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The 2018 Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar Together they are a collective worth £680 – yet a singular price tag of just £250. Just to be clear a lot of the products were samples and how I think they calculated the overall value is by calculating the amount you got in samples and dividing the cost by the overall amount. So it’s completely up to you to purchase or think it’s worth it but the point of this video was to show what was inside and have fun. Xxx Available on October 1st 2018 apparently sell out within a few days but here is a sneak peek! /> PRODUCTS LISTED: : 111 Skin Black Diamond Cream Sunday Riley Tidal Cream Acqua di Parma Colonia Mini Hat Box Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser Anne Semonin Precious Pearl Ice Cube Nars Velvet Lip Glide in 'Bond' Dr. Sebagh Serum Repair Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow in 'Beach Bronze' Fresh Rose Face Mask By Terry Compact Expert Dual Power in No7 'Sun Desire' Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Material Girl Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (Carnival Edition) Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Eye Omorovicza Blue Diamond Concentrate Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo and Moisture Balance Conditioner Sarah Champman Intense Hydrating Booster Sisley Supremya Baume Suqqu Pure Colour Blush in '04' Clarins Hand Cream BioEffect EGF Serum Clinique Fresh Pressed Givenchy Rouge Interdit 13 NOT a sponsored video but lots of fun! Thanks for sending this Harrods!

Fly With Stella
Your skin is just gorgeous!! :)
amber y
I wouldn’t pay £250 for samples, I mean honestly.
Laura Rose
These bottles are pathetically small. For the cost of this calendar I was expecting way more.
Lina Zhang
Sorry I got triggered when she swatched the huda beauty liquid lipstick
Everyone complaining about the price... That Omorovicza concentrate is £295 on its own 😂😂😂😂
Ruth Davenport
My daughter pointed out the fact that they put samples in which you can get for free from harrods is absolutely disgusting for the price
Kelly Wils
If I was to purchase a £250 advent calendar, I’d expect to have all or 80% at least full size products!! Don’t get me wrong there’s great products and I’d love to try most of them. However, I wouldn’t spend £250 for a box of sample & travel size products some of which you can get for free in store!!😖 Thanks for sharing with us, it gives us a heads up on if it’s worth the 💰💰❤️ xxx
People are acting like it’s all samples. There were actually a lot of full sized products in it!!!!
Laura Tunstall
It cost £250 and it's mostly samples. What a rip off
Jenn Lo
Gurrrrl. Omorovicza...I had heart palpitations when you spilt some of that expensive sh*t down the side T_T
Fatima Mustafa
This mustardy yellow tone looks gorgeous on you ! 🍁💛
Shaharun Nessa
That’s so over priced.... I wouldn’t purchase it......thank you for showing us what’s inside..... the body shop do one and they charge £50 I think and you get soooooo much more products........ some of the products were good......
Gypsy J
Everyone is saying its way overpriced but they probably haven't been to harrods and they wouldn't know that EVERYTHING is amazing quality. You also have to take in to consideration the packaging they dont make things cheaply. That packaging would have cost quite a bit . Also those sample sizes alone would be cheap either 😅 I’m so sorry about my rudeness please dont hate 😢 ( however I wouldn’t pay £250 for an advent calendar)
Gigi Curson
I legit thought number 5 was a pandora ring box😂😂😂
Sara Yasmine
YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL MA. But I’m creeped out did anyone not notice the pillow???? Coming out of no where
Lin Peng
thx so much, 250 quid saved
At $27 on average value for each product I feel like they need to be giving you all full size items. Not your fault. But that's ridiculous
Saloomy's Diaries
You look beautiful but that ain’t worth the money half of those things no one has ever heard of or use . Wouldn’t waste my money to be honest .
Sehrish Mahmood
Looking gorrg mashallah 🤩😍😍 Love the video idea !!!
Yeah, skincare samples are meant to see if you have a reaction, how you like texture and smell. Well, Omorovicza alone costs more and it is a full size.
Mahli Miwani
It's 1:46 am, Manal uploads a video, goodbye sleep 😀
I honestly dislike the notion of blindly purchasing beauty products. It's the same reason I hate subscription boxes. I end up with a drawer full of tiny products I forget I have and after about two years I throw them away or give them to a friend. I'd sooner spend that 250 on a few palettes from my favorite companies before I'd risk getting Huda junk or a dozen 1 gram bottles.
