5 Year Old Prodigy wins 19u AAU National Championship. Future Duke point guard?

Subscribe: />5 Year Old Prodigy wins Under 19 AAU National Championship. His dream is to play for Duke. His name is Reese Woodbury and is a member of the MB Nation Basketball team based out of Maine. He has not enetered Kindergarten. Check out his article on Rivals! WEBSITE - />TWITTER - />FACEBOOK - />INSTAGRAM - />GOOGLE+ -

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Carson Claws
Bettye Iggy
He has been playing for two years and is five now and playing in 19u. Yeah right. That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard.
Zooni Bubba
This called nepotism. Daddy owns the team and a player who is to young to play, players because of daddy. He may become good in latter years but this is all daddy.
Brandon Brown
Im calling bullshit on this until i see him playing in a game and not just giving the players  high fives
Jared Smith
No offense but we never did see footage of him actually playing in a game. So I just can't believe this.
Steven Michael
That guy giving the interview is annoying as hell.
Jimmy Jims
play him in the damn league he belongs to, dont play him in a much higher league just to give him false hope. good god let him work hard for a trophy for once like everyone else.
Mista Villain
His handles are better than mine!
He's only there cuz of his dad
How does this make him a prodigy he doesn't even play with the 19 year old. The only reason he won a national championship is because his dad gave him a jersey and put him on the bench. His dad said he is already ahead of his peers, the kid obviously ahead of his peers no other 5 year old wants to play basketball this much. I admire the kid's hard work, just because your dad gave you a jersey and you cheer on a 19 year old team and get a medal doesn't truly make you a national champ.
like a boss sky
this is stupid just because he can ravel and shoot and has impressive handles dosent mean he ears a spot the worst person I no could beat him he's just on the team cause that's your son
Mike Holop
Future car salesman.
March's Very Own
Hes only 5, we have to see his height after growth spurt, nba scouts wont be interested in a short white guard.
Kind of premature to refer to the kid as a prodigy. He learned to dribble. That's great and all, but that's about 5% of the game. There are circus performers that are good at dribbling. 
Legendary Overwatch
Really he is playing on like a high school team really?!?!?! Come on that's stupid!
Krimson Grant
At least while he is dribbling no one can steal from him... Unless they kick it.
Tanner Greenleaf
I play for the 8th grade MBNation team based out of Maine. Sometimes there are clinics on Sundays where kids from the age of kindergarten to high school participate. Reese, as a second grader currently, leads most of the drills and everyone listens to him. Kids of all ages respect his game and look to him for directions. The skills that this kid has are ridiculous and frankly he handles the ball better than I do. He dominates the 3rd and 4th grade games. As a 2nd grader... Don't hate on the kid. He's a monster. And a great kid.
Josh Pomeranc
And he didn't do anything.
Nailah Blake
He is only there because of his dad.
Fhgdy hdynv
Not to be mean or anything but he kinda sucks and there is no way he should be on that team he wouldn't even be able to handle one of my practices maybe in a couple years I mean u saw him dribble he doesn't have enough arm and upper body strength yet
Hockey hjc
you just gave him shoes, jersey, and let him sit on the bench FAKE!
Element Se7en
I thought he would be really good lol his dad is just the fucking coach!!!!!!!
Strive for Greatness
Kenneth Won
He's very talented
He is small for his age
BS there is no such thing as 19u AAU it stops at 17u
Lxst Times
That kids got a future
Like a boss sky shut the hell up he's 5 ure probably 15 of course u could beat him but wen he's 10 he will be like chase adams and ure jealous of him I wish I could 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 u
Nicholas Bradford
He isn't better than me I am better than him and I'm not in 19u that's bs
Samuel Fulton
No he has no playing time so he supported the team on the bench
Damn,When I was 5 I was Eating Mud.
Abdul 'Dr. LaFerrari' Chaudhry
The kid has some handling...
Vanoir Films
Does he have kid cancer or something?
MadeAMilli99 Fortnite
Jeremy Terhune
Geez this kid is nothing special and he does not even play
Stefon Diggs #14 #Canyoudiggit
People always say kids are good and they turn out to suck and this is going to be the same
fake clorox
his dads the coach he dosent have to be good his dad just put him on the team...
Austin Rouse
he is 2'10'' and you're gonna tell me that he plays against 6'2'' guys.
Andy Tsai
Awesome video! But giving a spot on the roster to your son seems very biased in my honest opinion. Hopefully he can use his skills in the near future and really earn that playing time!
The kid's dad is a complete fool.  The kid got wrecked in a U12 game and nearly broke his arm.  It's a setup--you can't guard him because you have to let him shoot. The opposing team is suppose to buy into this self-indulgent BS.  Then if he gets hurt, watch his dad be the first one to go off.  Maine Moron.
Tadgh M
Im not being a hater, yes he is skilled, very skilled, but does he have talent?? You can train anybody to do anything just like a dog but if he doesn't have talent his skill won't get him anywhere.
Denver Nuggets super fan
6 years later #wheresreese
I dont want to be a hater or anything iam sure he is very talented for his age but do you honestly wanna tell me that the bigger boys cant defend against this little kid?Hell he cant even hold that trophy right there without collapsing.
Vito Coraci
Ha weak, can't even dunk...
He was put on that team why?????
too bad he's going to grow up to be 5.0"
HoopsKing.com Basketball & Vertical Jump Training
Love it that he can go between his legs and doesn't have to lift his leg to do it.  So many kids don't understand being down low makes dribbling the ball easier.  The less time the ball is in the air, the more it is in your hand, and the more you can do with it.
