AC/DC- Back In Black(Brian's Voice Change)1980-2010

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In this video I show you how the Brian's voice has been changed since AC/DC performs Back In Black.You can notice that his voice his awesome since 1980 until 1982.Since 1983 his voice starts to be weak, but in 1988 his voice starts to be powerfull.However, in 2000 his voice starts to be weak again and in 2008 he couldn't sing in E tuning, so AC/DC has been tuning his guitars in Eb tuning beacuse of Brian's voice.

Jimmy Tee Rex
The deterioration in his voice from 1983-88 could have been due to the amount of drinking he was doing. Malcolm stated in an interview they were all pretty boozed up during that time. However in 1988, Malcolm got sober and its likely that influenced Brian to cut back as well. The deterioration from 2000 onwards is likely just age-related, he's still doing bloody well for someone in his 60's!
Of course his voice is going to change, it's been 35 years!!!
Matt van den Ham
If anything this video is a testament to how solid he is as a singer rather than how much its changed
1991 voice is better than all the others; almost so good as 1980's playback.
bob bobo
Actually his voice is pretty amazing in all these, hes been at it for 30+ yearws and smokes reds all day lol. I dont know how he does it actually. He is very consistent. I would guess at the end of a long tour his voice is pretty ragged that true of all singer that push it.
Austin Flinn
anybody else think that '88 was sped up a little?
Larry Haines
1:56 Brian's Johnson
course his voice changed. it must be damaging do screech like that all the time
1:52 Ripped pants.
gear dave
One show doesn't represent the year, you can sing great one night and the other next you can have your vocal folds exhausted, so this is not a reference
Slash Arnold
and 1988 starts to sound like rap or hip hop xDDDDD
simon simmons
The guy is getting older and as you get older your voice changes.  But often as you get older your ability to ply your craft becomes greater.  So he can't physically sing as good as he used to.  So fucking what.  Elton John had to drop the keys of some of his songs and notice the Stones don't do Emotional Rescue anymore.  Cut the guy some fucking slack.
Tracy Street
What people don't consider is these are one off shows over the years, the song may have been later in the set, he could have been sick, the band might play it faster, they might have had a better mix, better monitors, better sound guy, and some versions might be early in the tour and others later... to many variables. Brian Johnson is the last singer of AC/DC, there is no other. What is going on now is like Blues brothers 2000, it should just never be. AC/DC should have just said, let's take a break and support Bryan in all this... instead of trying to fill their pockets more... not like they need it. I lost a lot of respect for Angus... a lot.
I love his voice from 1990 on. In the 1991 Clip (and on TRE, for that matter) he sounded almost like Donald Duck trying to sing.. fantastic!! ;)
Kind of hard not to notice his pants in 1984
jack bons
i hate 1982
Ride The Lightning
Brian Johnson rules! Jingle Hells Bells!
Slash Arnold
Wow 1986 was so fast it almost sounded like metal xD
August Burns Red
That bulge on Brian at 3:33 hahahaha
Home videos
He rocks!!!! !991 sounded awesome. However I think one of his nuts is showing at 2:13
Freeloader 420
It should be noted that a good/bad recording can drastically alter this compilation. A lot of people, Malcolm young included, thought Brian's best tour was The Razor's Edge tour. He was at his best then.
Filip Skrzęta
I love 1991 ♥
no change from what I can hear...
The CMC Squad
3:03 Woah! Did sonic take over or something??? 😂
On my opnion the voice of Brian has not changed
jordan blackwell
they never tuned to Eb cuz i sat and played to this video all the way through and never had to retune my guitar
2009 is awesome :)
Actually, listening to this, his voice has survived a hell of a lot better than I realised. More power to you Brian, son.
Darion Raddatz
1984 must have been a good year for the sack
coolest man on earth
eddie brandenburg
The guy is one of Rock n Roll greatest singers ever and has been for many years now.His voice is unique and he still hits all them high notes just like he did 20 years ago.Go see Ozzy live and you will see a screen of him singing for the first 30 mins. and then he comes out and sings 6 songs n its unbearable to listen to!!!!
Giovanni Pandini
They are ALL great. dont forget 80's concert filming wasn't as good quality wise as 2010 or now
early 90s is my favorite, just so gruff and manly, still scares small children when i turn it up in my car
nothing change...this voice is incredible  thanks you brian
1984 (picture) this pair of jeans seems to be a bit too skinny :D
Earl Hickey
Those pants in 84
Les Webster
We love you Brian!
Lords Ulrich
1983,1985 and 2007 🤘
Nicholas Cano
Lol ripped pants 1984
For someone to sing like that for over 30 years and not mess up his voice would be superhuman. Brian's actually doing pretty well all things considered.
