Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Burn - O2 Arena, London - June 2017

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Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow performing Burn (Deep Purple cover) live at the O2 Arena, London on 17th June 2017.

Serge Colbourne
Ritchie still sells out big venues at the age of 72. I was there last night, a great gig...will remember it till the rest of my days. Thank you, Ritchie
Lance Koller
Holy shit can that dude sing. Must be a "Ronnie" thing.
Excellent solo and guitar work!! 72 and still kicks ass!!
This poor singer has to fill in for Gillan, Coverdale , Hughs and Dio.
Nicky Scarola
Master Blackmore is back!!!
yusry yusof
blackmore still can shred guitar at 72 old..so amazing..
Rich Mayes
Excellent gig. Ritchie Blackmore is still a legend with the guitar. The singer has a quite good vocal range, so is able to get close to the styles of Ian Gillan, Dio, Glenn Hughes and other singers throughout Deep Purple and Rainbow.
way better than last year. They have energy !!!!
Alberto C. Iglesias
El Dios de la guitarra volvió a reclamar su trono en el Olímpo del Rock Metal......Salud Richie.......Larga Vida al Rock and Roll.....
Ryan Matthews
Blackmore's face looks younger than last time!
Craig Eyler
Why is that one note missing from the 'Burn' riff?  Not complaining, just wondering.  This is the first line-up of Rainbow I've liked in more than 30 years, glad he's out there doing it again.
The 1101 Experiment
How badass is Ritchie? Remember the lovely blonde back there is his Mrs. (who's quite a gifted musician and singer in her own right.)
Enrique Antonio Mimó Lueiza
grande Blackmore sin duda alguna el mejor guitarrista de la historia
Dejan Andrić
Ronnie is the man!!!!!!!!! Turner can cry as much as he wants to, but choosing this guy was the right choice!!! Blackmore has never got wrong in choosing a singer!!! Shame is they dont do an album, this is truly amazing.
westafoolaway urbantheking
Great guitar sound much better then last the time they where out rock&rollin.Got to get one of those Engl combos now!
I was there last night and it was a really great gig he stayed on stage for almost 2 hours and this was a great song full of power lets not forget the guy is 72 years old now and with a great head of hair
Hell, Deep Purple keeps putting out new albums why not Ritchie keep resurrecting Rainbow over and over. Maybe Purple and Ritchie should try for one more reunion-LOL!!!
Love im. 72 don't forget.
Ben de groot
from rock to almost pop, this Burn version....the inner flame's (from 1974) gone really ....but then, when if one's 72 years of age , ...anyway...nice to see the man, who remains unique
Shridhar G S
RB is certainly looking more animated and more assured than he did in Birmingham last year
jaime herrera
👋👋🤟🤟Un chileno haciendo patria junto al maestro blackmore
Daniel Ratner
At 3:05 Ritchie has no idea where he is
Joe Schillaci
Love the variety of songs. DP2 & DP3 plus Rainbow.
David Coverdale
Michael Salisbury
pensioner power!! you rock Ritchie always have always will
sill apod
I was at the show. Band and singer tight. Have to say disappointed in Ritchie's playing. Lacked the fire and intensity that Ritchie is known for. Seemed like he wasn't into playing rock n roll again. Went through the motions, lots of strumming, not enough leads. Saw Deep Purple last night. Steve Morse is a monster.
There is something strange in the rythme section beetweenn the drummer and the the bass , sometime it seems that they are not completly together . The singer is absolutly Fantastic , and Richie is just RITCHIE !*****
Julian Hill
Good to see this, even if, to be honest, Ritchie seems to have Zero energy left in the tank these days, ah well . . .. . Singer is excellent though
Ingmar Anderuth
one of the best songs ever....
Fadilah Haidar
Omg awesome energy :D
Miguel Skàld
Jens Lord Johansson :V
Dan Prusak
I've been a Blackmore fan since 1972. I'm glad many of you like this. But to defend this saying it's. great is ridiculous. Great if you enjoy it. But don't say it's great. It is below average.
Walter Mueller
A little bit more tempo, a richer sound and Ronnie Romero - that looks much better than last year. Probably the last time we hear this music from Ritchie.....
Ahh nice but the man in black is obviously carrying an injury to his left hand - arthritis perhaps. I mean still hitting the right notes but a little painful to watch.
Jimmy Puckett
I love Rainbow (Dio era) as much as the next guy, but what I'm seeing right now is a sad shell of a once proud classic rock/metal staple. Might be time for you to retire, Ritchie and that's me being the best fan possible
dejan milojevic
Perfunctory, cursorily imitation and irritation of real Ritchie Blackmore
Angel Landicho
im glad the man in black is back but theres lots of rust , oh well
Deep Purple Theatre
Sounds better than in Birmingham, thank the lord, Jon Lord :D
Spicy Rice
Great performance, but Ritchie's tone sounds too mid-rangey, maybe it's the humbucking pickups. Anybody else noticed that?
