KOTD - Rap Battle - Conceited vs Dumbfoundead | #Blackout5

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Conceited vs Dumbfounded! Two unique styles. One winner. Thank you for the support. Be sure to 'Like', Share, and Subscribe to stay updated on battle releases and upcoming events.
Cray May
Dumbfoundead won for sure..
Gabriel Ruelas
It’s okay to say Mexican jokes , white jokes , and Asian jokes but the second someone says black jokes everyone is a racist . 🖕🏿
Soul Infected OFFICIAL
so bored of the asian jokes...dumb took this one
Siddharth Bhardwaj
Dumbfounded's personality is lit.. he clearly won. Con just made Asian jokes
Dumbfounded had it straight win
3 hot tubs all sinks lol
Brian Brown
Anyone who thinks conceited won can hold the biggest L.
isaac Thao
Imagine if dumb did the same racist jokes to conceited about blacks. Mayhem would break out
Justin Hemopo
Could you imagine if Dumbfoundead used only racist lines 😂😂
Conceited has better hype men. But Dumbfoundead killed it. His charisma is too high
I want Dumbfounded's jacket!
Michael Smith
Jeez man, I love Conceited, and I've never even heard of Dumbfoundead, I'm just now getting into battle rapping, but man, if you break it down, the multi-syllable rhyming, the punch lines, the better stereotypical jokes, the predictions (i.e. at the beginning when Dumb predicted Con would say a bunch of Asian jokes about cats and driving and China even though he's Korean), damn, hate to say it, but Dumb won, easily. He won in the 2nd round tbh
yung miso
if you think you're good at something, just remember there's always an asian better than you
They really need to stop letting Rappers bring a thousand hype men with them on stage. Screaming after a weak bar doesn't make it stronger.
Conceited has good punchlines and some smart bars, but anything aimed towards Dumbfounded specifically was predictable, overused and lazy. When you're battling someone, you've gotta come at THAT PERSON (and possibly close affiliations) not an entire race of people. Generalisations are just boring and require very little research or effort. It takes the battling element out of it and makes it more of cypher where you're just showcasing schemes and concepts. Sure, Dumbfounded made some short jokes; but he also critiqued Con's career, lifestyle, braggadocio and exaggerations pertaining to his "violent" days. The polygraph line was so cold and really demonstrates my point. Con came at Dumb's race, Dumb attacked Con's character. Therefore, Dumb get the dub as there was simply more thought behind his material.
Dumb already ended it when he called him out on the Asian jokes and that's all conceited did.
Chharith Oeun
lmao, an Asian dude can battle anyone and Asian jokes will be funny no matter how many times it's been used, but go ahead and say some shit about slavery or white supremes and everyone trying to get violent.  Asians have at least another 10-20 years before they get the equality treatment as everyone else.  Fire battle, 2019 and it's still dope.
wicked geekvape
Dumbfounded won this. He didn't have to bring hype man to hype his bars and punchlines. Lol
Who's here after seeing bodied?
ReNNN Usmani
Bro dumbfounded won. Conceited was just pulling them darn redundant punchlines consistently, and proving dumbfounded's point from round one.
David Huston
He's got 3 hot tubs at the crib, ALL SINKS 😂😂😂
Luis Misscellanio
Imagine if Dumbfounded would have said some black jokes. Makes me think even less of Conceited's freestyles. Dumbfounded annihilated him.
Lindon Dumais
He got 3 hot tubs at the crib, all sinks. 😂
victor casiano
Dumbfounded won the battle with the polygraph line.
Dumbfounded won that. Not only did he predict Conceited making bars about him being Asian, but he also was more intelligent in his bars.
John Cool
Imagine if Dumbfounded did nothing but make black jokes...
Gummy Puss
Dumbfounded won as soon as he predicted all the things conceited would say in the first round
wussgud O_o
Came for Con stayed for Dumb...
Dig Bick ::::D
That Asian dude wins fo sho
jacob lopez
It's honestly weird to see these two go against each other, Con spits out lines that are more comedic while Dumb comes out with lines that are harshly honest. They may have gone on the same predictable lines with short jokes and Asian jokes but many of those lines hit hard and were creative. Props to both.