Sibongile Mtonhori
Never bn so early!!! Much love from Zimbabwe !!!! 💓
Glossybox calendar is way better value for money and its only £75
Ella Pinkleton
Did she really pronounce the T in sachet.. 😬😬😬
Nisa Albion
This makes Eltorias box seem luxurious
BadMomma T
No way I should that worth over £200
Came here only to watch you, thinking this advent calendar was going to be s*it like the rest of them but I'm acc buying this October 1st
Laurel Reef
Now I’ve seen this and gone through all the products reviews online, I’ve decided I’m going to get the Liberty of London beauty advent calendar instead, for certain. There’s some products in this calendar I’ve really been wanting to try, but overall, there’s too many travel sizes and products that I don’t think would suit me. That was a really sweet review by the way. It’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t know every single beauty product, like myself 😂. I liked the first two Black Mirror series the best. The episodes National Anthem and White Bear stuck with me for days. They were that thought provoking, not to mention disturbing. I also love the Christmas special....of course ☺️🍊🎄
C Jev
Nope, I would not pay £250 for that!
Éva Moldvai
In the 3. box you can find a hungarian brand , (greets from Hungary ) and actually i never heard this brand before.. so its intresting
shiraz fernandez
Omorovicza is an amazing brand I use one of their products to remove my makeup and honestly its life-changing for your skin!! BUT its saaa expensive.
Isabella Corelone
Does the stuff even add up to more then 250 she didn't link anything. Someone actually add it up doesn't look anywhere near 680
Chloe Blades
I’m surprised at the price it’s harrods and the products we’re good. However I don’t see how the value would total up to £680. Had all the products been full size maybe but not for so many sample sizes!! Brilliant video really enjoyed it x
Lucia Ambrogio
That blue serum at 2:55 ( 400 $) is a hungarian product. I never heard about it even if Im a Hungarian. 🤣 Well maybe because its for the richest lol 400usd yeh definately not for regular people
кιяgιи Çιçєкlєя
The last time I was here this video had 17 likes and now has 125 likes, wow ur videos are amazing 😉
thabelo mulaudzi
Notification gang 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 Love from south Africa 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Izzy Tilley
Wtf i got a tiny sample size of the blue diamond concentrate in my Harrods advent calendar! How come yours is full size
raunak azim
i wish they made a 30 advent calendar for ramadan
Choco Haus
Suqqu (pronounced “sukku”) is actually a Japanese brand and catching on in Asia;) I do believe some big makeup artists use the brand’s skincare and base makeup stuff
Her accent is so cuteeee
Ann McCubbin
Whys everyone saying its samples box 3 is full size and 265 rrp
Helena Simmonds
the laura mercier powder was so cute!! is quite annoying almost everything was sample size particularly when most of these companies do a free gift with purchase these are basically what you get! good review :)
Charlie Akerman
Anyone else notice the balloon coming in and out of the screen 😂
Julie Warburton
Sachet like “sashay” not sachet like “hatchet.”
Pipi kk
Do more advent calendar please;)
Boo's Beauty
IDK too overpriced!
Rhianna Lee
I’ve never watched your channel before but I am mesmerised by your beauty!!
Malieka Ismail
I love advent calendar unboxings! You are soo beautiful. Masha Allah. One of my fav youtubers 😊❤
Georgia McCullough
yubbadubbadubba yubbadubbadubba.
The Bum Bum cream smells divine, btw. But it's definitely more of a summer scent, and be warned has microglitter in it which you can see in sunlight (doesn't bother me too much, but I know people who weren't pleased with that surprise). and Suqqu is a great brand, it's Japanese and their products are top quality.
Mufidah Mukhtar
Notification gang💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
Laura Balzekas
Thanks for the review, seriously considering getting this one. There is a lot of discussion about value here, and For me its worth it because I need to try some serums and really start using some antiaging products but I don't know what will work for my skin. I know a lot of the items seem small but you only use a tiny amount daily so I think there is enough to see if you like the item. I've done some math and for these brands the value is definitely there. BTW did the colognes seem unisex? I was thinking if gifting them to my husband and they already come in that cute yellow box!
Ive watched several advent calanders and im not impressed. Deluxe or sample sizes dont interest me .
Chrissy Moss
Also, can I have the empty calendar PLEASE?? xxx 🌻xxx
Martina Rossitto
I’ve just discovered you channel and oh gosh, you are STUNNING. I can’t believe you’re actually a real person, your face is perfect 😻❤️ wow
Nicola Davis
Hardly worth the price tag.
Pam Horne
Honey you been had....
sumayyah j246
Hijab and makeup tutorial on this look plzzzz!!! Love you 😘❤️
Rabs N
The price of this equals to $500 AUD. I would NEVER pay that much omg
Missy Nur
The products look good and so luxurious. Totally value for money!! Loved your video 😍
Aisha Alkali
Apparently sample products are more potent so work faster for results
desi go
Was this sent to you? Is this a sponsored video?
