PLAY - Famous (Official video)

Brehia S
I still absolutely love this song and Play. And just so the people who doesn't know this, Play sang this song first in February 2010. It's from their album Under My Skin 2010. Big Time Rush did this song in June 2010. So Play did this first
Maggi Anime
This song is of Big Time Rush
It was Play who released the song first.  It was even co-written by one of the people who tried to reunite the group.
Eileen Lagunas
Nah Play sang it better than BTR
Flor Avalos
Por si no lo saben BIG TIME RUSH salio en el 2009 y esta canción FAMOUS es su canción principal de la serie y estas que dicen que disque canción es suya es mentira porque ellas subieron el vídeo en el 2010 así que estas son unas COPIONAS y por favor mil veces esta canción le sale a BIG TIME RUSH mucho mejor que a ellas ..,me quemaron los oídos con sus voces de estas tipas 😯😡 BIG TIME RUSH LA MEJOR BANDA Y MEJORES VOCES ...RUSHER FOREVER 😊
JustCallMe Nox
....wait. BTR covered this? No wonder this was never released on their albums. Boys got some explaining to do.
Alva Svensson
It's not big time rush who wrote this song! It was Andreas Carlsson and another songwriter. They did it on a swedish show called "Made in Sweden". So please stop
SO PLAY IS THE ONES WHO STARTED THIS SONG!!! No wonder why it sounded familiar
jayro evans nuñez almendares
This song is from BTR look at wiki and you will understand!
I personally love Play's version better then Big Time Rush to be honest. Not a fan of Big Time Rush I just like one of their songs which is 'Boyfriend' but 'Famous' is a song I've heard from Big Time Rush first NOT knowing Play did this first but honestly don't like the guy version. I love <3 Play's or the 'female' version and BTW I'm more of a Play fan anyway and miss them so much. Re-listening to Play and Dreamstreet brings back so many good memories. Both awesome. Love them both so much! But anyway Play's version sounds so much then Big Time Rush. Sorry. Everytime I hear Big Time Rush's version I skip the song. Don't at all like it 'cause they sound horrible! ^-^
Eric DaCunha
I wish they'd come back for a reunion. They could rock the hell out of the music scene
Catherine Cisneros
copionas, Esa cancion es de mis Amores 👉 BTR ❤
Chanel A
Play are the original singers of this song, not Big Time Rush. The boy group did a cover, not the other way around
ginacarano 4ever
2018 this is still one of my favs ❤️
Uba Mckay
Man, I wish Anna and Rosie were part of the reunion group... :(
Milly G.G.
Esas copionas le copiaron a BTR las odio
holy cow i first heard this song through a game called stardoll AND THATS 7 YEARS AGO IM SHHOOKKKKK
Danny Arevalo
this song is by Big Time Rush  this girl stole the song  thieves
rosanna munter and anna sundstrand. the new group is faye hamlin anais lameche and sanne karlsson
And that guy they bump into 2:21 is Andreas Carlsson, one of the guys who wrote this song.
Melodica CHAN
I prefer a million times to BTR !!! BUT THIS IS VERY GOOD
Cory Dunlop
Missed them x
That woman in the yellow dress is the one who "made" this group. Her name is Laila Bagge. In 2001 Play were very famous in the US with their song "Us Against the World". I think they performed that song in one of the Olsen twin's movie.
rödtotten har bäst röst!
Ameerah AlBi
Why are people debating about BTR & PLAY??? Get over it both of them have the same song and everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don't understand why BTR fans are on here if they don't like this version why watch it? Me Personally I like this version :)
love it
Freddiey Denman
and i miss the old play
I really liked them back in the day
Semanur Ergen
Super song
I loved Play back then, I think "Replay" was the best album the ever made. I wish Faye Hamlin never left in the first place, but it's great to see them try to recreate the group again after their break up in 2003 or something like that... I dislike this new girl, like I dislike Janet, but I have to give them credit, I like this song, I think it's better then BTR's cover.
I know play came up with this first, and their version is great, but I like the BTR version much better. That is just my own opinion :X
Pascal Crawford
anais the brunette is awesome
@jansloveofmakeup Rosie was there when they recorded the song then dropped out before recording the new girl name is Sanne Karlsson
I like it, but I also like btr"s version to
Play's version has a lot more power than btr !!!
Play's version is so much better than Big Time Rush's
The three producers are in the video too... they probably thought "This is soo much fun, I'mma jump in too!"
i need them back
Gene B
It was Plays song before BTRs. BTR basically "covered" it.
paula rudi
there only 2 original girls from play faye and anais the blonde girl is sanne a new member anna and rosie left the group
@Conzuelo99 Remember though, Play came out with the song first.
Wikipedia: "Famous" is an English language hit by Swedish girl group Play, taken from the album Under My Skin released April 21, 2010. The song was released as a one-track digital download on February 15, 2010. "Famous" was also recorded by American pop group Big Time Rush. It was played in its entirety for the first time immediately following the debut of the episode "Big Time Fever" on June 26, 2010, then released 3 days later on June 29, 2010 as their fourth single.
