5 Year Old Prodigy wins 19u AAU National Championship. Future Duke point guard?

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Subscribe: />5 Year Old Prodigy wins Under 19 AAU National Championship. His dream is to play for Duke. His name is Reese Woodbury and is a member of the MB Nation Basketball team based out of Maine. He has not enetered Kindergarten. Check out his article on Rivals! WEBSITE - />TWITTER - />FACEBOOK - />INSTAGRAM - />GOOGLE+ -

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Carson Claws
Bettye Iggy
He has been playing for two years and is five now and playing in 19u. Yeah right. That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard.
Zooni Bubba
This called nepotism. Daddy owns the team and a player who is to young to play, players because of daddy. He may become good in latter years but this is all daddy.
Brandon Brown
Im calling bullshit on this until i see him playing in a game and not just giving the players  high fives
Jimmy Jims
play him in the damn league he belongs to, dont play him in a much higher league just to give him false hope. good god let him work hard for a trophy for once like everyone else.
He's only there cuz of his dad
like a boss sky
this is stupid just because he can ravel and shoot and has impressive handles dosent mean he ears a spot the worst person I no could beat him he's just on the team cause that's your son
Mike Holop
Future car salesman.
March's Very Own
Hes only 5, we have to see his height after growth spurt, nba scouts wont be interested in a short white guard.
Kind of premature to refer to the kid as a prodigy. He learned to dribble. That's great and all, but that's about 5% of the game. There are circus performers that are good at dribbling. 
Ben Prunty
Really he is playing on like a high school team really?!?!?! Come on that's stupid!
Krimson Grant
At least while he is dribbling no one can steal from him... Unless they kick it.
Tanner Greenleaf
I play for the 8th grade MBNation team based out of Maine. Sometimes there are clinics on Sundays where kids from the age of kindergarten to high school participate. Reese, as a second grader currently, leads most of the drills and everyone listens to him. Kids of all ages respect his game and look to him for directions. The skills that this kid has are ridiculous and frankly he handles the ball better than I do. He dominates the 3rd and 4th grade games. As a 2nd grader... Don't hate on the kid. He's a monster. And a great kid.
Josh Pomeranc
And he didn't do anything.
Nailah Blake
He is only there because of his dad.
Fhgdy hdynv
Not to be mean or anything but he kinda sucks and there is no way he should be on that team he wouldn't even be able to handle one of my practices maybe in a couple years I mean u saw him dribble he doesn't have enough arm and upper body strength yet
Hockey hjc
you just gave him shoes, jersey, and let him sit on the bench FAKE!
Element Se7en
I thought he would be really good lol his dad is just the fucking coach!!!!!!!
Strive for Greatness
He is small for his age
BS there is no such thing as 19u AAU it stops at 17u
Nicholas Bradford
He isn't better than me I am better than him and I'm not in 19u that's bs
Samuel Fulton
No he has no playing time so he supported the team on the bench
Damn,When I was 5 I was Eating Mud.
Abdul 'Dr. LaFerrari' Chaudhry
The kid has some handling...
Buttered Balls 420
Are you serious he didn't even fucking play!!!!
MadeAMilli99 Fortnite
Jeremy Terhune
Geez this kid is nothing special and he does not even play
Stefon Diggs #14 #Canyoudiggit
People always say kids are good and they turn out to suck and this is going to be the same
fake clorox
his dads the coach he dosent have to be good his dad just put him on the team...
Austin Rouse
he is 2'10'' and you're gonna tell me that he plays against 6'2'' guys.
Andy Tsai
Awesome video! But giving a spot on the roster to your son seems very biased in my honest opinion. Hopefully he can use his skills in the near future and really earn that playing time!
leilani coleman
I can barley do those drills in practice and I'm 12
Tadgh M
Im not being a hater, yes he is skilled, very skilled, but does he have talent?? You can train anybody to do anything just like a dog but if he doesn't have talent his skill won't get him anywhere.
Denver Nuggets super fan
6 years later #wheresreese
I dont want to be a hater or anything iam sure he is very talented for his age but do you honestly wanna tell me that the bigger boys cant defend against this little kid?Hell he cant even hold that trophy right there without collapsing.
Vito Coraci
Ha weak, can't even dunk...
