Best Of Mark Hunt in K-1

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[HD] Mark Hunt : K-1 2000-2002 trading with Ray Sefo, Hiromi Amada, Jerome Le Banner, Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic, Stefan Leko, Adam Watt and some sheer insanity in the Jerome Le Banner re-match. Hunt v Overeem UFC 209. Mark Hunt sues the UFC following his fight with Brock Lesnar at UFC 200. MMA - Mixed Martial Arts - Kickboxing - Muay Thai - Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Karate - Jeet Kune Do - Aikido - Judo - Taekwondo - Krav Maga - Sambo - Wrestling - Ultimate Fighting Championship - Pride FC - Bellator - ONE Championship - World Series Of Fighting - Pancrase - Rings - King Of The Cage - DREAM - Elite XC - Affliction - Battlecade - Brazilian Vale Tudo - K-1 Kickboxing - World Kickboxing Association - World Muay Thai Council - Glory - Global Fighting Championship - Strikeforce - Lumpinee Stadium - EBI Eddie Bravo Invitational - 10th Planet - Gracie Jiu Jitsu - Gracie Barra - Peter Aerts - Dennis Alexio - Remy Bonjansky - Paul Briggs - Shane Chapman - Hong Man Choi - Branko Cikatic - Nathan Corbett - Warren Elson - Francisco Filho - Kash Gill - Frank Giorgi - Sam greco - Peter Graham - Gary Goodridge - Badr Hari - Mark Hunt - Ernesto Hoost - Ian Jacobs - Rob Kaman - Albert Kraus - Jerome Le Banner - Stefan Leko - Stan Longinides - Bruce Macfie - Steve McKinnon - Stuart McKinnon - Gurkan Ozkan - Adam Watt - John Wayne Parr - Tosca Petridis - rick Roufus - Bob Sapp - Masaaki Satake - Joe Schilling - Ray Sefo - Mighty Mo - Paul Slowinski - Patrick Smith - Andy Souwer - Maurice Smith - Benny Urquidez - Don The Dragon Wilson - Mike Zambidis - Tank Abbott - Cyril Abidi - Eddie Alvarez - Ryan Bader - Josh Barnett - Vitor Belfort - Stephan Bonnar - Shane Carwin - Patrick Cote - Junior Dos Santos - Chael Sonnen - Frankie Edgar - Rashad Evans - Anderson Silva - Fedor Emelianenko - Butterbean - Kenny Florian - Brian Stann - Joe Rogan - Eddie Bravo - Rich Franklin - Rickson Gracie - Forrest Griffin - Dan Henderson - Matt Hughes - Robbie Lawler - Chuck Liddel - Brock Lesnar - Pat Miletich - Stipe Miocic - Frank Mir - Nate Diaz - Conor McGregor - Roy Nelson - Alistair Overeem - BJ Penn - Bas Rutten - Tyron Woodley - Daniel Cormier - Jose Aldo - Max Holloway - Mark Coleman - Randy Couture - Ricco Rodriguez - Kevin Randleman - Shane Carwin - Cain Velasquez - Fabricio Werdum - Frank Shamrock - Ken Shamrock - tito Ortiz - Quinton Jackson - Lyota Machida - Jon Jones - Chris Weidman - Luke Rockhold - Michael Bisping - Dan Severn - Royce Gracie - Oleg Taktarov - Marco Ruas - Mark Coleman - Mark Kerr - Georges St Pierre - Benson Henderson - Dominic Cruz - TJ Dillashaw - Ronda Rousey - Holly Holm - Amanda Nunes - Miesha Tate

Assoluto Racing
First time i saw Mark Hunt i was like, how a guy with this physic can compete in K1? Then i saw him KO few top guys with one punch and i was like, alright got it.
Dylan Fowler
Imagine Hunt v Tyson in a boxing match, both in their prime.
That Cro Cop kick would've put most people into a coma.
this video is for the people who dont know the ones who say "he has a bad record" or "whats he ever done" marks been down for 20 years now willing to bang with the best stand up fighters like le banner, crocop, ray sefo all at the peak of there career all these guys would eat anything in the ufc alive has to offer in a stand up war. this man is a warrior and a real life bad ass who doesn't need to remind anyone what he is. K-1 is his education
You know Crocop's high left kick isnt over-rated when it floors Mark Hunt lol
John Doe
Not only is he a bad ass mutha, he seems to be a very genuine and kind human being. The more I learn about him the more I 'like and fascinated by him. When Mark Coleman needed a second hip replacement in 2015 and didn't have the funds for the procedure his buddy Wes Sims and compadre in MMA started a go fund me page. I don't recall seeing any other fighters. To the best of my knowledge Mark's Hunts 5k donation was the most significant. Of any other donator. After hearing that I really liked the guy!