Два Димаса
Ritchie needs to her that reinassonce style out and get old rock chops back..he is amazing but dint play rock forn 25 yrs ...so sounds bit slower..the rest of band he used for his mod evil project...so u nds amazing but I want better...lol
Charles Kuckel
Even after Deep Purple got back together after a long absence, Ian Gillan wouldn't do any of the Coverdale / Hughes era songs. RJD in Rainbow and solo band did Mistreated but that was about it. It's awesome to hear the song done live again even if it's this version of Rainbow. Ritchie Blackmore has aged so he just can't play as well as 45 years ago when BURN 1st came out. This keyboard player is NO Jon Lord. However, it's a good version + I applaud the effort. Far better than any other CRAP being put out by these young whippersnappers today!
Rodolfo Danese
Well, Ritchie is getting old and he can't play guitar as when he was younger, but that's obvious. The sad thing (to me) it's that he's playing with these guys who are, ok, very good at playing, but nothing compared to authentic Rainbow. Where's Dio? And Powell? ...Ritchie shouldn't be there... as well as this band shouldn't be called Rainbow anymore. Same thing for DP, they kept rockin' since 90s with Morse, he's a great guitarist, but, come on... who's gonna pay to see him? The most iconic personalities of DP have been Gillan, Blackmore and Lord so far. Lord passed away some years ago, but they could reintroduce Blackmore at least, for the last 2018 tour, to make their fans happy. To make me happy!
VFC Crocodiles / FifaProClub
Possibly it's the one and only song Ritchie still plays wonderful...
Toulouse Cg
J'adore Ritchie Blackmore mais un moment il faut savoir s'arrêter
Thomas McSweeney
yous all like the front men that guy on his throne is on fire doing one fine as job if they ask me.
Was there, great concert but shame on the organizers who were unable to set up screens at the sides of the stage displaying images from the concert like last year. I was sitting in the back of the arena since I didn't have that much money to splurge on vip seating and I couldn't see anything from that far. It could have been anyone on stage as far as I could see!
John Doe
Rich takes the stage at 72, respect......
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Blackmore Forever!!!
Juan Cayupe
Gracias Blackmore por tocar en estos tiempos ojala te juntes solo una noche a mi amado Deep Purple donde ud fue fundador y te echamos mucho de menos junto a tu banda de siempre
Mithos Moon
Best Burn Solo I know of him since the live Purple with Joe Lynn Turner^^
Well Ritchie does not quite cut it here. Listen to that neo classical run in his solo then listen to the original. There's no shame in that. He is 72. Hs tone is still great though.
nimim. Marko Mikkilä
Rich is one of the few hard rock guitarists who just have to improvise even the most classic of solos!:)
Javier Ignacio
Is he deaf or something?
Saint Sebastian Heart of one world
Singer is Ronald Romero, (born 20 November 1981) from Chile
Juan Cayupe
Grande Blackmore el mejor guitarrista de todos los tiempos haunque le duela ala revista rollings stone
Está claro que hay mejores guitarreros, pero todos mamaron de ésta ubre y si no creen preguntenselo a todos ellos.
Miguel Mendes
The major problem I find with this lineup are the strange, bassy, completely dead sounding keyboards. No harmony or whatsoever.
What happened to the Blackmoore !!!??? TIRED....
Scott B
Glad to see him go back Rock and play old Deep Purole and Rainbow songs
satria hernata rohizwan official
Rainbow....deep purple.....ritchie blackmoore.....
Andrew Usac
Blackmore has burnt out, he seems sleeping with the guitar onstage
Nicolás Selvaggio
La buena onda de blackmore si que se deja ver.
Матный Гномик
2:08 solo
please re unite with deep purple, the end is coming soon
Saint Sebastian Heart of one world
crazy vocal
Stanislaw Halasa
Good concert
Glenn Phillips
Has he had a face lift? Still love him though
Evh Reaned
كافر Krok O'dil كافر
Ritchie knows his time is running out. He has Arthritis. Playing guitar is becoming increasingly difficult for him.
Arnie Niblick
At least he's remembering to face the audience and not just wandering off.
Mattias Kroon
Jens Johansson is obviously brilliant in the soloparts, Blackmore can perform better.
Keith Richards got more milage on stage than Ritchie
That note Ritchie is leaving out ever since starting these shows ruins the song. There's a low note at the end of the second bar that is just absolutely fundamental to the riff. I don't know if he doesn't have the dexterity anymore, or is just getting lazy, but it sucks.
great ! KICKS ASS !!
Michael Ivener