Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - MEGADETH Guitar Cover (HD)

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Hi ! This is my guitar cover of Holy Wars... The Punishment Due by Megadeth, from their awesome Rust In Peace album. I'm playing both Dave Mustaine's and Marty Fridman's parts using an EVH Wolfgang Special, a Tokai Love Rock Japan and a Marshall Vintage Modern. Please feel free to comment and say what you think, positive or negative. If you have any request let me know.. Cheers

Andriy Vasylenko
Nice work! Verse riff is my favorite. I still can't believe that it's possible to play it and sing together
Richie H
I will never understand how Dave Mustaine can play this song and sing at the same damn time... that's some talent
My favourite riff is 00:00 to 6:42
Lin Yao
the guitar tone's pretty much identical to that of the album. nice.
Being a guitar player, it just hit me now how talented you have to not only sing and lay this song, but he also wrote it. Amazing. Dave Mustaine is a magician
Freddy Medina
2:45 my fav riff of the song
Celso Camargo
Messi plays well
o iSlay
shia lebouf
Frikker Dorián
100% perfect and i like your black guitar ;) but i miss the first marty solo:c
Sick cover, dude!
tarin theis
I wanna know what that black guitar was, I've never seen such a beautiful instrument before
Robert Boyland
why dont no1 play the acoustic solo bit arghhhhh
Jonathan Barron
Timing is a bit out in places, but pretty solid overall!
Furkan Gunaydın
amazing. maximum respect.
5:41 how did you do that when your guitar only has 22 frets :'D
Tom Burr
one day I'll get a guiter and play like that. That was amazing man!
Dude that was clean. Holy shit man, it was like you wrote and own this song.
Ali Doğaç Köse
Underrated channel!
fran estrada
lionel messi ???? jjjjj excelent !!!
Ted Wood
This is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I listen to everything from black metal to orc classics. This is some damn fine musical skills, and I've always held Dave as the best and most technical guitarist of all time
My boy shredding.
Ness Guitars
nice job! great choice of album to cover
Tyler Davis
Underviewed, best Holy Wars cover on youtube!
That last bend on dave's solo was ridiculously good damn
Pauline O.
feeling it at 5:16
Sarper Aygor
Rasmus Johansen
Omg it's pewdiepie. JK you are amazing
Ali Dalkus
great playing and perfect tone for Megadeth.what amp settings u used? please pm me.i got jcm 2000 tsl 100
Angie G
You're my new crush <3
Ivethat Gaming
You deserve a sub great job
Andrew Louis
fantastic! \m/
great guitar tone, great playing.
Bruh. You deserve way more subscribers what :O
Albiazul 1946
Very good job man¡ greetings from Colombia¡¡¡ kick ass¡
Gioacchino Galizia
yeahhhhhh! ;)
I've loved Holy Wars ever since it was released! The whole album for me is just amazing! Hard to believe it's 26 years old!!! Awesome cover dude :-D
Edward Krill
very tasty! well played!
Namenick YOLO
what guitar is he using
Yes ! Bravo mec c'est super propre et ça sonne terrible !
Sameer Kooliyat
He's playing this on the neck pickup wtf
mathieu harter
Super !! Bravo pour le dernier solo !
Mahdi Kazemi
Great job man. I wish I had better gear and better technice like you
Free Odds
Vi tu anuncio en rockaxis pero no dejaste número ni contacto, avísame.
Glen Curtin
Is that a Marshall 800
Rajdeep Konwar
one of the finest covers on a Les Paul! raw talent!!
Michael Kwan
Awesome cover! Take my like and subscription! Also, how did you get this tone?
King Brilliant
it goes out of time, in front of and then behind the beat..Listen to 1:34 to 1:50 the timing is everywhere. also why does it increase tempo at the beginning..Recorded at one speed, played back at another?? ;-)
James Horner
Great cover, one of the best Speed Metal/Thrash tunes ever written, IMO. Mustaine is THE guitar God. To think he sings while playing those complex songs, it's amazing.