Step 1) Be Samoan Step 2) Don't be non-Samoan
Having a neck the same diameter as the moon helps
Robert Brennan
That headkick fro CroCop was ridiculous
Mark is like a street fighter character. Fucking legend
Mark Huuuontoooooooooo.....
Another person that Australia stole from new Zealand
3:13 sounds like a baseball bat hitting an oak tree
Abdeladim Jawad
Nothing scares me more than hitting someone hard and clean yet no effect....and he is about to retaliate
Tom-Tom Tom
the Super Samoan has taken enough punishment to concuss an entire country!
The Fat Turtle
That smile on Hunt's face after getting up from the Crocop "cemetary" kick is priceless. Probably one of the first times, up to that point, he's actually been hit hard, has a smile on his face like "it's on now" and jumps right back into the mix.
שמעון שלו
best chin ever in mma and scary hands needed only graund game but he is lazy if he traind like dc jon jones he could be unstoppble
Ivan Slav
Mark Hunt legend of this sport
imagine if he took steroids like everyone else he ever faced
Deftones 26
Man the UFC is like Sesame Street compared to K-1.
Khalil Mason
I've never seen someone recover so quickly and seemingly completely from Mirko's left kick. Hunt really is a living legend in this game, and he deserves marks like those of Mirko, Rampage, Fedor, Anderson, and more. If fight sports had a face, it would be Mark Hunt's tough mug.
Kungfoo Joey
Great clips, you forget how big combat sports was in Japan! Love hunt wish he in his prime again for sure, p.s Brock Lesners a cheater :(
Petr Horák
Old school K-1, the best what fighting sports have produced as yet. I doubt it will ever be surpassed by anything.
Japanese locution, emotions level over 8000
Daniel John
how to throw and take a punch: be 6 ft 5, 300lb Samoan
Mikhail McInally
I wish I could block with my head like Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt is a tough mofo.
Ratty BB
Le Banner must still have nightmare about fighting Hunt, threw the kitchen sink at him but could never KO him , 4 great fights between those two. Hunt wont be bothered if Lesnar is juiced to eyeballs all those guys back in his K1 and Pride days where juiced hard. One of the greatest heavyweights of all time is Mark Hunt, hes record speaks for itself. Fought almost everybody at the top of K1,Pride and UFC
Step 1: Be Samoan There is no Step 2.
phil mark
the banner fight cracks me up...hunts like seriously come on thats not how you finish a fight.....then something clicked and the beast came out to play saying here let me show you how to knock a bloke out.
Black Panther
Hunt's got some balls to stand off again and fight after Cop's kick. When I watched the scene,I was like how in the world is there Cop in the list. Then I saw the devastating kick and that made sense. Both guys are legends........
Sergio Sousa
Thank you Mark Hunt, one of my favourite of all time, i K1 and MMA.
That chin is unbreakable.
jack Outback
Brock Lesnar this is no WWE , mark Hunt has one script "knockout"
Leroy Jenkins
I love mark's mastery of distance. He seems to feint and close distance deceivingly well and then move back out again. Very fast for a big guy
Gus H-W
one of the greats of the sport, he needs to retire asap though he has been in too many wars
Tom Bell
Letting your opponent hit you looks dope till you cant speak a proper sentence in your 40s
trevor phillips
When you're finished throwing punches & kicks at Mark Hunt you better be ready for the storm that's coming your way. I hope he smokes Overeem on Sunday.
H.D.L.V The Malone
Marko Hunto
Mmm. It does look good, but Hunt has self confessed brain damage showing symptoms already
Ludo TheRhombus
If only he knew how to take a knee,
Shadi Gif
Mark Hunt-oooooooooooooooooo!
eva maria
Nobody ever got up that fast after getting dropped from a cro cop head kick
Vic Loccster
I cant be the only one who actually thought that Mark Hunt made a how to video
Mikael Med
Un grande de las peleas Mark Hunt tan fuerte como un fufalo . Saludos de Chile .
