Alannah Myles - Our World Our Times

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Bruno Walther
One of the greatest female rock performances of all time. Janis Joplin, eat your heart out!
Dream Warrior
Restless like a cat waking up at midnight
Timmy Bridges
Exquisitely beautiful woman with a powerful voice. Dreams are made of this! Good luck Alannah!
Oh my daym, first time listening to this, awesome stuff.
Deborah Plumb
It breaks my heart to watch these amazing performances and realize that her record company let her down. Alannah is THE premiere Rock Goddess. But no one knew it because she was not promoted. She is my all-time favorite artist and this is my favorite track from the "Rocking Horse" album.
Henrique Ramos
I love Alannah I have the first studio album and the second too I never understand why the second album don't have the same success as the first. Some say that the album don't have the same sound of the first studio album like songs with southern rock. But it's not true. The second album have diverse genres of rock. Like Adult Oriented Rock, hard rock, rock, pop and alternative. The first album have Adult Oriented Rock, hard rock, southern rock. I think the album did not have the same success because when it came out the world was fascinated with the grunge and alternative scene. If the album came out in 1991, things could be different.
How come her songs have so few views! Sad.
Mike Jenkins
Allanah Myles best song!!...where did she go ???
Deborah Plumb
My favourite song from the Rockinghorse album. And the video is foot-stomping, dirt-kicking awesome! Such a beautiful badass you are Alannah Myles!
Peter Harder
Have loved Alannah for many many years. my fave female vocalist. powerful, raspy but sexy voice. seen her a few years back and sounds the same she did 20 years ago.
Andrew Berridge
Dog Groomer
I don't know which I like better, the song or the'm both!!   I love the shot of her near the end when she's slowly turning toward the camera (about 4:18 or so) as hell !
Excellent as always! 👍💞💝☺💅💪
Okanagan Summers
Wow :) this one fires on all cylinders!
Spirit Angelfish
This is an amazing song! This fit in well in '92 with the alt-rock, grunge musical trend in rock. She reminds me of Julianna Margulies too. :)
James Harp
For me, Rockinghorse is a lost and cruelly underrated classic. Far more consistent than her debut. In my top 3 all time favourite albums ❤️
Alda Rizzo
this one is my favourite, it is a song of revelation,  she was way ahead of her times, it is a prophecy
Happy Birthday, Alannah! (December 25, 2015)
Peter Brusch
I think, this was her best song ever, besides "Black Velvet"
Jordi Ventura
Very good song.
one of the handful of true rockers whose beauty matched her talent!!
Dany Ramírez
the Song More long of Rock but Extrene Good.Happy Birthday Darlin.
Daniel Gerstlé
Alannah on tour again, still waiting
Stef Ullrich
One of the greatest album openers ever.
maybe 20 years of not hear this song... anyone knows if this was part of a soundtrack sometime?, maybe from there I have listened.
I had heard "Black Velvet" on the radio, but thanks to the show where national singers covered the songs of famous artists of the world I started to be interested in the music of Alannah Myles and found my new favourite artist.
Laura Johnson
Truly an underrated artist. Such a voice! She is so much more than Black Velvet.
beat maeder
Ohne Worte absolute Bombe! Die beste Hardrockstimme von einer Frau! Aber Leider nur zwei Superalben ! BEAT 🎸
Thomas Grob
Tolle Frau.Super Sound,wurde früher im Aladin Bremen gespielt.
claude henne
OMG.... the best rocking Lady in the world ...for ever..i'm speechless
Just realized that this seems influenced by Another brick in the wall.
Marc Coté
This is without doubt one of the most sensual songs I have heard.
Larry Smith
I like this-And of course-HER.
Krusty The Clown
Great intro.... That yell or roar slowly fading in.....
mack buger
Who sing this song ITS NOT FAIR IM DELIGHTED
Fabio Tito Montefinale
Fantástico simplemente :) ♥
best ever
Mindeva Art - Mindy Eva Ouellet
love you <3 love this song so much so powefull !!!
Larry Smith
phoenix 22
Silly thoughts: "All that dust was getting into her beautiful eyes , mouth and throat". Awesome Alannah, as usually
LivinDeadGurl Zombie
One of my favorite songs! Love the beat!
Linda Chica Ramnarine
VDBoOM ! Animations , créations vidéos
J'adore ! good !
Rickey Engle
i am ready,,,
Thomas Grob
Aladin Bremen,ende der 80er.Einfach Super.
S. Rathgeber
Damn I forgot how powerful this song is. By far better then the nevertheless great Black Velvet.
de Neuville Chocolat Français
Belle et superbe voix et si peu de vues pour ce clip, ?
Eric Dwayne
Great Tune!
Mitch Colburn
It is unreal how much better she is than more celebrated women like Joplin and Nicks.
Rickey Engle
Our World Our Times
Steve Hammond
Alannah owned female rock and roll through the 90's
Tim Begg
Under appreciated! Her music is great! Each of her songs are different, definitely not mass-produced, and she has a great voice too. Such a pity we didn't hear more of her at the time.
The best ones are often underrated.
Larry Smith
What U mean-Ontario.
Larry Smith
This tune rocks.
Larry Smith
D Larson
A true rock n roll front woman . Up there with the greats. She shoulda went the distance .
Larry Smith
Go Girl.
Thomas Grob
Aladin Bremen in den 80 ern,da ging die Post ab.Einfach Super
Is that a guy's voice or is it actually Alannah's voice distorted?
J.B Knox
Great tune,love it!
Lucy Faiella
Thomas Grob
Tolle Frau,toller Sound
Rickey Engle
i love you,,honey baby,,
Friki Fiona
Looooomiiiiiii !
Larry Smith
Really good song!
Renee Manzoor
Love my hometown girl 😘😘😘😘
Helmut Ulrich
Jenny Pedersen
Laura Gem
Alannah Myles and Julianna Margulies look like they could be sisters.
Buzzards Bass
I can only IMAGINE being with such a woman~! Of course, this was back in the 80s when I was hot too. I could probably hook up with her now that she's banging 60. I'd still find that fire.
Larry Smith
What an awesome song. Love this.
Much better than the awful "Black Velvet".
de Neuville Chocolat Français
J'adore cette chanson !
Alda Rizzo
our city has been poisoned with evil, this revealing prophecy is at hand here in Toronto, please pray for our city, we are in a bad dream and need to make our city peaceful, please help us with prayer
Larry Smith
This is so sexy.
Larry Smith
Jenny Pedersen
x  icuii