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I never particularly liked the way he carried himself outside of art and he reminded me of my little delinquent brother in every way but when it came down to it, he was in distress and wanted to repent for the things he did wrong. Jahseh was a powerful artist and was ready to go the mile. Say what you want but he didn't deserve to be murdered. • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • Get the Project File and learn how I edit /> Get the FL Studio Project File and learn how I produce • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • Song → /> Anime → Toradora! → Violet Evergarden → Your Name → The Garden of Words → Angel Beats! → Nagi no Asukara → Clannad → Plastic Memories → Your Lie in April → Haruhi Suzumiya → Shuumatsu → Beautiful Bones → Beyond the Boundary → Death Parade → Blast of Tempest → Anohana → Hyouka → Sound! Euphonium → Chuunibyou → Terror in Resonance → Shelter → DAOKO → The Ancient Magus' Bride → Monogatari Get My Editing Tools → />• - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • My contact info and services. Here you can find my merch, songs to download as well as my social medias! /> My avatar: /> Help me get my team some new gear for editing, streaming and art: />• - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - • - •

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If you check the video description, you'll find a link to the song. It's on soundcloud. I'm looking for 3 more artist to join my main team for channel related projects, email me if interested: [email protected] Also check out my website if you haven't: Two links just in case you can't use on or the others:
Poro Biscuits
X would be proud
I always loved your editing my man, ESPECIALLY AT 0:24 WITH THE BOX THING Sickest thing my man, hope the best for ya
Morgan Lemons
X would've loved this
Naaron Robinson
RIP X He would love this Kurosai x xxxtentacion I've been a fan for years for x
love the way you made this RIP X, gone too soon..
Finally a person who actually put effort into their tribute, not just trying to make money and fame of of a person's death. Not to say that I'm a fan of X's as a person or of his music, but I hate people coming on to a dead person like vultures suddenly loving him just to make money of of their 10 minute no effort videos.
True that man. Can't really justify his actions aside from his music, but to get murdered is a damn tragedy. Glad you made this.
Best AMV ever
Tai Wei Chien
Kurosai senpai, I've been feeling down this few weeks. I watch your video for many hours and your video makes me laugh. And today, listening to this remix of yours made me shed my tears. You make great video kurosai. Thank you. From malaysia. Sorry for bad english.
Killer Neko
Man. this gave me chills. He never deserved to die. No one does. Shed a bit of tears here. Great job kuro.
Poro Biscuits
I still can't pronounce his name right
Jesus Linares
Amazing.. Just beautiful
ok this is the big epic
amazing breathtaking edit as expected from kuro, rip x
I personally was never a big fan of XXXTentacion, but I fully agree with what you said, he didn't deserve to be murdered. Not many people deserve to be murdered. To everyone out there having troubles, you are not alone, their are others feeling the same way you are. If you feel like you are going to do something drastic, please go seek help. There are plenty of people out there willing to help you.
I'm Just Saiyan
Rodrel Ackerman
R.I.P X... It ain't fair someone so young and innovative got taken away too soon..
isis davis
Why doesn't this have millions of views confused rn
Hoshi Cactus
This is absolutely amazing. Im crying thank you Kuro
As always, Kurosai remains on point. Sad and beautiful, and respect to the description. Also, not to belittle the video, but Clannad will get me every time lol
tassay gone
Great tribute. I've never thought i could get emotional over AMV but this one really hits right in the feels.
Danyeal Blackdeer
It's so sad that XXX died, hey Alexa play despacito
Miguel Garcia
This is so clean. Holy shit
Klojo Oh No
Damn. I can really feel the emotions in this one. Good job Kuro.
Amazing, this hit me so hard in the feelings! Tbh, this was the most creative and epic amv I've seen.
Matthew Moua
The most amazing edit I’ve actually ever seen. I’m speechless. It’s so good! RIP X
You're exceptionally talented. Great work as always.
Crazy good and I agree that he should never have died
Godly edit. Rest easy X
this is amazing.
Honestly the best video he's made so far. This was amazingly edited and even gave me goosebumps.
Camui Hideaki
0:29 my god that was beautiful!
The man the myth the legend has uploaded!!!
Durag Production
1:13 felt that
Original Kakasuke
Kurosai's every video, just litty.
Uhhh you’re not allowed to stack these feels this high ; - ;
Yeo Dong Xuan
the. edits. keep. getting. better.
