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2015 REMAKE OF THIS VIDEO: | ABOUT: Take a relaxing journey to the magical blue-green waters of the hidden Havasupai Indian Reservation, in Arizona. It's one of the most amazing natural wonders in the US (if not the world), as well as one of it's best kept secrets. It's a 10 mile hike through canyon valleys to get there, but it's worth every step. Music: "The Cool River" by Darshan Ambient: /> I shot this video in 2007 on a 7mp Casio Point & Shoot Digital Camera. It's amazing YouTube success helped blaze the path for what Nature Relaxation has become ten years later in 2017. Learn more at APP STORE LINKS: iOS App: />ANDROID App: />ANDROIDTV />ROKU App: />AMAZON FIRE TV: />APPLETV (new): /> ABOUT NATURE RELAXATION ON-DEMAND + APPS: A new HD subscription service offered direct from filmmaker David Huting, you can enjoy watermark-free access to 800+ hours of Nature Relaxation™ video playlists, along with new releases added regularly. One subscription gets you access for your phone, tablet(s), computer(s) and TV(s)! Plus, I'll plant 1 tree for every month you subscribe! LEARN MORE / TRY FREE AT: /> ABOUT NATURE RELAXATION™ VIDEOS FOR OFFICES & HEALTHCARE CENTERS Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home that love Nature and are seeking enhanced vitality through their digital devices. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at /> PERFECT FOR: Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Retreats, Spas, Stress Management Programs, Nursing Homes, Schools, Retail and Digital Signage,Screensaver, Ambiance, Study Aid, Meditation aid, Meditation Background, Pairing with binaurial sounds and frequencies, Creating Virtual Windows, Calming Prisoners in Solitary Confinement, Helping Combat the Effects of PTSD, Tinnitus, and Dementia, Help Focus while Studying, Sleep Aid and in Churches, and as Backdrops for Presentations, Lounges, and More. To request a free license quote to use these videos in your business or organization, visit:

Hebron Healing Stone s
Jesus Christ loves each n everyone
Real Beauty By
I didn't even know this place existed in the US.  How wonderful!  And such great camera work. 
Man ko Shanti dene wala mature theam good
Theresia Swiebel
I love this for ever♥
<--- Way To Nature
beutifull sinary
Mmmm Ssdss
اريد شي يطولني
Daniel Shultz
thank you
Magellan Aliyev
I love hindus
barbara moons
Vladimir Grigirievich
Что-то не повторимое.
[Amapo]아마포 TV
Thank you !^^
Kleer Timmermann
Aahhh I love it <3 the nature in US is truly astonishing! Greetings from Estonia :o)
This is my all time favorite video to watch when I am stressed and really need to decompress! I truly wish there was at least an hour of this. 
Amanda Albach
i love to go there to swim and see it !
I am going to go there this year! And it all started with this video. I have repeated this video so many times over the years!
John Doe
Yes, beautiful, but see how the Havasupai torture their horses until they die from carrying huge loads up and down these canyons. Google Havasupai Horses, see the images and visit the Facebook page: Save Havasupai Horses. All tourists and visitors to this area should protest the inhumane treatment of these horses.
Nyia Chang
I have never seen the waterfall beautifully so here before. I hope will have one day i will be see it .
Hebron Healing Stone s
Worship the creator, not his creations
Nikole Spry
I love this video it’s so boatful I would love to go there for a swim and it’s so relaxing.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌺🌺🌺🌴🌴🌴
cami hernandez
Mil gracias
Wondering Green Man
Beautiful! I love the color of the water @ 1:02!
Aroua athmane
pas mieux que la nature  reste à l’état naturelle  grâce au  bon  Dieu  DIEU  ELLAH SOUBHANE ELLAH  KHALIK EL  KOUNE
Anup Baria Vision
wow, this place looks awesome.
Such beautiful scenery and music
Sondra R.
I am typing in my sleep . . . . . .
Maninder kaur
Such a great creation of god
Effisa Wicca
I love this:)
Bunhai Khin
I just wanted to live in this place forever or alone . Because my life it just want only live alone
Nguyễn Xuân Tăng
Hành trình delta đã đưa tôi đến đây.