Mike F
There is too much variability to compare year to year, definitely wear and tear over the course of 35 years BUT, some of these clips could have been recorded after a string of 20 shows or more. If each of these clips were the 1st recording of the tour or something then its a fair enough comparison i suppose, cool Vid tho for sure, interesting ! there is a great one of Paul stanley from KISS on youtube somewhere too
Nancy M
ummm think his voice was fine clear up to the day he left the band. Did you ever think that his voice changed because he gave it his all when he sang. I'm sure his voice was pushed to the limits and age does play a factor. Seriously it's stupid to even compare his voice in these different stages of his life. Those guys gave it their all every time they got on the stage. The best band ever. Rest in peace Malcom Young ❤
1981 was my favorite example. But yeah over 37 years a guys voice is gonna change especially with that kind singing. I think he's done a good job of keeping it together.
His voice was great for the first 2 tours(BIB, FTATR). His voice was still decent at times on the Flick Tour, but not the same. We noticed in 1983 that his voice was deteriorating. He blew it out on the first 2 tours. All the frenzied shrieking, barking and howling took its toll. Plus, his chain smoking and boozing did not help.
Jim H.
That is hard shit to sing and in a high register. It is absolutely incredible He is still singing as well as he is. Any of these recordings could be an off night or a bad mix, but he sounds pretty damn good in all of them to me!!
Marcio Antonio Rossetto da Cunha
It may not be the best voice ever, but it' unique and i never saw anyone singing like he does. Not even for a night, and he's doing it for the latests 35 years. Amazing!
James Ness
1988 @3:00... holy f.... that's speed man, when he sings "im usin every one of them & runnin wild"....
Ariel Hernan Paiz
La que ponen como de 1981 es una version sacada de un disco live USA 1983 :p
I saw ACDC live in 2008 and the guitars were dropped a half step - figured they'd be doing that for every show from then on so Brian's voice wouldn't get as strained anymore, but I was interested to hear BIB in the original key in the 2008 and 2010 performances. Cool.
Did you retune the songs? That screws up everything, dude...
Brenthe Valckenier
Unbelievable what a voice and even after all these years he still has it
Scott Young
I always thought that stevie wright would have been the best choice for replacing bon in 1980. Unfortunately Steve wasn't too healthy by the early 80s. I also think axl will do a good job replacing Brian.
m Ac
a partir de 86/88 la voz es cuando le pega el cambio!!!!! pero aun sigue siendo buena. Luego otro pequeño cambio a peor es a partir de 96/98!!!! ojo yo no sigo este video pk engaña algo.
Chad Whitaker
since I spent entirely too much time with this damn vid I reckon I'll vote like everyone else. I say best = 1991 worst = 2001 is hard to really say any of it was bad bc you never know if he was just struggling from doing a few dates in a row and lost his voice but still rockin it out anyway cause that's what real men do! I'm still in my 20's so Brian is who I have always know as the better and only lead singer. I must say I just watched a few 79 concerts with Bon Scott and he was incredible. I always though of him as too girly but I was wrong. Now I'm confused on which I like better. I'll say Brian just bc no one can compete with a song like back in black.
dnpfr Rnp
grand pa brian's A.D 1981 Voice was the best  :D also A.D 1981 was golden time for his body condition too The way I see it, brian's singing style for AC/DC is too much boost his voice aging speed, also boost decrease energy in his voice too... if normal singer did brian's singing style for AC/DC while 1year live touring program exatly same as AC/DC, and than that singer may screwed up own voice a whole life long.... but brian didn't screwed up his own voice whole life long. just decrease energy in his voice and boost aging in his voice it's really hard to handle problem for him to decrease energy & aging problems because it can't be dodge, just upcoming fate sooner than other singer's fate. For Those About to Rock! We Salute You Grand pa Brian~~~!!! :D
August Michaels
Nobody else has sang with that intensity for that duration of time. Its amazing he can talk at all let alone screech anymore. You have to have the heart to make yourself learn how to sing again after you have trashed your voice so many times. Not only is it difficult, but it changes the whole process in witch you control your voice. He's the man.
martin araujo
this is wrong, black ice on the tour fell a shade below because brian does not give voice, look at the dvd live at River Plate ...
Azza Paterson
What I Found interesting was the band photos where original drummer Phil Rudd appears and the years he was axed before they brought him back into play. I wonder how Phil Rudd's solo rock album HEADJOB is doing in the sales department? Some good songs on that album too.
Lee Brown
Great video!  Some of the pictures are pretty funny, too.  Weak or strong, I don't know how Brian Johnson manages to torture his vocal cords the way he does and not end up completely mute.  I'm not a big AC/DC fan, but Brian Johnson impresses the hell out of me.
