Ritchie Blackmore Carry On Jon, 2017 LIVE

International Fan Club: Youtube Channel: />--- Richard Hugh "Ritchie" Blackmore (born 14 April 1945) is a British guitarist and songwriter, known as one of the first guitarists to fuse classical music elements with blues rock. He began his professional career as a studio session musician and was subsequently a member of Deep Purple, after which Blackmore established a successful career fronting his own band Rainbow, and later progressed to the traditional folk rock project Blackmore's Night with his wife.

Ritchie Blackmore Channel
The background Ritchie is using, is from our video made nearly 4 years ago ^.^ (Starting from 0:25) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40tJ4JkIdok RIP Jon!
Clive Bindley
I don't care what clothes he wears or what music he makes. He's still the number one guitar player in the world and nobody can touch him!
John Oberle
Never heard anyone play a guitar like Ritchie. The best ever to my ears.
Nick Pasic
Just makes me sad....to know how precious and fleeting life is...we are all mortal..I am glad Ritchie paid tribute to Jon....they did so much great music together...thats what makes me happy ...when people get along and create something special together...bigger than anybody...
Gregory Gains
Beautiful melody. Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore, a combination made in Heaven.
Ангел Ангелов
The best guitar player in the world, but whoever denies it is envious.
Bill Taylor
Show me another guitarist his age who can come even close to this level of brilliance. Awesome and beautiful..........
Thanks Ritchie
Ritchie Blackmore is and always has been a master at creating really excellent music.
John Oberle
The man who can give a guitar a soul when he plays it. Outstanding!
That has bought tears to my eyes, Cheers Ritchie, R,I,P Jon.
Pascal Lefèvre
Ritchie Blackmore forever.
Neil Kraft
Why cant the audience shut the hell up and be quiet?
To come up with such a song today, only shows how big of a genius this man really is. And what kind of a man he is, despite everything. God bless them both.
Сергей Дудник
Вот так без слов, на уровне сердца Мастер послал солнечный Луч благодарности от всех нас ! ! !
Nick Coupe
This was very moving, the two acoustic pieces (this and soldier of fortune) were the pick of a fantastic show.
Jon Gill
Wish the audience would not do that moronic clapping along as it spoils a lovely piece of music
Luismi Monllor
Nowadays Ritchie plays quite better classical guitar than electric..
Wallace Sheckells
I never really appreciated the style and playing of Jon Lord until I became much older and heard his stuff. What an awsome talent he was. And Ritchie Blackmore's guitar playing is beyond words. He is truly a guitar god.
paul elliott
Beautiful piece of music by Ritchie RIP Jon
игорь ненашев
Памяти великого комп-ра клавишника поэта песенника Лорд ты был есть и будешь в наших сердцах Спасмибо за творчество предоставленное ВАШИМИ РУКАМИ Талант его ты забрал а что еще могг /наоротить/ А
Barry E
Do it Ritchie Play on forever!!
Такие музыканты не умирают! Они продолжают жить! Банальность? Попробуйте прожитъ......
Makc Adler
Спасибо жизни,что жил в эпоху DEEP PURPLE.
Jim Ervin
We miss you, Jon. Good job Ritchie.
Derek Gammon
I was there that night. it was amazing to see the guitar master at work and for him to play this was a bonus for me. a tribute to a rock icon. RIP Jon Lord.
Mike Eagle
Ritchie thank you, I liked an interview you did with some Swiss lady, with Candice, where you said people talk way to much about nothing, that a Nod is a better way to communicate sometimes, it's so true, in this Video your Guitar says it all, about Jon thank you so much for this beautiful piece of music
Gillian is such a puke, he states that Ritchie isn't playing so well these days.
Trust me, this as background music when you're out fishing...A beer in one hand, fishing-rod in the other.. Who cares if you get a fish or not. You get quality of life & APPRECIATION of life! Carry on!
Curt Lister
Jon Lord is the guy who made me see that a keyboard can enhance and belong in a Rock Band. Ritchie Blackmore is in the top 5 Rock Guitarists and is under appreciated by his own bandmates let alone with the damn critics. This was a beautiful performance and a moving tribute. Where have all the musicians gone? Long time passing, RnR sadly, is over.
Joachim Müller
Rest in Peace, Jon.
Anthonio Degravio
Two great artists who are greater than rock musicians and even like and sometimes play classical music. Beautiful music piece by mr. Blackmore and a real tribute for Jon Lord! Thanks for posting this!
what happened with lords legacy, his hammond organ ? sold on ebay, christie , sotheby ??
This breaks my heart that the masters are leaving us and going home. God blessed us with these gifted Musicians. And yes Ritchie as always plays beautifully. Thank you for all the years and now my tears.
Lubna لبن Bashay باصهي
Beauty Full song of Guitar, Thank you so much Ritchie
Anton Manolev
ВЕЛИК СИ РИЧИ за мен си оставаш най добрия китарист
Arnold Nemiroff
What kind of bastards put dislike??? I put ONLY LIKE!!! Thank You Richie, Thank You Jon!!!
Massimo Baioni
Unpredictable and moody Ritchie, we'll love you forever (and Jon, of course)! The best moment of the Birmingham night, together with Mistreated.