Elis Rumenova
So much money for a 90% skin care samples is just pathetic :X For this money i will buy a shoes or a bag or something wtf :X
MinxLaura123's Wacky World
hugs good video ! X
Nicolette Roberts
samples are usually to get a feel of the product, before buying the full size- a lot of full size skin care products are a bit pricey, and it's absolutely disheartening to hand over a ton of money and hate the product. So the samples are usually to get a feel of the product, test your skin to see if there is a reaction etc. If you're lucky your sample product will show some results, it has happened for me before. It also saves companies from customer complaints etc
Mehreen Simmons
Guys, you have to remember that Harrods is a ridiculously luxurious shopping brand. £250 is actually so cheap for an advent calendar by them. Also the Omorovicza is £295 itself. Personally, I wouldn't buy it. I think bashing the price is quite naive when you aren't aware of the target audience Harrods is targeting. It's really not for the everyday woman/man
Demonic Galaxy
If I tried this I’d probably get an allergic reaction to all of it. That’s why I just stick to using Nivea moisturiser
Tash Velez
Hi, I know I'm late but it's been so long since getting a notification for your videos. But I think with samples, it will give u an opportunity to try it for a few days to see if it's something you're interested in trying for a longer time. I mean think about when u buy a full size product, you're going in with no knowledge, unless it was recommended but still u haven't tried it and you commit to a full size. So I personally like samples of more expensive items. I can say "oh, this feels nice, or nah, I'm not feeling this". Lol this was late and long, u probably won't even see this 😊
Kat Wilson
This was a lot of fun to watch! It's such a good question about the small sample sizes... I think mostly it's to confirm that you enjoy the scent/texture/consistency and that you don't have a bad reaction to them. I love samples so much, they are a lot of fun to try new things and also so convenient for travel!
Elizabeth Mehmedovic
“And this is a legit big size!” 😂
Nethiasri Nair Poobalan
OK that's it ...I LOVE YOU..and I only discovered you today
hey it'smejoanna
Do more of this please 💖
Omg! You are like really pretty. I can not 😍
Gina Dean
The clarins hand and cuticle cream is lovely
Ramah Gh
You are gorgeous !
Paulina Vasquez
Will they ever ship advent calendars to the U.S. 😭
shejebsi xo
You should do glossy box advent calendar
Bre D
You are so beautiful I’m so jealous
Aset Dedieva
You are too pretty. So beautiful.
Isabel Zhao
Suqqu is an expensive Japanese makeup brand.
Ssskittles x
Thanks for the close-ups and the swatches. So satisfying. xx
Naasira amin
I can’t believe the value of this calendar, I loved your reactions to opening up the calendar I don’t celebrate Christmas either but the beauty calendars are my fave,Debenhams are coming out with a beauty calendar this year and that’s one I really want, and can’t forget the festive drinks are coffee shops yum
Sadie Mae
Your swatches girl..
Tasnim Hakkar
trop biennnnnnn its cuuuuuuute
Not worth even 100£
Kim Kirby
I got this as a gift as I couldn't get the liberty one. It is the hugest disappointment and the biggest rip off ever. I wish I had of watched your video before. Nobody from Harrods will write back to me ever.
Maryla Frączek
You look like Pocahontas ❤️ BEAUTIFUL
if you guys are looking for some nice advent calendars makeup revolution is the way to ur heart u get too much palette but hey atleast they're not samples that you can get for free right 😅😅
yess please do more <3
Stephanie Razavi
This box is definitely worth the price, everything in there is super expensive!
Marwa S
Giiiirl ur gonna love the clarins hand and nails cream!!! Xx
Isobel Slater
I was expecting more from a box worth that much, I honestly prefer the glossy box and birch box advent calendars! But I loved this video so you've got yourself a new subscriber :*
Jade amber
To expenisive. On offer i got the £79 look fantastic calender for £63 n it has £300 worth of products. The ELLE calender looks the best out of the expensive ones. Appreciate the video :)
A sample for christmas day your kidding
I got that exact pot of Bum Bum cream in boxycharm. For about $50 US you can get the boxycharm luxe. Get super similar items for a lot less. But this is a really fun idea if you can afford it.
Daniel Chan
not worth it! half of the stuff i wouldn't even use.. and all the good stuff are in really small sizes.. like Sisley, Bio Effect,
Noor Al-Kattan
Enjoyed watching this video. Black Mirror is amazing!
Grace H
I just got Liberty London one and it is amazing. Many full size ones and it is £195 for £600 thing you will actually use
Jimin’s wifeu