Rivers & Robots - Shepherd Of My Soul [Official Lyric Video]

Here's another song from our 2014 album "All Things New". Available on Get the album: Spotify: />iTunes: />CD / Bandcamp: /> Follow us: Twitter » />Facebook » />Instagram » /> Jonathan Ogden - Guitar / Vocals David Hailes - Guitar Nathan Stirling - Bass Kelani Koyejo - Drums Dan Stirling - Mixing / Mastering Aydee Latty - Recording Engineer Stock footage courtesy of videoblocks.

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Found you guys on NoiseTrade! All of your music incorporates scripture so beautifully and is such a breath of fresh air. So beautiful. God bless! x
The video footage is amazing!
Tamás Fábián
Lord of the mountains and sea You are treading a path set for me God of the seasons and sky You have always been holding my life...
Sara Moreira
As músicas deles são de Tirar o fôlego ❤❤ Aaah! Me sinto tão bem quando ouço 💕
Quérgia Yasmin
MEU DEUS, eu não acredito que encontrei uma banda cristã indieee assimmmm - lindaaa
Rammer Jammer
How is it that i just discovered this amazing band? Just saw it while watching Judah and the Lion. I am an indie folk fan and Jesus follower and so tired of all the generic worship music coming out the last ten years that all sound alike. Thank you so much for deciding to be different and fresh.
Vimbai Mukumba
Im am going through a tough season... I believe God is just molding me for a great plan he wants to accomplish. I have been listening this song almost daily twice if no three times over sometimes with strength and courage and sometimes in absolute tear...He will and will always be the Shepherd of my soul.
Philip Throssel
Rivers & Robots is the future of worship music.
Emily Silva
Wonderful song! Come to Brazil, please! God bless you!
daniel nonso
i swear with my life.. GOD is great.. just watch the video and see the wonder of HIS hands
Livia Coelho
This song is such a breath of fresh air in my life this season! Why we are alwyas lead by fear instead of love? The words in this song is so powerfull! We have a great God, that created montains and sea, stars and we feel sometimes so abandoned ... forgive me Lord for not trust in You! And thanks to this great band, this song is so beatifull it touch me deeply Forgive my english is my second language
Ellie Chappell
It's just the right style with just the right lyrics. I absolutely adore this.
probably someone shared the same experience, but I would like to write it as sort of a testimony - I tried to sing this, and couldn't because I had to cry - actually, if I was shown this song 2 years  ago, I know it would not meant too much - but now... i'm learning about Christ more and more day after day prayfully, and these lyrics are so perfect for a prayer
Mariah The Papaya
I can't get over this song <3
Thayara Letícia Tonietto
Estava muito triste um dia, porque queria casar e não tinha dinheiro, Deus me mostrou essa música, chorei muito. No outro dia ganhei todo o meu casamento!!! É obvio que minha marcha nupcial foi essa música incrivelmente linda! Pra sempre marcada em minha vida. Senhor, você é o Pastor da minha alma.
You guys are absolutely amazing! Would it be all right if we did a version of this at our church?
I love their music! It's so calming and has such truthful lyrics.
Patrícia Sousa
música linda 💙
Luana Mattos
Meu Deus q perfeita🎶💜❤
Faby Julio
¡Que canción tan preciosa y confortante! Recordar que TU eres el pastor de mi alma. ¡Gloria a Dios!
how beautiful this song is ... to god.. keep going this amazing work! made my day- thx god..
Joy Joy
Literally read john 10 , which is about Jesus being the good Shepard & the Psalms 23 which is all about God being the good Shepard . Now this 🎉 whoohoo!
Isabel Cristina
Muito linda !
Does this band have an ALBUM? I can't find it anywhere.......
رزان محمد المهدي
I am a Muslim and I in total love with this masterpiece. it means much to me just as much as it means to my Christian brothers and sisters. because in the end, we all worship God, but in different ways.❤❤❤
Benjamin Kreckman
how am I just hearing this? so beautiful
Robert Schramm
As many people before, I just can say: Through this Song I am so blessed and now I decided to buy all of Your albums. And I really think the bridge of this song is one of the best parts of all Your Songs.
Karolyneleo Leo
sou nova nisso tudo e digo amém
Can't stop listening to this song!!! So powerful!! Be glorified LORD!