Samuel Alves
Wow, this version is too great too. I like it ^^
Blair Phoenix
Anais looks just like a brunette version of Serena from gossip girl!!!
I looooove big time rush,but i feel Play sang it better.
OMG!!!! It's Faye!!! She left the band years ago!!!!
Elif Taçyıldız
love fanny
Bruno de maslow
Esta canción le pertenece a btr copionas de mierda
Lizette Sjöberg
This was made before big time rush!
Brittney Castillo
wow i didnt knwo they still were singing. thats awsome. most groups from back in the day are slowly getting back together like backstreet boys and new kids on the block
Priyanka Sridhar
Seriously you guys appreciate all the works out there.. It's seriously not that critical
Joanna Brown
Having listened to BTR's version a lot more I prefer their cover though the original is still very good. But it doesn't have the rap Logan sings at the end to make it better.
mariana pollito
Es copia de BTR :/
Belieber 4ever
rebecca wilson
annais is preety
Cansun Serçe
I'm a fan of this group
@Conzuelo99 Um, okay...? I know, I was just saying. I LOVE BTR's version, don't get me wrong (I kinda like this one a bit more now though, it's grown on me after listening to it more often) but it's always nice to give credit to the other group that sang it, you know?
big time rush sang it better :/ don't like your voices to much autotune :/ 
what what what LOL FEMALE VERSION wooot :D and i love Plays songs and BTRs woot woot
Kelsea Bingham
i like Big Time Rush's version way better than this one, but i do like this one but not as much as BTR's
Emma Tomlinson
The red head Sounds the best
Cansun Serçe
My love mmmm
Lina Björkman
@BabyLover154 , PLAY, since it's written by that guy at 2:20 (andreas carlsson) and that guy at 2:27 (anders bagge) :)
Samantha Choong
Okay, i find out Famous is a cover so i come check this out. they are good, but honestly, (to me!) BTR was better and they DID change some lyrics, i love this song, done by Play or BTR.
Love both versions!!
Samantha Luciano
I'm gonna say it again. Both Play and Big Time Rush did amazing. Play may have been early 2000s, but Big Time Rush sang it great. They've gotten permission. Who cares who's better? Both sang this amazing and in their own way. May I remind you that I'm 20 (a 90s kid).
I want them to come back! They stopped again! ughhh
umm if your saying famous is not plays original song, check the dates of the videos lol btr just covered it :) badly btw :)
Samantha Luciano
Stop comparing Play and BTR. Both sang it great. Play has been around since the early 2000s and BTR has been around since early 2010. They sang it their own ways. Just stop comparing one another. It's really annoying.
Gina Navarra
Play > BTR. I grew up with Play, not BTR, so that's how I feel. :)
I miss Play alot.. wish they would've stayed together this time.. would've loved to hear more from them
I heard this sound on the radio at Famous Footwear XD
Anna Cristina
play is fantatick
Ok now I know this was relesed first but I am a rusher and stick by them but arent we rushers being a bit bias at the moment? I mean they did record it first
Widow Scenestar
its sounds better
jess lloyd
Well big time rush didn't steal it cause if you look in their album in the back with all the thanks there's a thanks to play for letting them cover it ^___^ I love this version :P
franny v
omg there on stardoll
fredrik kvarnkullen
ni är jätte bra helsninar anna kvarnkullen
Peter Smith
They're hot!
Abigail Swift
I love this song. and i did my research this is play's song that BTR did a cover of and i like this verson way better
OMG. I'm one of the biggest big time rush fan, (Rusher) and i freaked OUT when i found out Play sang famous, cause they were my FAVORITE group when i was young!
Rachel Noel
Did BTR cover this or..?
So this is the original version of Famous.
Elisa Anahi
this is so much better than btr
Larissa Cohen
I will never understand why people get on here to argue about who is better than the other. Obviously your opinion is NOT going to make a difference when it comes to changing someone's mind about music. ITS JUST A FREAKING GROUP/SONG. At the end of the day at least one person in this world is going to like one version more than the other. Get over it and move on. Have a lovely day all :)
ashima narula
faye and anais havent changed a bit ! <3 love themm
dorisann glenn
i cant believe btr stole this song play is way better
Ángel Moreno
Esta chido el Cover xd Digo, esta Cancion es de Big Time Rush :3
Maria Paz
Esa es una copia Esa cancion es de BIG TIME RUSH❤❤
Lu Schmidt
emelie holmgren
Quit debating EVERYONE! Play did it first, then BTR covered it! My gosh!
I like the redhead
Actually your wrong! Famous was released by Play on 15th April and only on 26th June by Big Time Rush.
Jimbo Jub
My sis is a BTR fan and she even said Play was better.
I hard this song on Big Time Rush!! I thought they wrote this song!!