Deep Purple - Ritchie Blackmore Solo (Feedback Control) - "Space Truckin'" - Live in Copenhagen 1972

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From the Deep Purple Live In Copenhagen 1972 DVD, Ritchie Blackmore demonstrating an extraordinary amount of control of feedback in this solo from the song "Space Truckin'." To nominate Ritchie Blackmore for consideration of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, simply click on this link and sign the petition. Reformatted from 4:3

Ganja plant
This is the best guitarist of all times...
Simply the best guitar player all time...
Jelena Babic
I've never seen any guitar hold it's tuning together better than this fender.
Stan Danley
Jimmy Page=Father, Tony Iommi=The Son, Ritchie Blackmore=The holy spirit
Ritchie Blackmore: a god, a genius, one of the inventors of lead guitar, the best guitar player of all time. I'll never forget the first time I heard a ritchie's solo.
Jacob Mcdermott
I believe that Ritchie Blackmore was the height of the electric guitar showmanship. Better than Hendrix
I've always wondered how he stays in tune doing all of those whammy bar tricks without a locking nut.....
you have to be one tough strong drummer to keep up with him 8 to 10 minutes
Strat Pack
My favourite Ritchie axe - the Black '68 Strat with maple cap neck. Fender are doing a custom shop version of this but its about 5000 dollars!
Guilherme Cardoso
How the hell did the guitar stay in tune (or almost)
This video would have been perfect if the cameraman or person focused more on Ritchie
marcus nunes
he literally wiped his ass the the guitar and it sounded good
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Best guitarist in the world!! By far!!
Vivie .B
Whoever on this thread says that Hendrix was better than Blackmore needs their head examined...'NUFF said! He was nothing but a drug addict guitar player, BLACKMORE was and still is THE MAESTRO....again 'NUFF SAID!
Ritchie blackmore para mi fue el mejor guitarrista del tiempo superando a Jimmy hendrix, por sus grandes ejecuciones y tecnicas variadas siendo la base del Re quinto actual, excelentes ejecuciones.
NuclearBunny970 thats where kirk got the idea from....
Tree Funk Jones
Someone literally said hendrix can't control feedback when he pioneered just about every move Ritchie is using here. Love both guitarists but give people their credit where it's due. If Jimi lived to 72 all of this would've been outdated. Still both great guitarists in their own right. Amazing playing here
Tim Penfield
Tia Yanger
he shud've been  inducted in the rock n roll hall of fame from before \m/
Kenneth Robinson
Am I crazy, or did the first part of the solo (starting at around 1:40) remind anyone else of By Tor and the Snowdog? I kept expecting Ian Gillan to come in singing, "The battle's over!! And the dust is clearing!!"
Long hair, long solo....
blackmore the genius of melody
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Blackmore THE GUITARIST ON THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richard RJ Blackmore
My favourite recorded concert of DP
SaBi NuKi
da Master!!!
Greg Boardman Band
rock on
Alan Hamaker
Happy Birthday, Ritchie. You're the greatest. Thanks for posting this video.
Very much better than hendrix
Steve Potts
Ok I'm drunk but..... did he just play guitar with his arse?
One word 'ART'.
SaBi NuKi
da King!!!
Konrad Plank
Happy Birthday #70 Master! One of creators of metal! The true Mister Riff and The former Deep Purple and Rainbow
Ulfhedinn Norsk
And this is my friends why you shouldn't do a lot of drugs before the gig.
Cube Hire
I listened to a lot but never saw Deep Purple. Those were unique techniques. He made it sound decent using the soul of his foot and his butt.
Blue Racer
Never saw anyone play guitar with their ass before this.
Kevin James
To have his lead singer, the mediocre Ian Gillian bongo for him , and the lean Ian paice play beyond human capability, while he controlled , owned and destroyed that strat is a lesson for all guitarists ! He cannot be touched! Can he?? Be honest!! Jimi, then ritchie ! Enuff said
Francisco Maykall
Xxxcomputerexpert69Xxx Random user
The only difference between Malmsteen and Blackmoore is that Malmsteen knows to play guitar.
