Children Of Bodom- Living Dead Beat

Children Of Bodom- Living Dead Beat From The Album: "Are You Dead Yet?" Lyric: Once again waiting for the darkness, beat up spun and scarred. Preparing for another war. Day by day we decay. Sunlight, get out of our way. Dig up yourself from your grave. Bad to the bone, raised in the gutter, Not exactly a muthafucking role model. To you looking down on me. FUCK YOU BITCH! Ain't got time for the future or the past. Live for the moment, make it last. As long as the twilight veils The decadence we embrace More than the ones we love. We're ardent, we're burning down... CHORUS: Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe. Not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly. Like living dead, we'll never die Stalling the sandman, fighting back drinking like a madman, run away from the light to come. SHIT FALLS DOWN! Sun comes up high shining bright Time to close your eyes.. CHORUS: Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe. Not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly. Like living dead, we'll never die As long as the twilight veils The decadence we embrace More than the ones we love. We're ardent, we're burning down... CHORUS: Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe. Not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly. Like living dead, we'll never die

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I do my taxes to this song.
Andrew Ryan
2:41 Santa Claus you're LIES!!!
Cool Master // Danya
Музычка из ШБэ
Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe, not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly, like living dead we will never die \m/
Art S
Sean Kauder
That guitar solo was eargasmic.
Mr. Mexican-Villa
no a fan of screaming metal but in my surprise i do like this one, especially the begining but i need to ask, those singing like this damages your throat or something?
agsgha kjfhgdas
кто с ШБ?
Shamrock III
This song is about the chosen undead.
Valentin Harbinger
The guitars are fuckin' insane and perfect in every bit of this song.
complaining about metal not fitting your tastes as if it is horrible music is just shit. Guitarists don't have to play a 3 minute interlude in a song for a band to have good metal. Singers do not have to be male. I do however agree that some recent bands are less preferable than ones that have withstood the test of time. (The reason they are still here is because they made good music in the first place...there have been many crap bands in the past but obviously no one would remember them.)
qb Marian
best pump up song !!! 
Call me crazy, but that riff after "not afraid of falling down below" sounds almost EXACTLY like a riff from Slipknot's "Before I Forget". Either way, sounds pretty bad ass.
Warrior Tha Witt
this Are You Dead Yet? album gets too much hate from people
Simos Papadopoulos
8α ερθω ναι \m/
Jessica wise
Love this band and song !
Ryuzaki Chan
@ 4:00... Mmm... my ears feel better now
Andrew Ryan
2:41 Santa Claus YOU'RE LIES!!!
Johnny Fours
This is the kind of song that I could see Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill fighting Lady Satsuki to lol
Bard Or Feed
The vocalist reminds me of the vocalist from Alestorm
Кто от Нифёдова, ставь лайк 
This could quite possibly COBs best song. Maybe this and Bed of Razors.
Favorite Children of Bodom song.
Chancery Melton
A voice like a barbed wire whip. Which is a good thing in metal!
Andrew Mckay
@BodomWildChild09 3:36 same riff but that different beat makes me go crazy haha
Yes, because we all know your opinion is the only one that matters in this world. Piss off.
@p0rkp4wnag3 Any thing after hate crew deathroll sucks major ass
Nano Aura
oeh ^^ very cool song ^^
hops kops
отлично ребетя идут пд спизженый алко) во как
The Harkonnens
Amazing headbanging at 3:01.
The Harkonnens
@dawgmanfat Yes, me too xD
Liam O'Sullivan
0:11 its around 9pm on a saturday and casualty is starting
@InYourWifesPants it would be odd if you didn't... LOL
awesome solo!!!!
Alex Dixon
\m/ ^^ \m/
awesome guitar solo and awesome voice - cob rulezz
Joszel 66
I agree with that bud down with the sicknes of disturbed is good!!
