AND1 Skip vs Alimoe Battle Mixtape

AND1 relic

And1 Skip vs Alimoe Battle Mixtape streetball and 1 and one streetbasketball hot sauce basketball

yo....skip showing up to the game late and getting the crowd hyped simply by walking across the court and onto the bench 
Alimoe was just straight NASTY and his height with those handles made it crazier!!!
duce Kong
Black widow was giving skip dat work that first and1 mixtape you don't really see it
Adrian Thompson
I had this tape of VHS!!!!! My two fav street ballers of all time!!!! The Professor would have to be number 3!! RIP Alimoe he had so much potential to play in the NBA, and S/O to Skip for being the legacy and foundation for AND1
when NBA players like Shaq, and other say you should've been in the know you good, and Alimoe was that! he was my fav streetballer and will always be my fav streetballer.
Brian Crump
Rest well Alimoe!Handles was mean,fam had game period!
Yeah. When Bimmie talks to you... "I ain't got no problem with him" is the only answer that will be accepted-lol RIP Alimore aka Ethiopia aka the Black Widow.
Darrin Empowers
I had this tape when I was a kid... and I always remember the rapper at 19:00 "The name eyes low I'm a lyrical god, dropping knowledge like I'm ghostwritting lyrics from God".... one of the best bars I ever heard...
Jasin B
They both some true streetball legends.....ambos vienen verdaderas leyendas del streetball
originally the crispy alimoe
Wow, I knew alimoe was good, but not THIS good. 
sebastian z
R. I. P alamo the black widow one of my fav streets ballers
Eric Tolbert
Allliiiimoooee!!! Rip widow
Uncle Brotha
Name of song at 10:00
Firat Eski
Nice beats whats name
Christoper Christopher
Well they aint good for much, but they got streetball on smash
6:00 Quadruple-Double.
how old is majority of this footage?
what's the intro song??
Andrew Gonzalez
Handles are too nice
what's the song in the beginning?
Alimoe was the best street baller I ever seen. Hands down. RIP.
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Jay Ng junior
skip and alimoe my alltime fav and all time legend
Thank u, greatly appreciated pimp...
Shen San
Respect to Alimoe... Rip Bro!!! Great skills
thank you so much for uploading this
RIP Alimoe... always enjoyed ur sense of humor and that smooth ass handle.. peace big homie
I swear the version of After Midnite with last emperor during the ending credits doesn't exist anywhere! I've been looking for 5 years...if anyone knows where I can find it, please let me know.
Mac Savage
Alimoe Is Da Realest Dude!!! He Took Skip's Red Kango Lol I Bet He Still Got It Too... Alimoe Is My Favorite Streetball Legend