Mace Plays Vinyl - Falco - 3 - Full Album

1985 00:12 Rock Me Amadeus (The Salieri Version) 08:37 America (The City Of Grinzing Version) 12:34 Tango The Night (The Love Mix) 15:05 Munich Girls (Looking For Love) (Just Another Paid One) 19:22 Jeanny (Sus-Mix-Spect Crime Version) 26:14 Vienna Calling (The Metternich Arrival-Mix) 33:45 Männer Des Westens - Any Kind Of Land (Wilde Bube Version) 37:48 Nothin' Sweeter Than Arabia (The Relevant Madhouse Danceteria Jour-Fix-Mix) 42:35 Macho Macho (Sensible Boy's Song) 47:42 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (No Mix)

Vergeltungswaffe Ein
I was five years old in 1985 and this record was my fav. Thank you so much for uploading!
Jhead bomber
The best of New Wave right here.
Mr Robot Shop
thanks for doing these- great to listen to at work. sounds great!
mercury poizund
Thanks,great music.R.I.P. Falco....
David Danser
Falco, 3, is the best album I think that they made. My absolute favorite. Thanks for posting this. I love the sound of vinyl. It's great. I bought this on cassette back in 1985. I plan to buy a used vinyl copy. So exited to get it. Thanks again.
Mala Kropek
Bedankt lang geleiden
John Morrison
First cassette I owned
ma fi
vinyl as usual sucks!