Katy Tiz - Whistle (While You Work It) OFFICIAL VIDEO

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Katy Tiz (Musical Artist) Music (TV Genre) Music Video (TV Genre) Whistle Warner Music Group (Record Label) Whistle (While You Work It) Official

YESSSSSS I loved this song! I still do but it was my most fave song back in 2015
Nikka 1
I'm here because of the Sims 4..who else?
Niya Allen
Who listening to this in 2018
Ally Newton
tbh the lyrics sound exactly the same in simlish
dani peachy
Anyone from Sims?
Charley Granger
this song is great. why doesn't she have more views and subs? i guess people prefer songs about drugs and butts than motivational and positive ones.
Anyone from Girl Boss, Netflix?
Sadie Mortimer
My God I love this song on sims 4 and now I've found it in english 😂
Paige Jones
this came out in 2015 but I'm from 2017 and I just heard this. hmmmm.........
This song is my favorite in the sims 4!!!
Arianah Harvey
Who's here from the emoji movie
Talon Ravenclaw
what if we can't whistle
Pan Kartofel
Just discovered this song, great for running!
Supernerd Rose
Anyone here from GirlBoss?😂😂
well, i'm going through a hard time and this is helping dramaticly thank you..
Halina Gutierrez
Everyone is talking about Sims 4, but I got this from Girlboss...
Opanda Play
Chantelle Paarup
using this song for dance competition love it so much wish me luck
Anyone else from Girlboss?
Oh fuck I miss playing Sims 4. :(
Bas Boumans
I like it more in simlish tho.
Emoji movie anyone?
Jeremiah Ginn
Here from emoji movie
Milin -밀린
Yu whinkle waba dorfna!
Sheila Barfield
Reminds me of Pink!
Princesa Caroço
The anthem of my life! Wish we had new music from you!!! When will your debut album be released???
Twitter & Instagram Tea
Is It Me Or Do I Feel Like This Song Needs More Views?
em shook to the roof
I love the song but... I don't know how to whistle...
Sim Sister
Pause at 0:41
Khairy Diop
she deserves a lot more attention than this
mike the youtuber
is it just me or sounds like this song was made in the summer
This song just reminds me of Septiplier.
1k people don't know how to whistle.
Chris Arel
Who here from shoe dazzle? Lol
Cynthia Davis
she kinda looks like Melanie you know her crybabys
Bunny Costello
I'm waiting for the who came here from boss girl comments
Life With Carol
Who came here from sims 4
Evа Words
Tim Geeven
the sims 4 has this song xD
Milly Mackinlehy
Naba whinkle waba dorfna! simlish XD
Ayo JaeBTW
Lmao this song been out forever and everybody like im here from sims 4 lmaoo thats funny to me
The Sims 4 :)
XCutie Pie
I love the simlish version more than this I’m just weird
Let's admit it most of us came from the shoedazzle commercial.
Aliejha Cullick
Here from Sims 4
she has a weird look... like my head tells me she is attractive/hot but my eyes tell me different... or maybe it's the other way around, I dunno
Who's here because of Clare Siobhan
Collins Key
Claire sihobin uses this song for her intro
Martin Rodriguez
i've only heard this song in simlish and it's kind of weird hearing it in english
Anyone 2017? No? I guess it's me then...
Jade Love
Who’s here from Clare Siobhan sim challenge
Dina Donut
Why does it still sound simlish
Trenell Elizabeth
I love this song
here from Sims 4 get to work☺☺☺
Is anyone here just from nostalgia or is it just me? Because all of the comments are just about being here from the Sims or the Emoji Movie.
Alison Scott
I remember when this only had a few thousand views
Dreamer 187
This is literally the soundtrack of my life
golnur golnur
sims 4 get to work music 😄😄😄😄😄
Bianca Bizzarro
Clare Siobhan!❤️ Who else?
Ethan Vo
Keziah 101
moon - kaek
I can't whistle thought...
Zumba Zumba
So yout know Sims 4 get To work?
Aida.H 48
She should be more famous
Missy Ms
Came here from sims 4 lol 😂
Kayleigh t
Whos here from clare siobhan
Zain simmer
This song is great she deserves more fans
Moises Kirby Nava
I remember listening to this song at work last year at Brightstar 💯😊
Tsumi Golden Cat //TGC
Sims 4?
Gisela Maman
Kate Quintanar
Thanks Pandora for letting me hear this amazing song!
Julia Webb
take a breath don't you worry child.;)
Mia F
Anyone from Clare Siobhan
Brady Manning
listening in 2018 lel still my fave
Lily Nicholson
I haven't heard this song in so long but I randomly remembered it today. I still love the song it gives me more confidence and makes me want to dance:)
Maiya Tyson
Wiesel while your working
Big Gay Hue hue
What happened to Katy haven't seen her in a Long time
Nana Z.
Clare Siobhan anyone?
Random Stuff
She is such an underrated artist 😫😔☹️
Sophia Gymnastics11
Clare Siobhan anyone?
kaylee renee
it sounds weird after hearing it so many times in simlish..
CutesyKay Love
Sims 4
макс макс
Тут русские Есть?
Karolina 5643
2018-2019 ? ❤
tiffany jones
Found this song on the sims 4 loves listening to it so much that I had to hear the real words and I fell deeper in love with it SMILE WHILE YOUR HURTING AND WHISTLE WHILE YOUR WORKING!!!!! ❤️😍
The Sims 4 brought me here 😊
YoIts Olivia
Literally when she started I thought it was simlish..
kiera lomax
Who else loves this song? And for the simmers: Do you like it in Simmilish or English. For me Its probably English
Simplynoodles MSP
Is this the Clare Siobhan intro song or just me
Brogan Jonhson
This should be on just dance 2019 or just dance extreme
Pete Madrona
I literally came here from The Sims 4, after years of looking
Her voice is fantastic. <3
Annabelle van der Scheer
that fur looks pretty real to me XD
I’m here from the sims 4...... 😂
You made me feel like in the inside of me thank you Katy tiz Your the best friend of my life
Eric Chu
Is anyone else here from Clare Shibanans Intro I know I spelt that wrong😄
clare siobhan anyone?
Lacey Hale
lets all admit we love song and could not stop replaying it
Just whistle while you are working