Mitchell Harris
Most of the recordings sound like they were taped on a cell phone but Brian still kicks ass through his time with the band just like Bon did through his days. AC⚡DC forever.
acdc jor
La mejor: 1991
Los Liendos
ik vind het nog steeds knap dat hij op deze leeftijd nog zo kan zingen dat kan niemand hem na doen het is gewoon de beste zanger aller tijden
Allen Butler
My favorite Brian Johnson vocals are the Back in Black album and Live album
Smooth Tone Studios
1991 one rocked!!!!!
Tiago Severino
This video is so stupid... You listen in different environments... with different types of qualities!
I would think much depends on where they're playing (indoors or out), or how good the acoustics are. probably a lot of factors involved.
very up and down, but hes definitely still got it! FINALLY get to see them in toronto this year!
Brandon Smith
@TheMracdrocks Probly cause Chris Slade was playing drums at that time instead of original drummer Phil Rudd who later rejoined the band.
Grizzly Steele
The mans a fuckin legend and one of rocks true gents, missing him loads
richard brumford
1981 and 1985
Doreen Jenks
1985 sucked it was low
Nicholas Chorba
I saw them on the Ballbreaker tour in the Meadowlands. Unfortunately, the show was rough because of Brain. Seemed like he had blown out his voice.
He is peaking right now ...look at shook me all night long 2014
Emilio Aqueveque
WTF with the tempo at 3:03?
Alex Capo
1991 my favorite
Lance Steger
The 1983 picture looked like Bruce Springsteen XD
Colin Kupsey
He seems to sound better as he gets older.
Doreen Jenks
i liked 1982
1988 sounds like shit imo lol
1996 and 2001 was my Favourite
David Heaton
Brians voice is a studio creation.. He has always been garbage live.. Now Bon , he is great live and obviously in studio !!
2 of them are possessed.
Luke Garza
2001 was his best year in my opinion..
Otávio Alves
turns better ever year
yuga adenovan
he's just a MAN, not GOD...
Delvin buck
strange voice in 1986
The Capeta
Best: 1991 Wosrt;2001
All the clips from 2008 sound like they are in E rather than E Flat. Are those clips the correct pitch?
John Cole
I've never heard such non-sence.  The band never 'pitched' guitars out-side of The High-Way To Hell album .
I love 1980 voice
Sipic Nikola
So much speculation in the comment section, yet no one is taking into account the fact that his performance greatly depends on whether he rested or not. Of course, he'll perform better if the show's being recorded for a DVD and if it's a random show he'll underperform. There are other factors, but I think his vocals actually got better in the 90s until age took it's toll.
chuck jones
I noticed right around 1990 or so a big change in Brian's voice. And I love this guys voice. its classic rock n roll. but right around Thunder struck I heard a big change. At first I thought he may have had a throat problem impeding his vocals. But lets face it people, rock n roll at 10000MPH like this guy sings at, is rough on the engine. IE- Beats on the voice. With that being said, I still love his voice even now. Guy was a perfect replacement for the late, great Bon Scott.
Garrick Sissons
The male voice can continue to develop up to (and generally peaks at) about age 35 and you might get 5 to 10 years at peak ability. (Brian was probably around 32 years old when the Back In Black album was recorded) Once a male singer is 40 to 45 years old his voice will generally start to weaken gradually as the years go by. Some guys can keep it fairly strong longer than others by taking really good care of themselves but singing in that style is very hard on the vocal chords for even the toughest singers like him. This is only natural.
Suicidal Rockstar
The guitars are also tuned in different keys not all of the back in black songs are tuned in for 440. You can check it yourself. In fact the record wasn't even tuned in for 440. Peoples voices change over 30 years. And I'm sure she has some damage to his ears but he won't go completely deaf. She will outlive you and me put together brother
Ryan Stroup
1980 was too nasally
Suicidal Rockstar
You keep talking eat he singing out of key. Of course your voice changes when you get older. I've got tapes of me when I was 23 years old singing and now I listen to tapes of me at 50 completely different. The guy used to work on cars and sell cars he could've lost his hearing that way and it could've been through rock 'n' roll. But he has always saying on key which is hard to do if you can't hear nothing to do with vocal changes
Hoogoose D. Moose
Saw them twice.. Fly on the wall tour at Toledo Sports Arena and then 1986 at Joe Lois Arena.. Joe Lois was much better acoustics than TSA.. they are a force to be reckoned with live..they always put their best efforts forward. my only regret is i never got to see them with Phil on drums. (or the almighty Bon Scott too)
L Marck
Brian 4ever \m/
L Marck
Brian 4ever \m/
nahuel russso