3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)

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Vanessa Kelly
That look really suits Lady Gaga, she's adorable.
"But she forgot about the golden rule uhuuhuHuUUhuHuhUHh" 💀😂😂
"This rule dates back to ancient Greece - talkin' about Caesar!" - all the historians just spat out their drinks
Dr. Nutsack
They cheated on each other's mom's...
Antonio Yazzie
I didn't see this version of A Star Is Born....
"Acient Greece - talking about Ceasar".. wait what
Never noticed before but listen close at 2:13 Justin sings "Yeeeah" under the sheets
Erik Chupela
gaga looks fine as hell in this
Who's listening this 2018?
Sophie Rodriguez
Why didn’t he perform this at the Super Bowl... like it’s my favorite song of his 😂😂
lukewarm oatmeal
This is too catchy for it's own good... Watch me accidentally sing this under my breath in school or some shit...
Girls: to impress the dude, do the helicopter boob
captain holt
As an openly gay police chief, im offended, perolta
Its not gay if the balls don't touch
Andres Ortega
Lady gagas "wooow" was perfection.
Chris Parker
I was nearly in a three way once, just needed two more people.
Aliyah Bentley
How Lucky are we all, that we are around at the same time as this masterpiece
This just makes me want a 90s inspired Lady Gaga album.
Liota Rose
6 years later still funny
Esera The Coconut_808
I think Andy and Justin should just make a movie with these characters but as cops lmao
Is it still gay if all the parties in the three way are dudes?
Robbie Sarkioglu
They need to get together and continue this story/Duo but maybe make there character older and maybe end it with them dying of old age together and just for the lolz to not make it gay have lady gaga's burial be in the middle.
Mr. L
Is this where the fellas, is it gay meme comes from? Wow, im a genius
brandon samuels
I didnt even know about this video with gaga until today, makes me so nostalgic for Btw Gaga.
How did they meet her last week at a Payless if they got out of jail the day before
Lady Gaga is hot *_when she tries to be hot._*
Abby Lockhart
Yo am I weird or does Andy looks bomb af in this
andy and jt make the most catchy shit
I'm Bi, and the 3 times I've been in a threeway, it was with other Bi guys, or at least guys who seemed to be Bi. Do straight guys actually have that much of an issue with being near another guy when they're having sex? It doesn't seem like it would be a big issue.
Morgan Myer
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah yeah, YEAH YEAH OH NO! Why is that so damn funny
Bardhyl Salihu
Only 7 years later and today this would have been inappropriate. Oh how the times have changed.
june k.
Justin should've sing this in Super Bowl
Lonely Island always brings me up when I'm having a bad day
The Entire Earth
hey dawg what you diggity doin here?
Creepy Barry
Kinda disappoint that they didn't "yeah" through the whole song
2018 America needs a new Samberg/Timberlake song to make everything better lol
2018 anyone?
Issy Wilkinson
I was randomly thinking about this song at work today lol 😂 I clearly watch this way too much
starving goku
Danm they outdid themselves
hallucinogenic shroom?
Im gay but this song is good af
Anyone else notice that they are cheating on each other's mothers.
Mike Peterson
Hold up player, what you diggity doing here?
Papa Boi
It's right there when you see the instant replay.
craig rosen
gaga is so hot
Justin Timberlake got my full respect after I saw these.
Love that 2 huge pop stars agreed to sing this silly song
Mohammed Jawid
I liked the part when they say "yeah"
D Allen
I love that she's eating cereal. Lol
Shane Bright
Gaga looks so sexy in this entire video. This is one of the best things on the interwebs
Seth Coeckelberghs
Why is Barney Stinson trying to bone Lady Gaga?
Ruth A Dreamer
Oh God, I can't 😂🤣😂🤣😆😆😆 that's exactly how was in the 90's
Peter Parker
why havent these two made a buddy movie together?
Pietro Emanuele Cumbo
Who's watching it in 2018?
shopping cart
knowing lady gaga willingly participated in this makes me feel weird? didnt think she was the type to do this stuff lol
Baller is MDG
Troy Amos
This reminds me about when my friend tried to put his penis in my butt just cuz we were drunk having a three way with a woman. I let him finish but it really did feel very gay. So I’m not sure if they’re right in this case
Soull LP
Wait it's not gay even if it's 3 guys right? It's still a threeway
The Golden Rule
diego perez
"talking about Caesar!"... That always gets me
With a honey in the middle, there’s some leeway😂
Feelin' Fine
I really hope they make a fourth one. Samberg and Timberlake were born to make these
Christopher Williamson
I love those stupid outfits. Especially those multi-coloured tracksuit things.
Ye ye ye NO NO
Henry Burris
omg she looks like Amy Winehouse!!
dOnT sUe Me
I cant believe lady gaga agreed to make this collab😂😂❤️
Avery Carlson
I love how they say Ancient Greece then talk about Cesar. Lol
LMAO the part where she was like (yall still here?) eating cereal made me lose it! LOL
NO parental supervision? NO THANK YOU!
Niquil Ninja
2019 anyone
the fallen wolf
Look at them then and then look at them now😂😁😀😱
Mckenzie .Latham
I love how they dress like 80's douchebags
micki minach
Ya mum says hi JINX
Vincent Harris
"It's not gay when you see the instant replay" "BOOM"
Marina Dzhavadyan
And A Star was born back then 😂😂
Chris Vendetta
It s not gay if you say no homo and don t look in the eyes!
Ricardo Oliveira
Jeremy May
devils triangle
stu wilks
When Gaga opened the door I thought she was TLC.
Lily Iglesias ツ
Jonathan, Nancy and Steve 😂😂😂😂😂
I'm an idiot. I just realized this is a sequel to Motherlover
"Lady" gaga
Polina Kuranova
Can this song be played at my funeral?
Divas do Pop
I only discovered in 2018 that Lady Gaga had a song with Justin Timberlake
Helga 7055
wtff how are they pulling off those outfits? and how is this song so good?!!
this song is one of my most favourite ever, |I cant even contain after all these years
Hollow Fox gaming
Jake peralta what are you doing!!!
Best line: "It dates back to ancient Greece - I'm talkin 'bout Ceasar" hahaha
Tanja Graf
Who regonized Mr. Mlepclaynos (the clay is silent) from Brooklyn 99? 🤩😂
Justin F
Confucius would approve of this rule
Endyon New Tuber
"to ancient greece" "talkin' about caesar" wait
Ricardo Oliveira
Tyler W
Still one of the funniest songs!!
Fabio Suave 狼
I love how the theme of this video was late 80's/early 90's. The boy's jumpsuits and multicolor jackets cracked me up, and Lady Gaga's outfit was the sexiest I've ever seen her in.
Christos Chatzi
Lady gaga is amazing because she is always amazing!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Damn 2018 and im still listening to this
Timberlake looking like Noel Edmonds.
Oh my gosh, soo 90's!