Clarence Gatemouth Brown - "Honky-Tonk" [Live from Austin, TX]

From the Clarence Gatemouth Brown album 'Live from Austin, TX available now: Also available at Amazon: CD/DVD:

Mike Figures
Gatemouth settled on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain later in life & spent a lot of time playing clubs in Orleans, St. Tammany, the casinos on the coast. The grocery I worked over night in in Slidell, La was open 24 hrs. before Katrina. Gatemouth had a 60's model Cadillac limo, and a white boy driver late 20's or early 30's. They used to leave his gigs at 2:30 to 3:00, on weekends, & always ended up in our store. He lived in Pirates Harbor near the Rigolets of Lake Pontchartrain. Katrina destroyed his home & he never recovered. He died within a year of that. A fine old man. I hated to see him go. Check him out playing with Roy Clark back in the 70's on YouTube.
Larry Holloway
was fortunate enough to get to know Gatemouth a little bit, what a sweet guy, we enjoyed some nice herb together
Hal Pecher
Love it. That's my late friend Dennis Taylor on sax with the red shirt. When he wasn't touring he'd come and play with our little local blues band in Boston way back in the 80s. RIP Dennis and Gatemouth.
Nobody special
Johnny Winter and Gatemouth are both from the Golden Triangle in Texas and its notable that they both use a similar multi finger picking style. I grew up around them and was fortunate enough to see them both a few times. Thanks for posting this video. BTW, Gatemouth's guitar is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You see it when you first go in.
so do what gatemouth is doing and use a freaking capo AND flatwounds
Like butter on hot toast!!!
if someone told me not to dance it would be a battle.
Elio Lopez
A truly great and tasteful player
matthew rediker
lucky to have seen him in a small bar in pitt,pa. in 1983...hes one of the best gtr players ive ever seen !!!
Leandro Machado
Man this dude is very cool I love his dressing style so much ... I love how he plays with his fingers ... I have huge respect for people that plays with they finger ... when I was a kid I when pick up a guitar I was playing like that , until this arse hole came and told me that it wasn’t properly way to play and I started using guitar pick , no I look back I hate his guts , every musician shouldn’t not listen to advices when getting familiar with they instruments, should let natural course of nature do the process ...
Rick Allen
His style caught my ear in the 80s. He was the gateway that got me into jazz. Back then it was Sabbath & AC/DC all the way, until I heard him.
Sebastian Fibes
No matter who plays it, Honky Tonk is perhaps the best stomping your feet and clapping your hands song ever. 100% feelgood.
Honky tonk for some nutty reason is always played in F
Amish deviant with Herpes
Jack black on bass
Lynn Graham
The Chuck Berry of Boogie?
Jo Daddy's Garage
Interesting picking style.
Mike Wallace
This stuff is so good. Every note counts.
That's how you play that one!...classic..(FZ.."lemme see yer thumb!")
And David Peters formerly of Louisiana's LeRoux on Drums.
Alf Tupper
Bloody marvellous!
What guitar is he playing?
Tamara Taylor
Holy Cow! Gate mouth talk to that guitar!! Luckiest child in the world got to listen to this as a child, no wonder I love music!
Knox G. Stallbauer
These are licks worth learning.
Saw the late Gatemouth Brown in Shreveport during my senior year of High school in Shreveport in '82. I told him I was from Beaumont and he smiled and replied that he was from Orange! What a musician!
Richard James
All these players are amazing.
Bob Aldo
Nice version of the old Bill Doggett hit - which was probably the biggest R & B instrumental of the 1950's.
Christian Boddum
Mighty fine playing all around!
Ken Farmer
Gatemouth was amazing
Larry Warnock
Wtf? I've heard Honky Tonk thousands of times but never like this.
Derrick LeBlanc
that's some great blues right there
andy minor
Gangster as F
Hop On pop
One of the first 45’s I ever
Jochen Hansen
This is it👌
Steven Leek
Great clean playing!
Bob Deluxe and The Ideals
Mason Kissel
Chuck Berry style.... excellent
Steven Brooks
Years ago Sacramento had a blues festival every year. I went every year and had the pleasure of listening to the great Clarence Gatemouth Brown. What a show!!
Dale Humphrey
wonderful!!! love Gatemouth!!!😀😉✌
pancho villa
The coolest cowboy 🤠 ever
Roger That
Love how he plays that guitar! Amazing how much talent there is out there.
