history of japan

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Justin Y.
What a bizarre adventure this video was.
And then anime came along...
summary of history: *knock knock* it’s europe
Grubbs Grady
I know the entire video is just funnies but the few seconds of silence after the atomic bombs are dropped... i felt that
Omri Levin
For your usage, timeline of the video: -1,000,000,000: Japan might not have been here -40,000: Japan was here and you could walk to it -12,000: It got warmer, icebergs melted, it became an island, lots of *trees :')* -10,000: People using the latest technology like stones and bowls -500: Ding-dong, it's the outside world, and they have technology from the future -255~200: Rice farming and rice kingdoms 593: "Please try this religion." "no" "try itttttt" "no" 604: The religion was put into place 645: Making the government govern more and making the government more like China's government which is a government that governs more. 711: Stole China's alphabet and wrote a book about themselves 720: Wrote another book about themselves 550~794: Moved the capital every time the emperor died 794: Stopped. 802: Conquer north = ✓ 804: Rich hipster bored with buddhism visits China, ends up changing the alphabet and making stuff great for a long time 1010~1040: Everyone hired samurai* 1192: Samurai got so powerful they set up their own government 1266: BREAKING NEWS - THE MONGOLS HAVE INVADED CHINA 1274: Mongols came for war and died in a tornando 1281: Mongols tried again and had a nice time fighting the Japanese, and died in a tornado 1333: Emperor overthrows the Shogunate 1336: Shogunate overthrows him back 1464: It's time for "who's going to be the next Shogun?" 1469~1505: Whole country broke into pieces 1545~1560: *Knock knock - it's Europe* 1560: Clan making run for capital, needs to trample smaller clan, surprise! smaller clan wins 1568: Leader of smaller clan steals idea of invading capital, goes very well 1582: Clan leader halfway through conquering Japan, someone who works for him kills him, someone else who works for him kills _them_ 1590: That guy finishes conquering Japan 1598: "and now I'm gonna invade Korea and then hopefully China", he says, and fails, and dies. Before he dies he tells five people to watch over his 5yo son to become king, they say it's gonna be one of them instead cuz their grownups 1600: Many people started supporting that one, but many people supported not supporting him, they have a fight and he wins 1603: Moves capital to Edo 1635~1639: The government is so strict they close the country 1640~1670: Country not at war with itself 1713~1740: Dutch studies™ 1795~1853: Over time, economic & cultural prosperity begin to gradually slow d- 1853: *Knock knock. It's the United states* 1868: Chōshū and Satsuma (with very little outside help🇬🇧) overthrow Shogunate. Government becomes pretty western 1894: Japan conquers Korea, goes a little bit further. Russia says "stop no" elaborating their warm-water railroad plan. 1899: Russia builds railroad with shit ton of soldiers and then -downgrade- upgrade it to *a fuck ton* 1902: Japan and Great Britain sign alliance to be "a little less scared of Russia" 1904: Feeling confident Japan goes to war against Russia until they get tired 1914: *i t ' s t i m e f o r w o r l d w a r o n e* 1919: Now the war is over and Japan technically fought so they can negotiate with the big dudes. Japan gets to keep the shit they stole from Germany and join the post-war mega alliance _The League of Nations_ 1929: Economy: Crappy 1931: Military doing fine, invades Manchuria 1937~1939: Japan invades more and more and more and more of China 1939: *i t ' s t i m e f o r w o r l d w a r t w o* 1941: Japan spits on U.S. in Hawaii, challenge them to war, they say yes 1945: After chasing Germany back into Germany and Japan back into Japan, the curious United States drops its bomb on Japan. They actually drop two. 1954~1980: $$ post-war economic miracle! $$ Japan makes a lot of stuff and everybody gets rich 1991: Economic miracle wears off, things still pretty cool I guess *rich important people hired samurai. poor people who could not afford to hire samurai did not hire samurai.
starmaster streams
Cities that exists -hiroshima- -nagasaki- *some others*
hoI i'M tEm
Mom: don't do that! Me: How bout i do, *anyway?*
4:53 [in response to the month-long shutdown currently going on] Open the *government.* Stop having it be closed.
Torb 1 Trick
Wait did I just learn something?
Idk ._.
Teacher: we're learning about Japan! Anyone know any facts? Me: *inhales aggressively*
Doodling 4 fun
Teacher: So, does anyone know anything about the history of Japan? Me: (takes deep breath) So...
And then they invented anime and some nerds were like “HEY! We can make a religion out of this!” And everyone was like “no”, but the nerds did it anyway **Spontaneous music** *W E E A B O O S*
Mr Sugar
Japan invaded Pearl Harbor wHiCh EnRaGeD AmErIcA, WhO pUnIsHeD ThEm S E V E R E L Y
Fros ty
Izzy Lavender
I wish there was one of these for every country in the world!
After watching this video, I passed my history class! Thank you Bill wurtz, very cool!
Japan: *Pearl Harbor* American: No U Japan: *Nuked twice*
Kurt Meme
"Let's sell Jesus!" -Bill Wurtz
J-a-s-h the potato
Teacher : "So kids, how will you protect your stuff from criminals?" Me : *"HIRE A SAMURAI."* Teacher : "okayyy then..."