He's wearing D-Wade's shoes whyyyyyyy? they suckkk
The hell is he doing with the older players? He's too short, did he even get to play?
just wow american people like many basketball
top 20 for 3rd or 4th grade in the state? his handles are dirty but there's no way he could keep up with a 9 year old (who plays)
Jon Tong
This guy is only top 20 in his age group in the states?~? Did I hear that correctly?
Jared Banks
lol what if he did play for a 19u team that would be something to see a 5 year old play up 14 age divisions
this is one of the funniest comments i have ever seen lmfao
lol thanks for the laugh
lol. He is a better ball handler than I was in my prime.
I expect to see nearly all olympic track athletes as blacks. I expect to see most NFL players except the quarterback as blacks. I expect tennis, volleyball, swimming, etc. to be dominated by whites. However, basketball is dominated by blacks and I expect it to be even. This is because of political correctness.
I know.Basketball is not a thing that should or should not be dominated by blacks. Black people tend to have mammoth leg strength making them amazing track athletes, running backs and such, but anatomically speaking whites and blacks are on an even playing field when it comes to basketball. So, if we, as a culture, were not trying to hand everything over to the so called minority blacks because we have been guilted by political correctness then more whites would start on division 1 teams.
gavin c
Yes. totally a future prospect. No? he's 5 years old, he could turn to shit in a year, can't say prospect until they are in highschool lmao
Daval Stackhouse
I played aau when I was a kid and now I'm on FAUs bball team.. I loved aau so much
PRACTICE? YOU TALKIN' BOUT PRACTICE, not a game, practice? you talkin about practice.
Ebiye Jeremy Udo-Udoma
The next Todd Marinovich
Cute Story! 6yr old Florida Tball star hits ball 180ft! possible he may clear 200 by the end of the season at only the age of 6!!! (Jacob Kendall tball homerun)
When I was five I was eating boogies that kid better be in nba by age 11 Lol
oh aha cuz i thought they said he was the youngest one to win a champion ship my bad lolol
did he actually play tho? someone please tell me
Check This Tech
Hes like 7 or 8 right now
Cristiano Sacchi
every shot: TRAVEL. this kid is normal. se il padre non fosse l'allenatore, sarebbe a rincorrere la palla con quelli della sua età. tuo figlio non è un prodigio. è tanto se a duke fa il decimo quando diventa più grande. un altro Jordan McCabe: non hanno un avvenire nell'NBA
Lona The Turtle
Jayden Udarnauth
Hey nation
prod·i·gy/ˈprädəjē/ Noun: A person, esp. a young one, endowed with exceptional abilities. An impressive or outstanding example of a particular quality.
Basketball is a marathon not a sprint. He does have a good start. Hope he does well.
Those 19U players were small. As a parent you can't let a 5 year old on the court with men. He would get hurt and possibly lose his love for the game before most of his peers even pick up a ball. He would get hurt playing with 10 year olds. I hope he did not play with 19U kids.
Xeon XGM
will done
Nick Hajek
Heard the dad say 'our goal for him' or 'our dream for him' a whole lot. Let the kid be a kid and see where his passions take him. May very be in basketball, he clearly enjoys it. But I hope the dad isn't pushing too hard.
Ima be a point gard a duke too keep up the goowork kid
Sabrina Colautti
Lily Pad
Joshua Smith
I thought this video was BS until I actually started to see his skills. The title of the video should be changed though.
Deltrons Lee
Oh shit niggie, you gonna be a NBA star that fo show... come to the lakers mang!!
Julian Ramirez
He plays with me.
Joshua Smith
I hope he does turn out to be successful in what he does. The only thing is, he needs to be smart in school. Don't let him turn out to be a dumb athlete who goes nowhere. There are plenty of those around.
Nick Chelchowski
Yea. People are stupid. Oh wait, that guy was the most intellectual homo sapien that I have ever had the privilege of having a friendly conversation with.
Nick Chelchowski
I'm the starting shooting guard on my high school's varsity team. Yea i've never touched a ball in my life...
Nick Chelchowski
Anybody can be "extraordinary" if they have a rich dad who has an AAU team and trains them non-stop. Most 5-year olds just sit around and play with their friends, and this kid would be doing just that if he wasn't being forced to play basketball.
Nick Chelchowski
Why would I be jealous of a 5 year-old? I pity the kid because he will probably never have the privilege of hanging out with other kids because his dad will train him until he gets to the NBA.
Sven Paunovic Babic
Garrin Adolphe
Yess i know i heard him say 4th grade team still he needs to play with kids his age
Garrin Adolphe
I think they need to chill and let him play with kids his age cuz he cant gaurd or keep up with 9 year olds
Nick Chelchowski
Dude i'm not lying, and even if i was, how would you know? You don't even have any evidence to back it up. You're just being a complete douche right now.
Jamar Lewis
For all the haters how bout you give the a basket ball to your 5 year old brother and see if he/she can hold the dn thing.. this fuckin incredible whether his dads coach or not
Cliff Doucet
oh, and one more point. how do any of you know that the coach cut anyone? Maybe there weren't any other ball players who even tried out? Did any of you research? No probably not! You would rather sit there and assume shit... And maybe he wasn't really even apart of the team. Maybe they did just give him a uniform and let him sit on the bench. Called him the towel boy just to justify him on the bench. Maybe they made the video and simulated an interview.
Ok great he won an under 19 championship... WHY IS HE ON THE TEAM???
The Other Youtuber
Hahaha thats awesome! the basketball is bigger than his head!
larry 16
No hate but all he did is just give the players high 5s and dripeld the ball I could do that when I was like 4
Hey i played like this when i wass 1 lol jk
how can he defend guys 3 times his height lol
He has incredible strength for his size and his ball handling is good. Please dont become a Jimmer when you grow up. Become a Nash!