E 5 1 5 0
Dude, you either rush or drag along... metronome? Decent technique though... Keep it up
Jordan Chung
Absolutely amazing. You make me wanna learn how to play guitar bro. You got some talent man much respect from Toronto fam
john enalstos
Dave created the best rhythmic metal out there no doubt, but I hate to say that I dislike a lot of the solos in the Rust in Piece, I personally find them poor for such a fantastic album. There it is I said it. On a different note, great cover. I have been meaning to learn this for so long, you gave me inspiration to allow 10 minutes a night and see how far I get...lol.. The 9 to 5 worker trying to have fun...;-).
Amazing color changing guitar!
Seinder 1020
Well played dude! The sound was pretty close to the original! What amp settings did you use? It will really be so helpful for some of us guitarists at the moment of playing.
George Zoorob Jr
Hey bro, great cover literally everything is spot on. I'm just dying to know what that are the amp settings you are using and what kinda Marshall are you running your guitars through?
Paul Griffin
Nice work!
I love your Les Paul
R. Jiménez
Kinda_Sweet_ Fish
I found myself watching just the pinky of your strumming hand the whole time
Jorge Tobaru
fking awesome!!!!
Magic Steve
You’re not playing it right, you have to have your guitar in a chokehold and pick with a broken wrist
Miłosz Graliński
Don't want to be rude but you are playing verse riff incorrectly, i mean part after second 5-6-7 in that riff, listen to the original. Great cover anyway :p
Gerry McGraw
That was awesome
Robert Jamieson
hard riff to play and sing as well as Dave Mustaine does!!
Matheus Carvalho
5:00 BEST PART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jack benson
cool man, I also own wolfgang. \m/ (;,,;) \m/
Brandon Salvatierra
hi!!! great cover, can you please tell me in what tune is your guitar please?
Isaak Irwan Tobing
"THEY KILL MY WIFE AND MY BABY...!!!" This song makes me angry to this world!?! # headbanging
AKI D 7030
You're one of those people who make this look easy
Matty Deth
Only part you need to fix is in the riff where "brother will kill brother" starts. It's 3 different inverted power chords, not the two you were playing. Apart from that it was sick man.
Steve Dodd
Chris Sprague
megadeth is like chocolate cake for the ears
Good cover, but I'd recommend using a backing track that way you can only hear your guitar and not Dave and Marty. Other than that, you fucking nailed it.
Dalton Phillips
Nice dude
one view to 100k XD
Charles Keller
Great work. The ONLY thing I hear wrong is in the intro. The low e staccato is slightly off tempo a couple times. Not that I can do it either. I wonder if megadeth can even do it live as perfectly as they have it on record.
Gary Carter
This is epic.
Mango Fox
Standard tuning right?
manolo padilla
Amp settings?
GTA El Zapatero Mods
awesome unknown talent of Lio messi
Ferdinand Camu
perfect playing!
Onur Açıkgöz
Why did you play with neck pickup?
Sam Walker
Damn!!!!... Holy crap is amazing
Carlos Alvarez Roson
great cover!!!
Roberto Megara
oh god
Kunal Dutta
Awesome pal
Rice Waster Aleks
Very clean
Jack Soghomonian
That would be much better if he played with bridge pickup
Edward Krill
but kinda u never use your little finger :S
Alex Essington
This song is a parade of face smashing riffs
Crowley Benjamin
Aguante Detatrone
Not in the right tempo in some parts...
Anthony Weed
Awesome work, can I bother you what kind of headphones you're using? I'm looking for a pair without latency when recording
Ali Rida
do you have any way to communicate privatly?
Mark Norman
Nice job. It's, by far, my most favourite metal track of all time!!
Rodrigo Celis
Great video, congrats!!!!!!!! Rock on lmL
Martin Tuppurainen
Very good playing! :)
you know what would be awesome, if slipknot did a cover of this song but slipknot-afied it if you know what I mean