IGUAZU FALLS in 4K: Brace Yourself! | Nature Relaxation™ Music Video

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| Experience the world's most powerful and majestic waterfalls in 4K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION with this inspirational, heart-pumping nature video by David Huting - synchronized to the powerful score "Brace Yourself" by musician Travis Revell. Warning: the power of nature contained in this video will likely raise your heart rate, especially when viewed in 4K. | MORE INFO: To access hundreds of hours of ad-free nature on any device or TV, check out the Nature Relaxation netflix-style monthly subscription: CREDITS / CAMERA: Filmed & Produced by David Huting ©2016. All scenes filmed on the Argentinian side of Iguazu. Music: Brace Yourself" by Travis Revell Music: Camera: Canon EOS 1-DC + Canon 17--40MM f.4 L. Edited on Premiere Pro CC.

moonlight shadow
breathtaking thank you..!♥
Wow! Such beauty!
GrisGlobal MannaMedia
the music went perfectly awesome to this footage!
Osito Arabe
pranay singh chauhan
Amazing ....
Johhny Apollo
I love the videos but why add music? It's distracting... Who doesn't have access to music? I will ALWAYS prefer the sounds of nature....If one also want to hear music, let the viewer make that decision. There's an endless amount of internet radios stations alone.