Finland isn't a part of Scandinavia, they are part of the nordic countries but not Scandinavia
good song
this album is awesome :D
@ImpaleEmos fuck you
fuckinG epiC sonG!!!
Meagain -
i remember when i got this album for present and played my mp3 player until batteries died in it xD
Cody Axe
love it!
slipknot and different can you compare it:D melodic death metal rulezz!!!!
fuckin space cash
what makes you think of him as the wild child
hmmm I guess
Jacob Young
Too bad.
@p0rkp4wnag3 16 retards were drunk and clicked just a little bit to the right of the "like" button by sheer mystake.
@ZomgMetalRules1989 Suffocation, Oceano, The Faceless, God Forbid all have black people in them.
Capitalize "oh", use a space before "fuck" and use a period.
песня так себе
@xZenShadow01x lolololololololol xDD
Wumpa Fruit
Children of Bodom are bad ass \m/
Wildchild Tonchev
3:59 thats fucked amazing !!!!! Janne my god (bow)
One Lick a Week
Just added this to our Riff collection (with TAB! Come check it out!
Chohkri Yulis.
i agree! just a solo for warman? not enough!
This is one of the most badass/sickest intros I've ever heard. Damn, it's such an intense build-up!
Profit Potato
This song is like a bleeding orgasm in my ear. That is why I chose it for my wrestling entrance theme song. COBHC.
Excelent vampire song!
Ilian Kostov
Sometimes when I am alone at home I like to lay on the ground and pretend to be a carpet.
@carloszarzuela93 This is on Guitar Hero? o.o
Metal is not a competition...
CP Lakusas
Simplement ENORME <3
Natas O.o
O.o .
Satanic Warmaster is a NSBM band - just sayin'...
2:41 Santa Clause with eyes!!!!!!!
one word....epic....or maybe awsome? whatever this song is both!
@Mastr513 dude nothing wrong with any metal band but there's always gotta be haters
chuck norris IS the living dead beat. the motherfucker CREATED the mosh pit!!! just for COB
Alex Paf
@sbsproxmysox and? lol -.-
i can't believe this,only over 170,000 views,it should be 1000000000 fucking views!!! <3
Greatest song ever,but still too unpopular :(
sick intro !
Lee Townsley
Hands down one of the greatest song intros ever.
Dan Carlo
Scandinavian metal man. (Norwegian black/ Swedish melodic death too)
this whole album was a fucking sellout.
nice try
Ethan Almond
Mad song like every other metal band
oldskool heineken
best children of bodom song ever
met these dudes in omaha!
Bayron De Paula
LOL Space cops xD
Stelios Z
@The1234doe Hahaha...nice one!
Dominik Panák
@Kingmmat this and VADER :D
Jay Shuler
Are you mother fuckers the real HATE CREW
in the old era (Late 90 when they started) and the new era. one of the best metal bands. and one of my favorites definatly
ur right it does and it makes them unique from the oter death metal bands (or w/e it is) but yah it's just another instrument that makes it sound better
Comparing bands isn't relevant as other's can and will disagree with your comparison. I'd rather call it expressing one's opinion. It's another thing if you compare their similarities in sound or something, but if you just say one is better than another, then it's not real comparing imo
Children of bodoms says their genre is ''extreme metal'' but its not really a real genre : ))) doesnt matter their music is too awesome
Linus Wermelin
In CoB We Trust!!! :D From Sweden
hahah lmfao! Thats awesome! I always think about what I would have as my entrance music. This songs pretty awesome for it. What would everyone else have?
Ravindranath Shrivastava
Dear Youtube, Please remove the dislike button for this video!!! Thanking you in advance. Regards COB Fan
saw bodom yesterday. they were so good! they sound exactly like they do on the albums. laiho busted out new solos that were so sick!
Matty B
@killapoons Trust me its an awesome Guitar hero. Its the best guitar hero out in my opinion. its got another Children of bodom song on as well called "if you want peace prepare for war"
Matty B
Nothing like a good old death metal song