I miss you, Jon... He's one of the greatest musicians.. and Ritchie, too.
Геннадий Сычёв
Невозможно слушать спокойно. Светлая память, Джон! Спасибо, Ричи.
IF there is one thing greater than my love for Jon Lord, it is my hate for rhythmic clapping. Do these people think they are contributing to the music or something ?
Elliot Goldberg
there are no words...literally and figuratively.  what a great emotional tribute from one virtuoso to another.  Ritchie, please let America  "catch the rainbow".
Syed Shahrom
Thanks Ritchie for that beautiful instrumental.
Андрей Янроса
Что тут скажешь - дело мастера боится ...🍷 вечная память...
Patrick Le Meur
BLACKMORE un petit mot pour LORD a l'epoque de gros problèmes d'egos!!!!
robert shanks
The Master in all respects
Yury Naumov
браво Ричи!
Such a moving tribute to a legend, from a legend. Respect.
Александр Кучук
Jerry White
Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, & Paice Forever. Mark 2 line up is and always be my favorite band. RIP Jon your fans miss you dearly. You were such a true gentleman.
I like Ritchie & Jon forever. Rest in peace Mr. Jon Lord.
Mårten Jonsson
Wonderful, Ritchie! Jon is listening somewhere, smiling.
smithdsmit hendrix91870
Geese guys.So what if They clapped?. It's a concert and they are their to have fun.It didn't ruin it. Yes id prefer that they didn't.But they paid for their ticket and they felt like clapping. Big deal.At least they were big enough fans to buy a ticket and go to the show and support the man and his band.They didn't just sit home and watch it on you tube and bitch
donizavar rex
"Ritchie" - Real Magician!!! We need you on stage, do a world tour please!
Vladimír DVOŘÁK
Vladimír Dvořák MR. RITCHIE BLACKMORE !!! !!!
Donna McCoy
Absolutely Ritchie Blackmore a very talented sensational solo guitarist
Scott F.
Ritchie Blackmore suona con il cuore , il chitarrista che più mi ha emozionato da sempre.
dado zele
Gretsch Drummer
Dreadful out of time ridiculous clapping !!!
Ceprei Lavr
Jacky J Jones
Ritchie's still got that great touch on the instrument... very delicate hands. He's always been a bit of an overly intense and kooky dude... but hey... he's one great great guitar player, one of the very best ever!
Sounds to me like the audience has the clap
Nat Jessel
I was there. Magic. Moving experience. Once in a lifetime.
Haris Saracevic
From soul to strings thanks Richie R.I.P Lord
Lance Gallup
Beata Anna
Methaphysics !!!!!!!!
auggie robledo
the clapping ruined it for me
Thanks to the many senior guitarists, I play the guitar extemporaneously on the streets of Itaewon in Korea.
Michel Paumier
Trop beau Mister Ritchie !!!
Louise Penn
Lovely to see this. Not performed in London. Thanks Ritchie and RIP Jon.
Arnold Nemiroff
what a nice tribute and great Guitar Playing...Jon is having a big smile...you can feel the love
lászló Kas
thankyou Ritchie
Helio Fernandes
Jon Lord, forever
Peter Andersson
Rip jon
Deep Purple Theatre
autumn leaves
finally he performed it live...how I love this man!!!
Confounded Bridge
Wow- Ritchie actually has a heart!
Crush Everything
Must have been quite a moment for Jens Johansson, as he cut his teeth on Deep Purple music as a kid and most certainly was inspired by the Great Jon Lord. R.I.P.
Eli Gol
Fantastic. as always 😃 🙋‍♂️
Genuises have often difficult character and Richie has been no exception to that rule .
Sal Guglielmino
hut ab vor den gitarrenspielern die von der classic kommen.......die können was!!!!!!>blackmore------malmsteen....usw....wahnsinn....danke das es euch gibt^^
Fred Sanford
This is the most passion I have seen from Ritchie's playing on any of the video's I have seen on this comeback tour.
It was so hard to read all the great comments while trying to take my eyes off the great master Rictchie playing the guitar. You can tell from his skill he is master of the guitar and has wonderful taste in music. Loved him when he played for Grateful Dead and since
Baba Mama
Steven Carson
Thank you for touring in Baltimore, Maryland with Deep Purple at Hammerjacks back in 1988 so that I was able to stand and watch Jon play just as if I was standing right next to him as I really was when I was right up against the stage. Thank you for such a beautiful way to honor him. RIP Jon
Massimo Giammaria
meraviglioso ritchie da lassù jon ti mandava tanti baci 😘😘😘😘😘
Сергей Панасенко
Ákos Petik
Ёж Лазутчик
beautiful music is the best memory for a musician! Thank you Richie that you remember old friends
Douglas Alan
Thanks man.......Lotta memories for us old guys. Fantastic
Liam Naughton
Idiots clapping, no sense of feel in the music, must have drove Ritchie wild.
Игорь Алимов
Thank you for your music, Jon Lord. You're greatest
Hannu Jokinen
Jon was your friend,nice member to him Ritchie!
сергей тубольцев
супер память о друге..
Jo Porchetta
un the loner in versione blackmore. Amazing