Hollywood : The art of the casting couch part 1 feauturing patrice o'neal rainetta jones

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The casting couch exists , but it is about power and control., now you can be on the couch without even casting. Patrice o neal tells you how the cartel , wanted favours from hi after giving hi bread. the full story of rainetta jones /> Black ail is the holy grail of holywood, but the casting couch segways into other worlds, politics, etc.

what channel
the perks of fame are sweet., but he pitfalls are reeal
THiS Guy
That second interview, the one after Thandie Newton, the dude looks like he's jerkin' his gherkin.
Wabash blues
Great compilation, you owe
speak out
great compilation
Fredlee Johnson
Indeed, indeed And WELL'WELL in just about 1:28:13 minutes of this evening powerful broadcast/video and in my opinion this is a great/classic interview I'm just saying thank goodness she have got to tell her powerful and "TRUTH BE TOLD THE TRUTH STORY" Son of a gun so what is really going on. And so for me I'm am just going to do my homework/research the historical/history of---------------&-----------??------------ to some can't not ---------------------------------"READ BETWEEN THE LINES" I'm just saying that it is always, always in "BLACK AND WHITE ON WHITE PAPER IN BLACK INK" sometimes in blue ink but never in red unless it is something very important or something bad. B1 B1
patrice oneal give you the truth
Booty warriors
mcdennala cooper is clive davis
Fred Lee Johnson Jr The 3
Thank you, thank you for your deep and powerful video essay/commentary is indeed in my opinion truth be told the truth and food for thought. Again thank you for your deep point of view. Black First
basin street
thandie newton was wrong for giving in?
Wabash blues
Keep the pressure on
The church is a joke !
Mario Van Russel
This guy so stupid she anwers her own questions.