Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) - Uncensored Version

/> The new single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD" In stores now! Featuring Seth Rogen. The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone.

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Nostalgic YouTube
jedi Master Danny General of the 420th
Im almost in 2018
Bekkali Othmane
1:13 - 1:16 The Shape of Water in a nutshell.
4 years later, like a boss
A Person
When you are the only who won the exam
Arbaaz Patwari
"Mr Samburg, thanks for coming to your performance review No problem So You're in charge around here, is that fair to say? Absolutely, I'm the b0ss Okay, so take us through a day in the life of... the b0ss Well the first thing I do is: Talk to corporate, like a b0ss Approve memos, like a b0ss Lead a workshop, like a b0ss Remember birthdays, like a b0ss Direct workflow, like a b0ss My own bathroom, like a b0ss Micromanage, like a b0ss Promote synergy, like a b0ss Hit on Debra, like a b0ss Get rejected, like a b0ss Swallow sadness, like a b0ss Send some faxes, like a b0ss Call a sex line like a b0ss Cry deeply, like a b0ss Demand a refund, like a b0ss Eat a bagel, like a b0ss Harassment lawsuit, like a b0ss No promotion, like a b0ss Fifth of Vodka, like a b0ss Shit on Debra's desk, like a b0ss Buy a gun, like a b0ss In my mouth, like a b0ss (Oh fuck me, can't fucking do it, shit!) Pussy out! like a b0ss Puke on Debra's desk, like a b0ss Jump out the window, like a b0ss Suck a dude's dick, like a b0ss Score some coke, like a b0ss Crash my car, like a b0ss Suck my own dick, like a b0ss Eat some chicken strips, like a b0ss Chop my balls off, like a b0ss Blackout in the sewer, like a b0ss Meet a giant fish, like a b0ss Fuck his brains out, like a b0ss Turn into a jet, like a b0ss Bomb the Russians, like a b0ss Crash into the Sun, like a b0ss Now I'm dead! like a b0ss Uh-huh, so that's an average day for you then? No doubt You chop your balls off and die. Hell yeah And I think at one point there you said something about sucking your own dick? ...Nope Actually I'm pretty sure you did Nah that ain't me Okay, well this has been eye-opening for me I'm the b0ss Yeah I know, I got that, you said that 400 times I'm the b0ss Yeah yeah I got it I'm the b0ss Okay, great, I heard you, bye. like a b0ss.
Jake Peralta's life before he became a cop.
Spectrix Gaming
Friend: Whats your favourite song Me: its kinda complicated
Hajkizz Gashami
2016 and i'm still listening this song... like a boss
Kong Mean
November ,2017 anyone ?
Now that I'm a CEO I'm listening to this song all the time.
Dafin Bardhiaz
I watch this in 2017
Pnisher 1
like my own comment like a boss
Barnacules Nerdgasm
Best song on the whole internet...
john mulaney 0:28?
Midoriya Anime
Peralta your a genius
Miss Scary Kary
I still reference this.
God remember when this came out and a student did a parody of this song about our vice principal for class day. 🤣
*2018 squad where you at?*
sub pig
Like a boss 😎
this was the dolphins assistant coach
jakob farrell
American psycho deleted scenes
damn I remember when this came out my freshman year in high school ,one of my friends used this song on one biology presentations and got suspended
Get rekt
Bill Hader's surprised face at 1:02 is the best. I'm feeling all the nostalgia with this video--plus all the SNL cast cameos!
Diciest Sun
Like a boss was said 50 times not 400
Jasper Rannells
Whoever made this was on some serious drugs
The Smoking Skull
Wait, was that Bill Hader at 1:02?
Thijs van Deursen
everyone who is listening to this *IS A BOSS*
An Exiled Human
This slowly got weirder...
Smileybo0y 15
Mr Worldstour
Cry deeply
AM-PM Cuber
All the dislikes are parents who caught there kids watching this xD lol
Vico Gaming YT
2018 anyone?
Chaitanya Sharma
Basically my life only difference is that I'm a lil taller
Jon Adelung
Poor Debra.
hit on Debra get rejected
Daniel Gonzalez
*-WRITE A COMMENT-* like a boss
Aaron Gerow
Is Seth Rogan singing in this?
2018 like a boss
Emily Fay
fuck now i know where i get it from! I always say "Like a boss" in the exact way the song does bahahaha
Kujo Jotaro
This dude is extreme... He eats a bagel every day
Holy crap, it's John Mulaney at 0:28 !!! He's such a baby here! Wonder if this was back when he was Black-Out drinking every night, and just sitting in a room eating saltines the rest of the time, awaiting his big debut.
8 years of watching this and i never that seth rogen
Dat Boi
2017 song is hilarious lmao
luis lol pty 50733233
So what you do? De the Boss , LIKE A BOSS
Rachelle Glaude
The original trailer of "wolf of Wall Street"
eat spicy goodness L I K E A B O S S
Peyton Franks
810k people missed the dislike button
james hahn
44 times boss was said
Charley Spoons
0:51 -0:58 my life every day
Джек Шепард
Watch this video sooo many times... like a boss! :P
WOW '-' a 2009 video with this camera quality '-'
Jim James
1:13 Pretty much the plot for 'The Shape of Water'
Balloon Shark
37 times they said boss
Silent Studios Skits
Vince McMahons new entrance theme.
Why bomb Russians? We did nothing wrong. D:
Trolencio 911
Mortem Kruger
Absolutley i'm the BOSS
December 2017 and I’m still watching this...
William Hausjah
8 years ago... damn what a masterpiece
Блядь Москва!!!!
Hunter gatherer outdoors 2
All the dislikes are from assistants
Detective Jake Peralta on 🔥
Blaster 78 Herrera
This guy sing LIKE A BOSS
Bender Bending Rodriguez
It all went downhill after shitting on Debra's desk..
Bruh i cant believe its 2017 and im still watching this
dylan plows
I’m watching this for the first time in years, and there are so many jokes I didn’t understand when I was younger.
I'm a boss too
Billy Sarducci
a boss
Tom Levy
I liked the part when he said like a boss
Arnold Schwarzenegger
I remember seeing this when I was like 7 and my parents walked in and they where like what has our child become
Jelly Phish
Bomb the Russians!!
dahana etienne
Listening to this like a boss in 2018
quick question, is this where the meme originated??
britney bryant
this shit never gets old
Any 2018
Delicious pancakes
almost 2018 and im only now realizing that seth rogan is in this video
Like para los que vinieron x m4cias -como dios-
Peep John Mulaney at :38
My ex bosses name was Deborah I'll be joining you on shitting on her desk
Yeam Liyab
This is the funniest thing.
2017 anybody out there
Aleksa Gaming TV
Nathan Lawrence
R.I.P. The Boss He was da best
Sounds like a normal day
Dark Luck
*L I K E A B O S S*
Gabriel Garcia
This video is eight years old and just now I realised that the micro manage guy is John Mulaney.
Anon Molla
It's scary when you realize 1 in 20 people in the entire world have seen this video.
Seth rogan part was hella funny too.
Poor Debra...
John Castorina
End of 2017! LIKE A BOSS!!!
Troy Fabre
0:20 squad
Maddie Cann
New Year’s eve, 2017, like a boss
I found this at 2018/02/08 like a boss!!!
Man, I feel bad for Debra if that's a typical day from her boss.
Ethan Currie
surprised its not demonitized
We just gonna ignore the fact that Peralta is sucking off Captain Seth Dozerman 👀
michael williams
I want to play this on my last day of work in my current place