Conceited's hype dudes are overzealous to the point of cringe.
For Your Consideration
Conceited is the most overrated, hyped battle rapper ever.
Dumbfoundead won by a large margin. This fool Conceited only knows how to make Asian jokes and Dumbfoundead called it out before he started rapping. Now imagine Dumbfoundead making black jokes and that whole black biased audience would've gone wild.
Ezequiel Ramirez
"When you got small feet, you can get all the Jordan's cheap".😂😂😂😂
danii lana
whoever says Con won must be wild n out fans but Dumb won this one.
Conceited's jokes were 100% asian jokes. DFD said a lot of short jokes but still had diversity.
Johnny U
Be serious guys. Dumbfounded won, I have no idea who these two are, but conceited is obviously less experienced.
This was hard to watch. Conceited got cooked in every round. Dumbfoundead is the Return of the King, manifested.
How people gonna say conceited won, all he said was Asian jokes with his infinite amount of guns, literally three rounds of the same theme. Dumb just unraveled conceited’s rhyming scheme
Jarren Brown
Con was nice, but I think Dumb got this one
Alec McDonald
Conceited: "You're asian" Dumbfounded: "You're short"
conceited only out here doin asian jokes? wondering what happened if the asian guy did as many Black jokes..
Sierra Cooper
“He got three hot tubs at the crib.. all sinks” LMFAOOO
Joseph Zietz
Dumb won, con had some nice lines, but dumb won simply from the smarts and substance instead of jokes
Johnny U
Guys, be serious no bias. Dumbfounded had less short jokes than conceited Asian jokes. Seriously, conceited isn’t ready for this. Dumbfounded seems way more experienced and real. I understand that dumbfounded said short jokes as well, but compare what each said. Almost all of conceiteds lines ended with a generalized n racist Asian joke. I know that almost no ones Minds will change on whoever one, but whenever conceited said “y’all Asians” he lost me. You can’t go for a whole race, because all of those jokes could be said to any Asian rapper. To Dumbfounded, it was Dumb vs. Conceited. To conceited, it was Conceited vs. Asians. Thanks.
How conceited win with all of those Asian jokes? Try to battle with no stereotype meng.
oladipupo samson
This is how Drake scouts his ghost writer
Dumbfounded won. Con is good but Dumbfounded killed him.
Ace Zuel
Conceited was so lame bruh he did exactly what the other guy said he would 😂
Who else is watching in 2019
you can literally see some of dumb's bars go over peoples heads...
Fong Vang
DFD won by a long shot. He already predicted that Con was gonna use Chinese jokes and executed his trap perfectly. Con fell for it. DFD also countered his gun threat fantasies with facts: "You have imaginary guns, some people (Koreans) have mandatory ones." @11:30 (Fact: South Korean males are mandatory to serve about 2 years in the military between ages 18-35) Nonetheless, it was a good battle between the two.
Loved concieted... But dayumm dumbfoundead was too good
Lee Xiong
Conceited threw all the Asian jokes out there, even on wild and out he still uses old lame Asian freestyle... I mean talks, because that fool can’t rap on a beat
Galaxied Out
This is old now but conceited took an L and he aint even the Asian one here. Don't get me wrong he had pretty clever Asian jokes but they were all just that; Asian jokes. Dumbfounded won this one imo
Dumbfoundead was wayyyyy bettter. His lines were more fluid AND deep. Conceited couldnt get past asian jokes.
Dumbfounded is a better lyricist .. he def won this battle
Christian R
I like Conceited. I wanted him to win. But man, Dumbfoundead talked some real shit.
Cody Warner
Dumbfounded killed con here. His disses were harder, his bars got more reaction, and he took cons diss, gave it a rebuttal then dissed him back.
Khan Dee Xiong
Lol them asian jokes were hella funny. I felt like Dumbfounded should've came back with some black jokes. But I'm not sure if he woulda left that building with his life though........
Dumb using the slow it down flow against con is the reason I still can't move on from this video.