Quentin Fernandez
He's amazing is all I can say. Superb
Fantastic performance by everybody. Great sax solo.
Chris Tirant
What a genius that is some soul sound from the man. Can definitely show the young ones of today how to play with his toes. God rest his soul. RIP blues man.
Julien Guillaume
Nice rythm section.
Joe Smoo
It's amazing to me how good this guy can play without a pick
Shane Harris
Nobody plays like this man!!
Paul McKeown
Superb player
Pete TheMan
"Gate Swings"...great album.
Arek Płocicki
so cool
Mary Richardson
Totally True
Spaceboy989 Jefferson
This dude can cut any of the gutless d bag finger tappy boys. Love some real guitar playing.... saw him cut Roy Clark in a vid not to long ago. He’s a true bad ass and tremendously under rated. He’s a top 5 all time blues player no doubt. Right in there with the kings.
Michael Leary
I recorded Gatemouth's Album "Blackjack' in Lousiana, what a guy!
Howard Ende
An amazing talent - no doubt SRV fashioned a lot of what he did after this blues man.
John Powers
My wife and I saw Gatemouth in NYC in a small club some years ago and were completely blown away. What a show what a showman, what a man!
Robert Dunham
Saw in Phoenix...$15
Long Tall Texan
Saw him in the 60s and he sounds as good in the 90s
Love it
Jan Staugaard
What a talent just can't find out which tuning he is using? Jan from Denmark
Franklin Beckwith
T you for your endless choices to select from thanks
Autodidatta ! che spettacolo !
is that you Harold?
m. saint
Done in the key of F Major, just like the original. Not in E Major like the ones who can't stretch out their finger wide enough to play it in F.
Kev Dean
A lot of people don't know Gate was a Grammy winning fiddle player too!!!
ed cherry
I think the tenor player was in james cotton band in the early/ mid 70’s?
Phil Burns
I had his grand kids in Oklahoma City Schools, knew his son Dwayne (not sure if he is still with us). Did a wikipedia search and found the family information. This just happened to appear on my you tube list ! ? ! wow.
m. saint
He's riding an Ibanez too!
TC Smith
Saw him in Lubbock TX 1975 or so. Awesome. Small club. Best places to see good music, forget the stadiums and convention halls.
Danny C
As only Gate could do it - them long fingers and just layin' down some of his own licks. Actually Gate wrong that this is a "Texas Rock and Roll" tune - this number came as basically a one-off take in a 1955 Bill Doggett session with Billy Butler on guitar and Clifford Scott on sax. And a shout out to Hal Pecher here - yes, Dennis "Two N" Taylor on sax - originally from Barton, VT of all places. He would sit in with my 80's band, The Throbulators, on occasion. Ditto RIP Gate and Dennis.
I stood behind him in the line to sign the guest/condolences book at Stevie Ray Vaughans funeral...
Joe Smoo
What a job very good and he only did the whip note three times which was one time too many
Claudia Ortegon
I'm pretty sure Stevie Ray Vaughan has played there a few times
Joe Smoo
You have to be careful with them whipping notes once or twice is good but if you overdo it it starts sounding very silly
I caught Gate at a little dive bar on Speedway Ave in Tuscon in the late '80s. I almost cried when he did "Take the A Train". We miss you Clarence.
Robert Hedrick
Used to see him all the time at Soap Creek Saloon. Getting drunk and hanging out with the kitchen staff!
I've never heard a blues bass line like that. It's so unusual.
i've never seen the right hand used like this! cool
ava gd
I enjoyed Gatemouth Brown on the Beat that produced in the 60s with the Hossman Bill Allen who works for WLAC 1510 in Nashville,TN. The show was filmed in Dalls, TX in the facilities of WFAA TV.
Larry Reid
Had the pleasure of meeting listening to him at tchefuncte campground years ago Great musician
Didn’t know John Travolta played drums
Joe Smoo
Blues is boring the same thing over and over again there's only three different keys all blues songs are played in you heard one blue the song you've heard them all
Francois Froge
Brown plays as good, if not better than Hendrix...
Alfredo Olivares
Is this good enough for you white asshoels or you want more?
João Carlos Mota
Renée Matte
Thanks Live From Austin TX 💖♪ ♫ 🎸🎷 🎻🎹🎺🌺🎧 Magic from A to Z 🎩🎩🎩 -
Bill Beam
Who is the idiot that invented the pause button, WTF?
Really BAD ASS!!!