Rick S
My God, what a sound!
sanny blues
Happy B'day ♫~
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
He's still the best axeman at 71.
Tim Penfield
Kurt Sherrick
Brian May said no one was doing what Blackmore did with feedback and the wild guitar playing and he was doing it before Hendrix hit the scene. We forget now we are older that they we're performing to young people that like Jon Kay said at 15 we all are Born to Be Wild. Ritchie is whipping up at 15 if you didn't like a performance like Ritchie did on the video you don't like Rock and Roll. And Rock is a attitude and this is performing with a attitude to a crowd with a attitude. And it sold Millions of Albums.
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Hendrix was useless! No technique!!
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Blackmore the guitar genius!!
Todd Sloan
In '73 and '74 I listened to quite a bit of this band but knew none of this good work...!
Sam Kumar
+Jay Maramag It's called a good setup haha. 
Олег Иваноф
Amazing! Thanks at all! Nowadays this is impossible. The World's chanched in a worst way. Congrate you, who has survived in this cruel word since your childhood and youth, listning to this beutiful music. Thanks you all a and the God bless you!
There are a number of strict criteria when judging the best guitarist this/that/whomever. 1. Creativity; 2. showmanship; 3. stage presence; 4. back- catalogue output; 5. effortless multi-musical-genre excellence; 6. career longevity; 7. influence; 8. eccentricity; 9. mystery; 10. high intelligence; 11. high articulation. There's more, but I'm too stoned to list any 5555555. Who is the ONLY guitarist of ALL time to fit ALL of those criteria?
Victoria Mcbee
My fav version
Captain Sunil
Richie Blackmore--- Deep Purple Solo----
Odio los comerciales de YouTube, pero gracias a esta plataforma eh podido ver joyas de video como éstas.
larry lomascolo
the god doing his master craft,,,,,,,,,awsome
Jürgen Siefert
Best guitar player i´ve ever heard. Better then Hendrix!!
Blackmore channeling his inner Hendrix.
Juan Jose Paredes
Gran maestro con una guitarra
strat nut ..awesome
julio herrera
jumanji 1980
great sound engineer!
Kodiak and Grizzly Bears
Perfect guitar technique!!
Евгений Графский
идеально...ричи дает жару
Ryan Cascardo
Is this from Made in Japan?
JJ Finkelstein
Marshall 200's right?
his playing reminds me of yngwie malmsteen a lot
Chris Jimenez
Everyone here saying that Jimi couldn't control feedback, listen to Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock and listen to some live versions of Machine Gun, then come back and say that again. 
What’s his pedalboard like ?
Артемий Колеснич
И как мастерски работает..., и репетиции и мастерство и Взаимодействие!
The Fender Stratocaster has been the most abused guitar in history! SGs were tossed and smashed, Les Pauls were slapped with bows and tossed to the ground, but the Strat has been burned and bashed and twisted and wanked and slammed more ways than all other guitars combined! The least abused guitar? A tie with Gretsch Country Gentleman and Rickenbacker 360/12-string. And much of this Strat abuse must surely lay at the feet of Marshall Amplification!!! You know what you did!!!
