AMAN TOKYO, the Japanese capital's most luxurious hotel (PHENOMENAL): impressions & review

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If I ever had the money, I would give this trip to my parents and my brother. They deserve it. I never have been able to give back to them. I need to work harder!
United Computers
I enjoy your recording technique...smooth and unhurried. Others could learn from it.
too bad I'm poor
It looks like a futuristic film set. Thanks for sharing
1440p is the way forward , your videos deserve better than 720
LieberBecksBier alsShakespeare
I'm binge watching your reviews! Can't get enough of those
Claudia Mihalcea
your videos are enchanting and relaxing to watch. thank you! :)
Bo Stark
Did not expect it to be that big, thought it as a more boutique style chain.
Furniture looks like it was bought form IKEA
Vuk Perović
Some people sayin' like "I woldn't want to be in that kind of envoirment. - Yes, that's such a shitty hotel. You're definetly not jealous.
Billy The Kid
I don't know, but IMHO this is the best AMAN so far. Thanks for sharing this with us, can't wait for ur next videos.
Gitesh jain
I'm addicted to your channel dude!
Robin Ram
Love it!
Chris Coombes
1st Class!
Good video. Very cold and boring hotel. I understand intellectually that this is expensive and "well-organized", but I simply would not want to be in that environment.
Love your vlogs, but the red banners that constantly pop-up is really starting to annoy me. It takes you out of the moment.
EiJi Lee
Beautiful but probably losing money, looks more half empty. I think I'd rather go to a Ryokan ^^
Hakim Mansouri
Gorgeous hotel for a spetacular city, thank you for sharing with us.
Nazir Sheikh
good video
I didn't want this video to end! I'm sure it pales in comparison to actually being there, but wow!
I need that hall ceiling in my life!looks so impressive!
Mclean Milne
Not LOST IN TRANSLATION. Looks a sublime oasis. Thanks for sharing. Please keep posting : )
Meera Me
If you're taking a bath by the window while watching the scenery outside, can't people from the opposite buildings see you?
George Mickles
12:26 touched my soul. I see you syncing the music up!
Miguel Pengson
This is truly the most beautiful space I have ever seen. I am sure it is even better in person. Thank you so much for sharing!
I really love that spa long pool indoor, are you sure its heated water? I wonder why...
Paul Jakubowski
Please stop adding so many link balloons in the video. Distracts from the content.
B777-35 er spotter
Paraît il que tu parles Fr?
Thanks for the video. It's so detailed.
your channel is the best you make us travel around the world in the most luxurious hotels what can we ask for thank you
Erin Curtis
if you ever need a travel companion let me know, I would be honored in taking in all the culture with you. Your video's are amazing and soothing to watch.
Did you get to see any helicopters land next door?
John Baumer
Your vlog is fantastic, thank you
John Baumer
Thank you, Mr. Chui. I appreciate your videos. I grew up in Japan Sincerely, J. Baumer
Hirofumi Nat
I'mma take my mom to this hotel ... just cafe ...
I adore the interiors.... the design is so chic and serene.. love it...
Sylvia Spiker
Why no link to hotel site?
Mark Koh
There are hotels, and then,there are hotels .. what an amazing experience .. defiantly on the to do list
Jun S
Sunil Shabadi
you are doing a wonderful job by showing us all the details , there is so much elegance in the way you shoot !! always love your travel videos keep up the amazing work! I learn't so much from your videos coz i exactly know where to go and what to do so thanx once again :)
Alison Burt
I could watch them all day, they are so serene and calming.Please can you try some UK venues
Madoka Magica
I understand that your profession consist of being a researcher, a doctor, and a professor, but all of those in my perspective are stationary jobs, so what is underlining within those jobs that allows you to travel with those occupations if you don't mind me asking.
Room 420
Great video ! Thanks for sharing.
Francis Bagbey
Hey, you Don't Likes out there, please explain. thanks
David Mathew
Nice review, Subscribed.
Belinda Kaysac
I design hotels. This is an amazing hotel! Liked in Tokyo for 3 years and I loved it!!
USD$2000 a night...
What is the music that starts at ~3:56? It is enchanting...
lip my stockings!... oh that was part hyatt tokyo.
Da Vinci Cosmetics
Hotel Reviews
good work
M Da Vela
This is beautiful, but it makes me sad realizing over 90% will never be able to enjoy this personally, no matter how hard they will work.
