Kippo Honeypot - hacker gets so frustrated types ubsenaties and mashes keys

So a hacker logs in, and attempts to install software. Nothing works so attempts to log in to another server, of course he is still in mine. Nothing seems to work, so he attempts to log into another server, and of course he is still in mine. Nothing works, he gets so frustrated he types #UCK , and then mashes the keys. so goooood.

Divasi Mao
2:45 HAHAHAHAHA very smart cli joke :)
Alex Cebanu
He called „HELP” :D
only took him 4:50 to actually install something.... jesus
He's so bad at this ahaha, its astonishing how he even got access to the honeypot in the first place ahaha
Cap Archer
knid mils
this is what kali linux tutorials are doing to the internet
Whaman loldude
dafaq did he think aptget would work???
Adrian Silva
how do you get to catch people into your honeypots? I just wanna know that just for curiosity and also do you use any kind of software to create them or do you program them ? and last question is if it's good to use ufobot that allows you to create honetpots and botnets too
artur russo
Hi I'm trying to create a kippo honeypot for my final year project in college can you give me some suggestions and help please ?
knid mils