747-400 Bird strike incident near minimum on final approach

A 747-400 crew encountered bird strike incident during final approach several years ago. The crew demonstrated great professionalism and made a safe and beautiful landing.

Engelbert Humperdinck
"My Airplane" Fantastic, calm, professional. Would trust that captain with my life for sure.
DJ Ra1n
They are so professional that they even said Oh Shit in sync! Bravo!
michael bo brandy
After watching this a second time that Captain handled this like a boss. And yes, the bird was seriously injured and has since given up flying, to all wanting to know.
Mark Nicol
ah shit... Just keep flying... love it
Boy, did you notice how fast the captain responded by telling the first officer to "Just fly it?" There was no panic, second guessing of what to do or what was that. Now, that is genuine, real life professionalism, training and experience. 
Very professional captain, well done
Excellent crew especially Captain - Kept the first officer calm and focused and even complimented him!! Well done!
I don't know how either pilot can see out with all that pixelation :P
Mat Gee
Holy crap, captain is as cool and calm as it gets.
Al Bee
Extremely reassuring captain. Must be a great guide to work with !
Icicle Fledglings
Wow what a huge dent. Was it an ostrich?
Adam Shellard
What did they fly into, an ostrich? Thats some dent they got there!
Parisian Zee
Excellent crew, excellent communication, very cool all the way, a responsive captain that gives feedback - you don't have to be a pilot to know these two are excellent at what they do.
damn. i am guessing if your going to haveca bird strike just before touchdown is the best time. Better than having one at full speed at 30,000ft. 3-19-16
I'm always astounded by the professionalism of these guys, yet the pay and conditions of some junior pilots for even major airlines is a scandal. Less pay for sportsmen and bankers, more for engineers and guys like these.
Correct answer! China Airlines.   I changed the stripe color from purple to green several years ago because video was not allowed in the cockpit.  But this is a great video.  This shows Dynasty captains are some great pilots too.
Heartening to see the Captain respond instantly with instruction to his first officer, the first officer flying the plane continued flying the plane and landed beautifully. Happily fly with those two professionals any day.
It`s not like they had a big decision to make.The only option was to continue with the landing.
michael bo brandy
This was one great Captain and FO. Captain says "Fly the plane", at that ALT' on short, you don't try to figure out what's wrong, you fly the plane. He was taught well somewhere.
Ray J
...and then the queen of the skies had a new nose job done, and looked pretty again :)
probably singapore air.  Must've been a pretty big bird.
Stephen Woods
Calm and professional every second. Good Job.
Quentin Burns
Very professional crew!! Well done to the Captain....really good control of his aircraft!!!
Ryan Kurtz
What an amazingly professional crew that is. wow! 
No problem. Just fly it in.
Jack Jones
Surprised how loud the impact sounded in the cockpit. Very discernable. Makes sense though since the strike was on the nose!
I like how they curse in English lol
Regular John
The captain shouldve had a cigarette in his mouth.. He was cool like Dean Martin
Solution = paint a scarecrow onto the engines.
baz munshi
Simple two words from Cap to 1st Officer can create confidence and make the next flight more safer and enjoyable. Well Done.
Martin Riggs
his airplane
Gabe M
So English is the world language in aviation?
He didnt say "All Right now" he said "no Problem" on english.
"My airplane" >:3 lol
Derp Gamer
LOL Jihad birds. They never learn... :)
Interesting that the 1st Officer's "shit" was in English.  "I'm flying an airplane so I speak English."  Well done sir!
PlanesAtAirports Spotting
poor bird :-(
This was an awesome video... Good professional calm reaction and landing...
Alican P.
2:27 Geez I didn't know a bird can make an enormous impact like that and where's the blood by the way?
AlluBoi 07
(R.I.P BIRB 2008-2008) Cptain: OH SHIET
Keep calm and just fly it
This is at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport?
John Smith
"Just fly it then". I'm not sure what he meant by that, can anybody explain?
Very nice landing! (kiss)
Castiel WEI
EVA air
Fahad Saeed
Dham look at that damage what they hit, one of those Jurassic park birds?
Stevens Garage
How does a 747 stop that fast?
Jay Dabhi
just fly it then...
