10 Child Stars You Didn't Know Passed Away

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10 famous child actors you didn't know are no longer living. Subscribe to our channel: /> Growing up, we all had our favorite television shows and movies that we would sit down and watch repeatedly. We get fixated on child stars and then start to follow them in their other shows and projects. But eventually, we grow up and we move on to more mainstream actors who have had careers that have withstood the test of time. Usually, young celebs eventually fade to the wind or end up playing bit parts in larger projects. In reality, we simply lose track of them and eventually we forget about them completely. It isn’t until we’re prompted to look them up after reminiscing with others, or we see one of their movies on late night television. But these young celebrities continued to live their lives until they were unexpectedly cut short. Their stories remain relevant to their friends and family, but doting fans may not have any idea something happened until it is far too late. While it’s sad, it has become the trend of the entertainment business, and unless you are the hottest actor on the scene, you won’t get a lot of media coverage. In this video are some young celebs that you didn’t know passed away. Granted, even with the widespread reach of social media, a young celeb’s death doesn’t make headlines anymore unless they were famous at the time their life ended. So when we find out that our favorite teen star died over a decade ago, there is a sense of feeling left out as well as a sense of shame that we weren’t more of a faithful fan. Young celebrities either move on to prosperous careers, or fade into the wind and are eventually forgotten. Unless we still keep track of them often, most of us will never find out about their deaths until long after. Here are some young celebs you didn’t know passed away. Check out these other awesome videos! Behind The Scenes Secrets Disney Tried To Hide /> 10 REAL Kids Who Are One in A Million /> Our Social Media: Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: /> For more videos and articles visit: /> For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]

akumbu sylvia ohuche
Why would u put Urkel's pic as your video pic? he isn't dead...
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
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Urkel should sued you for using his picture
Angela Lewis
Why did you use Urkel"s picture to get people to see your video? JUST TRICKERY!!!
Sycamore The Wolf
I don't know any of these kids.
Blake Hill
urkel ain't dead lies
Dahlia Legacy
Jaleel White is not dead, change your cover pic. -_-
zeik white
Whats with the upbeat tempo while talking about people who have died. Very out of place.
paul vazur
These poor kids have been taken advantage of and abused by adults in the industry
Redo this video and take off steve's pic, because he is not dead.
Rachel Oshang
Steve is not dead, so y add his picture
Paul Anthony - MusicHaven
Missed by many, Judith Barsi, we wouldn't have the Land Before Time and an awesome 90s Animation Nostalgia without her. 'Yep, yep, yep'
Dragon Heart
It's sad when someone kills their family then kills themselves, why not just kill yourself and not your family too . It's sick that people do that
Scott Birnbaum
Why is Urkels image on this? Because of the Michelle Thomas clip?
My Dear Journal
No guys Earkel did not die he was on Dancing with The Stars before and even was in the audience last season too
Kattina Brown
Jaleel White is STILL alive. Why is his picture up here?
Gary VanDecar
Jaleel White Steve Urkel still very much alive, Don't know why people do this kind of crap. Show people still alive and tie them into people that have since passed on.
AnonGirl420_ Haunting
You know what's really sad is the majority of these child actors were molested and used for their bodies and we wonder why they had issues Rest in Peace Cory we're fighting for Corey Feldman right now and we will bring down all of you sick bastards
The Noisy Spectator
What about the little girl who played "Carol Ann" in "Poltergeist"? She was killed in a plane crash. And, she was, actually, still a child when she died.
Earkel didnt die you douchepickle!
Bill H
Using Urkel Picture was in poor taste 👎🏼
Urkel is alive. His costar that played Myra , unfortunately passed away.
Kuntry Blak
Urkle is my cousin
Gozewijn Goossens
10 Youtube channels you didn't know were dying. Number 10: this channel.
Mo Mo
anyone else clicked because erkel's picture was there?
Judy Landis
Please get your information correct,before posting these
Urkel is not dead, so you don't have to watch this to find that out... You're welcome
Someone in my family threatens to kill me or other family members won't have the chance to do it. They're gone on the spot. Police can escort them out of the house on their feet or on a stretcher. That was an avoidable and tragic end for Judith and her mom.
