KOTD - Rap Battle - Conceited vs Dumbfoundead | #Blackout5

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Conceited vs Dumbfounded! Two unique styles. One winner. Thank you for the support. Be sure to 'Like', Share, and Subscribe to stay updated on battle releases and upcoming events.
Cray May
Dumbfoundead won for sure..
Everyone talking about who they think won but all I can focus on is how dumbfoundead was saying "yo" the whole time
sydney scelfo
theres a reason dumbfoundead has a successful recording & touring career and conceited is a part of a nick cannon supporting cast.
Gabriel Ruelas
It’s okay to say Mexican jokes , white jokes , and Asian jokes but the second someone says black jokes everyone is a racist . 🖕🏿
Con was just racist jokes lmao. DFD really killed Con
Dumb already ended it when he called him out on the Asian jokes and that's all conceited did.
Tsering Yeshi
Conceited relied on racist jokes. Dumb just straight up killed him with wit
StrawHat Samurai
Lowkey Dumb was at a disadvantage because Con can say anything racist and it’ll be okay, but if Dumb did the same he’d be shot.
isaac Thao
Imagine if dumb did the same racist jokes to conceited about blacks. Mayhem would break out
Dumbfounded's personality is lit.. he clearly won. Con just made Asian jokes
Dev W
I have to say it's obvious dumb won. He brought more than just short jokes. Even brought up how guns were messing up the community and how innocent people were getting killed yet conceited could only talk about guns which made him look bad. He had nice lines but dumb had short jokes, the tat jokes and came real with the guns in the community. Can't really beat that variation of battle rap with only talk of guns and Asian jokes
Rise73 G
Dumbfounded is more factual and Conceited is more comical...These are 2 different types of rappers.. But Conceited is why I watched this battle in the first place..
Rehab Sheikh
Dumbfounded had it straight win
Rodney Smith
Dumbfounded bodied Conceited in retrospect
Conceited has better hype men. But Dumbfoundead killed it. His charisma is too high
Charles Waldron
Dumbfounded didn't even have to use a black joke and he still came with heat. All 3 of Conceited's rounds were weapon puns and Asian slurs
yung miso
if you think you're good at something, just remember there's always an asian better than you
Lindon Dumais
He got 3 hot tubs at the crib, all sinks. 😂
j deez
“He got three hot tubs at the crib, all sinks.” I’ve been laughing for thirty minutes
Dumbfounded won that. Not only did he predict Conceited making bars about him being Asian, but he also was more intelligent in his bars.
Nicholas Yu
During a rap battle there should only be three dudes on stage: The two battlers and the MC. Get these untalented, useless, attention seeking hype men off the stage.
Gummy Puss
Dumbfounded won as soon as he predicted all the things conceited would say in the first round
Sam Ramirez
Supa hot fire would drag both of them.
Una_Versity Republik
that polygraph line ended it for me
Dumbfoundead won by a large margin. This fool Conceited only knows how to make Asian jokes and Dumbfoundead called it out before he started rapping. Now imagine Dumbfoundead making black jokes and that whole black biased audience would've gone wild.
Dumbfoundead won with the gun lecture "some people have mandatory ones"
wicked geekvape
Dumbfounded won this. He didn't have to bring hype man to hype his bars and punchlines. Lol
David Alvalle
Dumbfounded won all 3. Dude was spitting in the moment, Conceited was just spitting some recycled bars, with racist Asian jokes and Fake guns.
Brian Brown
Anyone who thinks conceited won can hold the biggest L.
Michael Smith
Jeez man, I love Conceited, and I've never even heard of Dumbfoundead, I'm just now getting into battle rapping, but man, if you break it down, the multi-syllable rhyming, the punch lines, the better stereotypical jokes, the predictions (i.e. at the beginning when Dumb predicted Con would say a bunch of Asian jokes about cats and driving and China even though he's Korean), damn, hate to say it, but Dumb won, easily. He won in the 2nd round tbh
you can literally see some of dumb's bars go over peoples heads...
Johnny U
Be serious guys. Dumbfounded won, I have no idea who these two are, but conceited is obviously less experienced.
Sierra Cooper
“He got three hot tubs at the crib.. all sinks” LMFAOOO
Cody Warner
Dumbfounded killed con here. His disses were harder, his bars got more reaction, and he took cons diss, gave it a rebuttal then dissed him back.