Jonnie Bangkok
I doubt very much that an Aman hotel ever "comes alive." Did you flash all of Tokyo while taking a bath...I would have.
Dank room 8)
Dahlia Cross
at more than 1K$ a night this better be hella good lmao
HenPenJC Pro
What's the depth of that pool? Looks shallow or is it just the water? Btw love your videos they are amazing! :)
Daniel Hammond
A truly beautiful interior. Beautiful. It reminds me of the NGV Building here in Melbourne, though the Aman is much better. The NGV is dark and pokey, the Aman is bright and light. I refer to the style, not the result. Quite wonderful.
Patel Vidhu
True luxary with comfort. Aman Tokyo is best hotel.
Hopeful Interpretation
The way this is filmed with the music fills the wholes I have in my life right now.
Bo sal
the Luxury Travel Good morning Very very nice your working in the video I’m oth sal Riyadh city K.S.A 21-1-2018
John Appleseed
I feel so inspired to make a lifestyle where I can stay in these amazing hotels... Thank you for inspiring me
Peter Janik
elijah n dawink
My question is.. Do these properties ever once fill up though?.. They look darn expensive and the rich ain't really spending nights in hotels.
The Young Wolf
And the tarrif rates are...?
/ Yutaka Furukawa古川 豊
I'm a Japanese, but I didn't know there being such a wonderful hotel in Tokyo. Thanks for sharing!
Australia Walking TV
Awesome video . Thank you for sharing luxurious hotel.
Robert Mac
This may sound very silly but does it have stairs?... I know someone who will not get in a lift and will want to walk... even the full 32 flights..
Whenever you walk in to a place/ restaurant in middle of Tokyo with no people in there.. you'll be paying a steep price. Just be warn 😂
John C
Wow! That was a spectacular experience! Stunning aesthetics; muted colors, everything at rectilinear right angles with circular or spherical accents, contrasting dark and light. Clean spare and tranquil. (Excellent music choices.)
Adam Apple
Are children allowed?
It looks like an amazing place. This world is for the rich.
G. Dub
Is this where Lost in Translation was shot?
James Co London
Gorgeous hotel... and amazing, smart use of space (the TV for once). The prices tho of the food... I can't get how do they survive in Tokyo. The lobby and restaurant all occupy at least 2 floors each... that's so much real estate!
Was disappointingly underwhelmed. Really not that impressed by the room overall but I did like the bathroom area - - other than that it was a big "Meh," even by minimalist standards.
Gary Chen
Over the top. This hotel is not for the likes of you or me. I don't think that I could stay here.
Mr. Inzeo
Lobby, rooms and views are pretty amazing. Great choice in hotel.
All those views of Toyko, and Godzilla no where in sight!
The clean minimal design is quite breathtaking. Truly masters who made this.
Ed Lake
Trying to mix the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi with western opulence and luxury was always a doomed venture. They are opposites and what you're left with is something that has lost it's essence and is neither one thing or the other. Cold, impersonal, unwelcoming.
kyle x kyle x
AMAN mean peace in malay language
Tin Man
Nice but naaah.
I thoroughly enjoyed the quality of this video as well as of course the amazing quality of the hotel. Please post full HD. Better still 4k!!
Ariel Estevan
it looks lake mental house...
Motoko Kusanagi
Fantastic! A luxurious oasis of silence within the world‘s most exciting metropolis (at least IMHO).
pariocean chicago
I prefer a "middle class hotel" among the real population, you really live the country/city experience. Rich peoples always go to the same kind of hotel, 5 stars, whatever country they go. Even Madagascar.
Annick Nasarallah
So beautiful, elegant. New travel goal ♡
Too gray and dark, almost lifeless.
Do you have any NZ hotel reviews i.e Queenstown or Taupo
Vince Mallozzi
Incredible! Thank you for the wonderful tour.
MeMe Meme
Someone's gonna build this on Minecraft
demir demir
New first class video please
demir demir
Jassim M.
I spend way too much time on your videos :).. Thanks for all the amazing content! Do you plan on travelling on Etihad A380 Residence anytime soon?
Sorry, not impressed at all. Look like an ordinary Scandinavian design that we have in schools, librairies and hotels... Seems to be very noicy and no warmth. Where’s the cosy factor???
Rey Romano
why the two separate beds right next to each other though?