Scott Woodland
Wow, just a little damage :)  Great crew management, captain let the FO continue to fly while checking for problems.  Just the way we know it should be done.
that captain was epic. he could have just taken control immediately and done a go around or some shit. he even said well done to his fo -a 'well done' which was massively deserved in my opinion. and btw unlikely to be speedbird because they don't sound like rich southerners. british airways only recruits upper class white people nowadays
I've always admired the resolve of this captain, and how he acknowledges the first officer after the landing is completed!
Aiman Al-Khazaali
1:03 He is not checking for engine damage, you moron. That's the Autopilot panel.
Le Derp
Landed so smooth that I didnt even notice he was on the ground until he hit the reverser
James Vaughan
I love it just calm no problem. The captain say keep flying the plane no big deal.
isobe hirohito
My airplane なら Your airplane じゃないの?
I just love how all the ARA types place the well-being of the animals over that of the humans. All the while wearing leather and eating produce where multitudes of animals were killed during the growing and harvesting.
"Blurred stlike!"
Thom Thumbe
I'll bet the bird said, "OH SHIT" a few seconds earlier.
a bird did that? sure it wasn't a turkey?
Porsche Fan Carrera
Cathay Pacific
Just a Potato
CP is so cold headed! I'm sure he could be still and in control even lost his four engines too. By the way, this is the first time I hear, "My plane" after you have control :)
Keith murray
Damn I thought ostriches couldn't fly...
Julia Jellema
At the beginning.. I can see my house! hahaha
Nicholas Sway
How's the bird doing??
Sander Hellesjø
They say speedbird on the ATC, so it's British Airways I think, or most likely...
so did the bird survive ? what happened to the bird ?
boeing strike
Theo 80126
Kind of messed up the nose, but it didn't do the bird much good either.
Alex Tol, van
Ik kan Aalsmeer zien!
Frank Conrad
Thats what I call a great rpresentiation of Crew Resource Management
Robob Kerman
This was in a simulator
The Truth Is Out There
I dont consider that a bird strike even if it hits the fuselage. a bird strike to me is if it goes into the engine
Weird relationship between Captain and Co-Pilot. Seems like the Captain is running the show.
Jim Howard
"just fly it"  -  good advice for lots of airplane problems!
Shariq Rahman
It is a dubbed video guys. Even after landing the video went on for some time and they never informed the ATC about the incident. This has to be informed straight away just in case if there is engine debris on the runway because of the short final bird strike so other incoming aircraft could be put on hold until a runway check is done. Nice landing but there was no birdstrike. FYI the Captain mostly takes control right after landing. Normal procedure!
Why is everyone so crazy about this. It is a 4 engine aircraft. It was near minimums at which point thrust is at idle anyway. This was pretty much the easiet way a birdstrike could happen. This is not Sully-level shit....
Dmytro Picky
young nurse
Luis FromCanada
i was about to say big deal until i saw nose cone WOW......NOW imagine that was something bigger than a bird.....nice video👍
Gabri GTA5
100, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 butter
Filthy disgusting lice ridden birds. But it takes a lot more than that to have any serious effect on the airworthiness of a 747.
Lejf Diecks
Come on, plane already gliding, no damage to engine AFAIK, one bird, clear weather, no wind. Even I could remain calm in this situation (no offense). Massive bird strike during lift off is a whole different story.
Deep Heat
No birds were injured in the making of this video..... _Well......_
Azriel Elijay
The last time I heard "Oh Shit" on a cockpit , a Mooney crashed. God Bless these pilots Handled a Bird Strike professionaly. It might not sound much but that could have been a fatal Bird strike.
China airlines or china southern airlines
Rusty Climber
That'll teach that bird to fly without clearing it with tower first!
Aahhh yes, the ever infamous salmon strike. I knew I found the video!
Beautiful and safe landing... Not for the bird
Some animals were hurt in the making of this video.
That'll buff out.
good CRM
Mj Stafford
Well done to both of them
Charley Zimmer
Must have been hard for that captain growing up, having a pixelated face and all, top flying skills though.
David Webb
Perhaps now, government will mandate registration and competency tests for all birds over 250g.
Ivan Yassakov
Птица целилась что ли, прям в центр обтекателя долбанула!
Slave Of Christ
It's nbd hitting a bird even on the way up
cobra R
Man that's a pretty big dent from a pretty small bird😲
Schipol I guess????Good reaction from the guys
Hello nice job
Bob Outélama
The amount of plane traffic should be limited. It becomes more and makes no sense anymore in a world where we are trying to reduce carbon emissions. Also, Container Ships and cruise ships should be limited in number too.