Soft Cell return with Northern Lights on Later… with Jools Holland

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Soft Cell perform Northern Lights on Later… with Jools Holland on BBC Two (25 September 2018). For more performances and interviews from the show, subscribe now: Watch the whole episode here:

cassius 2
Great to see them back together after 40 years , even if it's a one off album and gig , not many bands can still do that , good on them , plus I've met Marc and he's a lovely down to earth man , very polite and unassuming , rare in most stars .
TheArtyYvonne Mixed Media Artist with ASD
Marc Almond is amazing at 61 and so energetic. Dave Ball is a synth genius. Such legends. And a wonderful concert at 02 with 20,000 people all dancing laughing drinking loving 🔥🌈✨🕶🎹🎤🎸🌹🤗
Calvin Fry
He hasn’t lost a thing. This is amazing I was raised on soft cell’s music so I’m honoured hearing new music x
Nancy E. Clauss
Marc Almond, the only Artist who can instantly bring a tear to my eye!
Roy Wayne
Oh how I love this band. 😊
Daniela Martínez
Pablo DeMode
I can’t wait to hear the whole album! This is great!
Nancy E. Clauss
Absolutely love the male background singers! Whoa!!!💜💜💜💜💜🎶
Michael Mitchell
Love this band. Great to see the guys again together playing.
First time I heard it, I didn't like it. Now I'm OBSESSED with this performance.
This is the problem with Soft Cell now. Marc has morphed into a very successful cabaret singer and the sleazy underbelly that was the signature of the band has disappeared. His singing style has changed completely. This is a fairly weak track in comparison to the old stuff. In saying that I hope they have a great gig Sunday.
Karl Hainer
Great performance. Great song.
Killer track
Kenneth Logan
Great performance 👍😎
Adrian Federici
Its got that soft cell sound , brilliant.
Иван Ивицкий
Шедеврально! Сердцем явно не постарели.
Paul Adams
Has Dave Ball been ill ?
I'm going to the concert just got my tickets !!! 30th September 2018 it's a date with destiny, soft cell
upstaged by the Idles
hope the dancing queens will not be on stage at the O2 on sunday :-)
Northern Lights is not that good song but what I think not so good is Dave Ball himself. So no more Soft Cell
Paul Norris
Watching it on BBC 2 now......what shite, only outdone by the idles who were even more shite.
Maria del Mar Miguel bayo
Es chulisima me voy de camino a ver las luces de navidad y Es preciosa para el camino de viaje y esta navidad la bailare como loca
Think the black backup singer was with David Gilmour on his last tour. He can only do one dance....The walking Dance :)
R Massiha
Oh boy , I did not recognize Dave Ball ! Old and out of shape . What the hell is going on with Marc Almond's teeth though ???? At least he has had a facelift or two , and has done some works on his face .
Allan Hassell
Love the two new songs and a marvellous performance on Sunday at The O2 by Soft Cell - glad we could be there to celebrate for one night only. Sex Dwarf is still a classic :-)
Finlay Biddlesden
Think this is called ‘northern lights ....
David Thomas
An emotional time, as this weekend is a real Say Hello Wave Goodbye moment xXx
Marc Almond perfectly sculptured
jadore Marc n Dave
Caroline Gray
great band
amazing!! :)
Lawrence C
Sounds dated, but I like it.
Alan Cawthorne
Viva Cell !
Chris Walsh
was at the 02 for the farewell. one word. superb.
Love it
Wish they were returning for more I love the 2 new songs😍
Where’s vicious pink?? That woulda been better.
Enrico Simone
sold my ticket. i loved them too much but truly...ball is gone. and even if some some songs will be eternal i can feel i would have been too disappointed. besides this music truly does not belong to 2018 anymore. time to move on.