Like A Boss (ft. Seth Rogen) - Uncensored Version

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/> The new single from The Lonely Island's debut album "INCREDIBAD" In stores now! Featuring Seth Rogen. The Lonely Island is Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone.

Lonely Island SNL Digital Short Saturday Night Live Andy Samberg Seth Rogen Jorma Taccone Akiva Schaffer Jizz In My Pants I'm On Boat Incredibad Music Video

Barnacules Nerdgasm
Best song on the whole internet...
1:13 - 1:16 The Shape of Water in a nutshell.
Vinícius Gomes
I was 12 back when this came out, me and my school friends would always reference this song, all the time. It does bring back great memories...
Rico Suave
Let it be known that Bill Hader appeared in this video just to get his johnson fondled in a parking garage
Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Memes
Here in 2018.
shadow05 PW
This man dies daily. Morgues hate him.
Totally Nameless
Poor Debra. She deserved better.
Jimmy B.
I recently filled a form by applying for a job. There was a question about a song that describes you the best. So I wrote " SNL - like a boss". I didn't get the job
4 years later, like a boss
[Intro] Mr. Samberg, thanks for coming to your performance review (No problem) So you're in charge around here Is that fair to say? (Absolutely, I'm the boss) Okay! So take us through a day in the life of the boss Well the first thing I do is [The Lonely Island] Talk to corporate (like a boss) Approve memos (like a boss) Lead a workshop (like a boss) Remember birthdays (like a boss) Direct workflow (like a boss) My own bathroom (like a boss) Micromanage (like a boss) Promote synergy (like a boss) Hit on Debra (like a boss) Get rejected (like a boss) Swallow sadness (like a boss) Send some faxes (like a boss) Call a sex line (like a boss) Cry deeply (like a boss) Demand a refund (like a boss) Eat a bagel (like a boss) Harrassment lawsuit (like a boss) No promotion (like a boss) Fifth of vodka (like a boss) Shit on Debra's desk (like a boss) Buy a gun (like a boss) In my mouth (like a boss) Oh fuck man I can't fucking do it, shit! Pussy out (like a boss) Puke on Debra's desk (like a boss) Jump out the window (like a boss) Suck a dude's dick (like a boss) Score some coke (like a boss) Crash my car (like a boss) Suck my own dick (like a boss) Eat some chicken strips (like a boss) Chop my balls off (like a boss) Black out in the sewer (like a boss) Meet a giant fish (like a boss) Fuck its brains out (like a boss) Turn into a jet (like a boss) Bomb the Russians (like a boss) Crash into the sun (like a boss) Now I'm dead (like a boss) [Outro] Uh-huh So that's an average day for you then? (No doubt) You chop your balls off and die? (Hell yeah) And I think at uhh one point there You said something about sucking your own dick (nope) Actually I'm pretty sure you did (nah that ain't me) Okay, well this has been eye opening for me (I'm the boss) Yeah no I got that, you said it about 400 times (I'm the boss) Yeah yeah I got it! (I'm the boss) No I heard you, see ya later LIKE A BOSS!
Miss Scary Kary
I still reference this.
1:13 The Shape of Water (2017)
*2018 squad where you at?*
damn I remember when this came out my freshman year in high school ,one of my friends used this song on one biology presentations and got suspended
Jim James
1:13 Pretty much the plot for 'The Shape of Water'
Perky McNutty
0:28 Someone on Tumblr pointed this out. It's John Mulaney.
Abro Bro
JPL Toy Experience
Like A Boss > Mumble rap
Nostalgic YouTube
WOW '-' a 2009 video with this camera quality '-'
Nathan Lawrence
R.I.P. The Boss He was da best
Gabriel Ayres
0:57 Are the blonde girl Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan?
Why is his life more eventful than mine?
Hajkizz Gashami
2016 and i'm still listening this song... like a boss
mauricio parra
Seth: you chop your balls off and die! Andy: hell yeah
ihas dacat
