Asoka Jukebox - Shah Rukh Khan | Kareena Kapoor Khan | Full Audio Song

Asoka, the 2001 Indian film directed and co-written by Santosh Sivan, is a dramatised version of the early life of emperor Asoka (enacted by Shah Rukh Khan), of the Maurya dynasty, beginning with his career as a General in Takshashila, spanning assassination attempts on his life, his meeting and subsequent marriage with Kaurwaki (the princess of Kalinga), his bloody conquest of the Kalinga country and his embracing of the Buddhist path. Music Label - Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. © 2001 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd. Subscribe: Vevo - /> Like us: Facebook: Follow us: Twitter: />G+:

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I don't know why this movie got so much hate. I have loved it since childhood.
Neha singh
Wow! I loved almost this beautiful song and lyrics Undefined music ashokas song
Hafifa Siti
aku suka lagunya asoka dak bosen2 film juga bgus
Brilliant Brilliant song Beautiful Beautiful voice Gorgeous Gorgeous dance Love it Love it Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arif Sadman
really wanna see kareena and srk tghtr again :)
Gokul K R
Technically and historically this movie is correct in all terms. Asoka never forsaked war due to Buddha or his teachings. It was just due to his love on a mysterious woman. Historically the women was a mysterious queen from south. But here she is represented as northern queen. thats the only difference. Asoka was not a saint at any angle. He was just a ruthless rulers like all others. This movie justified it. But people who believed half-baked history given from amar-chitra katha or school text books just hated this movie as a technically wrong history movie.
weird this movie came out in the same year as KKKG lol first lovers then in-laws
Akshay Sabarwal
i listen the song raat ka nasha when i am travelling in reservation train all songs are superb this movie is an awesome movie love it a lot why it gets flop becoz at tht time people dnt except historical movie the movie opened well in bihar,delhi,up,west bengal and mp but story of the movie is little fake the whole kaurvaki nd ashoka romance is fantasy the film dnt matches with the real life story of the great emperor ashoka the Great thts y critics gived negative reviews but why people makes the movie a flop i dnt knw the film was super hit in foriegn countries it opens well there the music is great movie is great actors are great the film based on a king who is also great then why????
Sanjida Moutushi
Roshni se song is awesome. Love u SRK
Soksann Khem
One of my favorite movie and music. I am not Indian but I love the culture and music influences and the dancing.
Meera Khan
تجنن قلبي كارينا
i cannt say anythg its so touch my soul
please release a video jukebox for ashoka! its one of my favorite movies! would love to see the songs in high quality!
This movie is just wonderfull, Asoka has the best songs, the best story with such amazing actors like Kareena Kapoor and SRK. I'm not even Indian and this is the only movie that touched me so much. No matter what, Asoka will always be special to me, with talented actors who deserved several awards for their performances. SRK deserved the best actor award and Kareena also. Don't know why it didn't work at BO, and why they didn't get awards.
all the songs are awesome!
Wow :D Very cleverly done it this video, congratulations, I really like the Asoka, like my aunt ^-^
Siva K
Thala with SRK. history was made.
May you upload this movie plz
tari theres
Suka banget lagunya...keren
Putri Nerisa
aku paling suka musik ini
Sutria Queen
full movie please
Ade Salbiah
aku juga flim nya suka
My Game
where full movie this film asoka?
Dil Dinu
love it <3
Dwi Cantik
sayang nya ga bisa disimpen
rasul mydeen
Bengal Beauty
Pls can anyone provide me this film...
karim bessari
احسن فيلم شفتو وكيفكرني فطفولة نتاعي
Maria ulfa
Ade Salbiah
aku juga flim nya suka
Jhoni Lenin Solís Rivera
Sanda Bouraoyi
it's very good😉😉😉
very good album and songs
Aa Tayar What a song... Music and singer voice awesome
Manish Sinha
All songs of the movie is nice.