Bronzy Cheeks
I love it so much I wish the video was longer than just 3 minutes 😔 does anyone knows how can I keep the video repeat itself?? Any recommendations please help
One of the best ambient/nature songs on here! no joke.
in the beginning of the video on the right is a water sprout that looks like a dancer going in circles. the music is perfect!
Sorna Ambigai
Looking gadgious ,gives happiness to heart 😁😁😁😀😀😀
Petra Nunez
I love it so beautiful am sick but watching that it was so so beautiful
Where does the water come from? Isn't this in the desert?
sander E
Beautiful video this is unbelieveble that this is pure nature thank you for sharing
ravi ravi
Eliena Stevenson
This is absolutely amazing waterfalls! I want to visit these. How can I go there?
DanieLka .555
and where ??? such beauty
Nature Sound Channel
like that sun reflection in the first part! Very nice done!..
Du il hand Fly
nopavan lertbunthonkul
Hoai Nguyan
so beautiful
Karen P.
Help! The "remake" video was not available as of 10 seconds ago!  :(
Andre Valino
nature lovers...
isabel celis
not men MAN
So beautiful
Where is this, I have to go there..
Kedarnath Baskota
beautiful vide..
Thanks... Love it
Aashna Kwatra
Nice to hear thx and its lovely!
سليم القلب
سبحان الله و الحمدلله
Shanoah Spurlin
this is beautiful Thank you for posting!!!
Suuuure, allways blame men.
najwa kalodi
Awsome & mind blowing video... I enjoyed it very much...!
Alexey Stepanov
biutifull I try to do the rocks and waterfalls to.But the nature is alwais the best..
I wanted to go to sleep but I didn't it keep me up because of the music 3
This is so relaxing, it give me a sense of heaven
Jordan Taylor
Oh It Workwd
Jordan Taylor
This Is Not Helping Me Pee At All .
Cody Unavailable
>god lel
Jodi Chand
I love waterfalls. Love the music.
Zee Creatives
Greeny slug.
I farted so many times during this video.
A waterfall is like earth having a squirting orgasm
Rocket Monkey
ok doesn't like links, but you should get the idea to fine the page here - havasupai-nsn.gov
Rocket Monkey
Havasupai is part of the Grand Canyon. You can take a camping trip down to the falls, but it not for the feint of heart. The hike is easy to moderate, but 10 miles 1 way. If you go this route I recommend renting space on the pack horses to take your camping equipment down and up. They also have Helicopters take you down. Also companies do guided tours and they take care of everything for ya, feed you, setup your tent etc. Official page
Joel Botica
i need to pee
Leopold Pokou
Andrew Arts
this is so beautiful .. wow
How do you get permission/directions to hike at Havasu Falls? I know the property is part of Tribal Land. When I went to Vegas, I asked around at the front desk and the people just stared back at me like I was crazy. Can anyone help me? I'd really like to visit this place.
Sandro Gungor
Nice relaxing video it realy work to me relax
Rawiroj Kunakornkasem
excuse me!!! what is a name audio in this video
Sumit Thapa
this is to much Beautiful .
No god needed.
Doctora MnYomy
adore the sound of nature <3
Barry Johnson
a 1
Jackeline Rodrigues
que paz maravilhosa ...parabens pelo video
Maiar Ghanayim
سبحان الله بديع السماوات والارض.
Carla Scala
Havasupai is the most beautiful place in earth...i am going again there really soon.... <3
flory costea
hua ailin
God made the world so beautiful...everything He created was created with such care and beauty...if only men hadn't trashed everything they came into contact with.
Beautiful photography and nice music background.
New World Order
Very beautiful wonder of nature, wish to be there and relax from all the world's suffering.
Zay Focker
So nice makes me wish to be there laying on the water taking a nap.
Awakened Spirit
!!!***WOW***!!! The beauty of nature. Love the video and the music.
Yes! Wish everybody realized how sacred life is
i was waiting for a reply for so long :p