Mystery's Explained Episode 2 The Cottingley Fairies

In this episode we look at the truth behind the famous Cottingley fairies and the two young girls who even fooled Sherlock Holmes.

fake or not, they're still cool photos.
Nancy Benefiel
They look so much like cut outs. How could anyone fall for this?
The guy who wrote Sherlock Holmes thought these were real? Shows the power of imagination and how if you want to believe something so bad, your mind will actually tell you it is reality.
I've got pixies. I see them when i'm drinking in my garden.
John Baker
Not only are the "fairies" obviously two-dimensional cutouts, the poses and hairstyles were actually matched to illustrations in a fashion catalog that was widely available at the time - yet some people still believe the photos are real. Some people will believe anything except the truth.
Kennie Diamond
Dafuq.. you can clearly see its fake.. man wtf.. HOW could anyone belive this?
The photo of the girl sitting behind the dancing fairy ring, they do look really fake. They look drawn, in fact, and has much of the style of the times, like a painting or something. As much as I believe in paranormal things, and the possibility of other life forms that we don't typically see every day, this picture especially out of all of them looks fake. :(
5th is obviously fake too. cartoon cut outs, just like the others
D. V. Crystal
There’s a lovely novel about this by Hazel Gaynor: The Cottingly Secrets
Douglas Brannon
It was a great trick which fooled people for a long time.
peter gildersleve
is fairy life like thug life
Oreo _7775
I live I cottingly
Cathy Lorenzo
It hardly for me to believe it cause it seems fake but i want to see a REAL fairy ...
I thought 💭 that the girls were younger like 8 and 9. The pic with 4 fairies 🧚‍♀️ and one of them looks 👀 like she’s that little
Jaclyn Steinmacher
jessie james
should not the title read: Mysteries ..explained and not Mystery's.....?
Goober Flute
Wow....... It is amazing how this was something people actually believed.... It's SOOO fake.......
Centrist Philosopher
The WW1 explanation as to why so many believed it is intriguing and something i'd never thought of before. Thanks!
Ben Thejrporter
If the fifth photo was real then they should not have taken the others. It's tempting to embellish an experience with fabricated evidence to draw more attention to it, but it is totally counterproductive and discredits anything genuine.
Martin Blair - Searching Earth
People believe a lot of things that should be clearly untrue. Just look at all the Romance Scams where people fall for the charms of others. On the other hand as was mentioned at the end of this video, it was at the time of WW1 and there was a lot of stress in the world and these two innocent young girls were thought to be not the kind that would deceive . . . .
Marika Dye
the 5th looks like an opaque pic of a made up fairy.
ᴘᴇᴘᴘᴇʀ ᴍɪɴᴛ
When people had brains of goats
P Heart
unfortunately we rarely get to see the original un-touched up photos.
laura g
Lori Houchin
I absolutely love this story and grew up believing in faeries, I so wanted to see one or more! Thank you so much for the excellent video ! You did a wonderfully thorough job with all the footage.....that I had never before seen! Whe they made the movie based on this story I just had to see it. This is definitely one to remember as I was born in 1966.
Why are the fairies in the last photo see-through? How did they do that!
gavin Reid
Little village of Cottingley is now part of Bradford.
Keith Parsons
Nicely made, thanks.
Yashpreet Sembhi
whats the song in the background?
joan the mad
of I could I'd photoshop a black and white pic of "real" fairies then to back in time
Charlotte berry-walshe
People may say that they are all fake, but one thing I will say is that if the girls used cut outs (i.e: paper) how could the fifth and final photo be opaque?
Glenn parent
you should the pictures of me and godzilla-having a cold beer in japan
just me
The second round of pictures were sooo bad lol people really want to believe in fairies
Guys think about it, it was really old when they took the photos and they didn't have photoshop then so maybe it's real
Furlow Torent
It really is funny how they couldn't tell the images were just cut outs...
Circus Van O
Please read "the Cottingley Secret". I just came out and explains a lot about how things happened in Frances's words. It's based on her autobiography.
makes me thing of Tyrannosaurus Rex.
g balo
the only fairies i see are the ones walking the streets
jessie james
''the truth is not for all men: its only for those who seek it'' someone famous said it...So true
Note how the in the picture @2:41, the girl's hand appears to be curiously elongated, which may or may not be significant.