Doctor : you have 9 minutes to live. Me : 0:00 - 9:00
100 subs with no vids challenge
Europe trying to sell clocks guns and JESUS!!!!!
Can you do history of Canada?
Kozak LM40
Bill wurtz reminds me of OverSimplified
I love how "knock knock. get the door, it's Religion" happens both to Japan and my house :D
History of Anime when
Casually using this to study
Stray Pokemon
What did I learn: 日本
Yogo Nogo
Can you make a history of Egypt?
Everyone voted so hard that the palace caught on fire 😂😂
Tiếng Việt
0:15 Video: trees Me: ... Video: because it's warmer
And on the year 2007 they made *tentacle porn*
Roxy the Lonely Albatross
So in WW2, Germany became friend with the one who stealed his islands ? Seems legit.
Knowledge has never tasted this good.
Now, Big Anime Tiddies.
Why isn’t this school
Somoko Kamaijo
5:40 When they say stop buying snacks.
ii conquistor
If only i used this for a presentation in japan xd
Justin Y.
Yes, we can make a religion out of anime.
Knightmare Original
I just came for the anime!
barefoot arizona
Those Mongols would have gotten spanked. They should feel lucky for those tornados
(Knock Knock) *opens door* who’s there? Religion Religion who? Just religion...
Chad Ranard
this hot new religion *air horns in the distance*
How about I do, anyway?
300 subscribers without any videos
it is NOT anime 0/10
Why isn’t this *ONLY* about anime?
10/10 would relive the last 40,000 of this history again
Adam Stewart
Then Donald Trump Came And Invaded Japan But Then Died In A Tornado Kim Jong Un Fought With Japanese But Died In A Tornado
Make more history videos! (History of USA, Great Britain, Australia, etc.)
Bla bla Bla bla bla
Teacher: So, does somebody know something about Japan? Me: *inhales*
Asia No.1 = Japan 🇯🇵 Asia Hero = Japan 🇯🇵
The Crow Brotherhood
multiple teachers throughout the years showed our class this. Not as a joke but a genuine learning tool.
that guy from MI6
Wait... Britain and Japan are good friends (you’re welcome btw Japan) and then they invade Singapore? 😢 still, I like Japan 🇯🇵
Shogun? More like *shotgun* _Kill me_
Maple Gum
*t h e n d i e d i n a t o r n a d o*
Jake pauler
you forgot about logan paul
Sauce Television
History is written by the victors
3:14 *That part killed me 😂*
I just keep on coming back on this even if I don't want to...
Brilliant. I remember the first time I gave a video my all. It's clear you worked many many weeks on this. Quality over quantity pays off. Good job.
That Emo Kid Nextdoor907
how bout I do anyway
Lilliii/ l
Do a history about Denmark :)
Pinoy Boi
hmm... makes sense
Pusheenosarous 328
I know this is annoying to ask but… 2019 anyone?
Extremely well-researched, informative, and hilarious as always. This is the best channel on this website.
okami gt
Japan You could make a religion out of this
Kaitlyn Davis
Selling: Clocks Guns *JESUS*
eyden arce
HEY, I made Nintendo You can make a religion out of this
Level 4 Helmet
You forgot hentai.
MarinAnimations _
Don't do a history of America we all know what happens Bill Wurtz: How 'bout I do anyway?
Vaibhav Tanwar
Do indian history
sky chenault
This is even more simplified then OVERSIMPLIFIED 😆
Uh a little thing i noticed,when i searched about ukiyo(the "sexy time part") i acctualy noticed that the name of this is not actual ukiyo,its shunga,ukiyo acctualy is the drawing style at the edo period. If my english sucked is because im brazilian,sorry btw...
Jehmary Bañaga
Almost like Hetalia Axis Powers. You know, the anime show that could have offended many countries but is rather very funny they ditched it, except Korea.
This has to be one of the most influential videos in Youtube history, inspiring a new generation of educational Youtubers. Thank you bill!
*Shogun* "Trivium anyone?"
Daniel Eliassenfgh618
This video made me cringe a lot
Science Genius
YoU'vE GoT mAiL
Jake Houghton
we need more history
Scott Manley
This is so much beter than that history channel documentary about japanese history I tried to watch last week. Fantastic stuff.
Marcus C
Japan giving up was actually less about being nuked, and more about Russia being done in Eurpoe, and turning its huge army east.
Davis Long
He should do one on the United States of America
MLGslayer 69
All we need is anime anime is all we need
Sky 201
conclusion : get -nude- *nuke* for better economy
So how do I prepare for my history test with out having to do any work HIRE A SAMURAI!!!!!!!!!!
rip. with annotations dead people who watch this later will either not know those were typhoons or will call out wurtz despite them actually catching that
6:08 lol he used this in history of the entire world ( to think that one was made in 2017 and this one in 2016 it seems like its so old)
Eastern Capital Everything is western
Kelly Peterson
The history of the entire Japan, I guess
Avery Lopez-Baines
Knock knock...it's the UNITED STATES!
Anime land
lol ily no homo yes homo maybe homo.. Wait.. Yes its homo but I am not homo but.. oh.. nvm
Enhjin Buyan
Guys i am a mongol and we did not die in a tornado.......we died of age
She plays guitar
"Knock knock, get the door, it's rELigIoN"
I cant stop watching this video
Trashy Person
1:22 ......how about sunrise lannnnnd....