Lonzo Ball
This track helped me get through so much in life. Thanks Kanye!
Kusagari Blues
Never was much of a romantic... I could never take the intimacy. And I know it did damage... Because the look in your eyes is killing me.
K Kingsleigh
I'm not a big Kanye fan but I'll be damned if I'm not moved by this song
The distortion at the end is so symbolic beautiful and powerful
Jakob Svendsen Wilkens
thank you kanye very cool!
Marx Farx
Kanye using his voice as a guitar for the outro is still one of the most woke things to this date.
Brittany Knight
Kanye put his heart into this.
Swiper Guy
Best fucking drums bruh. Everything about this song speaks to me. It all works so perfectly !
max m
Never was much of a romantic, could never take the intimacy, and I know it did damage, cause the look in your eyes is killing me, I guess you are at an advantage, cause you can blame me for everything, and i don't know how i'mma manage, if one day you just up and leave. Kanye stole this verse in my dreams, acting like I don't know who did it. ;)
Randøm -
Man I really wish someone can remake the ending of this song with just the piano and strings playing, It sounds so beautiful I could listen to it all day
I always thought the ending signified the period of time in his life when he was in the car crash and his jaw got wired shut, so he couldn't talk regularly for a while. Like he had so much pain and emotion inside of him, trying to blow up as a rapper for years working his ass off, eventually being so tired while driving his car that he crashed. That's just me tho
When you hear the g note.
Michael T
Fried as hell thinking bout how much I'm gonna miss high school some day
This song help me get through a lot of hard shit in my life, love u kanye
Nick Te
I once stayed up all night with this song on repeat when I was overseas and wrote a massive email to my family
Sam Chandi
The best track from the best artist of 21st century.
Autumn Siler
you can blame me for everything but I don't know how Imma manage if you just one day up and leave!!
Worldwide Wyatt
Timeless classic.
jade elizabeth
this is too good
I have to thank Bo Burnham for introducing me to this masterpiece.
Erik Villarreal
This was the song I used before hearing my girlfriend say yes to me😭😇
Papa Alex
I love this song so god dam much
ClaraFreeSprit F
runaway as fast as you cannnn🎵
Rory Strain
Best song ever
Mr. Shrek
I cry every time I hear this song...😭😭
i disappear about modern music then i listin to kanye and I have hope
this song makes me feel some typa way...
2017 and this is still not old kanye is really the best
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What are piano notes for this?
1. Runaway 2. POWER 3. Gorgeous 4. All of the Lights (including Interlude) 5. Monster In summary, "MBDTF" is Kanye's greatest work, just ahead of "ye", and one of Hip-Hop's most treasured album in history...
KING PUSH!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
That piano. ❤
xx whevt
Easton Levy
Ye's the GOAT ..
Harry Wright
Who got ya
Asher Goduco
The night before
Nick 2sick
my theme song...
one of the greatest records of this century.
Imgoinssj 2
Why does this video keep getting deleted
Jason Stevens
Westworld piano was pretty good. And I don't even like this song that much.
this is the kanye
Léon Griesel
we all need to open ourselves up more fam ♡
Demon ToThrowed
love this song ... i have lots in common
Jono R
Kanye is a good artist
leanne mcgrady
The vibes are crazy raw here... 1 of my favs.I love you kanye and hope ur okay 😘
Ur mom sr20 twin cum
Soundtrack to my love life. That's even if I have love life.
Jacob Battle
2018 crew?
Rob Deason
Every. one. sub scribe my. chanle
BryBry Kolanowski
This song use to scare me as a child 😬
Ramasamy Nachiappan
this is kanye's diamond of a song amongst jewels
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Lil Bradie
Is Kanye the GOAT? *YE*s he is
Jason Hoyles
This never gets old! #Masterpiece 💙
Mikey D
who gotcha who gotcha
One of my favourite songs.
ant bun
The outro in this is so good
favorite forever
Finlay Noone.12
Beautiful ❤️
Josh Jackson
I'm so gifted at what I don't like the mosttttttt
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4 Упражнения
4 Упражнения
The one Kanye song I like
Daniel Freire
Hortensia Goras
i like this song and Kanye too
Marcus G Wise
Rob Deason
rob Deason
Josh Jackson
Guarantee if anyone else made this song it would be played everywhere the hate for Kanye is horrible you won't notice him till he's dead
Mitch Waller
He seems like an absolutely awful excuse for a human being. No ethics at all.. but his art is truely special and unique.
gayest fucin song ever