MAN ologues
I guess photographs were pretty novel and primitive at this time as well so it's likely most things looked fake
gayani anuradha
I believe fairies
Bruce Maclennan
In the photo at 1:40 the ambient light on the 'fairies' is brighter than elsewhere in the photo, suggesting fakery.
Terri P
fake fake
Milla Thirlaway
Real or not Elsie and Francis obviously saw fairys
Edward Gardner was kinda fit
Joe Parsons
My Mother in Law worked for a large building company in the late 60s early 70s. The Chairman who was Irish backed out of the equivalent today of a multi million pound deal, as he refused to build on land that he had total belief of being a Fairy Glen. He chose to back out and lose substantial amounts of money when no alternative could be found, as he believed he would be destroying the fairies home and habitat, and if he went ahead, that the fairies would be killed. He was a middle aged man. Experiences and encounters in not just our lives, but those close to us we trust in shape our believes. Everyone has something behind the way they think and believe, and not everyone can be wrong. I personally have had experiences that before they happened, thought were no more than folktales.
elizabeth atkins
I believe them to be true, I think the reason they said they lied, Is because can you imagine how many people would be trudging through the stream and wooded area they would kill what little evidence there is there, I think the fairy's would disappear and never come back, I do not care what other people think we all have dreams of things like this happening,
Douglas Brannon
Cardboard cutouts.
Derek Beauchamp
Question, why do people put a fairy on top of a Christmas tree?
5050 HD
Thomas theodore merrylin search this guy thank me later
TheFamousGuy -
"The pureness and innocence of the girls and their photos proved to them that the world still had some goodness somewhere..."~ Photos proven to be deceitful fakes. So much for pureness and goodness in the world right?
I'm dead
Am I the only one who thinks those kids were pretty damn smart to be able to pull that off? Either that or everyone else were just idiots.
Melanie Gambling
People say they look fake, but a lot of people were fooled by two little girls.
eternalcosmo star
Worst photoshopped lol
Mitchell Bast
Fake cardboard cutouts
5050 HD
If you want the real species of this creature search this guy ..... Thomas theodore merrylin..... Thank me later
jimmy johnston
The War photos are also staged.
Charlie Thomas
If they are real, were did the faires get the clothes there wearing? In the Fairey stories?
5050 HD
Search this here on you tube.... Thomas theodore merrylin....
August Reigns
i love these women. the world needs more people like them.
kenneth napper
so you interested in fairies i meet two called tumblina and cronos
they are exquisite,, I myself seen one while traveling recently. My jaw dropped, eyes popped as it passed before my car
I've been doing work on underworlds other dimensions and also parallel universes. This could be fake but we need to u derstand that supernatural things aren't clear to the naked eye there a only few people who can see strange things others can't see so maybe the 'fairy's' are resisting photo light and reflection this could be why it looks fake. Either way we will never find out the truth...
D. Paul Gladstone
Girls did lie about photos, but only after they realized they broke the promise to never tell anyone. That was why they gave their final story. I wonder how much ridicule they faced in their lives for showing the photos. This is a warning to all. If you find a little person promise to never expose to anyone that you did. You should never break that promise, and that's a warning!
Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr
If you believe in God you might as well believe in fairies.
Apple Blair
Hi, I use to believe the fairies were real.
Sushmita Roy
that old ladies ,, didn't tell anything clearly -_-
Alana Cartes
People who FAKE these things SMH, get to be infamous for being LIARS and fakes, like these two sisters. Shame, difficult enough for the TRUTH to be believed.
Fairies are a reality. My mother was taken by a changeling 10 years ago this year. Sadly I didn't fully understand at the time and missed my chance to save her during the first 9 days.
Fruitful Faerie
Whether these are real or not, fairies ARE real. Many people have seen them. They aren't physical so they aren't regularly in our dimension but still can be seen. People believe in angels, and people believe we randomly showed up I our bodies with no purpose and will vanish into thin air when we die, but people have A hard time believing in fairies regardless that they have been seen since the beginning of time.