and they were one of the reasons the "meme" was created
KIRA Animations
8 years of watching this and i never that seth rogen
k Maz
4030 locker.does this new favorite movie scott pilgrim vs the world for Chris mastronardi team.sdrdadra 725 deketion of our little nemo.on HBO.:made.
hit on Debra get rejected
Next year this will be 10 years old holy crap
Sergio Leyva
"Na that aint me"
Swiss Provider
when youtube created quality memes !
Black Steve
To everyone still watching hey
The funny thing is that the interviewer seems to be accepting all of the shit he does like if it was the most normal things.
Ethan Currie
surprised its not demonitized
El Ruso Barrer0
So he didn't catch the job?
pais da zueira
*1:00** MEME*
women hater
this really fits Michael Scott
Джек Шепард
Watch this video sooo many times... like a boss! :P
Memes Br
Lucid Dreams
2018 .! 😂 I remember when this mfer first came out .
Emily White
Literally just noticed that the micromanaged guy is John Mulaney
ishaan vohra
Cheating on amy
J- Love
"You chop your balls of and die?" "Hell yeah" 😂😂😂😂😂
Cole Welch
Samberg micromanaging John Mulaney is the best
vagner guerreiro
1:02 Foda-se
Casey Ribaric
You chopped your balls off and died.
Cedric Bois Le Duc
Pyro Dexx RS
Remember watching this when I had no clue who Seth Rogen was haha
Rebin Suleiman
Still a boss in 2019
Lux Lovi
All Mouth
Kristen wig plays Debra. Never noticed that before
Rachelle Glaude
The original trailer of "wolf of Wall Street"
hack king NVT
2019 ??? 😎
Sonia Akhmed
June 2018 anyone ???
Still great.
Darth Vader
Become a jedi! Like a boss. Become a sith! Like a boss. Fight a jedi! Like a boss. Lose my remaining limbs! Like a... oh.
Kujo Jotaro
This dude is extreme... He eats a bagel every day
Vico Gaming YT
2018 anyone?
When you realized these guys are the entruperneur of a large amount of addlips in a rap track =))
britney bryant
this shit never gets old
bass and bucks
2018 and this song is still good
Lauren Bromund
Like all of the old SNL people are in this lmao
united states of mother fuckin america
Most American thing ever made
I found this at 2018/02/08 like a boss!!!
Man, I feel bad for Debra if that's a typical day from her boss.
Sova Dhara
I heard this song "LIKE A BOSS!!!!"
9 years ago the best song got released, I remember watching this when i was like 6
If he is Dead than how is he right there????
Treasuretrails RS
Can't wait to listen to this in April 2019 best song ever made will still be listening to this when I'm 80 LIKE A BOSS
Sounds like a normal day
Micromanaging John Mulaney!
Sarah Cassidy
Only came here for 0:29
Florence Garcia
Watch this video like a boss 😎
i thought holt was the boss?``
Eating a bagel was probably the highlight of his career.
sneezey todd
0:29 John Mulaney
Wild Side.
I bet if I asked what one of my teachers what they do outside school I bet they would sing this song
AntZz X
You know once upon a time I knew all the lyrics to this song and thought it was fire
Pandas are cool
Seen this so many times and never noticed all the celebs in this before.
Mr. Kool guy productions
why does he need his own bathroom when he uses debras desk
Bella Curcio
Gigantic Franklin
That motherfucking song I listened back in Summer 2016.
Troy Fabre
0:20 squad
Iris Wingate
He's the Boss...
0:29 of look it’s pre-pubescent John Mulaney
Andres Macias Alv
1:21 Now am dead LIKE A BOSS
Anita Acker
I laughed SO Hard! LOLOLOLOL
I still aspire to be this boss
I always lol when he jumps out the window. xD
name change
New boss old boss ~ it was me the whole time... ~ By Seth Rogaine. Don't worry it grows back. Tell me moar about that, its hueg.
Bradley Wiskowski
James D
OMG is that JOHN MULANEY being micromanaged?! lmao
Andres Macias Alv
1:20 Now am dead Best part ever
Why does this look like its in 60fps?
watching this video in 2018 LIKE A BOSS!!!
Dylan Minish
The recording that says I'm a boss over and over again is actually Seth Rogens voice