This is old now but conceited took an L and he aint even the Asian one here. Don't get me wrong he had pretty clever Asian jokes but they were all just that; Asian jokes. Dumbfounded won this one imo
Conceited's jokes were 100% asian jokes. DFD said a lot of short jokes but still had diversity.
Jknews brought me here
Joseph Zietz
Dumb won, con had some nice lines, but dumb won simply from the smarts and substance instead of jokes
Johnny U
Guys, be serious no bias. Dumbfounded had less short jokes than conceited Asian jokes. Seriously, conceited isn’t ready for this. Dumbfounded seems way more experienced and real. I understand that dumbfounded said short jokes as well, but compare what each said. Almost all of conceiteds lines ended with a generalized n racist Asian joke. I know that almost no ones Minds will change on whoever one, but whenever conceited said “y’all Asians” he lost me. You can’t go for a whole race, because all of those jokes could be said to any Asian rapper. To Dumbfounded, it was Dumb vs. Conceited. To conceited, it was Conceited vs. Asians. Thanks.
Dig Bick ::::D
That Asian dude wins fo sho
David Huston
He's got 3 hot tubs at the crib, ALL SINKS 😂😂😂
Sharice Bedford
Dumbfoundead was speak in straight facts when he was talkin about guns
Jus Know
this dropped 3 years ago why is it trending now
Xythe_iClout Scammer Get Scammed Youtuber
When Tim realizes all those Asian jokes can relate to him to
Lovil Davila
Explain how Conceited won calling him Chinese and Japanese? He's Korean! That's like calling an Italian a Greek. L by default.
Conceited's hype dudes are overzealous to the point of cringe.
zeroFucks Given
They both went in on family, sex, violence, race, gangs, lifestyle, stereotypes and i liked con more. He has an oustanding wordplay and bar scheme. He broke down his opponent from every angle. Dumbfoundead tried to play conscious in a rap battle right after disrespecting somebody's mom aunt and sister. It don't work like that bro. You can't be conscious and disrespectful at thè same time. Pick a side. It's a battle. We all know it gets nasty.
The chinky Indian
Loved concieted... But dayumm dumbfoundead was too good
Konig D
Was I the only one annoyed by the amount of asian jokes? I can almost guarantee if DF threw in some black cracks the crowd would go bonkers trying to hang DF, or get him barred from life. It got annoying. Con had nothing else to go for, it showed. Any good battle rapper would've actually gave up some substance vs DF.
conceited only out here doin asian jokes? wondering what happened if the asian guy did as many Black jokes..
John Cool
Imagine if Dumbfounded did nothing but make black jokes...
win _YT
dumbfoundead kill conceited assss
The Golden Bar by DFD : "Sometimes i think we both forget that we both sell rhymes, But hook us up to a polygraph and i wont fail mine"
Gio Chio
I agree that they both resorted to making easy short/asian jokes but DFD won that hands down. His word play, cadence & delivery was way harder than Con's
Lee Xiong
Conceited threw all the Asian jokes out there, even on wild and out he still uses old lame Asian freestyle... I mean talks, because that fool can’t rap on a beat
William Dooley
Shoulda called this video Conceited and his crew vs. Dumbfoundead
Joey Youn
DUMBFOUNDED!!!!!! That is my guy!....Its about skill not color.
Nathaniel Holinka
How come this boy couldn't go even one round without Asian jokes? Dumbfounddead would have been booed off if he used race even once, and Concieted used race in almost every damn bar. Weak
John Kim
rat a tat tat butterflies on your back and some Chinese letters that don't mean jack. Good Lord...
David Sanchez
DF did not say one racist joke and still smashed. He did Con signature “slow it down” hella great. DF dominated. I like how it’s only racist when black jokes are told.
How conceited win with all of those Asian jokes? Try to battle with no stereotype meng.
"Sometimes I think we both forget we both sell rhymes. But hook us up to a polygraph bet I won't fail mine." R.I.P. lil romeo
D won bro c was just making fun of his race if d would’ve done that all hell would break lose
Tae Kim
Asian dudes be always roasting blacks with intelligence lol it’s like listening to a college student arguing with a kindergarten crying for a lolipop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Conceited automatically took an L for even thinking Asia is a country lol
This was hard to watch. Conceited got cooked in every round. Dumbfoundead is the Return of the King, manifested.