2004 Volkswagen Beetle
Urkel didn’t die
This video is sad
selena negron
Urkel is alive
The Whole Shabang
What a lie Jaleel White didn't die
Grishu Ddd
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We really should report you guys for lying.
You made me think Urkel was dead, why Richest?
Bill Bigg
Urkel's not dead you lying cow
Madison Blandford
RIP Corey Haim
Raiken Xion
Why did you put that guy's pic up, make me thibk hes dead when he isnt! RIP to all those not here
Judith Barsi’s story is heartbreaking😭😭😭😭😭
Lee Abraham
why in the hell did my computer show irkel's photo with this title leading me to believe Steve irkel died.
Marcus Gilford
Luring people in with a picture of Urkel? Very deceptive.
James Briskin
Jaleel white is still alive. What a lie
LPS Blue Diamonds
Jaleel White Didn't Die He's Still Alive!
nxx97xx .x
Urkel is not dead
Jan De
Why have Steve from family matters on the cover ? Steups he's alive
Miya Martinez
Steve Urkel did not die and they put a picture of him.
Joya Fuller
He's not dead
Jahiem Mcleary
Why put urkel as the video pic just to get people to watch it
you made me google erkle to see if he was dead. you damn clicker thots.
Juanita Wright
Why are u showing Jaleel White's picrure he not dead😨
John Meehan
Urkles is not dead..............
Mark G
I have no doubt alot of this is because alot of these kids were abused by Hollywood.
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Urkel can't be dead
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Jaleel white is not dead!
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The game
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Naji Mcknight
That girl who had cancer was to pretty and cute to die
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Dana Plato really?
Clinton Goldberg
Steve Urkel is still alive
URKELE Aka Jaleel White is NOT DEAD. Recently hosted a game show, co-starred in a CBS sitcom & a movie 'Drunk History'.
Lejuan Smith
Why are you falsely killing JaleelvWhite on the cover of this post...URKEL IS NOT DEAD
Kitten ASMR
Y'all did that to make us watch it
judy appel
I hate it when u put an actors pic up claiming they died ( urkle) and they aren't !
Hollywood has ruined so many people with drugs.
You Tuber
goodness !!! I didnt know most of these had died
S Parxz
More than mentioned many were abused as child actors in Hollywood. Many of the deaths are also suspicious deaths.
Rey Sierra
You forgot Heather O'Rourke!!!!
Lmj Kids
Drugs drugs drugs overdose
Anon Frank
im telling Erkel you put him on the dead list.
Wllie Bowen
You forgot Anissa Jones WHO. Buffy.Davis from the Tv series. FAMILY AFFAIR
Isabelle Neubauer
river 😔♥️
Heather Worthy
Jill white is not dead change your cover pic😒😒😒
emilio perez
Steve Urkel is not dead
Zoey Hill
I'm pretty sure half of us don't know who half of these people are.
Jaleel White's not dead! Unsubbed.
Ivan Irani - EIS Grade 6
Just to say, That thumbnail=clickbait.
You should be ashamed using Urkel ( WHO IS ALIVE ) for VIEWS. Hope it was worth it. Was it?
Mira'z WRLD
Urkel Is Not Dead
dre day
why they put ukrel on here. he should Sue
Corey was proclaimed dead ......... really?
Uriel is alive
The Badass Potato
Why wasn't Heather O'Rourke included?
creepy crawly
Who cares ??? As he said dont know any of them
My Name Is Simeon
Why you guys put Steve pic knowing he is alive? the things ppl do for views...smh
The Buzz Babe
Brittany Murphy died of a heart condition heart attack by the way her mother found her in the shower at the time she was dating huge Ledger
Donna McCoy
May all of you rest in thee arms of the Angels
Younique Plays Lol dolls Robinson
Omg I didn't know that sad
steven tate
river was awesome as young Indiana jones. trenches of hell
Drew The Legend
Urkle isn't dead wtf.
You'd have to be living under a rock to not know these people had passed away
KsakakaZ Akakkaakk
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Benjamin Ukaoma
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I Loved *Different Strokes* It was funny :(
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Someone had a little "fun" with the subtitles...
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