David Wilson
The holy spirit flows through your music. God bless you guys
Quarto Azul
Que Música, Que Deus Abençoe Em Nome De Jesus ❤
amo essa banda, essa música faz parte da minha rotina
Now this is the good stuff...Good, wholesome,organic, grass-roots folk...I'd grown so tired of the constantly churning tide of ......... albums, not to mention the growing number of artists that didn't sound any different to the last one !! I personally believe that the Holy Spirit will produce something quite unique each time, in us and this is proof...Can't wait to hear more !!
The background is a great idea. I reflect on God's creations while watching it.
Jackie Murphy
I notice how you guys are not just unique but unlike many current artists who are all sounding too similar. I'm glad you guys are outstandingly , pleasantly , different & separate !! your songs are captivating. Finally , there's artists like yourself , that are bringing new , fresh , vibrant & noticeable , genuine music ! God is using your music & gave you guys amazing talent! your songs are often sung as prayer's in my home 👍
Flora Miles
What a gorgeous video! 'By my Father's breath every star in the sky was made'.
Olivia Unwin
This is so visceral and genuine, I feel like it's an expression of emotion rather than an attempt at creating emotion which is glorious.
oh wow! such a beautiful song!!!
Matthew Vigil
What is this song!!!!???????? It's the best that's what it is!!!
Jan Novotný
This is the most amazing thing I heard this year. All of your songs are so heart-inspired and beautiful. The guitar work is just stunning.
im so glad you guys are gaining a following, for in that more people will be exposed to the Love of the Father thru song and psalm, i cant wait until you guys come to California. please get your visas!!!!
Trent Carmon
I lay down everything for you lord
Davi Junior
Im diggin this song. Great job on the guitars
Beka Beats
LOVE THIS! I'm singing this in a music and I can't wait! So beautiful!! :D
Elena Kostovska
Last month was very hard for me because I went through the biggest heartbreak and disappointment in my life. I'm still in healing process and what a wonderful music to praise my King Jesus. I love your music. Keep up the good work. Blessings in Christ Jesus.
Faran Javed
This song gave me courage and comforted my soul in the time of my distress, God always speaks to me through such music, God is so good !
Brynner Ferreira
Thank You Lord for this Beautiful Worship.
steve book
The Lord is truly amazing and omniscient
berenice castellanos
mi canción favorita :)
Becca Oliveira
you are the shepherd of my soul Jesus <3
Cynthia Koning
Wow, it makes me feel like I'm in heaven 👼
I-don't-know Okay
Hey so I just wanted to share this story that God Has really put in my heart to be told. So Every since I was little I rebelled against God and I was scared of church . Of course i still Worshipped but there was always something wrong. So then I read the Bible and prayed every single day in 4th grade thinking it would make a diffrence . Yes It did . It brought me closer to God, But then I started thinking stuff that scared me , like the end of the world. In 6th Grade I was fine , a few slip ups but there was still something wrong. Then seventh grade came and I crumbled . This might upset people but I used to think of hurting people. I tried to stop it , I really did. But the thoughts kept going . I asked and told God to keep me sane and to let me no think these thoughts but they kept coming, then I started loosing hope . So my thoughts became more vulgar , and My breaking point was when I started thinking About hurting Jesus. I repented for my sins and told the Lord to forgive me . I didn't know why I was thinking these thoughts . The Lord forgave me but I still felt wrong and shameful . Sometimes I would still get the same thoughts and Prayed for it to end . I wanted It to end but didn't know how to stop it. Then I joint many devotions and prayed for 40 min. That calmed things down but I still felt so guilty and shameful. Crying on my bed saying Lord help me , do not abandon me , I'm so sorry . But as Much as I prayed for healing , as much as I prayed for God to handle these thoughts , they still kept coming. So I prayed that God would know my heart and take any wickedness away from me and if it's me thinking these things , That he take away the bad parts of me . Then last night I realized . Maybe the reason God wasn't doing my stuff he promised if because Althought I prayed and Read The Bible , I STILL NEEDED FAITH. So I surrendered myself to the Lord ,and all these spiritual Attacks That I experienced I'm so Glad and Thankful that Jesus Forgave me and didn't let me surrender to the awful Devil. God took my thoughts and made them brand new . He took all my mistakes and make me a clean person . He took me and made me his . I read psalms a lot cause they calm me down . And One of the Promises that Jesus made to me was Psalms 56:4 "In God I Will praise His word , In God I will put my faith , I will not fear ; what can flesh do unto me ". And I always repeated that in my mind .and Yesterday when I was at my last wit and was crying so hard , I opened my book of psalms and That verse came up . The chapter I opened to was psalms 56:4 without me searching for it. It made me realized that all this has made me stronger . He has made me for faithful and made me more resilient . This has made me want more of God and without this problem , I would have never taken God seriously .Im not asking for pity , all im asking is that you trust Jesus Christ , your savior .keep your head up and keep your faith strong. Also If you can , can you guys please pray for my complete healing of mind , that These thoughts may not come back . All faith in Jehova that has done his will in my life . Never let him go .❤️❤️
andrea fouche
This is beautiful. Not only the words but listening to it while watching God's beautiful and breathtaking creations. I honestly love this. Whoever wrote this song. it's a gift x
l o r e n a
Um indiezão de Jesus desse bicho <3 estava procurando há tempoooss
Heats Flamesman
4:19 is fire; my favorite part
Love this song. amazing love for music you guys have. God is so good.