Konig D
Was I the only one annoyed by the amount of asian jokes? I can almost guarantee if DF threw in some black cracks the crowd would go bonkers trying to hang DF, or get him barred from life. It got annoying. Con had nothing else to go for, it showed. Any good battle rapper would've actually gave up some substance vs DF.
Thomas Skymore
Dumbfounded won. His lyrics were way more intelligent, unique, and clever. He so obviously won. Con is talented, but most of his style is the same gun, shoot you, played out, theme. Even after dumbfoundead ripped that apart.
Hakeem Ture
3 hot tubs at the crib.... Alll sinks lmao
Everyone talking about who they think won but all I can focus on is how dumbfoundead was saying "yo" the whole time
John Kim
rat a tat tat butterflies on your back and some Chinese letters that don't mean jack. Good Lord...
David Sanchez
DF did not say one racist joke and still smashed. He did Con signature “slow it down” hella great. DF dominated. I like how it’s only racist when black jokes are told.
win _YT
dumbfoundead kill conceited assss
Hanamiya Makoto
'Slow it down, I just met you!' 'We all make mistakes when we're fifteen' Damn.
Charles Waldron
Dumbfounded didn't even have to use a black joke and he still came with heat. All 3 of Conceited's rounds were weapon puns and Asian slurs
Joshua J Lewis
Dumb could act very good for a battle rapper. He got talent.. Bodied was great. Should of been showing in the cinemas..
Dumb was way more creative than Conceited. It was an easy win for Dumb. That gun talk was boring me.
Sean You
Yee!! Dumbfounded laced it up
L. Gsson
when dubmfounddead went out on his tattoos oooooooo shiiiieeeeet I was yelling
Christopher Balestreri
Funniest part is how Dumbfounded called out Conceited for rapping about guns, and Conceited always rapped about them again right after. Dumbfounded won, hands down
Hamed Shah
You know conceited lost when you search Conceited lose RapBattle and this is the first one to show up
Gio Chio
I agree that they both resorted to making easy short/asian jokes but DFD won that hands down. His word play, cadence & delivery was way harder than Con's
Lovil Davila
Explain how Conceited won calling him Chinese and Japanese? He's Korean! That's like calling an Italian a Greek. L by default.
Joey Youn
DUMBFOUNDED!!!!!! That is my guy!....Its about skill not color.
Dumdfounded won
Marlon The Nobody
Con uses racism and Dumb used short jokes
Cristal Wallace
I feel like dumbfoundead was at a disadvantage. Conceited was able to tell a lot of racist jokes when dumbfoundead had to watch what he said. They are both good though. Dumbfoundead should have won.
Nathaniel Holinka
How come this boy couldn't go even one round without Asian jokes? Dumbfounddead would have been booed off if he used race even once, and Concieted used race in almost every damn bar. Weak
Great cameras, it looks like a movie clip
You Tube
Dumb won
Seattletwisted imaartist
Dumbdfoundead won
Dumboundead definitely won. Conceited didn't even look him in the face like a man.
Tae Kim
Asian dudes be always roasting blacks with intelligence lol it’s like listening to a college student arguing with a kindergarten crying for a lolipop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maxwell Ayomide
Dumbfounded is a boss! He killed this
Oktus Prime
Yay Asian jokes again. So original...not.
Dumb is so underrated his bars are top notch
Ernan Poker22Grind
Dumbfounded murder conceited 2nd round. The real talked about guns... gangs...life... conceited entourage was so lame... followers. Brain of a goldfish
Anil Shah
So will it be fine if Dumbfounded made black remarks and disses??
Doumbfoundead won idc what anyone says.
Anders Moen
Dumbfoundead killed conceited on guns and violence and then Conceited continues to talk about how he'll blast Dumbfoundead with his guns. I had respect for Conceited in verse 1 but lost it in 2. Dumbfoundead's rhimes meant something while Conceited's rhimes were only empty threats. Conceited is a POS. Can't believe the crowd was cheering him on.
Anthony Turner
This came out 3 years ago but why are there so many new comments? 🤔
19hundred Block
Dumbfoundead made the noise on this battle, better comebacks!
Yanisel Garcia
Dumb ran circles around conceited. His delivery, punchlines, wordplay all fire as hell!
Kevin Start