FAIRMONT PACIFIC RIM, Vancouver's best luxury hotel: a review

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'I have not yet visited the Trump Hotel yet...' DON'T bother.
WiL Laxa
Vancouver is such a beautiful city especially during the Summer! Great Video showing the fine sides of it. Thanks for sharing! :D
jay vee
Stayed here this past summer we had a 6th floor Suite with patio and outdoor fireplace , you even get your own private elevator to the 6th and 7th floor Suites . Service was outstanding , well worth the $$
always wondered what it looked like inside. The Crown Prince of Dubai owns the penthouse in the condo part. http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2014/04/crown-prince-dubai-visits-vancouver-photos/
john philips
i have to say one thing you are blessed bro.
Prince English
Already in Vancouver. Nice video as always
Hey, did you mind if sometimes you review hotel and resort in Bali with hotel at Jakarta in Indonesia and do more review hotel or maybe some 'ryokan' at Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka in Japan? If you do mind thank you so much for doing it, I just like your review to get some advice and recommendation for travelling.
Vincent Chu
i remember Cory Monteith died here
ivory piano? really? disgusting.
idk , I laughed so hard at the "curator's table"...it just seems so pretentious!!!
It's a good video, no doubt about it. I also like the resolution bump to 1080p and the higher bitrate. But one of the reasons I watch your travel videos is that they used to be in 50/60 fps. Since your videos involve a lot of camera panning a higher frame rate than 30 is necessary for a better experience (even if the resolution remains 720p). Please consider this in your future videos. It's a humble request from one of your fans. PS : 1080p 60fps would be great if you can achieve this.
Frankie Hampton
Ivory piano ?-- the place should be boycotted. I prefer Pan Pacific, beautiful views and no dead endangered animals in the foyer. As for trying out a Trump hotel -- I will unsubscribe for sure.
Ole Weil
I've never been to Cape Town so far, but Vancouver and NYC as favourite cities, I'm definetely with you!!! Always enjoy watching your videos, real delight! :-)
Никита Клоков
What is the song on 7:40? It sounds great!!!
Brandon Jinjiyoshi Tilley
I really hope you do visit Trump hotel soon XD.
John Appleseed
You know it's a good hotel when the toiletries are Le Labo! In their shops they mix the perfume live in front of you and it smells incredible! Great video as usual!
Why is the "Entrance-Music" allways so loud?
wow incredible
Nice hotel, but the guitarist playing music in the lobby is super annoying.
Christian Figueroa
The rooms seem a bit underwhelming but they're still nice.
Jocelyn deguzman
Very relaxing nice👍
Alice Riobueno
Which are the songs that start at 3:39 and 12:38 please?
Gg Gg
Lol wi fi not complimentary? Even 3 star hotels have free wi fi in Ireland. Its not dark ages
MonicaW MonicaW
Nice place but they almost killed me being allergic to nuts. We told them no nuts, they even checked with the chef and he said no nuts and the cake they gave was peanut better cake. Worst hotel ever! The customer service sucks huge. After spending the entire night at the hospital they even called the police on us because I didn't want to pay them for ruining my birthday. WORST HOTEL EVER!!! Loden, Shang, Trump, Rosewood.... all better places than this pos location!
Khalid Haris
keep up the amazing job, I was watching your vlogs in Afghanistan and now I am living in Washington State, Seattle
Igor Appelboom
Great as always. Very relaxing!
Adriana Regina
How about traveling to the Caribbean ??......please do go and film everything for us!
Vali Nec
Oooouuu.. Super Bravo...Love!!
Luxry only
Hi I love watching your travel videos and the tips on saiving money at your website. I particularly liked when you explained the loyalty programs. Did this room come with a bathub? I don't think that I saw one?
Moritz Steiner
Representative thought crystal decrease works conviction fortune fly against.
Michaela Falck
Cape Town and New York City are my favorites too...and of course Hamburg, the City, where I live. ;). I visited Cape Town several times when I was working. I‘ve been to Vancouver too and I was really impressed How beautiful this City is.
Khaled Salama
What are the prices there If you please?!
Oss Muller
Hi, when are you coming to Mexico? Here we have many very beautiful hotels And to try all our gastronomy If you come invite me and I will guide you :D
Martin Sokol
9:40 "Oru Cousine" I thought its a typo but the restaurant is called Oru :D
nikki price
thanks again for your wonderful videos . I can live vicariously through you watching your videos . I have breast cancer and I pay for my own treatment because my insurance wont cover it. so Im now poor. but with your videos I can at least pretend Im there with you , which makes it a plus because your really handsome. 😊
Clorox Bleach
Hey dude, you should visit Alaska and ride our railroad, and the ride the rocky mountaineer. Both very nice and worth riding
Sandra Nelson
I lived on the island for a couple of years. I can tell you, we always kept a waterproof hooded ski jacket within arm's reach. You never know when the day will turn grey, chilly and wet. Also, if you have arthritis, or healed joint injuries, you must have painkillers at all times. That damp chill just works it's way into your bones.
Omari Joseph
the lobby with the fireplace is beautiful,i quite like the desk area and of course the view from the window,but the bed head i'm not impressed with..could be better, the bathroom is lovely a bit of a contrast to the room itself,overall totally awesome..thanks for sharing
i hate see luxury rooms with no bathtub........
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