Ritchie said that he knows he’s a great guitarist (in response to being “told” by the journalist interviewing him). The implication being that he knows better than most what that really means. He also said that there are plenty of amazing players who will never have wide recognition and that being “the best” is nonsensical (I paraphrase). Jeff Beck and Albert Lee were often name checked by him. The video of him itemising all the hooks and phrases Purple borrowed from other songs, in constructing their own, is hilarious. The bass line from Summer Time (Ricky Nelson) is the acorn from which Black Night grew. Completely different songs in the end. He has had an amazingly creative live and recording career. In their prime ... who would have wanted to go onstage after Deep Purple or Rainbow? Can’t think of many guitarists who have his presence/charisma live. I think that comes from his love of music and his ability to communicate how exciting music can be ... and share that immediacy with an audience. He’s a musical super conductor. 💥⚡️🔥
Graham Jeffries
Iron bar tremola
Evan Davidson
very unconventional him...but, of all time?...not for me...Hendrix just toasts him as far as I'm concerned...and all the modern technical players...he is one of the most influential for sure....and definitely some of the greatest riffs of all time...and some of my favorite songs...highway star, space truckin, lazy, burn,..all stellar...but as far as just straight guitar shredding,...I'm not always feelin it...he has some incredible moments...I appreciate his ability to just go out there...far out..but.....I'm a huge fan of him, but not greatest guitar player of all time....when you have jimi, jimmy page, jeff beck, chet atkins, tommy emmanuell tosin abasi, Guthrie govan, yngwie,'s just a shark tank....
Adam Cantu
Ritchie Blackmore the Greatest Badasses guitar player of all time Thumbs up!!!
Mark Nice
Гуркало Николай
На всегда останется одним из лучших исполнителей
Сергей Туманов
Очередная чепушня от выпендрежника
well that pretty much sucked
This is about a solid band going off on an improv tangent and it being genuinely felt by all, with perhaps one musician becoming totally immersed in the moment. On this occasion it was 'Ritchie'. Sadly most live bands today have a rote routine and they get off, back in the day talented musicians like the rock musicians were fearless and they let the music flow to where it wanted to go in the moment with the audience. Back in the day the music came first not 'Beyonce's' arsehole crack. Blackmore is a true magical musician, there's something ethereal about his playing. He enigmatic. For those about to rock, Sir Richard Blackmore of the rainbow realms, we most humbly salute you. Even though you're a cunt, your music absolves you of your arseholery. Amen.
John Marino
Didn’t Hendrix already do that?
Rodrigo Páez
4:27 One , two, three, four!
A. J. Casas Glez. Quino
Y se las entierrooo
A. J. Casas Glez. Quino
Esto es la veeeergaaa
Tenho profundo respeito a todos guitarristas em geral,Ritchie Blackmore em minha concepção é uma lenda viva a nivel de tocar uma guitarra mais algo que ja esta contido em seu espirito,o cara tem o dom de dominar a situação e sem denominados recursos que a maioria dos guitarristas se prevalecem.Vlw.
Van Sims
Blackmore is for sure one of the greatest . My favorite is Tony Iommi though . I love the way he puts dark passion in his leads , and his rhythms are LOADED with a force driving CRUNCH . That's why he's called the god of heavy metal . You can actually feel the doom in the air at concerts when he plays solo's . I LOVE IT !!
A R Sundararajan
The true heroes of the band were Lord and Paice; without them there would've been no DP sound; the quintessence of the band was the keyboard; I like Blackmore too; but to me Tommy Bolin was the best of all, not so much with DP; just his bad luck he was too stoned to do his best with the band.
Marky Marco
Why didn't it get out of tune after all that wham barring?
Cujo Risin'
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A R Sundararajan
This is guitar porn, BDSM.
A R Sundararajan
If you are talking showmanship this comes a third, after Jimi's Foxy lady, and none other than Angus Young, any song for Angus. Jimi did everything in that song so effortlessly, so fluidly; no wonder Eric Clapton said, 'you told me he was good, not this fucking good.' Jimi shocks and awes.
A. J. Casas Glez. Quino
Ah so potamadre
tiempos en que el talento la maestria y la inspiración permitian el filing ..el sentimiento que salia del yo interior de cada interprete ; no tan mecanico como ahora . bien por el recuerdo.
Tibor Malinsky
Is this really Live in Copenhagen? I almost sure, this is Live in Japan o.O
Ah,... the old days when a hairy chest and a tremolo arm were all you needed to convince a room full of acid it's called easy money...
Jason Wood
This guy ripped off Tool.
Barber Pole
This band was a real smokin gun Man !
Florian R.
Is Ian Paice using chinese chopsticks to play the drums ?