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VLOG EPISODE 48 - SUBSCRIBE: />-- For the next episode, we went to the Iguazu falls. Slightly different spelling because it was in Argentina this time. -- GET IN TOUCH! Instagram - />Twitter - />-- MUSIC by Aso:

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Gabriel Santos Mellon
Brazilians don't like at all Argentina! lol
The Devil's Throat is in Argentina: 2:32... Iguazu Falls 80% Argentina, 20 % Brazil. The Argentina side is better.
Pat De Rocker
Thanks for your positive comment on my video of Edinburgh. I visited Iguazu Falls in 2000... one of the most beautiful places in the world!
good vid where u from?
Katja Vestergaard
wow so nice! always wanted to go :)
Wow! I would love to travel that much :))) Nice channel!
Nahla&Nabil are Vlogging
it's really beautiful lucky ! ..... come visite my country it would be fun i promis
O Pernambucano
Cindy Yong
This is beautiful! I hope to visit there someday too! (((-:
Emilio Herrera
Iguazú Falls are one of the most beautiful places in the world!
guau increible el sitio!