IGUAZU FALLS in 4K: Brace Yourself! | Nature Relaxation™ Music Video

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| Experience the world's most powerful and majestic waterfalls in 4K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION with this inspirational, heart-pumping nature video by David Huting - synchronized to the powerful score "Brace Yourself" by musician Travis Revell. Warning: the power of nature contained in this video will likely raise your heart rate, especially when viewed in 4K. | MORE INFO: To access hundreds of hours of ad-free nature on any device or TV, check out the Nature Relaxation netflix-style monthly subscription: CREDITS / CAMERA: Filmed & Produced by David Huting ©2016. All scenes filmed on the Argentinian side of Iguazu. Music: Brace Yourself" by Travis Revell Music: Camera: Canon EOS 1-DC + Canon 17--40MM f.4 L. Edited on Premiere Pro CC.

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moonlight shadow
breathtaking thank you..!♥
Wow! Such beauty!
Johhny Apollo
I love the videos but why add music? It's distracting... Who doesn't have access to music? I will ALWAYS prefer the sounds of nature....If one also want to hear music, let the viewer make that decision. There's an endless amount of internet radios stations alone.
Osito Arabe
pranay singh chauhan
Amazing ....