sana arshad
But where's the full movie? I cant find it
Septia Firdani
Very beautyfull song...... I Love it. Srk & kareena
Nhunu Manyun
5 september 2018,, i remember my chilhood favorite song.. i love SRK
Agitya Millenia
skrng srk udah gx tampan ashok i love u
agus setiawan
I dedicated this songs to my Adorable Wife ( Saya dedikasikan lagu tersebut untuk Istri tercinta Saya ) "Asoka" telah menjadi Agastiya Dasa Seram sih masih iya namun hatinya lembut Semoga Bermanfaat Dan Barokah Serta Mempererat Tali Silaturahmi... Aamiin Aamiin Aamiin Yaa Raab Al Aamiin ( Your Beloved ) KI ONTO NOGO RODJO/Prabhu Agastiya Dasa
Vanesa Pisoni
Me encantan estas canciones! Y la película muy buena!
K.D.R. Kushwaha
Sir ashoka movie uploade karo
widia widia
Semo 5
I wanna fing the film it self
Nishchay Pahwa
It's 2016!! Hey everyone! Aren't these old melodies so beautiful? Listen to a cover of the song 'ROSHNI SE' from this movie, sung by me this year, on my channel. Thanx for listening. :)
rao bb
Veedu ashokuda? Kojja.
Agitya Millenia
kaurwaki i love vu
Diana Sezer
it's a real pleasure to hear such a wonderful music. Movie is also great. Thanks for uploading
Agitya Millenia
aq baru saja liat srk di asoka film bbagus lagu bagus tapi nonton nya gx ampe kelar sebentar aja
its too bad that time doessnot stop by.
Kimon o
Tarzan Zan
Film nya apa juful nya ko ngga ketemu nih
Vani Vani Kaka
Klo film ini karena Kapoor dan hitrik cocok bnget
Raj Singh
verry good song
Fajar nur azizah
aku suka sma lagunya dn vilem nya**!!!
Fajar nur azizah
aku suka sma lagunya dn vilem nya**!!!
Yoyok Romasa 007
Sedih filmnya sampai ngasiss aku lihatnya
Lina Indramayu Lina
I like to'much this is song😊☺
Semo 5
Where can i find it lol
Yanira Herrera Zevallos
me encanta me gustaria ser la chica y tener esa vo y ese cuerpo
Kartika Tika
San sananan.. Musikk nya itu sllu nempell di telinga. 😍😍😍
Faruk Hossain
ho what song i like good
Mercedes Simon huarcaya
lindas canciones :-)
iis sholikhah
the best songs....... love it😙😙😘😘😚😍
Silvi Aulia
Kareena kapoor wah
Poetra Pandawa
keren bangat tarinya dan lagunya enak di dengar
have been struggling to watch this movie, they are showing me the music? pls I want to watch this movie. how will I do it?
Dimuthu Dissanayake
superbly made masterpiece movie.. one of my favorites.. hope, shahrukh should do more of these kind of epic movies,, period dramas,bio pics,..etc
Ashen Nirmal
kareeena كارينا😻😽
Sm Asif
so nice
Disinfecting wipes
8;49 and the begening
Jagath Wickremasinghe
it's a shame why Sharukh khan wasn't and will not a Buddhist
Amal Farhat
Karim lov you
Bujang Slamat17
Kenapa gak ada salah doa dari sana
Maria Castro
quiero ver la pelicula y no la consigo
Surya Kumar
ashoka the great movie
Edinson Villalobos Amaya
Amo las canciones y peliculas hinhu
Sonu Hero
good bay song
via arofah
I like song asoka
Amirah Muflahi
من بيتسمعها الان ويتخايل حبيبة او حبيبتة يحط لايك 😉
احمد عبده
بعد ازنك انا عاوز اسمع الفيلم ده كامل
aditya gupta
Dayaram Rathour
i like it so so
Amit Kumar
Tipu Sultan
Kissain Khatu
gd movie wth gd songs watsmore wth kareena slithering like dance in da water :)