Denver Nuggets super fan
2:54-3:15 5 travels
Zentrom 15
I've been playing 5 years
Eve waggeh
He ass right now
Top Sports Highlights
Where is he now
this is as real as LeBrons flops. lol. i know this was made almost 7 years ago but i know a fourth grader on Seattle rotary who's team plays a year up and is a top 5 teams on the west coast and is not ranked, (i think). But i can tell you this 5 year old is not top 20 in main, also that 19U team probably did not win a national title maybe they could lucky and win there league. lol. GREAT for five tho but this is ridiculous. Also i can tell his dad pushes him to much. My proof is, WHERE IS THIS KID NOW?
Ethan T
Who came from Jxmy
O'Chuck 27
I know this kid I went to school with him
Tanny Lowell
His daddy better get like Lavar and talk his son up better
popcornto :
Hella skilled for 5 years old
How cute is this!!!
Kaleb Earl
Dreamdancer talk when you've actually achieve something
actual bullsh*t
Basketball Skills
I'm 7
3p1c Ivan
Where he's highlights, the fuck is this? Probably sat on bench for the whole game, no offense but why in their
Hayden Christner
I have played him before
*Flash Valdez*
He didn't even play 1 game
Xeon XGM
will done
Adrian Ross
He never won a national championship
Lily Pad
Jaja Asis Adove
hes only little tho i bet you cant even dunk too and i cant dunk too
phun sang99
I like the video😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😇😇👑👑👑👑👑👑💸💸💸💸💸💸💱💱💱🏁🏁🏀🏀
i would be humiliated if i was on a team with a 5 year old
Leeboy23 Super
dam, he's five...
Rosa Sanchez
Carver Whitt
Are u kidding me I can t do that and I'm 7 years old
Aj Sargent
Why would they put him on the team if he's 5 because his dad's the coach first 5 year old his dad is a scrub
I can do the two ball thing he did I can put one through my legs and get it
Ryan Welch
I don't like all these people saying these kids are prodigies just because their parents let them do stuff or their young.
Sam Deardorff
I'm 10 and I can't even do half this stuff he can do
Pimp Wizard
He doesn't even play lmao
GTFOH Another dad trying to exploit or hype up a box of crackers.
Asa McMillan
VETO live can't dunk
Asa McMillan
He is going to be really good
LaRaye Wright
James Kollar
the 5 yaer old stinks I'm better than himself
hes hecka good for a 5 year old
Jayden Udarnauth
Hey nation
Keindrick Payne
He sucks awful
Haven Hartwell
Terry Steele
that lil dude playing for Duke he suck he cannot shoot threes or two's or free throws
gavin c
Yes. totally a future prospect. No? he's 5 years old, he could turn to shit in a year, can't say prospect until they are in highschool lmao
Lukepro 121
probably didnt play one game
Brandon Song
XD I'm at his lvl I started playing last year I'm 13 I never really like basketball but when I started playing I got addicted i practice everyday
LaMeikka Burton
c l o e m n s
Hello, It's me.
Kai Burridge
I haven't seen him play in any of his games yet.
Javier Nieto
mi facebook no cirve ayuda
Pie C
È Mega micidiale
Jared Smith
No offense but we never did see footage of him actually playing in a game. So I just can't believe this.
Jayddence Ford is the truth YouTube him
George Zangeegland
he didn't play a minute
Annette Jamison
lol he ain't getting no playing time he is too young to play on duke
Jacob Kirk
he can't even cross the ball over yet, let alone shoot. And he definitely wouldn't be able to play defense, drive to the hoop or anything else for that matter. Just cos he is way above his age lvl doesn't mean he can compete with guys twice as tall as him a 10 times more athletic.
The Adventure Kid
The Adventure Kid
He is ion my football team Luke
He's not that good he gets benched
Mario Pabon
Dylan Waldner
As soon as I saw he was white I realized you can't believe the hype
frying ice
Sorry but burnt out by 16. Way too young to be playing so much. Not to mention Dad doesn't look talk at all. Can't go D1 in hoops at 5'7-5'8.
i mean if he played against 19 year olds he get destroyed so hes not really a prodigy
larry 16
No hate but all he did is just give the players high 5s and dripeld the ball I could do that when I was like 4