Claire Marie Maitem
And Lord, You are the shepherd of my soul So I lay down my plans, I give up my rights And let You take control of this surrendered life
Zyrill Nathalie Digal
God bless you more and more Rivers & Robots! The Lord is so wonderful for giving us this music!
Law Williams
Was suggested this band by a friend. Pretty good stuff Reminds me kind of a Christian version of Hey Ocean!
Rebekka Sherrin
Amazing beautiful worship, incredibly chill sound, very crisp, clean and smacking of genuine musicianship. Well done guys! Love it!
Aléxia Gomes
que música 💗🙏
Lorie Brumfield
Reallly enjoying this song! It's beautiful!
Analy Rojas
Beautiful song, thanks God ! amo essa música demais.
Lesli Ballesteros
Amazing Lord You are the shepherd of my soul ♥♥
This song is making me love more and deeper!!
KNB Rossiter
love from the US :)
Annette Castanos
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! So sweet!
Miichelle padilla
Hermosa cancion!! Me Hace Feliz : )
Meachel Ruiz
I love this song God bless you guys!🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤
just happened to come across this song...what beautiful lyrics and video.
Gillian Wong
a mix of indie and jesus is the recipe to my soul!
Amy Faith Morley
This is such a comforting song! Been reading Psalm 23 a lot lately and this song just sums it up for me!
Maria Cristina Maia
Always back to hear ( and to learn how to lay down my plans) again and again and again 💓
This is the most beautiful Christian MV I’ve seen in a while. I’m so glad I found this! Great things can happen at 3 am, so thank you God
Felipe Vidal
Brazillll <3
Heloniel Jazer
Oh Senhor, Tu és o pastor da minha alma!
Ayan Asumen
I love this song because it's so clean (no noise music, if there's such a thing lol) and the words are so straight forward... really addressed to God Himself, not like other "Christian" songs which also sound like romantic love songs.
Luis Moreles
How can 24 people dislike this song!? Thank you Jesus for fresh christian music.
Suzana. L
Que lindeza de música ❤
Julia Pnczykwska
Loord you are the Shepper of my soooul 😇 sztos 💪
It's beautiful <3 . God Bless You Greetings from Colombia
Emily †
I can't get enough from this song😍 does someone know where i can get the cords? I would love to play it on guitar or keyboard in my youth :)))
Daniela Ansuh
I love this band so much, very comforting.
Shannon Swenderman
He who scattered Israel will gather him, and will keep him as a shepherd keeps his flock.
Lu Espericueta
So beautiful!!!
Luke Tonge
Robert Waddell
Shout out to Steven Slate for sharing your video! It great, sounds very good.
Luzia Tetrault
I am very glad to find this great band.Appreciated everything.tks guys...God bless you all.
Beatriz Bragança Baraldi
Não canso de ouvir!
Wonderfully sung 💞
Amo esta canción!.
rhythmantic - Sal D'Amato
Lovely song about our Creator. I'm here through a link from Steven Slate Drums and what a surprise to find a song like this. Beautiful video footage. God bless your music.
Lucia Santiago Taricuarima
God bless! Beautiful song, is my favorite . Saludos desde Perú.
É a Sheilla Reis
I love it!!!! ♥ My soul have a shepherd!
Debra Thomas
Nothing like worshipping the Lord!
Love this song so much!
i love this song.
Andreza Sanny
Linda música! 😍😍😍