the main idea... Imo, sh is suffered the same problem like terminator, rambo, or indiana jones franchise.... Where they re dont know how to explore another stories from its main idea, and they just runnin around the circle with old same idea that made most of d fans exhausted... Some game franchises suffered from it also, like farcry, and etc.... It just my opinion, idk if p.t was gonna sav dis franchise, if it was good enough to do so....
In My Opinion Nothing Beats Origins and HomeComing Btw i love your Silent Hill Videos
Romka Beton
Хоть и написано, что это пока секрет, история какой серии будет после. Но было бы неплохо если бы это был RE от того же Гальперова, или история RockstarGames, которая всё ещё в процессе. Таких подробных и качественных историй на английском просто нет.
Why youtube why
Silent hill was never a considered a flagship triple A, its original development team was made up of Konamis "B team" who became team silent. The original series was too psychologically intense of a horror game to become as popular as Resident Evil and turned many people away that left only die hard fans as its core players. After the financial failure of the 4th installment, team silent was disbanded and the series was assigned to third party developers from then on. The series lost touch with itself and with and exception of shattered memories they progressively got worse. The biggest problem with the later series was the monster design. They just weren't scary and almost became comedic at some points. There was a glimpse of hope when P.T. was announced but then Konami pulled the plug and started making pachinko machines. True story.
TheBlack Kat
34:05 this game underestimates some autistic people. Yes I know some of them can be identified as unresponsive to other people and uncommunicative and can only really communicate through gibberish or one word over and over again and they kind of have a animalistic way of communicating that doesn't mean they are animals though. I have high functioning autism and I can navigate around the world just fine. Granted I would be pretty scared if I were lost.
Bjorn Ironsides
It's too bad it didn't sell well. It was really good, unsettling, creepy, and combat was fun. I think Downpour could have been the start of a more open world type silent hill. Obviously not too much as it would take away from story and fear, but the side quests and different endings were a good direction. I like how it's a new character with a troubling past in most of them that manifests itself... it's brilliant psychological horror. I hope a new company takes over, but I sadly think the Silent Hill name may not be touched after poor sales for many years.
My favorite ending is the one when the police-girl is put in jail. Because when I played the game; I thought she was crazy even if she was right about her dad. Constantly trying to kill the guy who you think killed your dad is not the right way to live your life. You need to cherish your father's life and not be obsessed with how he died. Even if he was a bad cop.
Sadly it seems Konami has abandoned Silent Hill since they cancelled P.T. and reduced Silent Hill only to a panchinko machine. Mostly because they must hate money.
Hey GGC, I really love your videos so far! There is only one thing I would like to mention. You say the phrase "after that" a LOT. Maybe try to add some phrases so that it doesn't sound so repetative, that would make them even better!
Radi Radinal
I like your channel, my recommendation for next video should be another old horror game series. I have lots in mind: SIREN, FATAL FRAME, CLOCK TOWER, RULE OF ROSE, PARASITE EVE, HAUNTING GROUND, RULE OF ROSE. I want to mention Resident evil but its too mainstream.
Kenan Muhamedagić
Have you thought about doing like a bonus video for a one game inbetween the game series'? If so, I would like to see your take on Metal Gear Solid 2 or even Obscure, if you want something more horror themed. Either way, can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep up, man. Love your work so far.
Историю Tomb Rider переведи. Всё-таки одна из лучших на Stopgame. Или Fallout, тоже крутая.
Alex Siren
14:51 Henry LOL Murphy Pendleton does look like Henry Townshend <3
Does it ever explain what happens to the mail man or the dj?
Manu R
Imo from origins till downpour the series started its downfall. It seemed that the developers just made those games for the sake of selling under the banner of silent hill.
I really like your videos. They're informative and some of the best retrospectives on the internet. Keep up the good work!
What killed downpour's sales was the fact that they relied too much on big name actors as a selling point. Aaron Eckhart, Lina Headey, Antonio Sabato Junior, and Dustin Hoffman made up the bulk of the cast.
Darth Xeronis
I'm very glad to hear P.T will be getting its own video. I was hoping it wouldn't just be squeezed into the last few minutes of this video. There's PLENTY that can be said of the short but extensively interesting and chilling P.T. I can absolutely not wait! Fantastic work on this entire series of videos. And P.T will be a fitting wrap up.
Amir Amsyar Abdullah
No my question right now what is connected silent hill downpour in silent hill 4 the room i don understand
Keivarae Badie
What was the name of the game in the last part of the video
Megan Todd
Don't kill Anna but help her even though she still wants to not 4give u and 4giue her as well.
Constantine Dyachenko
Can't believe I have just stumbled upon your channel the same day you wrap up your Silent Hill history series. I thoroughly enjoyed this summary / retrospective so thank you for putting it out. You've got a subscriber in me!
joe laroche
Well if it was à Short series it was good for a while