TomTom Tom
Holy shit this gave me goosebumps
I lost it at sayonara
The Outcasted One
When it looks like a years worth of work but it was possibly done within a week or two. God-tier editting. Great work.
I’m going to make this a wallpaper on wallpaper engine shits beautiful
At the goodbye 1:11 that shit almost made me cry. ❤ R.I.P X ❤
Steven Clayton
What a great AMV and tribute. Great job
I love how everything is on beat
Man I remember when u we’re at 28k. You’ve grown so much, we’re all proud of u Kurosai
Whenever I hear XXX music it always makes me remember a significant moment in my life that happened, his music is so emotional and beautiful. I literally cry at hearing the course.
saturn 64
I don't really listen a lot to rap music, but something about this makes me want to try Tentacion's work. Good Job, Kurosai.
J. Rosa
Damn, this got me emotional. Thanks for this ❤️
Emie Rii
You're the only one I ever watch any form of AMV's from, these edits are amazing! And I agree with the description too... RIP, X
Crisper The Kid
Woah, this is actually your best AMV yet! You’ve really made a name for yourself, and this video shows why you have that good reputation!
Absolutely amazing...
X loved anime so he would be proud of this
He would've loved this Once a legend, always a legend *Rip X*
I’m waiting for the day that you’ll make a full length amv with this level of editing
Oooh this is sweet
The Fall of Arc
I think I got run over by the feels train
Vulgar Dreamer
Saw this on your Twitter and I’ll say the same thing... I got chills. Fantastic edit
RI Kim
Nagi no Asukara, a man of culture for sure.
Michelangelo Esteban Ceccardi
I think he's the example that you should do things right sooner than later, cause no one know how much time you have and maybe that time comes when you where prepared to make your life better. Q.E.P.D. de un fan latinoamericano.
Xavier Bordlemay
Thank you kurosai.
Puffy Pillow
Amazing use of "Von" from Zankyou no Terror 👌
Asami Kyo
One of the most beautiful amvs I've ever had the joy of watching , great job kuro!!
That shit made me cry, that's good shit 10/10
I cant stop crying, its been one month and it still effects me the same way it did when it happened. We lost a Legend 💔
i dont think anyone should praise the death of someone that young. He still had many years to come to not change what he did, but to change other through his music. I don't agree with what happened, but what I do agree with is that no one should be murdered that early.
2k more subs till 100k
Morgan Limes
Amazing tribute. Thank you.
I never really listened to him. Never got into it. So I can’t be as emotional as some other people when watching this. But I agree with what you said in the description. And I think you actually cared when making this, I can tell that. Rip
Just WOW
Rest in peace X
Unikx Designs
Waited so long for the full version to drop. This is one of the best if not the best tribute for X I have seen!
Yung Jeantai
Rest in piece Prince X 🙏
this beautifull. thank you❤️ rest in peace XXX, we will forever love you💔
Rip x This is so sad, alexa play sad
Veotis Parker
this is lovely its still hella sad hes gone RIP X
Oky this is epib
Here before this blows up!! Kurosai you're a musical genius
Sometimes I wish that we could all just stop being so wild only so that we dont have to lose a person like him again
This one really good man
Kurosai you did an amazing job with this :^)
dead inside
Damn...this got me good. I am crying in a car now. This is what I needed Rip X
hardcore homegroup!
Rip X
That Antonio
It's so beautiful, thanks for this
This was so well done. Bravo!
Oh sweet sweet melancholy. This is one of your best so far! :,)
Honoka Suzumiya
This is amazing bro Rip X
Marshall _
He'd definitely love this
Never got tired of ur edits
Anime Aesthetic
Holyyy this is sick! ♥
Rom the Formal
This is a work of art, I actually been waiting on this
Anime no Sekai
Senpai you made an edit that we all can’t expected. This is not exactly your style but this is so good. You made everyone cry.That was so beautiful.
Gustavo Granados
Don't cry now . . . . *crys*
Aside from the importance this video holds as a message; your effort shows though the astonishing work put into this video. Great job Kuro, outstanding as always 💞
i love thissss ♥‿♥
Shino Vingare
* applause* JUST BEAUTIFUL
Devin Ayala
this is the best tribute I've seen... beautiful
Shadosai VR
Jesus 0:28 was beautiful, great edit kuro