Children Of Bodom- Living Dead Beat

Children Of Bodom- Living Dead Beat From The Album: "Are You Dead Yet?" Lyric: Once again waiting for the darkness, beat up spun and scarred. Preparing for another war. Day by day we decay. Sunlight, get out of our way. Dig up yourself from your grave. Bad to the bone, raised in the gutter, Not exactly a muthafucking role model. To you looking down on me. FUCK YOU BITCH! Ain't got time for the future or the past. Live for the moment, make it last. As long as the twilight veils The decadence we embrace More than the ones we love. We're ardent, we're burning down... CHORUS: Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe. Not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly. Like living dead, we'll never die Stalling the sandman, fighting back drinking like a madman, run away from the light to come. SHIT FALLS DOWN! Sun comes up high shining bright Time to close your eyes.. CHORUS: Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe. Not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly. Like living dead, we'll never die As long as the twilight veils The decadence we embrace More than the ones we love. We're ardent, we're burning down... CHORUS: Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe. Not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly. Like living dead, we'll never die

I do my taxes to this song.
Andrew Ryan
2:41 Santa Claus you're LIES!!!
Not afraid of crying, sorrow and foe, not afraid of falling down below. To the night recklessly we fly, like living dead we will never die \m/
Favorite Children of Bodom song.
Sean Kauder
That guitar solo was eargasmic.
Valentin Harbinger
The guitars are fuckin' insane and perfect in every bit of this song.
Mr. Mexican-Villa
no a fan of screaming metal but in my surprise i do like this one, especially the begining but i need to ask, those singing like this damages your throat or something?
qb Marian
best pump up song !!! 
Jessica wise
Love this band and song !
If I could go Super Saiyan 3, this would be my soundtrack.
Simos Papadopoulos
8α ερθω ναι \m/
Кто от Нифёдова, ставь лайк 
Art S
Shamrock III
This song is about the chosen undead.
ahmet demirci
agsgha kjfhgdas
кто с ШБ?
Uchiha Srm
Really soon , in 16th o November!Θα ειμαι εκει θα ερθεις;
Simos Papadopoulos
soon you will discover the metal scene of greece \m/
"Can I get a solo, too? But you play the keyboard. Come oooooooon. No, you can't play a solo on a keyboard. Fuck you, I can."
Satanic Warmaster is a NSBM band - just sayin'...
Christian Ivanov
My favourite finnish metal band is "Satanic Warmaster" check them out, really nice band
Ryuzaki Chan
@ 4:00... Mmm... my ears feel better now
Chuck Shuldiner
The term Scandinavia is often used for Denmark Norway and Sweden and yes it is the mainland of scandinavia. But the nordic countries are listed as scandinavia even though its not the mainland ;) But who the f*ck cares :p it's the music we are here for! PERKELE
Finland isn't a part of Scandinavia, they are part of the nordic countries but not Scandinavia
I was going to say out of all Scandinavians, the Swedish yield the most interesting results to me, LOL.
Gorbaz The Dragon
Troll much?
Finland isn't a Scandinavian country
Andrew Ryan
2:41 Santa Claus YOU'RE LIES!!!
Lee Townsley
Hands down one of the greatest song intros ever.
2:41 Santa Clause with eyes!!!!!!!
let`s go?
Lucas Marques
J'Lok Myah
Lucas Marques
True Death Metal
snigirik rj
cyka blur
Best of the album :)
Павельев Евгений
1st heared it to a video of a nazi getting attacked by 100 but those 100 are chickens and he fight all :P but i fucking like this song
Robert Evans
Just happen to listen to this song today and its been a while . Fuck that intro can never forget it
I bet this has been here for like 100x times but the first are like total tribute to Ozzy Osbournes Waiting for Darkness. I'm sure you true fans know better if they announced that somewhere but i just noticed it back then when this was released.
nice try
MC's Gaming Laboratory
Favorite song from these guys~!
Joel Maiden
Profit Potato
Fuck you and your spider.
so..there are 65 belligerent people in this video :P
Bayron De Paula
LOL Space cops xD
I see. Thanks for the musical history lesson. Like I said before I love Children of Bodom but I have to say I like Swedish melodeath better.
Jack Nicholson
Sweden didnt influence Finland as much as other countries. The death, black and melodeath-scenes started in Finland and Sweden at pretty much the same time. In my opinion the first melodeath album was by the Finnish band Sentenced called North from Here. The Swedish bands didnt create melodeath, they created their own style of it and made it popural. Finns got their own styles as well. COBs main influences at the start of their career were Amorphis, Power met, classical (also Yngwie), Black met.
