3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)

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lukewarm oatmeal
This is too catchy for it's own good... Watch me accidentally sing this under my breath in school or some shit...
"But she forgot about the golden rule uhuuhuHuUUhuHuhUHh" 💀😂😂😂
"This rule dates back to ancient Greece - talkin' about Caesar!" - all the historians just spat out their drinks
Dr. Nutsack
They cheated on each other's mom's...
How did they meet her last week at a Payless if they got out of jail the day before
"Acient Greece - talking about Ceasar".. wait what
Erik Chupela
gaga looks fine as hell in this
Jay O'dee
Who's listening this 2018?
Never noticed before but listen close at 2:13 Justin sings "Yeeeah" under the sheets
Abby Lockhart
Yo am I weird or does Andy looks bomb af in this
Vanessa Kelly
That look really suits Lady Gaga, she's adorable.
Andres Ortega
Lady gagas "wooow" was perfection.
Liota Rose
6 years later still funny
Sophie Rodriguez
Why didn’t he perform this at the Super Bowl... like it’s my favorite song of his 😂😂
JT isn't wearing sunglasses at 1:56 and it's bothering me.
Chris Parker
I was nearly in a three way once, just needed two more people.
When you're Brad, Xavier and Paige.
Aliyah Bentley
How Lucky are we all, that we are around at the same time as this masterpiece
Girls: to impress the dude, do the helicopter boob
Its not gay if the balls don't touch
Feelin' Fine
I really hope they make a fourth one. Samberg and Timberlake were born to make these
Robbie Sarkioglu
They need to get together and continue this story/Duo but maybe make there character older and maybe end it with them dying of old age together and just for the lolz to not make it gay have lady gaga's burial be in the middle.
L. Roi Boyd
Timberlake's voice sounds SO GOOD on here!
Is this where the fellas, is it gay meme comes from? Wow, im a genius
this song randomly came into my head one day. I wasn't even mad.
Mike Peterson
Hold up player, what you diggity doing here?
Evan Goch
Wow.. Lady Gaga is hot as hell here. Damn.
brandon samuels
I didnt even know about this video with gaga until today, makes me so nostalgic for Btw Gaga.
andy and jt make the most catchy shit
Kim Viktorsson
2018 anyone?
The Entire Earth
hey dawg what you diggity doin here?
Tío Kokohiel
Gaga look like Amy Winehouse in this video! D:
"roll up to her crib with some bartles & james. hop off the bus with the alize". this part gets me every. damn. time.
Semi charmed kind of guy
Andy lookin' hella fine
shopping cart
knowing lady gaga willingly participated in this makes me feel weird? didnt think she was the type to do this stuff lol
Mckenzie .Latham
I love how they dress like 80's douchebags
june k.
Justin should've sing this in Super Bowl
*_Lady Gaga is hot when she tries to be hot._*
Ruth A Dreamer
Oh God, I can't 😂🤣😂🤣😆😆😆 that's exactly how was in the 90's
Shane Bright
Gaga looks so sexy in this entire video. This is one of the best things on the interwebs
Dog Dog
I was singing this and my wife heard me 😣
Henry Burris
omg she looks like Amy Winehouse!!
Baller is MDG
The Golden Rule
Joe Bloggs
These 2 are absolutely hilarious.
Is it still gay if all the parties in the three way are dudes?
craig rosen
gaga is so hot
Anyone else notice that they are cheating on each other's mothers.
Martin Castilla
wow is GAGA I never saw this vídeo before
Seth Coeckelberghs
Why is Barney Stinson trying to bone Lady Gaga?
Peter Parker
why havent these two made a buddy movie together?
Creepy Barry
Kinda disappoint that they didn't "yeah" through the whole song
Lonely Island always brings me up when I'm having a bad day
D Allen
I love that she's eating cereal. Lol
Adam Taurus
I honestly didn't know that was Lady gaga when I was young
Justin F
Confucius would approve of this rule
Oh my gosh, soo 90's!
starving goku
Danm they outdid themselves
Issy Wilkinson
Papa Boi
It's right there when you see the instant replay.
Rebecca Johnson
I need to go to bed
The greatest trilogy of all time
choncy barbosa
Gags is a smoke show in this.
Eduardo Osuna
who's watching this in 2017
Mohammed Jawid
I liked the part when they say "yeah"
Who is the woman? Looks like Lady Gaga
Phantom Lancers
Lady gaga sound like gina from Brooklyn99
Lady Godga
I’m crying 😂😂😂
stu wilks
When Gaga opened the door I thought she was TLC.
hannah balkovec
Justin Timberlake is actually so good that his parts sound good even when he's saying dumb shit. lmao I love all of his and Andy Samberg's songs together.
A leaf on the stream of creation
Why am I here, I've got an exam tommorrow to study for?!
With a honey in the middle, there’s some leeway😂
NO parental supervision? NO THANK YOU!
K Avila
LMAO I listen to this song a lot. it goes hard! Justin hype manning it sells it! LMAO
pleb blud
Love that 2 huge pop stars agreed to sing this silly song
Erhan Özer
Dancio Kozar
Who's watching and still enjoying this in 2017?
"Lady" gaga
lady gaga is cute in this video
hallucinogenic shroom?
Im gay but this song is good af
I fricking love lady gaga
Tyler W
Still one of the funniest songs!!
captain holt
As an openly gay police chief, im offended, perolta
Marcus Pruitt
Sometimes I'm like "OMG HOW DO THEY KNOW LADY GAGA" then I realize they're Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake
Ye ye ye NO NO
Adam Taurus
The only good thing to come from SNL
#X-treme Gamer
I came here cause I heard this song in a Lost Pause video
Best SNL musical skit ever!
They are in the 90's because JT wants to be in NSYNC again obviously
christopher glass
funny shit i love it
Divas do Pop
I only discovered in 2018 that Lady Gaga had a song with Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake got my full respect after I saw these.
Lily Iglesias ツ
Jonathan, Nancy and Steve 😂😂😂😂😂
k t
2018💃, Algum Br ?
Kris Mat
lady gaga <3
Endyon New Tuber
Steven Barry
Yeah yeah yeah yeah No no... LMAO
Tech Crew Guy
It was mother's day the day they were let out of jail so how could he have met Lady Gaga the week before?
This is actually a banger.
It's weird seeing Gaga look normal