Hakeem Ture
3 hot tubs at the crib.... Alll sinks lmao
BamBamBoo Yaaj
Straight up, DFD been predicted all your punch lines. He finished it in his head for Con. Racist jokes are getting old.
Christian R
I like Conceited. I wanted him to win. But man, Dumbfoundead talked some real shit.
Anders Moen
Dumbfoundead killed conceited on guns and violence and then Conceited continues to talk about how he'll blast Dumbfoundead with his guns. I had respect for Conceited in verse 1 but lost it in 2. Dumbfoundead's rhimes meant something while Conceited's rhimes were only empty threats. Conceited is a POS. Can't believe the crowd was cheering him on.
*Conceited said WAY too many things about Asians which seemed a bit vague instead of more material on Dumbfoundead, but Dumbfoundead also said a few race jokes, height jokes, career jokes, etc. People are saying Con won, but all I see is a draw or a very narrow victory. Dumbfoundead said a lot more though and was more flexible, while Con had some great wordplay*
Hamed Shah
You know conceited lost when you search Conceited lose RapBattle and this is the first one to show up
Tre' Runyon
Dumbfoundead absolutely smacked Conceited in this. If you think he lost, you're clearly a Lil poppy fan. Outta here with you SoundCloud lovin azz
Anson Nguyen
Conceited and his hypemen vs dumbfounded
Lessons learned from this battle: Conceited is short, Dumbfoundead is Asian.
Anil Shah
So will it be fine if Dumbfounded made black remarks and disses??
Beurre De Cacahuéte
Am I the only one who hates Conceited's hype people at his back
Tom Foolery
Dumbfounded called him out on his fake gun talk and the very next round, he starting talking about guns again... Either it's written or he doesn't know how to rap about anything other than guns he don't have.
Behind it all, you can see they respect each other mad
Dumb using the slow it down flow against con is the reason I still can't move on from this video.
Being 100% Unbias. Dumbfounded won Rap Battle. If you like the jokes side and entertainment its all to Concieted, If you involved rascist jokes and small jokes as "INVALID" well then Both are Equally on the winning side. Dumbfounded Great Poet and use of words alongside Conceited which brings references showing he did his research on his enemy not just going for the $. So 50/50 On How you Look at it.
Ankle Bully
Who still watching this 2018
Dumb won this one hard. All Conceited had was racial jokes. Lame. Conceited is a VERY good rapper, but Dumb is an absoulte legend.. his bars on you can get the jordan's all cheap / that's a tall drink / all sinks... mind blown.. SLOW IT DOWN!
Dnaking R8mg
Fun battle. They both killed it ! Dumb took the edge by a point or two .
I want Dumbfounded's jacket!
Jade Paduga
The only people that voted for con is either black or wild n out fans, like deadass tho
I like how conceited’s crew is in the back on their cellphones and chatting with each other any time it was Dumb’s turn, but as soon as it’s conceited’s turn, they’re hyped up as fuck anytime he breathes. Reminds me of that one meme battle rap meme where the crowd goes crazy for basically nothing.
Spartan Siddiqui
dumbfounded won. I came for conceited but damn did conceited get murdered.
Taylor Suarez
Dumbfounded won this one man.
Nyikiwe Shabangu
I'm with Dumbfoundead, has more variety in his comebacks
Daniel Christensen
What does anyone expect from conceited? The racism is reflective of what he learned and how he was treated at wild n out... dumbfounded won this on every level. Had comedy, substance and a real message. Listening to concieted with all the racism made me feel bad for humanity.
Anthony Turner
This came out 3 years ago but why are there so many new comments? 🤔
Domino Durham
asian this, asian that 🙄 n-word, n-word, n-word ... Dumbfoundead ftw
Conceited was only roasting and throwing typical asian jokes. Dumbfoundead actually rap battling.
I like how Dumbfounded talked about how Con is fake and only raps about guns, and Con immediately raps about guns
Fresno Santana
Dumbfoundead won for sure
gangster the gathering. LMAO. That stung I bet.
Greg Dobson
The reason why non-black rappers are better is because they work harder. Jin, Eminem, Dumbfounded.....these guys can't be lazy and rely on the n-word and race jokes to get by, they need real creativity to thrive.
Amazing this battle has 9 million views