Tyler Winkle
i learned nothing from this video
david pop
Wow lebaner hunt, insane... 2 warriors, still able to fight anyone anywhere. They 're legendaries, as i live in the same town than Lebaner, i have the chance to admire him and even talk to him. Took a picture where i smashed his head ( not for real, he's twice bigger than me ), whatever he's a real nice guy in the life, he does'nt care about the notoriety.
Lemmy Five Quid
Crocop’s foot was never the same after meeting Hunts head.....
Thomas Anderson
damn the brain damage that guy took. jesus christ on a bicycle.
Man that kick from cro cop didn't finish him...
Tactical Turtle
The fights against Jerome Le Banner are legendary! He was a beast. I'm rooting for Marc "Hunto" do well in the UFC. ^^
wasabi shrimp
mark hunt was probably saying your punches are rubbish 😎😂
Vince SC
My God those Le Banner Hunt fights are ridiculous
Svl Svl
Saki and Hunt K1 prime murder ko power
Big Bad John 365
I knew mark hunt was a beast. I didn't know he was that much of a beast though. Respect to that guy. His one punch power is so damn lethal.
Nate Stone
how do you take a knee? sorry for loss brotha... you take it well as great as you give it. wish you well Super Samoan
Lawrence Parkes
Samoan Power!
Hanzo Low
damn le banner was a roid beast back then
Damien christopher
He cracked up struve's jaw n that shows how hard he punches as well as takes some with his iron chin, he was just unstoppable in his younger prime days n defeated bigger n stronger guys than him one among them being Ben Rothwell, now that he's 43 he needs to cut down his weight at least 10 kgs in order to move faster n fight few more times before retirement, last but not least he's a warrior who has never been found guilty of using steroids so all the respect to him at the same time he lost to juice cheats like brock Lesnar,Overeem
dennis bryan
How to hurt Mark Hunt, take steroids The Great Brock Lesnar
Kai McKenzie
Gotta love them Japanese commentators when they get hype
Harry Hirsch
Taking punches is never a good idea
my youtube
love the crowd reactions
Propergander Productions
"how to give and take a punch" Step 1: Be pacific islander..
Julian Polzin
Some Samoans are crazily genetically gifted, huge heads, strong necks and shoulders, they are build for this: Thinking of Ray Sefo, Mighty Mo and obviously Mark Hunt. What a legend though. If someone has not seen the classic Sefo vs Hunt I strongly recommend to watch it. Probably the manliest shit you'll have seen all year.
The Anzac warrior
good old marka hunto
Mak hunto😲😲😲😲😲
Read his book Born To Fight it's really good.
The k o t m a
The time is 9:11
watha legend!
Lone Ranger
Marko Hunto..!!!!
TreeSavage Wedoitmjr
Such a beast
Mark Hunt makes the rest of these guys look like they're just throwing out taps in a game of tag
Mark hunt is like a supersaiyan when he comes back at you 😮😐
Dngeirhw Bnosihf
Lol he takes a direct crocop kick to the head and stands back up like "that was a good one".
Floating Goose
He got up within 10 seconds of being head kicked by a Juiced up Mirko Cro Cop. And then won. Holy Coconut head
mark hunt how to take a knee
Step 1. Be a super Samoan.
Mike tyson vs mark hunt
Banana Fingerguns
Marku Huntu
Bran Johnson
What a big fat tub of power
Terry Jackson
Mark Hunt is a beast but I don't think he would survive trading punches with a true Heavyweight Boxer like Klitschko, Tua or Tyson ....Boxers punch on a whole different level especially Heavyweights.... 🇺🇸👊😎 TJ Boxing Motivation
filthy pedo muslim
Hunt is a beast
Chetan K
He is a legend.
Chris Black
this Hunt vs Brock is B.S, remember Cain vs Brock, or Overeem vs Brock... yeah, this will go the same. no contest, and Brock has no right being in there with him. hope Brock ducks out and a real MMA fighter takes the bout. Dana has sold out!
Don Bosko
Marki Hanta!!!
Santiago Rincón
The title should be changed to: How to be UFC's official heavyweight gatekeeper.
John Doe
Man, to say that this guy has been through some Absolute WARS is an understatement. Wow
SJay 92
Got up from a Cro Crop Kick ... foreallllll........ dude is a monster!
Old Man hendo
Mark "head of steel" Hunt
Steven West
So why now, does Mark Hunt care about fighting steroid cheaters? He's taken the brunt of his future head trauma related illness from steroid cheaters in his kick boxing years?
Conor McGregor's Dolly
How about "How to take a knee to the face"
mark hunt: how to faceplant from a knee