This is one of the most badass/sickest intros I've ever heard. Damn, it's such an intense build-up!
Jacob Young
Too bad.
I love COB but you can't forget Sweden's influence that spawned bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquility!
Gorbaz The Dragon
Combining Finnish (out of all Scandinavians) with Metal seems to give rather interesting results.
Oops, my bad LOL. I love COB that's why I'm here
Cool Master // Danya
Музычка из ШБэ
Donald Waite
dont like this comment if you hate COB
Donald Waite
its a very good feeling :3
Willy Lopez
i just found out about this band last night and i already love them! when i listen to their songs i just get pumped and get this feeling to go punch anybody i see...i don't know if that's suppose to be a good feeling or not but i love it >:D
Chancery Melton
A voice like a barbed wire whip. Which is a good thing in metal!
lucho plamenov
I did ... sorry
Ethan Almond
Mad song like every other metal band
fuckin space cash
Kenny Carlson
Oh no! Not a Finrand!
Всё по Найсу
ШБ!! =)
You don't have to put a space between every letter.
Metal is not a competition...
3:35 -> dat fucking jam
complaining about metal not fitting your tastes as if it is horrible music is just shit. Guitarists don't have to play a 3 minute interlude in a song for a band to have good metal. Singers do not have to be male. I do however agree that some recent bands are less preferable than ones that have withstood the test of time. (The reason they are still here is because they made good music in the first place...there have been many crap bands in the past but obviously no one would remember them.)
Warrior Tha Witt
this Are You Dead Yet? album gets too much hate from people
Andrey Mikhalkevich
Artillery Man
All u troops out there, if u like COB, shout U-Raw as loud as u can on Youtube :).
Raven Dark
I fucking love this song ! =))
Natas O.o
O.o .
Jimi Kärkkänen
Utku Aksoy
<3333 Fucking good !\m/
Richii Zieber
Actually, it doesn't matter what they were feeling at all, If the music moves you, then that is the feeling. At least it is in my opinion,
Nikola Djukic
Call me crazy, but that riff after "not afraid of falling down below" sounds almost EXACTLY like a riff from Slipknot's "Before I Forget". Either way, sounds pretty bad ass.
Eduardo Nãointeressa
Ok lady, Alexi has better technic and more feel than System of a down guitar player. Very simple, right?
Eduardo Nãointeressa
I know, butwhen u are comparing two other ppl technical is always going to be the biggest point. Even though Chris Broderick is way more technical than Phill X, doesn't mean i don't prefer Phill.
Ш к о л о Б л о г г е р ы БЛЕЯТь!
this is what i called music ..
Comparing bands isn't relevant as other's can and will disagree with your comparison. I'd rather call it expressing one's opinion. It's another thing if you compare their similarities in sound or something, but if you just say one is better than another, then it's not real comparing imo
Eduardo Nãointeressa
No, it's not. Alexi is a very skilled player, did years of lessons, plays everything from blues to classical. He sure is way better.
Radically Hellacious
. . . ಠ▃ಠ.
Mor So
Problem with that?
Mor So
Well, I assume that if you say something is shit, you don't mean it's great, unless it's THE shit.
Mor So
okay, tell me five reasons why system of a down sucks.
Manic Maniac
*Yeah. Your lack of good spelling only prooves who's intelligent & who's immature.
Mor So
System of a Down and Children of Bodom are both awesome bands, stfu
Badass song
Sklenar Savryk
Turmion Katilot :o
I'm not saying that they ARE thrash metal, I'm saying that Critics have branded them as Thrash Metal, and that may heva led to @BlackWizardsEmperor to become confused as to what specific branch of the Genre they are, I'm basically showing @FrozenSun29 why he may have thought CoB were Thrash Metal...
Whitney Woodside
Abbreviating words is the easier way to go about it, but why would teachers spend years teaching us how to properly abbreviate words, if it wasn't good grammar? Also, I was taught that you do not insert a comma between the second last and the last point of a list.
AJ Hoffman
But they're not thrash, thrash would be more fast-paced, nor are they power metal Power metal is for the most part clean vocals, not death growls.
AJ Hoffman
One of the best riffs I've ever heard.
Where did neoclassical style go? Wtf is this shit? DD little better but RRE was the ultimate failure. I don't say bands shouldn't change their styles, but now COB sounds like all US metal bands.