Example - 'Stay Awake' (Micky Slim Remix)

.Download on iTunes: /> Buy the Number 1 album 'Playing In The Shadows': iTunes: />HMV: />Amazon: />Play: />Ministry of Sound: /> Following on from his #1 smash 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me', this is the brand new single from Example, 'Stay Awake' - produced by Nero. 'Stay Awake' is out now on Ministry of Sound Recordings and features remixes from Delta Heavy, Steve Pitron & Max Sanna, Skrillex's protégé Alvin Risk and Micky Slim. /> />

example stay awake micky slim remix ministry of sound

Christopher Walker
Nicely done, Micky Slim! I just listened to about six of these stay awake remixes and this is my favorite.
Stun Gun Stunna
Incest always gets a thumbs up in my books.
Joseph Berwick
Nice reeeeemix. Selecta!!!
Blake Surovik
just found out about micky slim, defenatly my top right now
Jess Allardice
Hey , please watch my cover of this :)
Darth Jayder
I remember when Micky Slim made awesome fidget. WTF is this pish?
Alex Stacey
@HarpurScopes I'm not sure if you're joking, but what you said is so very stereotypical and has pissed me off so much because of how retarded you are if you're not joking.
Jesse Harpur
@Australiansmate They only got good music cause they got nothing else to do over there but drink tea.. but theres also some pretty rank pommie songs...
will petersen
you fucking poms always got the good music
Loreta Jurkeviča
good remix . i love it .:*
@louarsenal96 lol wtf thats gross
Isaac Stronge
@emmkai96 ;D
@eyezeeee good lad ;D
Isaac Stronge
@emmkai96 fair enough, thats just your views, but i reckon this ones the best, mainly because im into more this sort of remix, but i appreciate your opinion;D
@eyezeeee baltently not the best, peice of shit compared to the moam remix. dont bother giving hate either..just an opinion ;)
love this song
@MERKEDxBYxKAYNE fucking yes, nicely noticed
James Welham
to clear it up, it is definitely "if we don't kill ourselves we'll be the leaders ............if we don't kid ourselves will they believe us..........."
Kay Que
@louarsenal96 Freshly copy and pasted from Dexcell remix of Starry eyed on UKF. GTFO Faggot.
there was no point remixing it as the original was just awsome
Reece Evans
Original Pwns.
Bacon Cat
@TheSimsandStuff I think he said kid ourslevs
Alexa Jay
The fuck is this.. no. Just.. stop.
louis dimambro
I went to a fancy dress as Spiderman and shagged a girl dressed as Catwoman. We had the most amazing sex, but never revealed our identities to one another. I told my family about it over breakfast. My dad high-fived me, my mum rolled her eyes and my sister ran off crying for some reason.
Isaac Stronge
this is the least viewed out of the stay awake remixs (the official type ones anyway) but the best...WTF?!?!?!?
@lynsey5ive Love the helter skelter sound to it at the start... cant wait to bang this out in the clubs! twitter @LOCA_DJ
Cant wait to get my hands on this mix!!!!! SICKKKKKKKKKKKKK
Best remix of Example ever!
sounds tom staar esq
electric zoo baby